Monday, February 20, 2006

I just found this, it's a drawing of the rose from Sing the Sorrow (obviously), Alan Forbes' first idea for it. Originally we wanted this rose to be the cover of the album but we ended up liking the leaves better.


Anonymous said...

wow..thats cool. I still like the leaves cover better though.


rockstar's girl! said...

oh i like it..but i understand why you went with the leaves!

StaticPallor said...

That's beautiful! I love Alan Forbes' work. Oh by the way Jade, I must thank you for introducing me to Jose Gonzalez. He is absolutely amazing.

l e a h said...

i loev the rose and it is beautiful

but i like the look of the leaves on the cover better

good choice man

veiled_static said...

But you did use it, didn't you? Girls Not Grey single cover- can't remember which one. Love both ideas, and I can't wait to see what you guys have for the new album.

Have a smashing good week!


Bandito said...

Ooh, pretty. Yeah I also like the leaves better, a fine choice it was. Arggh. Uhm, sorry. That made me feel like a sailor for some reason.

Thorb said...

its a treasure


Leaves rule. So do flowers. Both rule. <3

janicethemenace said...

I found this image online 2 years ago and saved it to be my first tat ~ this may not sound too unique but the reason I've waited 2 years is so I can have it done the same time as my son's 1st tat (he's doing the STS leaves)and he turned 18 2weeks ago so we now have booked our appointments! The plan is for Alan's rose with the white AFI lettering! Wish me luck! Please advise if this is not legal ~ that's my only worry. Thanks Jan

Stacy Edge said...

That would have made an amazing cover. I hope you guys stick to Alan Forbes for all of your album art. It's sort of like your trademark.

shanagdi said...

That is beautiful, but you guys definitely went with the right choice. The leaves are perfect. Isn't that flower or something similar on the Death of Fall tour shirt?

Thank you for sharing.

stella said...

Oh wow, that's so beautiful. I love all of the artwork that Alan Forbes has done for your albums, and I can't wait to see more!
I am an artist (if anyone wants to see a recreation of Alan Forbe's AoD CD cover...,and love you for sharing that! Thanks!

Darlene Conner said...

god, that's gorgeous. the colors are incredible.

Sebastian, Saint said...

Love the leaves. They worked really well as a cover. But man, that would be an awsome tattoo. If only I wasn't positive at least a dozen other people had it...

Oh well. My next AFI tattoo is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Frisk said...

That is so awesome you shared that with us. Thanks!

Electric M. Bison Rock President said...

Is he still doing the artwork for the new album?

Miss Murderess said...

Pretty! I like that combination of colors. Thanks for sharing, and yeah, is Alan Forbes doing the new album's artwork?

vanessa said...

i looove the colors.

volare said...

Oooh hey. Speaking of.
Appears I should resend you guys something. GraphicnovelSTSyadda.

Heh. Forbes : AFI = Pushead : Metallica?

morghen said...

yeah, why does every1 say they all love the leaves? i know SOME of you like the flower more, I know I do...

Bailey said...

I like that. I like the colors. Reminds me of a peach.

Sonorous said...

Pretty, pretty. His work would make for lovely ink. However, I'm designing my own sleeves.

I think the leaves were better suited to the atmostphere of STS, though. Good choice.

nineteen84 said...

I like the flower better.

Very pretty.

I really like flowers. It's about the only thing I can draw. And they're soft.

her face is so illogical said...

The leaves seem to speak "woe is me" better than the burning rose does, so you definitely made the right choice. But the rose would make a rather fetching tattoo.... hmm. Contemplate contemplate. Aw man, so much for being sure about which design I wanted. Screw you for posting that!

Nevertheless, I hope you have an awesomebob day and stuff
<3 Sam

bk99e said...
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Frin said...

(I found the above post mildly disturbing, but maybe it's because of my sheltered life, or that I'm just not in on the joke)

Anyhoots, that's really rad Jade! Thankyou very much for sharing. I hope AFI continues to work with Alan Forbes, your music and his art compliment each other quite fantastically well.
Stay happy. Much love,

Michelle said...

yeah, good choice with the leaves, but I still totally worship forbes.

black_dust said...

Link to the company that did the art work with the leaves, done stuff for thursday and many other artists.

I like the style of it :)

Mel said...

I like the rose, but I love the leaves : )


Melanie said...

I do like the leaves better, but this burning rose is neat.


jen said...

I love that flaming rose. I'm used to the leaves as a cover so I can't imagine that as the cover, but its still beautiful.

jen said...
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Seperia said...

Yeah I like the leaves better, it enhances the emotions and what not with the songs on the SOS album. But this is still really cool.

Glass said...

Oh it's beautiful! The leaves rule, too.

I wonder what's the new cover gonna look like...hmm...


Desert Queen said...

That's really pretty! The colors are lovely. I have the GNG single with that rose on it! I think the leaves fit the cd better, though.

Just thought I'd tell you; I just bought José González's cd. Thank you so much for posting Crosses, I loved that and now I'm hooked.

I also got Tiga's Sexor, I was wondering if you've heard it and what you think of it? Personally, I love it. Definitely one of the better electro artists out there. ^_^

emi said...

Wow thats lovely. I think the leaves did make a better cover... but Alan Forbes is a fantastic artist so I tihnk I'd appreciate anything he'd done as a cover for you. :)

I also think it would make an amazing tattoo.

FragileLeaf said...

the fashion-company "H&M" used the rose in some commercials here in germany...I was so shocked when I walked in a shop and saw the "AFI-rose" painted on a wall...I hope Alan Forbes got some money ;-)

Helen said...

Pretty! I love the colours. And the flames.

It's interesting how ideas develop.

xFreedomBulletx said...

dude, I shared some of the chuck norris jokes above with a friend, not telling him anything about it and he even said: "it reminds me of Chuck Norris" I like how everyone posted good stuff for Jade's chuck norris top 5 and no one got those jokes (some of them were a little tasteless but whatever)...

ANYways...the leaves accent the album album and the mood better

hannah said...

hannah ♥'s plant cells.

Girls Don't Cry said...

That's a most beautiful flower indeed, but the leaves do seem more fitting.

Maybe it's just 'cuz I've been raised since mid-school on Sing the Sorrow, eh?

Pat said...

His work is great.

This is turning into a mini message board.

Anonymous said...

daaaamn boiii
marissa is cuteeee.

A Girl with Broken Dreams said...

pretty...the leaves are cooler though. But the rose is still pretty. *nods* Um..Yeah..I was gonna say something else but I forgot. I've been doing that a lot lately. Have a wonderful day/night/week/life/whatever. I like leprechauns.

- paperbag said...

Chuck Norris is a gentleman

::: Sammy ::: said...

Pretty colors!!

Cone Hat said...

Purdy. Vurry Purdy.

Space Peanuts: Monsters in disguise. Yeah, that's me.
Cone Hat.

Under Saturns Shadow said...

thats pretty amazing... I wish I was half as talented as Mr. Forbes.

dri dri said...

hi jade,

hmm i found your blog randomly i dont quite remeber how, but yah and it inspired me to get my own on here, so yah, hi.
oh and, yah i think the leaves were best for sts..


dri dri

Fancy me DEAD said...

My friend has it tattooed on her right hip.
Very pretty.

Miss-Fantastick said...


I've always like Forbes album art for AFI, with each album, it just gets better and better, like the music.

blahh said...


kel. said...

I love the note he wrote on there. [:
I can't complain 'cause my STS cover has the leaves and my Death of Fall tour shirt has the rose on it.
Best of both worlds.

Denver Max will always be the only one said...

I like it. Though the leaves go better with the Sing the Sorrow feel.

havey_angel said...

I think leaves are better... it keeps connection with rest... lot!

If I walk into that day what can I see??



Steph said...

Heya Jade!

I just got my learner's permit! I CAN DRIVE!

And guess what's even cooler?



37mm said...

it's lovely.

jadedgeekgirl said...

It's the leaves, the color contrast, and the edges of the petals

Nish said...

i like the rose better i think it sends more of a message about the band and the music itself

Lindsey said...

ah! not gonna lie, i actually think that would have made a great cover now that i think about it :)