Monday, July 10, 2006

Here's my Denver Hotel Room mix. I'm feeling like a ball of indie rock/electro/90's hardcore today. To the color of b-l-o-o-d.


girlisgrey said...


my fave song is "How Could I Forget" feel meh?

We can yap all about them on Sep 9th, after the maazing show you guys will put on!

Ah, I went to Peets Coffee thinking of Adam today in SF and burned my tounge on the damn soy mocha! haha

I hope your doing awesome Jade!!!

love ya mucho
- Bella

Dani Girl said...

Chyea, I also dig The Faint, but I'm more of an "Erection" fan

You're a breathtaking brutally, beautiful cannibal boy....

BangBangLou said...

sweet mix.
Especially the The Faint.
The Faint = sex

Got hella excited when i heard about the SF show you guys are doing in September! Can't wait, its gonna be awesome!

much love to ya Jade!
HAve fun in Denver! haha


Darlene Conner said...

hope you're doing well, love.


Haha nice man. Rock it up. Thanks for signing my ukuelele and teaching me the proper guitar tuning for paper airplanes back in London ontario. <333

Jessi said...

Ahh yay!!

I'm actually watching the making of "Miss Murder" as we speak.

AFI_Junkie said...

Wow... those are interesting.... Me and my friend especially like The Faint song....

Roxxxie336 said...


Much love for them. <3333.

Amazing mix, by the way.

Your musical taste never ceases to amaze me.

adri123 said...


kat said...

which faint song is it?

This Girl said...

Awesome, I love it.
Hope stuff's going well with you and the rest of the guys.

-Have fun-


When can we expect the Love Like Winter video? And come back to London Ontario, we miss you.

Cut That said...

More music to explore. And thanks for that Purevolume mix tape. I heard of some great bands through that.

Thanks for blogging. We enjoy the updates.

MadAudiophile said...

Your updates are always well-loved.

I thought you might appreciate this - I passed someone with a t-shirt the other day that read "Chuck Norris's blood type is AK+: Ass-kicking positive!"

See you again in Vegas. It'll be grand, I'm sure.

technologic said...

i lovelovelovelove the faint!

lacy cherie said...

How's it going in CO, Jade? Putting the RAD in Colorado?

Great choice of music. That's probably my favorite song by The Faint one of my favorite by The Beatles. Come Together wins as my absolute fave, though.

lacy cherie said...


AND* one of my favorite by the beatles.


Neptune.x said...


x-tina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
x-tina said...

you have amazing taste in music.
nice eclectic mix.
♥ xoxo

my.cure said...

ooo lovely, thank you

The Shiznite said...

some awesome music there. Hope all is well with you guys. Can't wait for the new video. Hopefully you guys can come back to San Antonio.

Gaby Massacre said...

The Faint and Band of Horses = <333

One of my favorites is "Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen" from The Faint.
Hope you enjoy Denver and see you Sep. 9th~

katrina said...

Good stuff. Except The Beatles isn't playing all the way.

Hannah said...


and that was the first song I ever heard by them.

Beth said...

Your taste in music is amazing.

Mucho love to The Faint. :]
Hella-cool mix.

Hope you are doing well!

Poetically Correct said...

did you come on the DF chat today? If not, we sure missed you Jade!

Pretty Pistol said...

The Beatles!! yesss

thats one of my fav songs by them...

and yay for The Faint!!

Cone Hat said...

"Let's fighting love!"
haaha the asians kill me.
Actually, it's the South Park dudes who kill me, but ya know.
I'm not racist.
Power to the asians.

Gizmo said...

It's so weird, Linkin Park always shows up on the player.

shanagdi said...

I really like the mix. I think my favorite is 'The Funeral,' but that may just be a mood thing. Strangely enough, I was thinking about 90's hardcore earlier because of a reference made regarding an AFI gig in Atlantic City many years ago. I have a feeling the lunachicks are involved as Adair's father was friends with them. My thoughts also involved the degrees of separation & how my large world has started closing in on me.

Is it wrong that I fantasize about you and me... eating chocolate and listening to your collection of music? I enjoy being introduced to new music as I do new literature. Thank you for broadening my knowledge of music.

I hope the road is treating you well. Don't forget to take care of yourself! Hydrate!

janicethemenace said...

The Faint ~ yum ~ and of course the Beatles ~ the playlist of my youth! Lovely choices for a Denver hotel room!
Also, saw the CD from Guitar World ~ I seriously want to draw your hands.... no, I mean seriously!!! You have amazing fingers!

PerfectChaos said...

awesome palylist.

im sad that AFI isint gonna be at the 2nd NY warped tour.

the straight edge guitarist said...

loving it jade <3
you have an awesome taste in music :)

Desert Queen said...

Great playlist, I love it. You have amazing taste in music.

Well, I'm gonna post this even though you probably won't read it...but do you remember Sideburnia? We finally made a board, and since JxC kicked you off and has moved on (as they like to call it), we thought it might be cool if you'd join your country?

(anybody else who reads this and feels like joining, go ahead!)

Bandito said...

Yaaay, something new to listen to.
If I said I'd heard any of those songs, I'd be a huge liar. And lying is wrong.
Remember that.

ps. Don't stay up past your bedtime. Lack of sleep = bad. Rememeber that too.

Supreme General of Evil said...

Denver, eh? What a coincidence, because I just ate a soy taco.

I noticed in your profile you said that you're good at voodoo... I was wondering if mayhaps you were good enough at voodoo to turn people into zombies. While I've been rooting for government virus-experiments gone awry for the past few movies, I have to admit that magic is a lot cooler than man made zombiejuice in a vial.

savageloquence said...

Jademeister, you make me sosososo happy. -JS-

sparkless said...

I <3 The Faint


Cucumber said...

I shall listen to your lovely mix when it isn't 4am.

You guys were amazing on Sunday, by the way. Best night of my life.

You're really skinny. I didn't hug you for fear of breaking you =[

Lucid_Dream said...

seems like flagpole sitta by harvey danger could have meshed with those songs too....nice mix...there's always days where eleanor rigby fits in.

cant wait til' 9am on mtv >:>

auntcp said...

The music is great, thanks so much. I also wanted to take a moment and thank you and the band for helping me get thru a very difficult time. I feel like I'm losing my mind and frankly I don't care at this point if it comes back. But thank you all just the same.

volare said...

Denver hotel room huh...
can veg*n even be GOTTEN in a Denver hotel room?

Helen said...

It works! And I love the songs; especially the first and last ones. Thank you so much Jade :D Can't wait to see you again in October.

Sam said...

For some reason, Eleanor Rigby is only four seconds long. XD The rest of it kicks ass, as usual.

Chelsea said...

Eet dos not vork far me. -_-'

Saw you guys on the Band Ten...Top Ten...Back Ten...Something Ten show today. I had to watch a lot of crap before y'all came on. (!_!)

...I have candy.

BIG TEN!! That was it.

music-patd-lover said...

love it!!!

love ya jade!

miss ronnie said...

AH! omg i love eleanor Rigby!!!!
oh and i was watching afi's hitlist last night...'girl you know its true'??? that made me giggle. everything else was awesome!

totalimmortal_ghost said...

thank you so much for updating!!
it so made my day!!!
love the music.
very very very awesome.
so how are you liking colorado?
hope you like it.
i sure did the one time i went there.
well love you and AFI a ton!!
hope to see you soon!

love always,

twincinema said...

Awe, you tease with a 4-second long Eleanor Rigby. Awesome playlist though, thanks for sharing =D

Bettie von Grim said...

i was i this mood yesterday. i do adore you mister! tell smith to be prepared for a bunch of affection next time i see him...

Alisa said...

Definitely loving the Beatles and the Faint, glad to know you listen to them :] Hope the warped tour is going great, I didn't go because you didn't play California dates...damn you leaving the Bay Area behind. I will see you upfront on sept. 9th though.

Miss Lead said...

hmm...that made me bastard!

xsweetcalamityx said...

ahh I love The Faint!

I hope the tour is going well.

Lisaa said...

The Beatles, fweeeeeeeeeeeee!

Fluffo said...

Denver sucks and welcome to the century.
I had to dust off IE to play this. I hate The Faint, but The Anniversary's worth it.

foxoasis said...

i wish i had speakers to listen with, o well lol

sarah_says_RAWRR said...

i LOVE eleanor rigby! too bad it's only playing 4 seconds, though i still enjoyed it :)
also loving sweet marie and take me to the hospital
it's all awesome!
great choice of music :)

hope the tour's going well for you guys!



You picked up Black Holes and Revelations yet? (new Muse) tis fucking great. Supposedly the video for Knights of Cydonia is on Fuse today for the first time. Damn Amaericans and their Mtv. Rock on<3

Sarah Welch said...

Awesome mixer.

Love you,

PS: Please comment bac

nimimerkki said...

Hi Jade.
Today I saw Miss Murder in MTV something like four times. Everytime when I see it, I sing a lot, and then I'm screaming like "now jade is walking" and etc. It's terrible when I sing, I know, but I was thinking that nobody can't hear that. Then my neighbour comes to say that be quiet, and then other neighbour comes to say same thing. I was embarrassed.

But hey, you're my husband, don't forget that.
Haha, good night! :D

'Lectric_Lauren said...

Thanx Jade

Soph said...

Great mix thanks for the update! One question....when are you gonna post a photo with your shirt off?! Can't wait to see you on tour in Oct!

Sarah Welch said...

I forgot, how was your tour in Chicago? I was just wondering because I live in Joliet and I really wanted to see you but I couldn't

Gionni said...

Eleanor Rigby is my all time favorite Beatles song! YESS!!! The faint was pretty cool too. Hope all is well with ya! ;-P Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you in Phoenix! ~Gionni

run baby run said...

Muchas gracias por la musica senor Jade :). See ya at the Long Beach show!

demurelove said...

Ooooh I like the first and last ones the best

demurelove said...

Ooooh I like the first and last ones the best

macy_is_hella_ill said...

holy hell.

very nice.

see you in september.

This is not your escape said...

great mix! thanks for the update, hope you are doing well.

x-tina said...

jade and AFI fans...

i have a link to photo's i took at the Philly show a while back [6.26.06] on my blog.check em out.

Maddi said...

Dude, you /own/.

Thanks for posting those. "Sweet Marie" kicks ass.

Man, I wish I could see you guys in Denver tonight. ;-; Age restrictions bite.

Hope all goes well though!

-<3 Maddi

Bloody Pirate said...

AH! Eleanor Rigby is one of my favorite Beatles' songs.

You're amazing! :D

Fluffo said...

Wow, linking photos... tsk tsk, your blog's bound to be an advertisement central.
Monopolizing your comments should be considered faulty as well, but ah; bored is as boredom does.

I haven't seen half these people before.

shanagdi said...

I love this mix. Please keep it posted. It feels like the soundtrack to this moment in my life.

Strangely enough, my son's father met you when you played with rancid in AC. Apparently, he knows them as well as the lunachicks.

Alexia Burnside said...

You listen to very weird music there buddy! And from reading your many comments, I take it your in a I ask what the name of it is?


nimimerkki said...

Yeah, how we can know that you look good with your shirt off, if we don't have a new photo. Really! :D

sara said...

Band of Horses are completely adorable live. You wouldn't expect it, from their music, but after the live show you just want to to give the band a group hug.

The lead singer is such a sunshiney guy - he'll keep giving thumbs up and making these Street Fighter fists in the air. And his accented croon (reminds me of Colin from The Decemberists) is the best.

I can't see the playlist; Firefox, you know. But if Band of Horses is on there I'm sure it is ace...

girlisgrey said...

Mornin' Sunshine!

So yesterday I'm walking downton SF and I'm wearing my AFI hoodie (always) so this dude in a suit is like "did you see them when they came?" and I'm like "HELL YES!!!" and I asked if he was a fan, and he goes "well I got them off Myspace and I really like!" and I go "well go to the show Sep 9th! @ the Bill Graham" and he's like "oh sweet!" and I go "Yeah, but watch out, it's a riot, but loads of fun" and walk off.

haha I wonder if he will go...
HE BETTER OR I'll hunt him down!!!!

Hope your doing great Jade.

Till Sep 9th babey!
- Bella

xLoveLikeWinterx said...

I've been mad into The Beatles again lately, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I feel like I was born in the wrong decade. =(

Rad playlist though. The Faint are great.

ResurrectTokyo said...

give it up.
boy has a girlfriend.
no need for "you changed my life"
or "much love".

nimimerkki said...

^ you're talking about Jade?
I heard that too, and I really don't care if he has got a girlfriend.

He's still my husband 8)

Ok, ok, but hey, lot of people loves Jade, and they don't care if he has got a girlfriend.
Jade is just a person.

And I know that my english is bad, but maybe someone got the point?

And sorry, I don't want to be impolite.

I hope that I someday see AFI in real life. I just need some money!

Yeah. Good night.
(here in Finland is night now)

Mrs. Hoek said...

You guys kicked ass last night.
There are no words for how awesome you guys are.
Okay, I lied.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Times *infinity symbol*
My voice is completely shot.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely show.

Thanks to you guys I also know that Ronan is going to be at the Shelter tonight. So THANKS. I was really excited to hear that news.

adri123 said...

does anyone remember what songs were on his other playlist

Charlie Le'more said... yea i dont wanna be like one of those girls who put a comment on eveything you post(no offense to anyone)....but i was just browsing through and saw band of horses ! which im very fond taste in music...well anyway hope to see u guys in gonna drive there from brooklyn...well even though u might not read this....just wanna say that me and my BFF love you and the band.....and smity! <3

Kati_15 said...

hey jade!!!
nice mix!!
lol I usually dream bout' u XD
sweet dreams!!!
but, we miss ya! i hope to see ya soon!
i like ur name a lot ñ.ñ!!!!!!
Love ya!!!!

girlisgrey said...

Jade, even though that chick said you got a woman (even though I've read about it already) I'm still going to love you and call you "babey" and all that cause I love you in my own way.

oh! have you heard of Royksopp?
get the song "what else is there?"

amazing. no joke!

- Bella

morrowkitty said...

I second ressurecttokyo. Give it up.

Anyway, fun show in Denver. i don't know how many times i got called a stupid bitch from all the girls outside for getting to meet you before the show. Brutal.

Thanks for signing my DS.
Till the next show then....
^_^ Michelle

Failure By Design said...

You have to have the best taste in music. Ever.

Goodbye, Sally said...

Stellar mix. It really is kick ass.

The show in KC was amazing by the way.

hope you're doing well.

Fluffo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shanagdi said...

I comment every time because I know it is a reinforcer for another post. Personally, I don't have anyone in my life who listens to really good music and shares it with me. That's why I come here. If there is no music, then there is always something else that is entertaining.

After several days of listening to this player, I absolutely LOVE this selection. I was singing The Faint in Target yesterday -ALOUD.

(Adam signed a letter to my twelve year old son with 'much love'. Should I be worried? LOL)

Helen said...

I keep coming back to your blog again and again to listen to the songs - it's great :D

nimimerkki said...

I want just to tell that, when I'm writing something like I love you Jade (and I really do :DD), I'm not trying to flirt or something!

I just mean that you're great person, that's why I like you so much.


Manila said...

wow warped tour.. i hope you guys can have like an asian tour or somtheing we are dying to see you!

Sam said...

JADE!! I'm hella excited! I just got tickets to see you guys AGAIN in St. Louis! X3

You're totally gonna sign my pants this time! XD


ShellEy said...

Hey Jaderadeeee.
I hope you feel better reallyreallyreally soon :[
Awesome ninjas that kick ass at the guitar aren't supposed to get sick! What the hell is wrong with the world?!?!?!
Hahaha <3

Sam said...

What kind of granola bars should I bring to St. Louis for you? ~_^

Mrs. Hoek said...


Amba Lynn said...

awsome playlist. I totally digged it. I listened to it about 949444x :D.

Much love, l8r.

shanagdi said...

I put this playlist on immediately so I can listen to it whenever I am on the computer. I even watched Band of Horses on David Letterman (which was past my bedtime). I may have to rethink the new music portion of my monthly budget.

I feel weird posting this many times, but I really LOVE this playlist (even with its four second Beatles tease). The choice of songs and order is very complementary.

adri123 said...

if anyone could remember what was one the previous play list and tell me that would be great

loup du ciel said...

one of my friends keeps on saying that she heard that Davey has lung cancer.
i don't really think this is true because why would you guys be touring if he was in ill health?
but i just wanted to know if this was true or not (hopefully it isn't) and since i have no other way that i can think of to ask you or davey this question,

all my love-

perfect_xcrazyx_doll said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
perfect_xcrazyx_doll said...

Hey I'm new at this completely and I saw that you had one so I thought, awesome. I'm talking to my hero/idol/role model. So ummm...yeah I'm pathic I know. Comment back if you can...again new at this...bye.


stephanie said...

Linkin Park always shows up for me too, but looking at the comments, THe Faint is on there. They fucking rule. I saw them live once... it was so epic. One big danse party.

a hopeless insomniac said...

I haven't listened to Snapcase in a long time. Great song.

miss ronnie said...

its 2:30am...where are your children?

Being absolutely pithedic and commenting on Jade Pugets blog!

and jade, i'm sorry people are such absolute a$$hats

NoirJet said...

Curse you, Firefox. I can't hear the song !!! I'm sure it's great, though.
I missed you guys when you played in Montreal and when you were at Musique Plus. I had to work. And the next week, i got fired. NOW, that's crual. Knowing that, I would have quit my job so I could go to the show and scream like a little girl at Musique Plus.

That Izabelle was so dumb. I don't know if you even remember her. She was that dumb VJ that says it was the first time AFI was in Montreal but three years ago, when you were at Musique Plus(I was there) IZABELLE was the one doing the interview. But I like your answer to the "Who would be you in the AFI : The Movie" question XD Don Cheadle !!!!!!

And..... this comment is getting long for nothing =__=

EwItsLeah said...

Wicked taste in music, Jadums.

the maverick said...

It's absolutely devastating that the Eleanor Rigby track isn't working. Seriously. Drowning puppies kind of devastating.

sabsbury said...

you have a lot of comments..i'm jealous. you're so popular! i've seen at least six little boys with the same hair as you...hah. weird much?

Azzyy said...

I am loving this list. Had to open IE to listen to it -- & I hate IE. That must show my dedication, hah hah. It's all good, you're broadening my horizons after all. I listened to it perhaps 387484 times.

Props for The Faint. And Sweet Marie, which makes me want to cry. Is it just me who gets like that? Heh, probably.

By the way, I'm Sarah. Huge fan of yours, but that probably goes without saying. Hope you're doing excellently!

Captain Cereal said...

hey Jade! I thought that music sucked, but I finally took the time to listen to''s...AWESOME!!! especially the "Take me to the hospital" song.
oh well. I was just wondering if you guys would ever come to Puerto Rico [this tiny little island floating on the caribbean sea]. That would be awesome too. My friends and i are currently obsessed over Decemberunderground.
Have fun in Denver.

Phantasmagoria said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Phantasmagoria said...

Great mix, Jade! Hope all is well with you guys, you put on a great show in both Kansas City and Minneapolis. You have to check out this one picture I took of you, it is amazing - it makes your guitar look [even more] magical...

Picture 080 on Flickr

Much Love,

Darlene Conner said...

do you love the new muse album, lovely boy?

Suburban Socialite said...

Sweet Marie played at a wedding I went to once. What an odd song for a wedding.

girlisgrey said...


I just got back from MUSE in SF!
damn! the second time around was even better. Haven't seen them since 04!

I thought you would like this:


Knights of Cydonia
Map of the Problematique
Supermassive Black Hole
Citizen Erased
Soldiers Poem
Plug In Baby
Butterflies and Hurricanes
City of Delusion
Stockholm Syndrome
Take A Bow
Time Is Running Out
New Born

you lovin it?

- Bella

skin grafts said...

the anniversary !!! how lovely.

Shine said...

Nice. Snapcase are good stuff. It's all good really.

demurelove said...

Hey, did you know you repeated Sweet Marie in your archives? lol

demurelove said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shanagdi said...

They have these special uglydolls that are all black for Comic Con. I thought nothing of it until Adair read the tag to me.

Apparently, they are all dressed as NINJAS on a special mission. LOL. How could I not immediately think of you?

I missed listening to this mix.

Love Jacy said...

I love The Faint. That's a wicked good song. Posed To Death and Southern Bells In London Sing are my favorites. ^_^

Insect Eyes said...

Shy Boys LOSE. HAHA.

okay sorry, I'm going to stop being obnoxious. I was just wondering, do you listen to LCD Soundsystem?

Elizabeth said...

i like te first song cause it reminds me soo much to te 90'.... good times ....

good musical choices

Sonorous said...

Cute playlist! I love the Anniversary.

I'm in more of an Erasure//Tegan & Sara mood. AKA I miss my exgirlfriend. Hahahahhaha.

Sam said...

Woo, your blog is back! For a second I was afraid that it died.

Hope you're doing well, Jade!


Sweeney said...

Great show in Minneapolis - my first. Got yanked out during the encore - some !#* security needed to push around a girl...

Did Fritch get a chance to talk to you about the photo spread? I've been posting all over trying to get in touch with you. Check out DF - ask AFI - photos. Also MySpace - photos and photo (the sequel). Shy or not, I think it'll be good.

Check out my websight - a few shots from the show.


Arisma said...

Well, glad I got un-stupid enough to try it in IE instead of firefox. Good tunes, thanks for the recs.

veiled_static said...

I'm not sure what you did the the music player, but it spontaneously started playing- it's never done that before. Or maybe it's because I've installed Flash for the 4th time? hmmm. great things happen at 2 am. :D

Hope your tour is going fabulously- you guys were amazing in Chicago!


girlisgrey said...

it's you!!!!! ;)))))

Fluffo said...

Holy Hell, it works on Firefox.

a hopeless insomniac said...

More music, please.

sabsbury said...

jade, you haven't updated in forever =(

okay not really, but it's been a while. blaaaaaaaaah why must you always be on the road? haha.
well, i hope youre having fun.
take care
much love
and all that jazz

Morningstar said...

most beautiful i say....

Under Saturns Shadow said...

whoo for the Faint. it seems a lot of people are fans of them. very neat.

any chance you'll post more songs to download and whatnot?

jadedgeekgirl said...

Oh ninja, where art thou?

jadedgeekgirl said...

Das Faint is new to me, but they seem cool. Hey, how 'bout a new GY!BE song por favor? I would use Limewire, but 'tis illegal, and I like being legit. Plus I don't have an iTunes account cos it won't let me goddamit. oh well. It's HOT in LA, possibly the hottest it's ever been(for me at least), no joke. Haha, that reminds me of Poindexter, Buster's song "Hot Hot Hot", but I have REO Speedwagon stuck in my head, so it isn't pleasant.
Anyways, hope you're doing fine, the gud sintince riter you are.
Love you lots,

lux magnetism said...

make a point to check out the guillemots, they are worth losing sleep over.

jadedgeekgirl said...

Hey Jade, 'tis Sarah again!
If you haven't checked out Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you totally should, cos they're awesome!! I recommend Art Star, Miles Away, Y Control, aaaaaaand my favourite Graveyard. I've lately gotten into them.
Bye bye!!

Manila said...

hi jade!

just wanna let you know im going to take up sociology because you had the same course ^^ wish me luck ^^ hope it's not too hard.

paigeloves said...

Amazing songs.
PLEASE comment back if you can.
I hope you guys have been doing alright.
I could pretty much watch ya'll's music videos on my video ipod all day long if I could.I was reading some quotes they had from ya'll on the DF message board and they were hilarious.
Anyways have fun touring around.
PLEASE come to Houston soon..please?


Sam said...

Today, my friend told me to draw a picture of you with a rubber chicken and a granola bar, so I did. You look like a Powerpuff girl and it's really damn cute. Maybe I'll show it to you on the 30th, just maybe. XD

This girl at Hot Topic said she'd hire me if I put Davey as a reference. Buahahahaha.

/end stream of conciousness.

I can't wait to see you guys again. Hope all is kicking ass!


Love Jacy said...

Oh, I forgot to put in the comment I made:

You've heard Posed To Death, yes? Which remix do you like more, the Calculators Remix? Or the Mojolators Remix?

drawy said...


okay and,
I know I am late cause blah, I found this on the messageboard. -.-


Check it and :D.

Lori said...

Hurray for dancing bitches!! Woo hoo! I love you Jadeypoo!

So now I get it. Dumb girl says thanks. "Thanks!"

You guys were so damn good yesterday! I was so happy to get to see you again. I was much more lucid this time. Uh, yea.

Sweetheart, don't take this the wrong way, because you're little ass is so cute, but have a sandwich would ya? You're looking a bit too thin, and mommy wants you to be healthy, ok?

Oh, and Eleanor Rigby isn't playing right for some reason. And really, that's ok right...because it's such a sad song? I mean, no one gets saved. I don't like that.

I love you, love you, love you.

Tell Adam and Hunter I said hi too. And tell Adam that if he saw me at the merch booth, that I don't normally look that bad. I hate it when my hair gets messed up damnit. I have a rule about that you know. The rule is that you may not mess up my hair unless you have sex with me. So, would you let Dave know that's the rule please? After yesterday, according to the rule, he owes me. He owes me big time. Ha!

And would you also beg him to blog again for me? Pretty please. I miss you guys so much.

Love, love, love, love, love...


jadedgeekgirl said...

Jade sez what?! nada in a long time!! *shakes head*
'tis tour, I suppose.

-Lily- said...

Wow..Love the mix^^

hmm, Jade I would like to ask you something. I'm from brazil, and it's really hard to get AFI's cds or information from here>.<.even though I bought it last week DU and sing the sorrow , cause a friend went to USA and got it from me ^.^.So, when I put Sing the sorrow on the computer, it was suppose to open a secret site, but it didn't..the other Despair faction AFi fans that i know, didn't know why it didn't open..Is there any way to help me open the site? ^.^

Well, I would be really happy if you could answer it^^

Me and AFI Brazil Fan Club appreciate ^^


-Lily- said...

oh, I forgot about something heehehe..Hmm on the Sing the Sorrow cd had also, an Despair faction invite, on a small paper. and it was signed " Puget" along with other things that i couldn't understand >.<. I wonder, if you could tell me if it is really " puget" signed, and if it was you who signed ^.^/



jadedgeekgirl said...

*listening to your mix* Ya know, I really like that Faint song. Sadly, I went to the extent of using Limewire. I can only hope not to get caught by the fuzz!! :[

marianne said...

These songs are awesome! I love them.♥

adri123 said...



mangofox said...
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mangofox said...

i don't wanna sound stupid or anything but i guess i have no choice..

Keegan said...

you probably don't read any of thease
things but i'm board
i don't lisen to your music or think your hot i havent ever seen a picture of you
or anything
i was told to go here by a friend who is completely obsesed with you and wants to marry you
(we r around 14 so dont get your hopes up to soon)
lots of ppl probably want to marry you so it's not realy "Big" news
i dont know why i'm writing to you or nuthing
what ev
everybodys so syco about you it's kinda anoing
you probably like it so
what ever

jadedgeekgirl said...

Aw, ya took it down! Shame, was a crazy-sweet mix....

Fluffo said...

You and Shl are so grin-inducing.
Completely thought I'd let you know.

Narrative of Soul Against Soul said...


You NEED to try chocolate soy milk and oreo cookies together if you haven't already. It's delicious!

Hope all is well with the tour!

<3 Steph

Wolf's_Rain said...

i just were wandering, does AFI would come to the Lithuania in the future?? it would be awesome, but... I think, that you wouldn't come because it's small country in europe... but i would have small hope...

forever_kid said...

denver show was awesome man!! my friend Aaron was doing pictures for Dillinger and got some sweet pohotos of you guys!

Nish said...

you missed my birthday on the 4th of July :( i feel very sad