Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bleeearghhh, we're on Warped Tour!! See how I capitalized it like a gud sintince riter. San Antonio at the moment. I walked by the Alamo. It wasn't that exciting, just looked like an Alamo. We're on tour forever, come out and see us why don't you.


Kat said...

It must be a blast to play songs during 100 degree heat

I sorry.
I cant wait to see/maybe meet you again.

You 'defaced' my ipod. :]

Slayer42605 said...

So how long is forever? I'll see ya at the San Diego Street Scene... somewhere away from the stage. lol.

Pretty Pistol said...

I can't!!! I wish I could.. but my friends kinda suck... and they don't want to go...



xvinsanityx said...

i wanna dude...but you guys arent playing in cal...and im working...sad day

l e a h said...

i wish i could come see you guys , liuke seriously with all my heart, but everytimne you guys come near CT, but never to CT :(, i can never go because of constant issues it makes me so sadd

Wander Alone said...

You guys aren't playing at any California dates :(

It's okay though, because I didn't want to go to Warped anyway.

But I am looking forward to seeing you guys when you come back to the bay area. I can't wait to hear the new material live.

paranoiattackkk said...

I'll brave the heat in Cleveland.

but the show had better be bitchin!

ps/ who's the best "new band" on warped this year?

girlisgrey said...


Jade, your post makes me sad. Not because your touring (that's awesome), but just the fact that you guys are so far away!

You must hit the bay after this tour ends, or add some Cali dates.

I hope your doing good. You sound excited, which is always a good thing.

I hope you guys are getting lots of rest. Drink lots of water and use sunblock.

Tell the boys I say "hey".
And please tell Hunter I said "Hunter Hunter, please don't shoot me" (inside joke, don't ask)

Good night <3
- Bella

shanagdi said...

I'll be seeing you in Vegas, both nights. Would see you more, but (single mom) social workers don't make enough money & I haven't found my sugar daddy or momma just yet. Would see you if you were doing Warped in SD instead of Street Scene. Nothing against you. I happened to see enough drunken frat boys in Tucson. Besides, the Warped crowd is more visually appealing. I'll be thinking of you on 08/04 since I live less than ten miles away from Qualcomm.

Kati_15 said...


I can´t see ya soon :(!!! but i hope u come to mexico!!!!! love ya.!!!! I love u jade ñ_ñ!!!! u are very nice:P!!!

[Liz] image is nothing, lobsters are everything said...

Jade! I saw you guys at Myrtle Beach on 6/28. The performance was amazing and I am infinitely jealous of the people you gave picks to.

Fragile said...

You should've peed on it. (the Alamo that is).

Just so you know, 2 days of seeing you guys in NYC made me the happiest I've been in a while. you gentlemen were phenomenal, and I can't wait to see you all again.

In closing, Decemberunderground is gorgeous and you make me happy :) Thanks

Bandito said...

I'll be coming out to see you at Warped in Vancouverrrr.
You won't see me however. Or you might, and just won't know it.

Ps. Why aren't you doing the encore thing anymore, sucka? Can you not DIG IT?!

technologic said...

Supposedly the alamo is haunted. SPOOKY. You should have went ghosty hunting.

I saw you guys in Houston yesterday. Was it hot or what? I almost died a few times.

lacy cherie said...

I'm really sorry for posting this twice, Jade, but I wanted to make sure you got it:

Jade, I didn't have a smashing time at all. I know you guys hated playing that Houston, Texas show and I really don't blame you. I saw the disappointed looks on your faces and all of you except Adam wouldn't even come out there, and I really don't blame you. I sent you a message on myspace apologizing for everyone there that was crowdsurfing and crap (not me of course) but I figured if I posted it here, you guys might actually receive it...and it's really important that you do:

I am so incredibly sorry for the way the kids acted during your set. I was so disappointed. I was one of the very few DF members there, and before you guys came out, we tried chanting Miseria Cantare and Strength Through Wounding and no one but us three people knew the words. I was so incredibly disappointed. This was my first AFI show and it was RUINED by crowdsurfers. I could tell you guys were really disappointed when you walked off stage and I just wanted to say sorry for the way you were treated this time. You didn't deserve that shit at all. You didn't have to play a show here but you chose to, and this is how it ended up. I'm apologizing for everyone who crowd surfed. For once in my life, I'm ashamed to say I'm part of the Texas chapter. My best friend Heather and I had to get out during the SECOND song because we were being killed. My back is completley fucked up now thanks to a crowdsurfer's foot being shoved into my spine >:/ I mean I waited out there all day in the heat for about 7 or 8 hours just for you guys, and I had to get out during the second song and miss the whole set because I was being killed. I just wanna apologize, AFI. I'm so so so so so sorry that the show went this way. You deserved so much better. You guys came all the way out here to play in the blistering heat FOR US, to make it up to us like you promised and you get nothing in return but crowd surfers and people who only know the words to "MISS MURDER."

I just want you to know that your true fans were there for you. We were forced to stand in the very back, unable to see but we were still there screaming along to every word. And your set was so incredibly amazing. I just wanna apologize for the way kids represented Texas. We're normally a really great group of people and we always help eachother out but I guess the Warped Tour crowd is different.

I gave my letter to Smith to give to you guys. It's signed 'LACY CHERIE." I hope he got it to you, because it's really important that you read it :[

I'm so sorry AFI. I'm so sorry you were treated this way.

Adam, you were so incredibly sweet. Thanks for signing my shirt and thanks for signing my cd. Also, thanks for the compliment. I'm sorry I attracted a crowd, I really didn't mean to.

Smith, if you get this, thanks for the handshake and thanks for getting the letter for me.

I love you guys all so very much, and I know that you probably don't ever wanna play a show in Houston ever again but I really hope you consider it, because I really need a real AFI show :[ I hate music festivals. Thank you, though, thank you so much for coming out and making this up to us...and again, I am so sorry for the way you were treated in return.

ph34r.713 said...

you shouldn't have told me where you were, now i can find you. wahahaha....

lacy cherie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lacy cherie said...

ps the alamo is too cool! maybe it doesn't have the same effect on you 'cause you're a crazy californian! kidding, of course

are you guys staying at a hotel? there's a hotel there called The Menger hotel, it's right across from the alama and it was built in the early 1800s and it's never really been restored or remodeled or anything and it's a pretty awesome thing to see....if you're bored tonight and wanna check that out :) if you're not staying there already.

be careful, jade! don't get lost.

ph34r.713 said...

PS I played decemberunderground throughout my entire house today. It was sooooooooooo great X3
PPS I can't find your CD head. Where did you hide it?

Ashling said...

I saw you at Roseland.

Unfortunately, I can't see you on Warped. You aren't playing any of my dates. =(

I'm trying to get to Pittsburgh, but that's 6 hours away.

Maybe when you guys are done you'll come back and visit NYC... maybe even somewhere in NE PA. ;)

Much love!

Lightworker said...

Hope the heat isn't too bad for you at Warped Tour. I'm definately coming to see you when you come back to England, two times in fact. It would be all the dates if the tour started a week later.

Supreme General of Evil said...

Alamo-like things are never that exciting to look at, I agree. Unless there are zombies or platypi involved. Or maybe zombie platypi. I wouldn't if perhaps I should cry from fright or laugh if I saw a zombie platypus. Especially at 4:30 am. I suppose I would just throw a toadstool at it and pray that it turns into a raccoon.

lust and lunacy said...

We drove from northern virginia five hours to portsmouth and then after that show drove directly to raleigh to go to warped the next day and see you guys play again. The Portsmouth show was amazing. I was in the front the whole time. A.F.I. has been so much more than my favorite band for so long and that was my first time seeing you guys play. I've never been blown away by a show like that. After warped tour I saw Adam Carson at the merch tent and he was kind enough to autograph my ticket. I wanted to say something like, "your music really means a whole fucking lot to me" but all I managed was a lame "thank you" Then Smith wouldn't give me an autograph but he stabbed a hole through my ticket with a knife. Which is deffinitly more awesome. So yeah.. Thank you more than I know how to say for the amazing experience and the music which is my rock.


Hannah said...

If i could fly out to America at the drop of a hat, you know i would.
Sadly, i'll have to wait til October :)

Have fun!! xoxo

Lilith said...

Jade is st00pid. XP Just kidding of course you aren't ;)

Already have tickets to see you when you come to Bristol. I was stunned to see Bristol on the list of tour dates but exceedingly excited at the same time. I'll be there early - find me XP


sara said...

Jade, I'm having the best fucken latte of my life and they just played Green Day's 'Basket Case' and Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody', both acapella (!!!), at this random excellent-latte cafe.

Halfway across the world from you and the Alamo.

But you know, through our summer sweltering, we are one.

sabsbury said...

i actually get to go see you today! IM SO EXCITED! SAN ANTONIO! I'm so glad to live here. I think I've been to the Alamo three times....all on fieldtrips when I was a kiddo. Anyway, MUCH LOVE! i'm leaving for verizon in one hour...eeee

Jonny Animal said...

I saw you guys in Myrtle Beach. It was fucking incredible!

ThisCelluloidDreamer said...

Do a dance Jade

Sheila Take A Bow said...

gud sintince riter... lawlroflcopter!

Someone played a horrible trick on jxc, saying that you died. That place has gone to hell, no offense.

July 5th is going to be fantastic. I can't waiiittt!

Kelly said...

It makes me very sad you guys stop playing Warped on the 1st because my Philly date is on the 3rd. I miss you guys by just 2 sad days. Oh well. You guys are on tour forever...might as well come back to Philadelphia again! Just kidding. I hope the road is treating you well. I really like the gud sintince riting too. It's silly. And the Alamo...psh...I'll take your word it's boring. Have a sweet Warped Tour and I hope the heat doesn't get to you all too much.

Ana Paula said...

*sigh* I wish I could see you guys live, you know, I missed the last concert in Mexico City and I just have to wait till you come again...or I hope you do

Girls Don't Cry said...

You'll be in Las Cruces this Monday. Wish I could see you guys, but my parents are heartless monsters.

Well, not really.

But I promise I'll see you guys if and when you come to Albuquerque.

totalimmortal_ghost said...

you come to kansas city in three days. i can't wait!!!!
even though i don't even know if i'll be able to see you. but...i still have hope :D
and i hope that you're having a little bit of fun on Warped.
well..hope to see you very very soon!!

love always,

afireinsidexx said...

i might go to buffalo to see you, since you are NOT playing (warped tour) in mass! i am still upset about seeing only 3 songs at the avalon (friend passed out), and am dying to see you again before the summer is over!! preferably without DEP, which is why warped tour would be nice. i hope you have an awesome (tour)!! =]

Lisaa said...

I would be seeing AFI at Warped, but noo. You guys aren't coming to Jersey. Only closest dates are in PA and NY. =[

Since you're on tour for the rest of forever, you best be coming back to NY, or better yet NJ. You love us. You know it.

art de noyade said...


I'm coming to see you july 5th! at kansas city. Driving all the 5 hours just for you guys! that's the love right there.

Hope you have a Nice day.

oh and.... (i'll be the one right in front of your/hunters mic). thanks..

see ya buddy.

pretty in punk said...

So I would totally come see you....except you felt the need to leave Detroit off of your warped schedule...

and you did this why? To make me cry?

when are you comming to MI???

Lauren said...

I saw you guys in Myrtle Beach. My friend Steven waved at you while you were in a taxi and I was sitting in a puddle of sweat. The show was great, sorry about your guitar going out at the beginning of GNG.

Jessi said...

Ur a vry gud riter.

Better stick to guitar sweetie.


K-K-Kara! said...


blackviolet said...

Ugh, Warped. So bright. So hot.

I can't wait to see you again.

Fluffo said...

"Forever" obviously doesn't include Florida.
Most of us actually have more than five teeth, thanks.

Fluffo said...

Oh, and Warped here sucks anyway.

Tell Wil Francis he owes Miami a signature; broken finger my ass.

savageloquence said...

Jade, I saw ya'll the other day at the WT date in Houston and I just wanted to tell you that ya'll's set was great. It was my first AFI show, even though I've been a fan since Black Sails. I was also one of the few DF members present and ya'll's set was almost a spiritual experience for me. I was in the front and I was able to help support Davey as he crowd-walked. You know, all of the taped sets that I've seen of ya'll do no justice whatsoever to your actual performance. I just want to say thank you for braving the 100+ degree weather and humidity. It was actually more humid than usual that day. You did great, ripping all of those little song-extending solos. I sang every word of the songs that were played. The crowd-surfers did not ruin your set for me, but enriched it with the WT atmosphere, although the number of people that only knew the words to Miss Murder was kinda sad. Anyhow, thanks to you and the rest of the guys, I can (almost) die happy. I just have to see David Bowie live first. <3 Jenny

Goodbye, Sally said...

I heard 17 years for tour. I'm going to see you guys in Kansas City. I can't wait!

demurelove said...

You guys should get a break or a little vacation from all the touring and hard work =D ... I'm serious =O

macy_is_hella_ill said...

I'll see you in August. Did you get my rad ass letter? I wrote it on this paper that's sensitive to heat and its green, so when you touch it it turns white in the place you touched it.

Ok, have a good one dearie.

Nixx said...

Hehe, hey there, Jade.

You guys are on tour forever, eh? Well, I hope you're are planning on returning to Toronto sometime soon because I miss you all already (Smith, Mikey, and Fritch included) :(.

Though, I suppose I'm not one to complain, because you guys completely spoiled us here (what with the listening party, secret show, real show, and record signing). We really do need to learn to share you guys with the rest of the world, huh?

Thanks for being amazing, Jade. I hope the touring's been fun and that the crowds have been giving you all the love you deserve <3.

Stacy Edge said...

I've seen you three times already! I wish it could be more!


Haha Love it man. Come back to London Ontario if you don't mind. If you can't you can always rock out in my basement with me. Down with alamo's. Later Jade<3
From the kid that made you sign a ukulele in London Ontario.<3

your_socinematic said...

you should play the mass show. on 8/2... its the day after my sisters birthday. you're playing on her bday in buffalo...

you just need to come back to new england. period.

much <3

you guys were so amazing in boston. :)

Bailey said...

"Gud sintince riter" reminded me of that book Flowers For Algernon.
You know the one.

I did see you's guys.
But like...I'd be all well and good to see you all again.
'Cause like...that was cool and stuff.

Come to Vermont.


kxaxyxo said...

You guys are on tour forever? I can't wait to see you at Japan. It's ganna be so long fright... anyway, I'm wondering you guys haev a misstake about tour date in Japan. 'cause Japanese promoter said different date. Could you tell us correct tour date??? I really want to see you guys at Osaka Japan!!!

kathykathy said...

i went to the alama once,
i don't remember having any fun out of that day.
i did get animal crackers shaped like the alamo, except then they wouldn't be called animal crackers...

kathykathy said...

you call yourself a good sentence writer? i spelt the alamo "alama"

sarah_says_RAWRR said...

haha, "gud sintince riter"
my friend always spells like that :P
anyways, you're a funny one.

too bad i can't see any shows..i mentioned the idea to my parents and they said no right away.. grrrrrrrrr!!

well much love,
sarah <3

Meghan said...

Jade, I did see you at the Raleigh, NC show. Ya'll were fantastic, but not as hot as Joan Jett. I'm just playing. AFI is definitely hotter than Ms. Jett.
I confess that I only drove thirty minutes to see you guys. I met someone that drove all the way from Florida. But I did wait eight hours in the rain, as did my poor father (he enjoyed the show as well). That must count for something.
Have fun touring forever!!!

run baby run said...

Going to warped tour here in Cali, but you guys aren't going to play. :/ But, once you guys hit the L.A. scene again, I will for surely go see you guys! :)

radiance said...

Yes, Jade you are a very good writer. I so want to see u guys perform!! I must see warped.

xsweetcalamityx said...

If you come to Milwaukee, I would. :D

Chelsea said...

I already said I saw you.
Infact I saw you and Adam walk across the street. In Boston...When you walked across the street. And then y'know on stage.

Also, I laugh at you. Ha ahaha ha.

(Come to Vermont...or something)

raprink-specialty said...

ah. Roseland rocked!! the white outfits ruled. to bad i won't see you guys for a while

sabsbury said...

i just got home from warped tour selma....ehh. i sat in a plastic seat for FIVE HOURS just so I could be up front when afi came on....hmm. good show, but the crowd was kind of wimpy..sorry. I almost died on the way back home, true story. It's kind of long though...just let me say it involves three different cities, and a fucking insane driver stoned out of her mind going at least 90. =( i need better friends. oh, i bought your face! well, sort of. its on a shirt, and...yea. i cant believe the black bandanas got sold out! argh. well, much put on an awesome show.

Failure By Design said...

Forever? Maybe that means I'll actually get to see you guys! I was hoping to see you guys in SC, but I knew that was a long shot. It's about a 6-8 hour drive from where I live. I'm only 17 and there was no way my parents would let me go on my own. I'd get lost anyways. Next time you guys come close to Georgia, I'll hitch hike there if I have to. Hope everything's cool on tour. Keep kicking ass. :)

Under Saturns Shadow said...

I shall be seeing you guys on August 1. keep a look-out for me. I'm gonna be wearing a shirt 'specially made for Smith.

This Girl said...

Gosh, i knew you would update today of all days! :] Dont forget to get some rest during your tour of FOREVER.


I can still remember June 22

Cone Hat said...

I think that, to beat the heat while on your summer tour, you should all wear golden, shiny short shorts on stage. Nothing else.
We like short shorts.
Jesus H. MTV Canada sucks. I can just imagine what the american MTV viewers must be going through. I didn't think "Music Television" consisted of people dating each other's moms, watching the lives of rich kids in Cali, and loud people getting their rides pimped 24/7. Where's the music anymore? Jeez.
Happy Touring.

Drowned Phoenix said...

Because you aren't coming to Milwaukee, that's why.

AFI_Junkie said...

HAH! I've already been out to see you... Besides, you're not coming to the Warped near me... at least I don't think you are... if you are, I think I'd be the happiest girl in the world :D... Okay that's a vast exaggeration... but I'd be very happy if you were here again

ShellEy said...

You guys played an awesome set at Houston so it was totally worth the six+ hour wait in front row :]
And yeah, the crowd may have been crap but seeing you guys and meeting Adam plus Fritch made up for it.

I hope the other Warped shows are alot better Jade! Only one more month of it left right? Hang in there!

The Alamo reminds me of King of the Hill haha.

Well okayyy, be sure to put on enough sunscreen and get enough rest <333

Cucumber said...

"Forever for her is over for me..."

Getting tired of touring already Jademaster flex?

Hope you aren't to tired to rock my socks off on Sunday.

Though I think watching you make toast would rock my socks =]

miss ronnie said...

the alamo! "the alamo doesn't have a basement" f'in love that movie...
i live in massachusetts, and due to my lack of a license, job, money and everything else, i couldn't see you in boston. :(

auntcp said...

I won't get to unless you come to Fayetteville, NC. I was unable to go to Myrtle Beach show, as I had to work and couldn't get any of the assholes to switch schedules with me. xoxo Carolyn

my.cure said...

I gave you presents in Houston, I wish I could hvae actually seen you play...I was in the second row but it just so happens that you can't see shit when you are short and the guys in front of you...aren' sounded wonderful.. name is Allie said...

I was pondering this when I was hooked up to my oxygen tank at the paramedics after your show:

I went to the Houston show and got pretty badly beaten up at your show, and you guys kinda seemed really uninteresting in the fans. =( it made me really sad. Was something wrong with Houston?

Haley said...

Unfortunately I won't get to see you guys at Warped 'cause you're not coming to my area....BUT I did get to see you in Detroit at the 89X Bday Bash. You guys were amaaazing. Thankyou. I also bought tickets for the Cleveland show the day they went on sale. Can't wait!

Bettie von Grim said...

it was sooo nice meeting you i houston jade! (me and my boyfriend came up to u by the port-o-potties while u were eating bread) u were very sweet (and attractive!) liked the lavender nails!

i have no idea said...

why didnt leave the house when i want to..i could of saw you:(
damit!!! stupid stupid me

the alamo sucks. theres nothing realy to special about it.hope you liked the rest of the city and enjopyed yourself.

fucking awsome show at the WT on 7/2. you guys are WAY to fucking awsome for this all looked dashing as ever.

hope you all come back realy realy soon !!!!

much love

x Lily Vengeance x said...

Does the Alamo have a basement?

x Lily Vengeance x said...

Dammit, someone beat me to the Pee Wee quote.

Whatever. That movie is still hella rad.


Ah my damn comment didnt show up. Please come back to London Ontario, you can play in my basement if my mom is cool with that. Thanks for signing my ukuelele. Rock on. Down with Alimos.

Jeska said...

Hey Jade! It was nice meeting you in Myrtle Beach :D. You really should find out who books your shows and tell them to schedule some shows in Florida ;). My family thinks it was super lame for me to drive up to SC just for AFI. They also don't get why I got a picture with Smith (they just don't understand!!!) hahaha. See you soon (hopefully).

This Girl said...

Ugh, so Mr.Jade, I was looking back at all your previous entries because I was bored. I found 2 songs which i failed to download all that while back. Well, im listening to them now, and they're LOVELY as usual.

-Take Care

Jessi said...

Why are the California people bitching? They do shit there all the time. Haha. Atlanta gets no love. Sadface.

Amanda said...

Psshhh you should come to Dallas. It doesn't smell like nasty river up here.

Nikki said...

Lol, I saw Davey at Whole Foods XD

Damn it, tell him to show you my drawing :0 I know I must have freaked him out, but damn it, I was surprised >( I kept thinking it'd be funny to run in to one of you guys (I kept thinking it'd be Hunter in a bookstore or something, lol.), but I didn't expect it to happen, I DON'T LIVE IN CALIFORNIA.

I got to meet your brother. Thanks to you and your videos, he is my hero. :p

Charlie Le'more said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dani said...

Ah, the Warped Tour.
I wish I could ride out the whole thing.... *daydreams*
Come to Florida sometime and THEN I'll see you guys. ;)

Hannah said...

Yeah, I'll be dragging my ass out to St. Helens on the 17th. I wish there was some big, outdoor venue in PDX, because St. Helens is awful. I'm not sure how I'm going to get out there, but I'll make it. Last time I decided to 'wait until next time' to see ya'll, i ended up waiting like 3 and a half years, so I WILL NOT miss this show. I'm so looking forward to it. I had something else I wanted to say but I totally forgot, oh well.

janicethemenace said...

I DID! Just got home to LA after going to Houston to see you boys! Hot and muggy as hell but so worth it! Remind me not to do that 'pit business' again... damn near got kilt! HOWEVER~ got my first tat! Found Adam at the merch table (did he draw the short straw?) and he signed my shoulder - got it filled in next day! Hope I live long enough to get all four!
Please don't fry in Phoenix! I'll see you all in Vegas ~ at least they've got A/C!
Love, Menace

formyowngood said...

hey jade,
i will be seeing you guys at street scene in sd. i'm taking a sick day off from work to go. so you should feel suppa special. and this will be my first afi show. (you never forget your first time!!! ehhh.) the only thing that bummed me out was that i wasnt able to see you and the fellas at the tower records signing on 6/6. my friend got some sweet pictures of you. i was sooo jealous i almost threw up!!!

the straight edge guitarist said...

i would be there in a heartbeat but i live in long beach and you guys aren't here so that sucks :/
hope you have a blast raving on your guitar in hotter-than-hell weather lol.

girlisgrey said...


Mel said...

Wish I could see you guys... but I still have hope :)
Come to see us in Brazil... why don't you?


nimimerkki said...

Oh Jade, you can't ever think about how much I want to go to your tour!
Maybe I wait that day when you come to tour in Finland, if that never happens. If I go even to USA to tour, I am sure I will be lost, somebody steal and rape me, really, it's my luck. And that is very expensive too, so I can't pay bills and hire anymore, so I must move to street and live there.
It not fun to read when somebody write how nice was in the tour. It's nice cause someone had fun, but I'm so damn envious!
But well, have fun!

Oh, and sorry my bad english, I hope you understand what I mean :'D


Cautioners said...

well I'll be seeing you whenever you book a show for Paris... Because you will. And if you don't I will cry.

But I'll still play online pictionary with you and F. Ha.

take care <3

Feaelena said...

man, i so wish i could see you guys perform but... i'm only fifteen so my parents won't let me. Darn!

miss ronnie said...

JADE!!!! COME BACK TO MASSACHUSETTS! NO better yet, just come and play in my room ight?...i'll be waiting

MB said...

I would, but my parents don't know the definition of trust, "we trust you, we trust your brother, but no"

Mrs. Hoek said...

Silly, you have to go to the basement of the Alamo for a good time.

Mrs. Hoek said...

I'm seeing you guys in Denver and both Vegas shows.
Can't wait.

Dani Girl said...

i don't think i'll ever get over the fact that my mom ripped up my tickets for your june 24th philly show *le sigh.*

hopefully you'll be around again sometime =/

anyway, hope you guys are taking it easy on the tour.

i watched your "hit list" on mtv yesterday. i loved that fact that you guys chose more retro/80's videos as opposed to the more modern ones that other artists normally pick. i found it quite amusing how davey, hunter, & adam rarely looked straight into the camera, but you, on the other hand, stared the sucker down!!! geez :P

i've noticed that about davey (looking at you guys as opposed to the camera)....he seems kind of camera shy. i love that about him though :)

♥ Dani

i've come down with some form of illness. have smith deliver some broth and a fairytale story (READ ALOUD) to my house :) thx. :P

Sam said...

My friend and I are coming three hours from Omaha to see you guys tomorrow! I can't fucking WAIT. It would kick ass to meet you!

Ashling said...

You totally should've peed on the Alamo. For boring you. No one can bore Mr Puget, not even American landmarks. That's just not cool.

Or maybe you could step it up on Ozzy and like be more hXc than him by spilling apple juice or something.

Karen said...

jadeeeeeee i can't wait for you guys to come back to the bay area. i'll be the first in line!!

Cut That said...

Oh jeez. You guys bettah be playing Pittsburgh like your Myspace says and your official page DOESN'T say. Can't someone fix that?

Oh well. Have fun in the heat. Wear sunscreen please.

Sarah Welch said...

Sorry I wish I could but I heard the concert in Chicago is sold out and I really wanted to go. By the way decemberunderground is a great cd.

Amba Lynn said...

well... i wanted to see you guys on warped but you're not coming anywhere near here i believe after NC... =/ you guys kicked so much ass at Portsmouth! come back soon! <3

Lita Peacecraft said...

can't wait to see you guys again! hope you're having lots of fun and i hope the heat isn't too bad. thank you for signing my fanart XD

::: Sammy ::: said...

Whenever you guys visit Mexico I'll be in front row chanting and dancing :)

Crosses said...

Come to DC and I'll hang out with you and Nerpal.

shanagdi said...

My ten year old nephew is excited to see you (one day), but he won't be in SD when you are at Street Scene. Ironically, he will still be in San Antonio where you recently played. I promised him I would take him to an AFI show for his first concert (but I am not taking him to Vegas). Someone has to save his musical sense. My mom and sister only listen to Christian rock and country.

kiss + control said...

Geez Jade, I already saw you and your silly band 4 times in the last 8 weeks. I got some lovely pictures of you and the other gentlemen in various stages of awesomeness. I also geeked out and recorded your guitar solo from 'Dancing Through Sunday'.

sabsbury said...

i've been listening to Totalimmortal on repeat again..your vocals are amazing, and they're only getting better and better as the years go by. guitarist, vocalist, and quite possibly the prettiest man ever. come back to san antonio, i'll make you vegan tacos.

totalimmortal_ghost said...

hey! you guys better do great at the KC show tonight!! i'm really sorry i can't be there. i still love you guys extremely much!!!
hope you come to KC again real soon.

love always,

la belle sans un coeur said...

I'm seeing you three times in the UK. And I'll be bearing the best gifts. Promise.

Night-Flower said...

I'll be at the Chicago show on Friday!!!!! I'm really excited. and like just yesterday I FINALLY got someone who can go with me for sure (all my other friends bailed for many reasons. the funniest/stupidest being that their mom said they couldn't go because they'd get shot in the face in Chicago....yeah. hahaha)

anyways it will be my first AFI show. so in other words it will be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. ^_^ I sure hope you play Summer Shudder though, that's definitely one of my most favs from DU(well its all amazing.. but ya know...)

seeya friday,

Bowlingcade? said...

I'll be seeing you at Calgary...I'm praying I meet you, I'll be wearing a DF shirt...most likely the crow one...I havn't decided yet.
You'll probably see me getting beat up in the mosh pit...No matter what, I'm gonna be up front, even if I get beat up.

jadedgeekgirl said...

haha, you is gud, gud, gud, gud, GUD!!!!
oooooo-er, THE Alamo!!!!!
Dunno, it's SOMETIMES fun to look at really old adobe. At least when the light hits it at the right angle.
hang on, forever ever?! but who will feed you're
dear old pup? Surely not itself!!
hrmmm, I would see you if I could.
Sorry about that mate, but it's outta my hands.
once again, la familia is wound up too tight.
Pfffffttt. Pity.
Later, Gator!! haha! Had to do that!!
-Sarah <3

P.S. If you are a "gud sintince riter", why'd ya forget the question mark????? Ha.

Make_Me_Invisible said...

Would give ANYYTHING to see you guys live, but no ATL dates =[

Lovelovelove you and keep being amazing, son.


music-patd-lover said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
music-patd-lover said...

hey im going to try to go to ur guyz concert in cincinnati hope i can make it! love ya foreva and always!

<3 me!

p.s. i updated my site u should visit it and leave a comment. byebyez!

Fluffo said...

I'm thinking of flying to Berlin just to see you. I hate all the other Europe dates and my guess is the concerts in Germany aren't near as packed as the ones in England.

Besides, my schedule for next semester bites the big one anyway.

totalimmortal_ghost said...

how was the KC concert tonight?? was the audience good to you guys?? hope so. i'm really sorry i couldn't be there to see you guys.
so sad.
still love you guys!!

love always,

Love Jacy said...

I want to see you guys play again so bad. The last (and first) time I saw you guys was way back at the 2003 HFSmas I believe. I was supposed to go see you in Portsmouth but things fell out and I had no ride. =(

Why don't you guys play closer to D.C.? That would be wicked cool, and wicked helpful to fans like me who could reach you far more easier. You guys really are awsome live though. Seeing you play that one time way back when was positively mind blowing. Honestly.

The Kait

morrowkitty said...

i got this sweet pair of dragon wings that i'm going to try to wear to the denver show....if security will let me through with them.
see you guys soon.

^_^ michelle

Lilith said...

I am seeing you guys on the 31st of July in Cleveland. Say hi.

Shine said...

Don't exhaust yourselves before October :) The UK is waiting for a kick ass tour.

Becky said...

Jade, you've managed to make me smile even though both my parents are clinically depressed and having a particularly bad evening. I'm sorry, I don't want to dump my problems on you, I'm just kind of upset right now.

I hope you have a blast on Warped Tour. I'd love to one day be able to play on it. I can't wait to see you in England in October. I'm going to try and meet you. :)

Have fun. Hope you are all well.

afireinside_havok said...

I think a "Happy Canada Day" was called for because of when you posted this.

You were already here in Toronto, and I already saw come back and I'll be there again. There are no other good bands coming here anytime soon, so come on, help a fan out.

Sam said...

You guys were AMAZING in Kansas City last night! I didn't see you but your brother signed my CD. I now cherish my Sharpie because he touched it.

I got my picture taken with Hunter and Davey signed my CD too. I called him a slut (but meant it in the most loving way possible) it was really awesome to get to see them, if even for a minute. I think Smith said you went to bed early.

foxoasis said...

I wish, i would sell my almighty spork to be able to go to warped...anywho, the alamo??? i heard they have awsome lama rides! luv ya

x steph x said...

ah! that must suck to be out there in the heat all day!

i'm trying to get up to cleveland to see you guys on the 31st. or something like that.

it'll be my 3rd time.


StaticPallor said...

Eh, who needs Warped Tour when you've got the Uptown in Kansas City?
Jade, you guys seriously kicked it last night. I was blown away! All the bruises were worth seeing you guys. I hope you come back soon, we would really appreciate it! AFI puts on the best show I've ever seen.
Maybe you could pull some strings and get KC in on your tour with Tiger Army. That would make me a very happy girl!!
Yup, I hope you guys had a great time playing last night, cuz we absolutely LOVED it! Have fun in Chicago!!

Roxxxie336 said...

I just saw you play in Kansas City, and making a trek to Indiana to see you play again on the 28th.

You guys were absolutely amazing. Definitely the greatest thing I could have ever experienced. Unfortunately, I missed meeting you after the show. :[

Oh, and I hope your brother likes the skateboard my friend Caroline and I gave him... and that Davey did indeed eat the fuck out of the muffins our friend Seb made.

This Girl said...



Samantha said...

Saw you guys at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City and it was great! It was great meeting Smith also :)

miss ronnie said...

dang jade, you just got me yelled at. I left for work with the internet explore on your blog and the smith video started playing LOUD and my moms like, "who the F*** was in your room!"
i wish i could say smith :D

Bianca. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bianca. said...

I was at San Antonio Warped.

I could have shown you better sites than the god damn Alamo.

Better yet, If you come to Corpus I can show you like the 5 million statues and things dedicated to Selena.

Fluffo said...

Archive, then preferably "So what is a McNinja?"

Julia said...

Saw you in Chicago!!! Was FABULOUS.

exploding ashlee said...

Man, I give you so much credit. Your cd comes out a month ago and you tour nonstop. You must be so tired! But it's all very amazing, I saw you in Philly, (I claim that to be the best night of my life =]) and I just might drive a whole 6 hours to see you again in Pittsburg for Warped! I really hope i can meet you!

Well, you're amazing.


Night-Flower said...

The show on Friday was amazing! Thanks for such an amazing experience. I'll never forget.

sparkless said...

bahhh i wish i could see u live
:{ too bad i live in Israel

come to israel!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Hi Jade, I'm one of the girls who made that AFI card game we showed you in Chicago July 7th. I was really nervous when I met you.

Joey said...

Ah yes, San Antonio........I was there.
Drove for three hours, spent hundreds of dollars —mostly on gas ('course that's Dick Cheney and Halliburton's fault and not yours), spent six hours getting our asses kicked in the pit just to be up front for your set

LSII started, all hell broke lose of course.
The first three songs went by as a blur because we were fighting for our lives.

It came down to this.
Davey didn't say a word, no Thank you for being here, thank you for coming all this way, thank you for shelling out your hard earned money to keep me in MAC cosmetics and fake leather for the last ten years. NOTHING.

Which was better than what the Houston crowd got. The Houston crowd not only didn't get a thank you, they got him bitching because the humidity ruined his hair.

At our show at least he looked like he HALF WAY wanted to be there which is more than I can say for you.

You never once looked up, never smiled and the only interaction between you and Dave was when you nearly kicked him in the head.

When you go on tour solo, if you're still planning on phoning it in, please let us know in advance so we don't waste our hard earned money.

The album was so beautiful. Worth the wait. Album of the year next to Johnny Cash’s American V. If I’d paid $50 instead of $10.50 at Hot Topic it STILL would have been worth every penny.

If you didn’t want to perform at Warped, why did you sign on?
If you want a job where you stand on stage and do nothing, you're a good looking guy, Jade.
I’m sure Abercrombie is hiring.

wewalkalone said...

I wish I coudl come to one of your shows but they are all so far away. you need to come tour in the south so I can come see you guys!

Joey said...

Ah yes, San Antonio........I was there.
Drove for three hours, spent hundreds of dollars —mostly on gas ('course that's Dick Cheney and Halliburton's fault and not yours), spent six hours getting our asses kicked in the pit just to be up front for your set

LSII started, all hell broke lose of course.
The first three songs went by as a blur because we were fighting for our lives.

It came down to this.
Davey didn't say a word, no Thank you for being here, thank you for coming all this way, thank you for shelling out your hard earned money to keep me in MAC cosmetics and fake leather for the last ten years. NOTHING.

Which was better than what the Houston crowd got. The Houston crowd not only didn't get a thank you, they got him bitching because the humidity ruined his hair.

At our show at least he looked like he HALF WAY wanted to be there which is more than I can say for you. You never once looked up, never smiled and the only interaction between you and Dave was when you nearly kicked him in the head.

When you go on tour solo, if you're still planning on phoning it in, please let us know in advance so we don't waste our hard earned money.

The album was so beautiful. Worth the wait. Album of the year next to Johnny Cash’s American V. If I’d paid $50 instead of $10.50 at Hot Topic it STILL would have been worth every penny.

If you didn’t want to perform at Warped, why did you sign on?
If you want a job where you stand on stage and do nothing, you're a good looking guy, Jade.
I’m sure Abercrombie is hiring.

Poetically Correct said...

Dang! I miss you guys! I'm hoping to go and see you at Street Scene, but it's a fat chance. Wish you had been at Warped Tour the day I went!
Next time you come to CA (besides the San Diego show), we're totally gonna hang out! Maybe you can show me some of your sweet ninja moves?

girlisgrey said...


you have NO idea how happy I am!!!

SEPTEMBER 9TH will fucking kick ass!!!!

I knew you guys would be hitting the bay! Frisco!!! woooo

I fucking love you sooooo much. I can't wait. I really can't.

ahh I'm not going to be able to sleep!!!!!!!

nimimerkki said...

Oh fuck, I'm gonna die!
I heared that you have got a girlfriend.
But you're my husband!
I forget to tell it to you, but now you know it.

nimimerkki said...

Oh, my bad english :D

MKat21 said...

Saw the show in Houston... very awesome! It was completely worth the sweat and bruises.
I was also with you guys at FUSE in NYC on 6-22, but I didn't get to say hi...My 2 friends and I were sitting behind you on a little block. (They moved us from across the studio during the middle of the show.)We enjoyed the interview and watching Miss Murder nonetheless. =)
Looking forward to the next time you're in Texas... or I happen to be in the same state as you! (And hopefully it'll be much better than the Warped Tour in stifling heat...So sorry for all of the craziness and awful weather. We're really not all like that.)

Lynzi said...

HELL YEAH I FUCKIN WENT TO SAN ANTONIO and got kicked in the head thirty-two thousand times.

Chrisa Vrenna said...

Hey Jade, please bring AFI to Brazil =)

Sheila Take A Bow said...

I totally saw you guys July 5th.

I was the idiot right in front of you who kept on screaming "SMITH" every time your brother ran on stage. Oh, and you gave someone a high five and I was two or three people away from her/him. Traitor. (el oh el jay kay)

Also, you looked at me during Prelude. I think it was because I wouldn't stop jumping/screaming/both.

Fritch scared me, also. He didn't smile and I thought he was going to punch me when I bought your face for 20 dollars.

H. Raspet said...

Yayyyy, you *ARE* coming back to CA!!

girlisgrey said...

Jade, thats it.
Knowing me, I will be on here 24/7 up until September 9th telling you how excited I am!

Jade! We shall meet again! :)
I will be waiting for you @ that tour bus until the sun come up again!

You make me VERY happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Bella

Neptune.x said...

aw, your not coming to Ontario! lol, Now i have to drive to Vancouver -_-

Neptune.x said...

New posts should be at the top! Then I wont keep posting thinking its not showing up. lol

Issa said...

i saw you guys in philly the 24th. i was determined to see u guys, i drove 5hrs or so to see ya's, and it was Fucking Amazing. You guys and Dilinger were fuckin awesome. it sux my car decided to not run after gettin there though haha well it was worth it : )

N.J. said...

so yeah, i am taking a 6 hour drive to see you guys at the Pennsylvania stop, because lamely, you get off before Warped Tour hits New Jersey. Majorly lame, I wanna see you more and more.

Also, amazing show in NYC at the Roseland Ballroom. I hit the 23rd one, and it was amazing. Also, you hit my friend with the back-door to the building when you walked out before the show and ran off. It was pretty funny though.

Ayla said...

This is late, are such a dork.

mego said...

damn you jade! i was there on the first and i saw you ( i thought the heat was making me see things) but was forced to buy a snowcone instead of yelling hi. and then i went and saw shamu. waste of time.
by the way, did you see the riverwalk? i thought it was pretty...
later tater

Tashaaa said...

OMG I really want to see you guys!!! Yeah...try convincing my parents *sigh*

Oh yeah, can you come back to JXC? We really miss you there!!!! Please come back! =] Thanks!

iTS WHo i aM WHaT CaN i SaY said...

heyy i love take me to the hospital by the way but i heard you kicked ass 2 teh max.. my parents disown me cuz i listen to you but i dont care


l8er g8er

<33 Ash

Princess Sassypants said...

Did you try and find the basement of the Alamo? because maybe Pee Wee was just lying to us about it.

misscaraliiine said...

I was hoping to see you guys in houston. But no. My dad was being paranoid about me being somewhere like that. Or something. Anyhoo, I hope I can see you guys live once in my life. Maybe I'll win that Bumbershoot contest. Then I'll fly to seattle. How nifty.


marianne said...

I'd like so much to see you on Warped Tour! But I live in Québec, and you won't go here so... I just hope that someday I'll have the chance to see you.

Amber said...

yea..the alamo isn't anything special..

you go inside..and you're like.. this is it?

in elementary school we'd go on field trips there. it was so boring. haha

aaand i'm gonna have to say i was alittle disappointed by yall at warped.
it was too short..and way to many people..
i dunno.. i just didn't get that feeling.. =/
and you guys are one of my fav. bands..

i guess that is what i get for missing you the last 2 times you came to san antonio. (or was cancelled because of davey's voice.)

but pleeeaaase come back on an actual tour where you can play a longer set and get more personal with your fans.

por favor? :)

Endlessly.She.Said. said...

:'( this makes me saD! cos for some reason i thought you guys were gonna be at the warped tour in denver and then BAM! i realized you werent. then all my friends back at my dads house in indy got to see you and i was stuck in colorado... but my friend... like a good friend called me when you were performing. i cried. i guess some guy was gonna get kicked out and davey called him onstage... thats awesome..... maybe i will try and get kicked out. just kidding. well i'll see you next tour no matter what cos my that time i will probely be able to drive. woot!

~love ya~

Julie L said...

I have.



boogeyxkatie said...

i would if you would come anywhere withing 50 miles of my hometown, i live in michigan, so as you can see thats not working for me, lol. plus i dont have the money to travel about 5000 miles to europe.


Nish said...

wow it must be hot when you guys play you guys need to come to philly