Wednesday, January 18, 2006

By the way, I like the idea someone had of top 5s. Give me some top 5s you'd like to hear.


Monte said...

Top Five Shows?

Top Five Songs?

Top Five Movies?

Top Five Show Moments?

Top Five Posters? (let me help you)

1. Me
2. Me
3. Smith?
4. Me
5. Me

No, I'm not full of myself.

shanagdi said...

I want to know your top five favorite candy/chocolate since I'm jonesing for some chocolate as I type.

Sebastian, Saint said...

Five greatest accomplishments.

Five best cheeses in the world.

Five things you earnestly regret.

Five ways to say "what the fuck are you doing outside of my apartment at three in the morning?"

Darlene Conner said...

top five favorite cities in the world.

top five favorite scents.

top five things you say the most.

top five best memories of your life.

37mm said...

top five books?
top five tv shows/movies?
top five guitarists that have influenced you?
top five songs you like to play?
Top five lyrics/music you wish you could have written?
top five brands of makeup you would recommend?
top five favorite articles of clothing?

Sebastian, Saint said...

One more:

Five professions you would enjoy if you weren't a musician.

shanagdi said...

* five favorite artists
* five favorite authors/books/poems
* five favorite words
* five favorite letters of the alphabet
* five favorite places to drink coffee/tea and/or read
* five favorite items of clothing
* five favorite childhood memories
* five things that make you smile...
* five things that make you laugh...
* five things that make you cry...
* five things that you are looking at as you type...

Pretty Pistol said...

well if we're going to do this i should just send you one of those little survey thingies thats always floating around on myspace...

1. they're kewl

2. they kill boredom

love love love

Skishop said...

Top five things you would do if you became Ruler of the Known Universe

stella said...

Top 5 goals in life
Top 5 favourite lines from a song
Top 5 inspirational people
Top 5 craziest things a fan has ever done
Top 5 bands you'd love to tour with

Hehe, I just made a Top 5 questions for a Top 5 list.

Bailey said...

Top five limbs.

Chelsea said...

Y'know what's good? Peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches.

Also, how about top 5 top 5's.

GreatView said...

Top 5 Elliott Smith songs.

Frisk said...

Top five Chuck Norris ass-kicking moves...

Or top five websites. Top five meaningfull quotes. Top five guitar solo's (yours or others or both).

agent sometimes said...

Top 5...
-cartoons from the 80s to early 90s
-t shirts you own

Anything but the usual top fives.

Sonorous said...

Top 5 ways to power though a lazy Thursday morning?

Mel said...


I'm out of ideas : (

Five hair cuts?


N. Huda /dumb blonde said...

your top five subjects in school?

Glass said...

Um..I don't have a top five or whatever, what I DO have is a question....

Why did you change the number '13' tattoo to a number '18'? Was there a real reason or did you just decide that 18 was a cooler number or something?


losingdestiny said...
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Michelle said...

Top Five Posters would hurt feelings.

top five favorite sex toys!?


top five favorite colors. ♥

This Girl said...

Top 5 things you do when youre sick. I was sick yesterday...soo.

or Top 5 words cause i'm out of ideas.


Desert Queen said...

Top five things you'd do on your first trip to Sideburnia.

Ok that was lame, I know. XD

- paperbag said...
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- paperbag said...

Which one is your favorite power ranger?


kat said...

Top Five Historical Figures.

Your Top Five Reincarnations in your Past.

Top Five Stationary Items.

Can you tell that it's 2.23 in the morning and I'm really really bored?

her face is so illogical said...


-top five facial features (like, freckles, nice eyebrows, distinguished noses etc)

-top five The Neverending Story moments. If you havn't seen it then oh ):

-top five romantic gestures.


-top five reasons why you are great. Unless you want me to try that one for you:

1.) the hilarity which comes from your general direction

2.) your generosity with your music

3.) your tight pants (sorry, but there are very few people I can think of which pull off the girlpants look so well)

4.) something else but I have to go to work now.

5.) "

Okay bye bye
Sam <3

vanessa said...

Top 5 favorite websites?

Top 5 pizza toppings?

Top 5 songs to dance around in your boxers?



Top 5 bands
Top five movies
Top five tv shows
Top five AFI songs
Top Five countries.

Pat said...

Top Five Funny Words In a British Accent.

clashka said...

+Top 5 Cities You’ve Toured In

…with that said, I hope AFI will play shows in Germany in the near future. And I hope that would include Bremen(Schlachthof)/Hamburg and/or Berlin. :)

I’d glad to see that you, too, are interested in German groups:

I would like to offer free German-English translation services if there’s something (moderate in length) that you’d like to have translated or clarified. (As a thank you for the great music!) Just post the lyrics or a link into your blog and I’d paste the translation in the comments as soon as I had the time to work on it. (And I’m sure other posters would gladly oblige as well.)

veiled_static said...

Top 5:
- places to sleep
- things to carry around, always.
- days of the year (why?)
- things that make you giddy (even if you don't know why, exactly).
- questions you never want to be asked again

A Girl with Broken Dreams said...

whee, the myspace surveys are the best at killing boredom. and at procrastinating at doing homework...*looks innocent* newayz, about ur top 5 favorite leprechauns? or your top 5 favorite questions to be asked? *shrugs*

A Girl with Broken Dreams said...

so i just noticed that we have no songs numbered 6 or 9, but we have two songs numbered 2 (as in track listing wise). So yeah. we need a number 6 and a number 9. or just ignore me cuz i'm just posting this cuz i'm bored and felt like it. it all works. sort of.

volare said...

Top 5 things you'd change about the world.

Bandito said...

Top 5 words that a fun to say (cactus)

ChRisPrOFailUre said...

Hey man screw top 5! take it up a knotch! Go a little crazy! make it 10. Someone has probally said this but uuh you could 10 things you like to make out of play-doh. or something close to that legos would work too.

(hey man are you good in biology or geometry because i need some gonna fail!!! ahh)

haha i saw you on MTV the other day i walked into the room and heard afi and yea..Good day SIR!

l e a h said...

top 5 stupid dance moves

aaaahh said...

top 5 new bands?
top 5 tour mates?
top 5 afi songs?

P.S...thanks for sugesting voxtrot, i love the song raised by wolves as well as the start of something...thanks

Kingdom_Genesis said...

Top 5 places you want to visit for your next trip to Florida.

hopfully Clearwater will be one of your choices ^_^ ....

nineteen84 said...

top five:
simpsons episodes
ways to drink caffiene
t shirts that you own

That is all.

Mel said...


OMG... I'm DYING to read the first top five...

: \

Cory said...

Top Five wierdest things you've ever seen on tour
Top five sex positions
Top five foods that just don't belong together

ChRisPrOFailUre said...

HEY!! yea, im bored so i think you should probally do something like

Top 5

-afi songs



thats all i got gah...good day SIR!

l e a h said...

Top 5 Top 5 ideas

livvy said...

Top five slow songs
Top five reasons not to go outside
Top five reasons to go outside
Top five things to do with guitar picks
Top five favorite guitars

I'm leaving you my top five reasons why I love you:
1. You're a freaking amazing guitarist
2. You share spiffy music
3. You're gorgeous ;-)
4. You seem like such a nice guy (I have no doubts that you really are)
5. You just are oh-so-lovable *hugs*

Paquolin said...

Top 5 bands
Top five movies
Top five books
Top five AFI songs
Top Five actress/actross.

Trent sucks at life said...

Top 5 cartoons from childhood.

Girls Don't Cry said...

Top five vegan dishes! *so I can eat something besides vegan pizza*

Top five most memorable songs.

Top five most powerful memories of your life? *as if you would share those*

Girls Don't Cry said...
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Mrs. Hoek said...

Top five Meatloaf songs.

her face is so illogical said...

Another idea~

Top 5 hairstyles you would have if you didn't have what you're currently sporting. You could have alot of fun with this, maybe you could photoshop some pictures and everything!

<3 Sam

Cone Hat said...

Top five books?

Top five poets?

Top five clubs in California?

Top five reasons why being signed to a major label is better than being indie?

Top five reasons why being indie would be better than being signed to a major label?

You're a cool guy.
I want to go clubbing with you.
<3..........Cone Hat
p.s. Upon reading the top 5s that were suggested, mine are lame. Jeebus.

Miss-Fantastick said...

Top 5 favorite food and/or comfort foods. Songs to play live(though they're all so good), top 5 influences on you musically or mentally, horror films, flavors of ice cream, books, artists and their paintings/drawings.

Succulent Steve said...

Top 5 favorite emotions.

Top five favorite shoes of all time.

Top five favorite personal quotes.

Um... year? age perhaps?

jadedgeekgirl said...

Top five bands & Top five songs!
ex. my top 5s:
Top five bands:
The Clash
Green Day
The Aquabats
Operation Ivy

Top five songs:
No One Knows-Green Day
The Boy Who Destroyed the World-AFI
(White Man)In Hammersmith Palais-The Clash
Jane Says-Jane's Addiction
Jade Song-AFI(?)

jadedgeekgirl said...

Honorable mentions to:
1970-Iggy Pop
Warsaw-Joy Division
Interested in Madness-Operatic
In My Life-The Beatles

The Timid Wild One said...

5 favorite places to be
5 greatest guitar solos ever.

kathykathy said...

top 5 cereals,
i'm currently having a bit of an obssession with regular cheerios and mini wheats.

Mild Obsession said...

top 5 weirdest moments with fans

top five weirdest experiences on the streets

top 5 funniest things that ever happened to you

top 5 funniest things youve seen

Light (L.A) ^.^ said...

That sounds like a great idea, ^_^ , hmmm, one that I think would be really interesting is

Top 5 wierdest moments with a fan
hmm, Top 5 favorite Guitars,
The list could go on and on, Peace Out! ^_^