Saturday, September 23, 2006

Arrrghh, I'm so terrible at updating, although I've been tres busy lately so mea culpa. Hi!
Just finished up the last edits of our new video, which we'll be premiering in New York in a few days, so if you live there, come visit. It was fairly grueling shooting that thing, all the anguish you see on my face in it was real.
I should do some more Top 5's. Which should I do?


Sam said...

Top 5 most annoying songs ever
Top 5 words (a random idea from my friend. I like the word "spiffy." How about you?)
Top 5 coolest music videos EVER
Top 5 best Smith moments
Top 5 gifts you've gotten from fans

Glad to see another update. I missed those! Take care Jaaade. <3

AFI_Junkie said...

<.< So I getta be one of the first comments. Anyway... hella excited about the new video. I cannot wait to see it.... If I could I'd fly to NY just to see ya'll (my Southern side's showing... I'd better cover it up)

But yea, excitement off the heezy about the new video... Much love

Amelia Imelda said...

Can't wait for the new video. Hope you're well.

stella said...

I imagine getting the fake snow out of your hair, clothes, etc. was probably quite annoying as well. I can't wait for the video! The anguish will be worth it!

How about Top 5 Fears?
One of mine is Canada geese, since I almost got attacked by one this weekend. It was frightening.

Bandito said...

It's alive! I'm exited for the new video, as I'm sure everyone is.

Oh and I think,
"Top 5 worst songs to have stuck in your head while getting hit by a bus" would be marvelous.

Watch out, Bitch! said...

I was slightly disappointed that Miss Murder didn't take place in your crotch. Hopefully the new one will.

I'd like to see "Top 5 ways to dispose of a corpse. . . in Nebraska."
It could lead to a whole series of state/corpse disposal Top 5's.

stella said...

Because my friend Sabrina has forgotten her log-in, I'm contributing her Top 5 for her:

Top 5 Raddest Random Objects on the Tour Bus

And more...
Top 5 Ways to Procrastinate
Top 5 Ways to Die (morbid, I know)
Top 5 Cuddly Animals (makes up for the morbid question)
Top 5 Turn-offs
Top 5 Phrases in a Different Language

Amba Lynn said...

yea, you are terrible at updates. Ha, but its okay, we still love you, no doubt. I cant wait to see the new vid, i know its gonna kick ass. sorry that it was really rough though, at least it wont seem like you're bad at acting.

Top 5? hmm how about top 5 guitar solos in songs.

Taylor? said...

Top Five Holes
Top Five Live Experiences
Top Five Toes
Top Five Brands
Top Five Websites

demurelove said...

Hopefully I can make it to TRL in time with my friend =]. 5...I wonder if you watch anime cuz I totally do lol.

Top 5 best moments you've had
Top 5 pets to get
Top 5 good novels/plays

Eh, I can't think of anymore right now ><

stella said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Best thing in town. said...

Top 5 comedians.


George Carlin's the man, he better make that list.

Nice to see an update. Have fun on TRL...for the 293529 time.

stella said...

Top 5 Words You Hate
Top 5 'Brain Fart' Moments
Top 5 Authors
Top 5 Disney Movies (or Animated Movies)
Top 5 Rainy Day Songs

Girls Don't Cry said...

Fantastic to hear from you, Mr. Puget! Me 'n my AFI friends are all very excited for the new video. Unforunately, New Mexico and New York aren't too close, so we won't be able to come and see you guys...maybe next time.

I'm horrible at Top 5 ideas, so I'll spare you.

jadedgeekgirl said...

Top 5 90s cartoon shows
Top 5 music vids
Top 5 bands of all time
Top 5 songs (annoying or fuesome)
Top 5 coffee drinks
Top 5 places to tour
Top 5 Smithy moments
Top 5 freaky-as-hell music vids (heh, Tool)
Top 5 freaky-as-hell movies
Top 5 " " cartoons
Top 5 jokes
Top 5 concert moments
Top 5 interviews
Top 5 miscellaneous lines
Top 5 SNL moments (I try dude, I try)
Top 5 FANatic moments
Top 5 video spoofs
Hi! Good to hear from ya! I can't wait for the latest video!! I'm sure 'tis awesome....Joy! Smith's hosting!! Your baby bro cracks me up!!! Gah, must've been stressful, shooting that thang. But it pays off, right?

I love ya!! ....... 'Fo shizzzzzz yo!!

::: Sammy ::: said...

Top 5 electronic bands :).
Top 5 electronic/industrial/ebm/ songs
Top 5 brands of chocolate :D.

That is all, take care man!

Oh, and I'm also dying of impatience, I wanna see the LLW video! :D

the straight edge guitarist said...

glad to hear the video is coming out soon, hope it all comes out the way you guys invisioned it. as far as top 5's
top 5 bands of all time
top 5 action stars in a tv show
top 5 venues to play
top 5 hairstyles
i could go on forever but this seems sufficient to me. glad to hear you're still alive and updating lol. take care jade!
<3 amanda

Elizabeth said...

are you already frozen ?...
just the idea of think in ''love like winter video makes me breath the cold in the air ,mucho frio ...
can't wait to see it ....

about the top five you should make a top 5 about classics ...

Katie said...

YAY!! A new update! I can't wait to see the new video! Sadly I live in North Carolina so I can't go to the premiere.
Anywho. how about top 5 dumbest moments. or top 5 best bands (unoriginal i know)
take care!

Captain Cereal said...

Hey, finally
Too bad PR is too far from NY ;(

The Timid Wild One said...

Top 5 Embarrassing Moments of yours
Top 5 Addictive Songs
Top 5 Things NOT to do when a fan jumps on you

... I dunno. I'll come up with some more.

I've missed your updates, lovely.
I've been listening to DU obsessively. I love your voice.


Captain Cereal said...

Hey finally!!! [yayy]
I wish I could go but Puerto Rico is too far from New York.
And YES! please make another top-5 thing!!!

Captain Cereal said...

-top 5 embarrasing moments
-top 5 hairdos
-top 5 rock albums
-top 5 fears
-top 5 phrases in spanish
-top 5 smith moments
-top 5 worst songs to have stuck in your head
-top 5 jokes
-top 5 concert moments
-top 5 ways to die
-top 5 places to tour

take care :D !!!


Can't wait for it. Do a top 5 best music videos. Top 5 80s groups. Top 5 movies of the last 2 years. Top 5 songs to play live.
Rock on<333


Top 5 practial jokes.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arsenic Boy said...

Hello Jade


Jessi said...

Your favorite posters.

Not, but Top 5 annoying songs like what other people said would be fantastic.


Yeah. Everybody else like took the rest of my ideas. Oh well.

Have a nice day Mr. Jade.

girlisgrey said...

5 best teas.
5 best kinds of salads.
5 of your fave shoes.
5 of the most annoying things the guys do.

check out
it's a list making thing. fun.

Hope your doing great.
the SF show was amazing.

love ya
- Bella

miss ronnie said...


cause I need one

miss ronnie said...

i lied!

Top 5 video games!!!

Top 5 vegetables!!!

Top 5 war heros!!! (i'm serious about that one, i'm a history buff)

x-tina said...

5 favorite kinds of cheese
5 favorite kinds of ramen noodles


Jade Danielle said...


Top five most "Go-There-Est" Degrassi moments >.>

Okay, I'm kidding about that one. Maybe. I think I watch too much tv.

Anyway, can't wait for the video. [I'm sure you've never heard that one.] I can already tell it'll be amazing...and, as always, your fans appreciate all the anguish you go through for us. <3333

-Jade D.

Fluffo said...

Top five horror movies of the summer, probably. I need a few scares and I'm not sure which to see.

Anyway-- you must have hit New York what, nine? Ten? times this year... Jesus.

Nnyls is raaad said...

I'm rooting for the top 5 smith moments.
other than that i have no individuality or mind of mine so I have no other suggestions.

exciteeed for the new vid!


stephanie said...

I came up from NC for the Miss Murder premiere but I can't make it for LLW. Sucks. I'm excited for the video like mad though.

Failure By Design said...

Hmmm... this may have already been done but I'm too lazy to go back and check... why not top 5 favorite movies?

Glad to see another update. Can't wait for the next video, and certainly can't wait for the US tour next spring. :D

skin grafts said...

top 5 sinks you've peed in.
no, i'm serious.

Taylor? said...

Top 5 situations to say 'cooks like steak, but cuts like butta"

3 Arrows said...

Top five greatest people in the history of forever.

Insect Eyes said...

I'll be visiting. Sacrficing the second half of my school day. I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Top 5 quotes? Narrowed down to literature. Or I guess whatever you want to narrow it down to.

OR! Top 5 clothing lines! YES. Clothes!

leongyiting said...

top 5 haridos?
top 5 albums?
top 5 worst music genres?
top 5 smith moments?
top 5 ways to die?
top 5 ways to become a turnoff?
top 5 random phrases?

hahaha. i don't know. anything you churn out would be great, i bet :D

auntcp said...

Ok, how about the top 5 things to do while waiting to get your head stitched up in a hospital er?

Skylar said...

I'd like the "top 5 hairdos" and the "top 5 restaurants".

shanagdi said...

Sometimes you have to suffer to make something beautiful. I am certain LLW will be worth all of your anguish.

*Top five band/concert t-shirts you own or owned (I used to own a lovely Cure t-shirt with a still from the 'A Night Like This' video, but it disappeared.)
*Top five places you want to visit that you have not been
*Top five guitar pieces/songs you wish you had written
*Top five authors or books
*Top five artists (any medium)
*Top five things you need for survival while touring/away from home
*Top five 'insert band here' songs/albums
*Top five junk foods
*Top five people you want to meet

It is a lovely surprise when you happen to post. I hope you get some time for yourself.


top 5 afi songs
top 5 favorite songs
top 5 drinks
top 5 places to shop
top 5 personal values

veiled_static said...

can't wait to see everything on tuesday!
top 5 things to do instead of showering.
haha, that sounds kind of gross, but it's the weekend so it's all good. :D


janicethemenace said...

Glad you all get a bit of a break ~ looking forward to LLW vid! Irvine & LB were spectacular especially Davey landing on his butt and getting a good laugh out of it!... hmmmm
Top 5 On-Stage bloppers by AFI (any member)


afi_fan4life said...

finally you write!lol just messin with ya=) about
top 5
-craziest things fans have gave you
-dumbest things you or any of the
other guys have said or done(include Smith)
-most annoying things your asked

afi_fan4life said...

oh yeah one more thing..CANT WAIT TO SEE THE NEW VIDEO!!!
<3 Amanda

timinplayevident said...

hmm...well, my friend and i just made a list called "five things that are cooler than chocolate chips."
so that's always a possibility.

accidentalcharm said...


Top 5 lyrics/stanzas
Top 5 Worst Songs of (insert decade here)
Top 5 Foreign Obscenities
Top 5 Pick Up Lines xD

Considering the creativity of my fellow posters, that's the best I could up with, haha.

I, too, am looking very forward to your new video. I'm sure that the fans' reactions will be worth the toil. ^_^

Ciao For Now,


Arisma said...

Top 5's would be amazing. If all these ideas aren't enough for you, look at the Friday 5. It's good stuff.

Just an fyi- You update your blog more than I do and I haven't had any videos to make. Just sayin'.

xsweetcalamityx said...

I am so excited for the premier. I'm gonna have to steal my friend's tv or something to see it though. :P
And I totally agree on the top 5 Smith moments! He's my hero.

Lilith said...

The vid is going to be amazing, if those pics on your myspace are anything to go by ^^
I'm not exactly sure when i'll be able to see it... it's probably going to be aired when I'm asleep or at school. Damn time difference. XP

Yeah, you should do some more top 5's. They are always fun.
How about... top 5... um... ah i don't know. There are already a lot of ideas in the previous comments.

xxxxxx <3

blackviolet said...

I can't wait for the video. =)
Looks beautiful.

Top Five favorite meals.

Top Five classic novels. I know that you were on a quest to read them all, so which have you liked the best so far, and why?

Top Five novels of all time.

Top Five poems.

Top Five sweets (cookies, cake, chocolate, candy, etc.).

Adie said...

Glad to see another update! I will join the masses in saying that I can't wait for the video. Top 5's...some of these may have been done, I can't remember for sure-

Top 5 most annoying things to happen while performing
Top 5 strange food combinations that actually taste good
Top 5 best dreams/worst nightmares you've had
Top 5 most irritating things said to you
Top 5 TV channels
Top 5 restaraunts you've been to
Top 5 funniest moments you've witnessed/been a part of

Those will have to do for now, it's three in the morning and I can't think very straight. Hope all is going well for you...

Ashtray Girl said...

hmm. how about:

top five comfort foods

top five ice cream flavors

top five movies that are so bad they're good

little Sammy said...

Ok the new vid looks A M A Z I N G!
I'm sure all the pain of shooting was worth it.

anyway as for top 5's I'd personally like to see these:
- Top 5 dangerous things Smith has done

- Top 5 things that annoy you

- Top 5 songs you've wrote

- Top 5 Rap starzzzz

- Top 5 best moments on the road

- Top 5 dog breeds

- Top 5 favourite moves to perform on stage

- Top 5 songs most played on your ipod

- Top 5 French phrases

- Top 5 Refused songs (<3 them)

- Top 5 favourite top 5's to answer.


Shine said...

HI Jade, nice to hear from you ! :)

As for Top 5's -
Someone said it before but Top 5 phrases in a different language

Top 5 Items of Clothing

Top 5 poets

Top 5 authors

Whatever you chose, youshould deinately do some more Top 5-ing.

Love Emily

Jade_is_the_awesomest said...

top 5 songs

top 5 brands of nail polish

top 5 music vids

top 5 animals

top 5 crazy fan stories

can't wait to see you on mischief night!! you should wear a costume.
me and my friend are lining up at 5, i'll be the shorty sporting red hair

brianna said...

How about top 5 most annoying things girls do to get u to like them
Top 5 best random phrases(de suis un palpamouse tut de vous un crossaint)
Top 5 best things you own

i cant wait to watch love like winter in 3 bad i dont live in NY or i would kill to come and visit...well hope everything is going well thanks for updating i missed that too

Shy Girls Win said...

I don't care about that Top 5's. Do whatever you'd like to. I love you <33

Miss Jade said...

Top 5 things everyone should do/experience in life

snow_vs_asphalt said...

Jade, you totally used 3 different languages plus Pirate Speak in one sentence. kudos.

um... i like the Top 5 Gifts You've Gotten From Fans idea in the first comment, & also... Top 5 Songs To Get You Hyper. it's an idea that's practical AND fun - gotta love it.


Top 5 actors to carry on in Mission Impossible should Tom Cruise not come back.

mini rex said...

I can't wait for the new video - your music haunts me and grates on my soul.

== TOP 5 ==

- cities to visit
- venues you've played at
- bands to see
- colors
- books

raining-havoc said...

i must be one to agree with everyone
"top 5 songs that are unbelievably annoying but get stuck in your head anyway"

hooray for new video! can't wait to see it. =) also hooray for updates. <3

Alyssa said...

Top five Smith's Most Used Phrases
Top five Davey's near-death experiences
Top five US venues outside of California
Top five favorite shoelaces

Lady of Lies said...

V. excited about the new vid. I saw some pics on Facebook/Myspace and it looks amazing. Anyway.

Top 5 Moments in the life of Jade Puget.

Top 5 ways to be kissed.

Top 5 foods everyone should try.

°»¤£ëªnЮؤ«° said...

yeah that girl down there had a good one.
Top 5 SNL moments.

Lil Laker said...

LLW is gonna be amazing I bet.
Anyways, about the top 5, maybe you should do the worst celeberty DUI's. I dunno.

Lu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Morti Viventi said...

forget about Top 5's...

do a Bottom 5.

shanagdi said...

Top five guilty pleasures: music or other

Did you know that you (AFI) received 2% of the votes for most requested band that didn't make the cut for Guitar Hero II? (according to EGM: Electronic Gaming Monthly, Oct. 2006)

Here are the rest:
20%: Led Zeppelin
16%: Metallica
13%: AC/DC
12%: Weezer
11%: Beatles
10%: Slayer
08%: White Stripes
05%: U2
03%: Green Day

Alisa said...

good job on the updating haha

pretty fucking excited for the new video. im hoping someone will tape it for me because i have work OH NOOOO
that, is a problem.

Azzyy said...

Dammit, Jade! Imagine my excitement today when I read that you were doing a few shows avec The Static Age & The Explosion. Imagine my sorrow when I found out they were all on the east coast. I'm extremely disappointed.. But I'm sure they'll be kick-ass for those who can attend =[

I'm so excited for the new vid, though! Even the stills took my breath away. I'm sure it must've sucked filming it, but I think I can safely say it will be worth it.

As for Top Fives... Other people have stolen every idea I had. No kidding. Top five random words would be good to hear.

I hope all is well in the life of Jade and I hope all continues well.

Goodbye, Sally said...

So I am super duper hella excited for the new video! and I agree with sam up there on Top 5 Best Smith moments and Top 5 words.

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MadAudiophile said...

Just post more rad music, and we'll be set.

Under Saturns Shadow said...

definately do more top 5s. those are always fun to read.
Top 5 fruits
Top 5 names for a kitten
Top 5 worst band names
Top 5 best band names

you get the idea I'm sure.. other people have posted better ones.. I really like the top 5 best Smith moments.

Under Saturns Shadow said...

P.S. I would love to come down to NYC and stuff, but I have classes all day until 6:15. if only it had been on a monday/wednesday/friday...

OnNightsWings said...

Top 5 best dares. PS. The puppy=cuteeeeee

Cut That said...

We forgive you Jade.

I'm very excited for the video. CAN'T WAIT.

Make_Me_Invisible said...

Bah, I have to miss the premier on TRL due to after school activities taking up too much after school time. Lamelamelame, but that brings me to the next topic of interest...

Top 5 worst things ever to happen in high school. Eh, eh?


TowerOfTheMoon said...

Top 5 disgusting kinds of candy.
Top 5 ways to procrastinate.
Top 5 ways to annoy people.
I can't think of any.
Excited for the video!

Suburban Socialite said...

Top five snacks to get fat off of.
Top five assholes.
Top five phobias.
Top five microwave foods.
Top five things to do in artificial snow.

Electric M. Bison Rock President said...

How aboutttttt Top 5 BEST GUITARS ever played by youuuuuu?

Midnight Rose said...

Top 5 hair moments.
Top 5 random things to say in the middle of a conversation.
Top 5 things to happen with the band, while on tour.

severusheart said...

I like the idea of top 5 words...yeah. you do have a knack for creative language. glad to hear the video is about to come out. my daughter was driving me nuts about it. and yes you suck at updating.

Nikki said...

Top 5 quotes (I've found Metalocalpse and Shii-chan are great sources)
Top 5 colors
Top 5 things to do before a performance
Top 5 Movies starting with the word The
Top 5 Books with "and the" in the title
Top 5 syndicated TV shows
Top 5 unsyndicated TV shows
Top 5 Presidents (Dead or Alive)
Top 5 drinks
Top 5 vegetarian alternatives
Top 5 things to do while wasitng time in High School
Top 5 things to say at the beginning of an interview to introduce yourself
Top 5 fruits
Top 5 numbers
Top 5 song titles that didn't make it to DU
Top 5 japanese items of cuteness
Top 5 Non-english speaking bands
Top 5 Congressional Districts
Top 5 animals

I hope you got at least a few ideas out of that one :P

Anticipating the video, here! Very excited ^^

boogeyxkatie said...

well, you have plenty of top 5 moments! such as

top 5 words (i love about half the words you say! their awesome)

top 5 moves (every time i watch miss murder.. dont think i dont see you bouncing every where)

top 5 videos ( i love like every smith/afi video so ha!, but were talking about you so nvmind)

wow i gtg to school, srry i'll put more later maybe

thanks to you guys i wont be able to sleep/concentrate and verything else until love like winter comes out



boogeyxkatie said...

srry it was only 4!

afa katie

Supreme General of Evil said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Manila said...

wow like i'm really excited for the next video! w8 like pain and anguish?? wow you guys just won the vmas i reckon* you guys are aiming for the oscars now huh?? well i think it's about time to put some real rockstars in hollywood ^^ *no more jk rowling books for me* nweize voting time again ^^ this is what i do for a living goodluck Jade and Godbless!

morrowkitty said...

Top 5 dorks on this page.

Can't wait for the video! Thanks for all your hard work just to make us happy ^_^


make_me_invisible said...

how about...

the top 5 times to use the phrase, "this is worse than that time adidas stopped making MY SHOE!"

can't wait for the new video


make_me_invisible said...

how about...

the top 5 times to use the phrase, "this is worse than that time adidas stopped making MY SHOE!"

can't wait for the new video


-A!!ison- said...

Haley and I are staying home from school to watch it!!! YAY!!

danik07 said...

top five favorite foreign films.

Jade Clandestine said...

I was reading back some and I noticed a post I didn't see before saying you were sad because they dont make your adidas anymore.. They're still selling them where I live so if you comment my blog with your shoe size, I'd gladly get you some and send them to you.

I think the best smith moments would be rad.

i'll strike like the states on fire said...

i never really felt compelled to comment this blog, (god, that sounded so crushing), but the following was the most hilarious thing i have ever read in my short lifetime thus far:

I'd like to see "Top 5 ways to dispose of a corpse. . . in Nebraska."
It could lead to a whole series of state/corpse disposal Top 5's.

for serious. hilarity.

So. Fee. Uh. said...

Man, I can't wait for the video. Okay, how about top 5 songs you have ever played.

--just erin-- said...

how bout top 5 ninja moves!!!!

cant wait for the new video!!!!!!!it'l b sweet!!

boogeyxkatie said...

what to do for a top 5,

Top 5 most awesome stage moves

-maybe they'll make a VH1 show on it?

Top 5 SNL moments

-maybe you'll rank higher than ashlee?

Top 5 streaking moments

- i dont think MSU has had any streakers yet....

Top 5 (and or 5 more) Pick up lines

-*mischevious laugh*

Top 5 ways to enter a middle school full of (ok not so full, thats a benefit) of girls who adore you and your perfect hair!


Top 5 ways to get davey to pattycake!

-sorry i couldnt resist

well my brains fried


katie♥ << ha thats my name on myspace, SWEET!

Caroline said...

Top 5 ice cream flavors you like
Top 5 best songs
Top 5 best books
Top 5 best places you've worked other than touring
Top 5 drinks

There are so many options!!!


[mandy] said...

YAYAYAYAYAY! I can't wait for the new video, but I have to tape it since I'll still be at school...

Top 5 Favorite Lines From Any AFI Song

Or do this one:
Top 5 Favorite Adjectives

Sarah said...

awww, sorry that you were in anguish Jade. I can't wait to see the new vid though. loved your video on the AFI myspace, very sweet. as for Top 5's, I think you should do the Top 5 Insane Stage Moves
or Top 5 Smith Injuries
or, better yet
Top 5 Injuries *caused* by Smith
Top 5 Injuries Caused by Instruments

yeah. that's all I can think of right now. don't worry about updating, I'm awful with updating my blogs.

Rizzo In A Box said...

Top five Jade faces.
Then take pictures.

Supreme General of Evil said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Gimme a shoutout in the next blog. You know you want to. Just be all "I am Sparticus" or something. Munch rules.

girlonthewall said...

yeah, can't wait (i guess i'll have to though...) for the video premier! yeah, saw on buzznet a video of when your guitar died on you in a show... nice recovery though!!! yes, top fives, must-have-items for tour....


m said...

You may be terrible at updating, but I'm terrible at getting online and checking your blog!! Can't wait for the new video, even though I'll be in practice while it premieres (uber sadness right now)

Top 5's
most annoying bands
favoritest words
favoritest songs
favoritest bands

can't wait for the Top 5's!!!

luv ya

Supreme General of Evil said...

I just saw the pictures on MySpace. Dude, Adam looks really miffed in the above picture...

sarah_says_RAWRR said...

Damn it! I feel teh stupid for checking up on this so late!
Or do you just get comments extremely fast?
And don't worry about the lack in updating, you're a busy guy, you need some time away from the computer! I'm on the computer too much..haha. 5' 5' 5 colors? Oh man that was sucky. Hmm..I agree with the first poster with Top 5 most annoying songs :D Or top 5 songs that get stuck in your head and can't get out. Top 5 animals? Top 5 music videos, or top 5 lucky numbers. I'm very bad at these top 5 suggestions at the moment, but when I'm not half asleep I'll help ya some more :)

Take care. I know the new video will be superb. Can't wait!

SayingTurtle said...

SO. Unfortunatley, I missed TRL, because I was standing at the exit. But a glimpse of you all after the show made it completely worth it (even though I only managed a picture of Hunter's head).

Manila said...

top five girls who looks like guys... no uh uh it's not right, i know top five favorite food.. except chicken and granola bars

brenna! said...

top five airports
top five venues to play at
top five bizarro objects you've signed

pretend i'm creative.

lee said...

Top five recipes for road food
Top five places to buy dickies
top five reasons to get the top bunk...

stone cold silent said...

top 5 funniest moments on stage
top 5 best smith moments
top 5 weirdest things fans have done (sending you dead rats ect.)

Jackie said...

You updated on my birthday :) Makes me feel cool

Uhm, foods? Places to tour? Hair colors? Nah that one may come out boring.

How about top 5 places to tour?

Brittney said...

how about top 5 craziest fan encounters??

Brittney said...

or top 5 smith moments-id really like to see that one....

Nish said...

new video? yay