Monday, January 23, 2006

Don't listen to this in traffic.


bk99e said...
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Darlene Conner said...

lovesssss it.

Sonorous said...

Squaaarepusher <3.

Mel said...

Back to the music : D


N. Huda /dumb blonde said...

Constantined by skills and talent
No doubt about his ruthless agression
Nifty pick and dangerous strum
It is all too clear of what he'll become.

Blinding lights and camera flicks
Worship him as he does his tricks
On six strings and several frets
Music is the high that he gets

Forgotten names of different legend
He'll make sure and he'll beckon
All of us to start listening
To what he will be playing

Crude and infallibly shrewd
He is the Great Dude
Vocally linguistic; he gives
And bring you down to your knees

Jade, remember that name
After hearing him, it won't be the same
So salvage that and suck it all in
His reign will soon begin.

And he'll smother you in his darkness
The only light will be his gladness
Of you hailing him as the one
Then will his dream be done.

But you won't escape that easily
For he placed it in your head forcefully
Try as you might to forget
Jade will never be dead.


Michelle said...

haha, don't listen to this in traffic. got a story?

i was just waiting for you to post some more music. it makes me happy. ♥

i think i like/have heard and liked all the songs you posted, except that 'where you are' song. i have a strange story with that one that made me not exactly like it very much anymore. damn people ruining lovely music for me..

i think you should like, make a superpost complete with top 5's, stories, pictures, AND music. that way everyone will be satisfied and you won't have to post again for like a week. it would certainly keep me entertained.

This Girl said...

i shall listen to it when i get home then.


veiled_static said...

How they squished all that goodness into a minute and forty-nine seconds I will never know. Yay for concision!


- paperbag said...

Squarepusher! o.O'


art de noyade said...

Dear Jade,

Flawless as allways..



ThisCelluloidDreamer said...

Youve Gotta Rock Down To Electric Avenue.....

Except their are no electric avenues where I live :(

So This Song Makes Me Happy

Gregorison's Girl said...

i learned that lesson about a year ago. it wasn't squarepusher though.

Mel said...

Man, I just remembered something about The Smurfs...

The old Smurf (the one with a red hat) was really cool... In Brazil we called him "Papai Smurf" - something like Daddy Smurf... I don't know his name in english!!

Ok, ok... I know... Useless information... sorry : P

OMG... what an endless day : (

Trent sucks at life said...

His name was Papa Smurf :)

Mel said...

Papa Smurf... good to know!!!

Thanks : D


Nice, too bad I cant drive to prove you wrong, however, it would be useless, you're The Jade. The Jade is always right.<3

Sebastian, Saint said...

Loves it so much.

Electric M. Bison Rock President said...

That was just...I dunno, unique? Oddly catchy. You need some St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast.

i have no idea said...

you listen to some awsome music there for it makes you double super rad!!

Trent sucks at life said...

You're welcome, Mel!

A Girl with Broken Dreams said...

you know we're all gonna have to listen to this in traffic now...pretty...hey, wanna donate money to the kids of poudre high school that are supposed to go to carnegie hall in april but we're all too poor to afford a thousand bucks and so we're begging everyone to give us some money? If you don't we still love much as we can without knowing you...yeah. have a wonderful day.

Girls Don't Cry said...

Ahh, sweet techno goodness. <3

Morningstar said...

why Jade?
:] lol

Desert Queen said...

Oh, Squarepusher. <3

her face is so illogical said...

Rapidshare hates me, or I hate Rapishare, or a little bit of both. Either way I can't hear it... but do I hear rumours of a squarepusher moment?

They did a bangin' version of Love Will Tear Us Apart. I think.I don't really remember, I just wanted to contribute. (:

Love and stuff,

Sam <3

Bowlingcade? said...

It's so...dancey.
I love it.

shanagdi said...

Rapidshare and/or my computer are being difficult. Maybe it will work tomorrow.

Michelle said...

love the new layout, though it doesn't stray much from the old one.♥

Pat said...

I'm tired!

Bailey said... your last name really Pugetstein?

Bailey said...


Chelsea said...

I'm a big shot, there's no doubt. Light a fire and pee it out.

Heh heh Ohh right.

Karmacoma said...

No downloady goodness for me :(

Know who else you should never listen to whilst operating heavy machinery? DJ Tron. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

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nimimerkki said...

I love this song <3