Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How much do I suck at updating? Don't answer that. I went shopping with Nils yesterday and bought a pair of pants. When I got them home I discovered that there was a happy bunny stitched on one back pocket and a less-happy-but-not-entirely-disgruntled skull on the other back pocket. I just spent an hour pulling out each stitch so now I have a virgin expanse of black on the back of my pants. See, this is why I'm so slow at updating, I have to remove bunnies from my butt.


Winnie Jaing (TwistTheVine) said...

Bunnies are still cute. Happy Birthday, Jade!

girlisgrey said...


Wish you all the best EVER.
Have an amazing year and keep rocking.

I'll take the bunnies ;)

Hope you get my card!

- Bella

youstolemyface said...

aww, you don't suck at updating. You are a busy person :)

Happy Birthday! It's Jademas!

xXxStackzxXx said...

lol how cute
Oh! and Happy B'day Jade!

jen said...


Happy Birthday!

shygirlsrock said...

Happy 33rd Birthday, Jade! Oh how annoying those happy bunnies are...I'd know. ^^'


stella said...

Damn those bunnies. They're everywhere.
Happy Birthday, PS. Hope you're having an anazing day!

Ding's little sister said...

Well, be sure to entirely examine the next pants you plan to buy. You wouldn't want to sit on any other bunnies.

Happy birthday Jadeee! <3

*give you an e-hug*

Jade_is_the_awesomest said...

Happy Birthday!!!

hope you get my card :)

A Fire on Mars (Stephanie) said...

HAHAHA, aw, i mean, sorry about that, but just think, if crazy stuff like this never hapened, what would there be to write about? Have a fantastic birthday, Jade.

Ding's little sister said...

edit: gives

It should be *gives you an e-hug*

I forgot the 's'.

dark_flame said...

poor Jade ;D
you remove bunnies and I´m going to draw some AFI-bunnies on my new pants
going to be fun^^
Happy Birthday again
keep rocking!

Charlie Le'more said...

you crazy

WaitingForYou said...


Happy Birthday!

Charlie Le'more said...
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miss ronnie said...

May I have the bunnie?...Or the skull?.......Or your pants..............ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR!

Shazam, see how I set that up? <3

Haras said...

It's alright that you never update, because when you finally do it's worth it. :)
You better be making some more sweet videos with Smith soon.


Elizabeth said...

bunnies ... i guess they are even on your pants :)...

anyway,, Feliz Cumpleaños !!

Amelia Imelda said...

Nice, Jade. :P

Happy birthday.

Katie said...

Aww... I think the bunnies would have been cute.

And yes, you suck at updating. I check this thing all the time. But I guess that makes it even better when you do post.

Have a wonderful birthday!

Jen said...

So you left the less-happy-but-not-entirely-distruntled skull on your other pocket?

Maybe he'll become the a-little-more-happy-because-the-ugly-bunny-is-gone skull.

:) Enjoy your day.

Psyhco muse said...

At least the bunnies weren't attached to you,that may have taken longer to remove.

Happy birthday!

Spazzy Kytaztrophe said...

those little things are always surprising. good luck with that.

Last night someone smashed the window of my car and stole my cd player and most of my favorite cds :(:(:( many of which were your cds of course. *sigh*

Anyways, cya monday :) take care

Spazzy Kytaztrophe said...

hehe yeah, happy birthday too! sry, a bit frazzled :|:(

hope you've got a day of fun planned

Bailey said...

It happens...

Bailey said...

Oh and because you said not to answer that question, I won't, but I'll have you know that if I did, I would say something along the lines of "You suck real bad at updating."
But you said not to, so I will refrain.


snow_vs_asphalt said...

i hate to say it but that is a really, really great excuse. i'm using it the next time i don't get an essay in on time.

oh, &:

happy birthday to youuuuuu
happy birthday to youuuuuu
happy birthday dear Ja-aaaade
happy biiiiirthday to you-ouuuuuuuuuuu...

Lilith said...


Happy birthday dear. <3


aw... bunnies are cute though, you should've left the happy bunny cause your so cool that you can pull off any look. Right love, hope all is well and Happy Birthday!

Adie said...
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Adie said...

Haha. I hate it when you find out that your new clothes are ruined just because of some stupid hidden logo or icon.

Happy Birthday!

Shelby... said...

Happy Birthday!

Shelby... said...

You should examine your pants more carefully before you buy.

tragictrust said...

Hey Jade...congrats on turning a year older today.

Yes, who would want bunnies on their ass!

boogeyxkatie said...

oh shnazzy! i want bunnies on my pants!... i have some with the luckey care-bear...but then again, thats how i roll. i bought revolver last night. im always looking for you guys on magazines. then i saw your hair, and hunters slickieness-ness. i got a few odd looks from the fellow employees. i squeeled, if that helps you figure it out why. <(^^)>.

and im sure people do get beat up for not wearing eyeliner *wink*

later mr.sexy

&& have a hunky dory birthday!!!


Jessi said...

hahahahah. That was the funniest thing I've heard (err...read) in months.

Shouldn't you be out birthday party-ing instead of updating? Geez. We'd understand.

But happy birthday!

run baby run said...

happy b-day Mr. Jade!! I hope you have a pinata! poor bunny, you took away its job, which was to cover your butt!

xConix said...

Haha, I prettymuch LOVE you Jade!
That made my day.

m said...


and wow. you have more dedication than i do to pulling out stitches. i once tried to do that with something and gave up within the first hour.

hope your birthday rocks.

emogurl said...

Happy Birthday Jade!

emogurl said...

Happy Birthday Jade! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Screamin' at a Wall said...

Happy Birthday Jade, and watch out for those bunnies!

NevHasTheEdge said...

Happyyy birthday Jade.
Your blogs always make me happy.


Girls Don't Cry said...


You know, this is why we so faithfully await your return. We know you're busy, but God when you update I end up with a rather nerdy smile on my face.

Be safe on your birthday, yes?

'Kay, good. <3

Fluffo said...

But yet you find enough time to update on your birthday.

Have a great one.
(Being twelve years behind you makes me feel good about myself)

auntcp said...

You just gave me my first real laugh today. I hope you have a very Happy and fun filled Birthday, you deserve it after pulling out all those stitches. Many hugs and much love Carolyn

Shy Girls Win said...

Sounds amusing! <33 Happy Birthday hunny <33

Amélie said...

lol...You're pretty funny! ;)

Happy birthday Jadee!!!
Hope you had a lot of granola bars..! lol

love ya!


Narrative of Soul Against Soul said...

Aww! Hahaha, this totally made my day!

Happy Birthday! =D

<3 Steph

Sam said...

XD That sounds fabulous. Enjoy those ~_^ Happy birthday, Jade <3<3<3

Pookha said...

*scratches head* You bought them without looking at them? Nils your fashion advisor?

I'll tell you what I told Gavin: Don't grow old, there's no future in it.

Hope you're getting rested up.

I'll see you in Tulsa.

sabsbury said...

I can see you sitting there, pulling out the little bunny patch. Amazing.I love the way you word it...such vivid imagery! =)

Chelsea said...

...Gotta love candy canes...

Failure By Design said...

Damn those bunnies.


May you continue to rock us for many years to come. :]

brenna! said...


Really, what kind of store sells tacky pants like that?
Fashion YIKES.

& I'll most definitely be seeing you all up in Tulsa.
Duck decoys will be in abundance.

'Lectric_Lauren said...

Yeh taking off the ''bunnies''- (have people just stopped calling them rabbits?) sounded like a good idea.
You do suck at updating- but it's cool, you're busy. We'll let you off. :p
Happy Birthday Jade

SingCentauri said...

I had my fingers crossed for a birthday update. I'd never wear an item of clothing with happy bunny on it - he/she/it, whatever, thoroughly annoys me. Happy 33rd, you're aging quite gracefully <3.

K-K-Kara! said...

Haha, it's okay if you're slow at updating. It makes your new posts that much more exciting. =]

Oh, and....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you all the best!

SingCentauri said...

Oh. And skulls ought to be disgruntled, so it deserved to be picked off.

screaming like dogs said...

feliz cumpleanos

meemz said...

Thanks for making me laugh, Jade! I really needed that since I'm ill from being out in yesterday's rain!

Happy Birthday!!

Bandito said...

Haha. Bunnies are silly, much like yourself.
Happy birthday by the way, I wore a scarf today on your behalf. And it was the ice age outside so it worked well.

OnNightsWings said...

haha i hate when i find stuff on clothes i buy that i have to get rid of..

Happy Birthday!!<3

Goodbye, Sally said...

Aren't bunnies in your crotch to?

And HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!
I could sing the choir birthday song but I think you already know that you make hte world go round

Jessi said...

Wowowowowowowow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY!

Oh god. I would be so upset if I bought a pair of pants with happy bunny on them. I dislike Happy Bunny.

Any ways.


Skishop said...

I hope it was just a generic bunny in a happy mood and not the ever-annoying "It's Happy Bunny" that spouts sarcastic phrases.

Have a great birthday! <3

Maddi said...

Aww, Happy Bunny owns.
You should have left them on.
What's more rockin' than bunnies on your ass-cheeks?

Happy Birthday, Puget!

Lil Laker said...

Haha, your such an intresting person Jade. Happy Birthday!

Kati_15 said...

LOL bunnies!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!! Have fun.
Love ya!

Lori said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lori said...

Love To You on Your B~Day and on your Bunnyiless Butt!!!
Love, Lori

liebling said...

Happy Birthday! It's over here already but I'm so grateful for time zones right now!

And was it a Happy Bunny as in the little rude bunny or just a...happy bunny? Yes yes, that is a difference!

the straight edge guitarist said...

good luck with the ass bunnies lol. don't worry Jade, we'll still love you and all your rare updates.

and I must not forget...



have a good one,
Amanda xXx

jade said...

hahaha thats funny !
happy birthday !!!!!

love u

jesterwitch said...

I suppose there are worse things that can be removed from one's butt....hrmmm...I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. Happy Birthday, Jade!!

t h e n d said...

I'll accept that excuse :-) I'm impressed you went to that much trouble, most guys would try and get someone else to do it for them.

Happy happy birthday! Hope your birthday is fantastic.

darkness069 said...

ironic, consideratin how many bunnies are for decemberunderground xD

wonderin... how come u didnt noticed the bunnies before buyin the pants?????

anyway, dont worry about the updatin, we still love u ;D


(i did this on your AFI myspace too, i was the first one cuz i waited yesterday 'till midnight :D)

Bloody Pirate said...

Hahah, I hate having to do that to clothing. Why can't people just make PLAIN clothing sometimes??

By the way, Happy Birthday! I hope you had an awesome day.

severusheart said...

Happy Birthday !!!! i myself like bunnies and I think one on your behind would be exceptionally cute:) Have a perfect day my dear.

Arisma said...

LOL. You make us wait for them but they always amuse so it's an even trade. And, apparently, happy birthday!

Nixx said...

Haha, aww, Jade. Sounds like you've been keeping busy. Happy birthday, sweetheart :).

tartanturtle said...

Sending birthday wishes to you!

Happy Birthday Jade.

ash_a_lay said...

Happy Birthday Jade!
Today my best friend and I celebrated your birthday by toasting Mountain Dews...yes it was lame but enjoyable nonetheless.

I'll be seeing you on Friday at the concert.


xsweetcalamityx said...

Ahaha that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while. Happy Birthday, Jade!

x Chewy x

Jackie said...

Ahahah that's hilarious man. Removing bunnies. Classic line.

Someone should stick that on a bumper sticker. "I'm driving so slow because I have to remove bunnies from my butt."

Except no one would get it.

I hope you have a hella sweet and utterly SPLENDIFEROUS birthday!

Jackie said...

Oh, and one more thing.

Would you like a Happy Birthday in Latin? I may just have the honor of being the only person on this blog to sing you happy birthday in a dead language! WOOT.


Felicem diem
Natalem tibi
Felicem O JADEEE
Felicem diem!

vanessa said...

Happy Birthday, Jade!!

Hahaha, how the heck did you not notice the bunny and skull on your butt?!


Abbi v. 9.0 said...

You don't suck at updating, silly. They're only a week or two apart usually, which is really not bad.

But anyway, happy birthday! I ate a cupcake today in your honor. =D

GermaricanMix said...

Happy birthday! Hope you get lots of random presents!

And wow, you pulled all those stitches out? I would NEVER have the patience.

Lita Peacecraft said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lita Peacecraft said...

happy birthday ja-ja-ja-jaaaaaade, keep on dancing babe XD love you!

xsearch for the amaranth said...

Happy birthday Jade!
I made an account on here just to tell you that. :D
I also made you something...
Not my best, I just whipped it up in my spare time, but I hope you like it.

xo alayna

We have moments said...

Happy birthday yo

Alyssa said...

Feliz Cumpleanos el Senor Puget! *insert your own tildes*

It's alright. I totally understand...bunny-butt.

AFI_Junkie said...

Happy Birfday Jade. Hope you enjoyed it.

And if you'd just look at the pants before you bought them, you wouldn't have to pull bunnies off your butt. Unless you DID look and bought them anyway. Then you're just plain out wierd :P

Abbi v. 9.0 said...

Oh hey, by the way, you should post a picture of the pants. lol. And maybe the bunny patch.

That would give me the warm fuzzies. <3

Daya Disaster said...

haha, that made my week.

sarah_says_RAWRR said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful day, even though it's pretty much over. Haha, sucks you had to pull out every stitch. Bunnies are still cute little fuzzy things. They tend to get fat really easily though.

Once again, happy birthday, and don't forget to party (although you probably already have) :D

shanagdi said...

Hope you are having a great birthday filled with the requisite spankings and goodies!!

Liz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's great.

[mandy] said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
[mandy] said...

Both you and my mommy have the same birthday. It's pretty spiffy. :)

You should get Smith to do some video about that. Hahah. It's an omen! ..Dun...dun........dun!!!

x-tina said...

you're so silly.
happy birthday bunny butt.

veronica. said...

Hahaha. That's pretty impressive that you pulled out each individual stitch, rather than giving up and buying just another pair of plain black pants.

and also, hope you enjoyed your birthday.

lostangel said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Can I have the bunnies? I need a new pet ;-)

vanessa said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you removed the happy bunny.

accidentalcharm said...

At last! He updates! *applauds*

Here's wishing you an enjoyable 33rd year! ^_^

I shan't be able to come to the pre-holiday performance (AZ), but perhaps you will return in the spring? *crosses fingers*

Ciao For Now,

Sasha said...

Haha, those evil bunnies.

Happy Birthday Jade! I hope your day was filled with super amazing awesomeness. Do you still like Reeses?
See you Friday, I am beyond excited.

Under Saturns Shadow said...

ha.. that made my day. more so than eating graham crackers with peanut butter and watching Craig Ferguson.

P.S. you guys were AMAZING on the 4th in Albany. I was very sad to have missed seeing you all after the show, but I did see your lovely brother again. He's very sweet. As are you, I'm sure.

Janice said...

Happy Birthday,love!!

So. Fee. Uh. said...

Sounds like a pain in the ass.

Happy Birthday!

::: Sammy ::: said...


I hope you enjoyed your birthday :).

leongyiting said...

whoo. bunnies. bunnies & skulls dont go together. glad you removed that thing. hahahahaha. happy be-lated birthday (:
hope you had a great time :D


Darlene Conner said...

ahh, you are everso adorable.


hahahaha ! :D
i just love your post.
it just makes my day. ((:

anw, happy b'day jade !
hope you have a wonderful time !

NatalyFancyKetchup said...

I've been trying to log on all freggin day to wish you a super Happy Birthday. Blah. Since it is well 6 hours after 12 (at least in my neck of the woods) I wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! and I hope you don't have to remove anymore bunnies and skulls from your ghetto booty.

Love_Is_Blind said...

Finally a new update! Happy Birthday JADE! And how did you miss a bunny and skull on the back of the pants??

So my friends and I were going to have a birthday celebration for you yesterday but it didn't workout... so it'll be this weekend, yay! You should come, no I am not delusional... there will be hot pink and black everything... balloons, decorations, pink jellybeans, black M&Ms, mardi gras beads, lol even princess tiaras, fun!

Oh and since I couldn't celebrate yesterday I got my lip pierced. I love it even tho the ring's like 3 sizes too big. I told my piercer I heal fast but he didn't believe me... ok well hope you had fun yesterday! Love you!


Skylar said...

I might be late. But oh well...


(I did wish you at the OMB earlier though :-P)

afi_fan4life said...

its ok Jade we love you=)
did you have a good b-day?!?! hope so

volare said...

happy hoopie to ya bro

mini rex said...

You're out of control!

Yeah, I had pants like that once too.

But I was only 3 yrs old and not selecting my own clothes at the time.

Happy Birthday dude.

Rae said...

Is this bunny-removal problem a common occurrence? ;-D

Happy Birthday, Jade! (and many more happy ones)

kahdeksantoista said...

No one takes you seriously if you have a happy bunny in your pants, so good you removed it!
But this is so weird, few days ago I had a happy bunny ("I know how you feel. I just don't care.") in background in my phone, then I changed it to you and then you have a happy bunny in your pants?

I'm late but that doesn't matter. I hope you had wondaful birthday <3

Jennifer said...

You don't suck at updating. =)And happy belated birthday.

- Jen

Katie said...


i hope it's amazing for you!

love, peace, chicken grease.

girlonthewall said...

life is like a warm bath... it's nice while you're in it, but the longer you stay in, the more wrinkled ya get...

it's a proven fact, but do ninja's get wrinkles?

happy birthday!!

p.s.>> the article on you guys in the SPOOKY issue of revolver was entertaining @_@

i don't care what kind of bunnies they are, they still smell like f***...

Sara said...

haha bunnies..how fitting. Only..not.
Happy belated 33rd..!

demurelove said...

I didn't realize you posted this until I posted on the Smith video =P.

=O bunny! I would choose the bunny over the skull any day....but then it depends on how cute it is xD.

Gizmo said...

Aw man, you should've left the bunnies on ;P

Why didn't you just exchange the pants?

Me, Myself and I said...

Hah, don't worry we don't mind! It's true you are a very busy man, even though you may not think so. . pulling bunny's from your but does count as busy!

Happy Birthday Jade!

shanagdi said...

Embroidery (Embellishments?)

nineteen84 said...

The bunny and the skull were MY REASON for not buying those pants last month... I thought about buying and taking out the stitches also, but I am far too lazy. I'm happy you found a way to wear those great pants though. But I am still pantless....

I am a Pirate, arrghh said...

lol, aw jade, you're awesome.

i'm sorry about the bunnies. =(

Mrs. Hoek said...

Did you keep them?

Happy Belated Birthday, you.
I still don't know if you got my painting from last year....

MalleusMaleficarum[♥] said...

You're just too cute <3
I've had a few encounters of having to remove unwanted stuff from items of clothing.
Disgruntled- Man I love that word.
You know you could of just let me remove the bunnies from your butt.
Im good with removal of butt bunnies..? yeah I didn't quite think that through..
Would of been funnier if it was a disgruntled bunny, would you of kept it there THEN?

Sarah said...

Ick-happy bunny. You don't wanna look like a ten year old girl, Jade. Good thing you got it removed before you wore them in public. I can see the headline now . . . "AFI's Jade Puget - Fan of Happy Bunny". Now that would have been amusing, albeit embarassing.

raining-havoc said...

Happy Belated B-day!
Sorry this is so late. I have terrible checking skills.
Have fun with them bunnies ;)

Alisa said...

jade you're a nut
i love it.

dont buy them bunny pants anymore

audreyafi said...

please whrite me ...
please whrite me
please whrite me
please whrite me
whrite ou write????
happy birthday jade

audreyafi said...


in msn

please i want too talk with you

xxconverse_girlxx said...

HAPPY LATE B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

audrey said...


audrey said...

jade you are the best so write me at

kathykathy said...

yeah something similar happened to me....
see i have fairly small boobs so why spend $40 at lasenza for a bra when i only have to spend $10 at lasenza girl? anyways so i saw this cute bra there thinking it was just a green and blue bra. when i get home i realize it said supper club the straps, then like a month after i got it i realized it didn't say super, it said surf.
so now i seem to be part of the lasena girl surf club.

jadedgeekgirl said...



you is koo, like da ice caps in dat koo place.
peace out, ma home fry

drumchick said...

Holy shit! those are citizens of humanity pants! i have those exact ones on right now!!!! Weird

blackviolet said...

You should have left the bunnies on your butt. I'D have liked them... <3


stone cold silent said...

HAPPY B DAY JADE!!!! if i see you after the show at the 91x nightmere before x-mas ill give you your present becuase it was to expencive to send in teh mail or something, or somehow it just didnt work out.

i hope you get my card!!!!!!

poor jadey, those darn bunnies, hey can we get a pic of you in the pants?? say hi to nills for me

timinplayevident said...

i'm sorry to hear there were bunnies on your butt.

Ileana said...

That is why when buying a clothing item you must first inspect it through and through before you actually buy it and take it home. It doesn't hurt to try them on at the store either...if there is a fitting room, of course ;)

stone cold silent said...

ha just to drive you nuts i stitched a happy bunny patch onto your christmas card lol have fun taking it off hope you get it

Superduperspeedeelicious said...

Now how many of these comments say Aww and you're so cute.
And how many Birthday cards you got saying: "Happy Birthday Jade! You're so hot! I LOVE YOU! Drop Festa(Scratched out). You and Marissa make an adorable couple. (:P) You're so hot! I love you! Damn you're gorgeous! I love love love love you!"
---Probably something I would say. More or less. Maybe 1 part taken out.
You got a scarf from my friend... I hope. Matching. She has one, you have one.

Come on everyone, it's not an AFI bunny, it's a happy bunny. Probably wouldn't wear an AFI logo on him anyways.

I saw you for my birthday. For the Edge Stole Xmas. :( But I was on the opposite side... where Hunter was, and you only came over a couple times. So come to Warped Tour-07 AZ(for the 15th time I say this).. and I'll catch up.

Happy extremely be-lated Birthday.

Superduperspeedeelicious said...

& Davey too. Davey too.

manz said...

=O did you just diss a bunny!? you heartless person! just kidding =P all jokes =P bunnies are cool ^-^ so cute.. =) they as davey said once before "Rabbits. You know bunnies. If you don't look out for them, the little bastards sneak up on you and bite you and shit. " i got that from wikiquote. anyway, happy belated bday! i couldnt say it to you earlier (like 3 months earlier -.-) before because i didnt sign up for this until 5-10 minutes ago. so yahh.. SORRY!!!!! =( i hope you forgive me! i know you will =) you're a very forgiving person =D [i hope..!]

manz said...

oh, and btw.... i'll answer (though you told us not to): you DO NOT suck at update. you're a busy guy! a very busy guy....

a hopeless insomniac said...

I agree - the skull has to go, but you should have left the bunnies.

love.hate.gore said...

now bunnies remind of you...i dressed up like you at a party in san diego, but i did my make up like davey...some of my cousins barely recognized me...

just stopping by to say hi...

Hannah said...

Aw, those darned Happy Bunnies.
They're so annoying.
Anyways, I hope you guys are having fun recording for Blaqk Audio! I can't wait to purchase it.
Love yah.
Aly <3

jaded said...

aww jade! you should have left the bunny on. it would have looked sexy!

Barbara said...

Jade Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had such a great day

X-Midnight Sun-X said...

I like bunnies, i could remove them for you.. And then id kill them for invading you and your pants. lmao... Remove bunnies from you but.. ha...ha...haaaaa.

Nish said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE oooohh you should have left the bunny and the skull there it would have look pretty sexy on your ass

SkSy said...

Ha, I always wondered where the hare in "Girl's not Grey" went.