Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh hello. It's me.
I'm currently playing my guitar and looking at my hyphy christmas tree.
What's new, what's happnin, what's good?
What are you reading, listening too, eating, watching?


black rose riot said...

Reading your blog. That you finally updated. :] Glad you did! Been a long time. We missed you!


Yay! A update!
I'm listening to Blaqk Audio.
Like always. ;]]

Happy almost birthday ;]


daffodil marigold said...

Ahh, blueness!

Watching Highlander, because it's be awesome day and Highlander is teh awesomeness, and eating tofu brats out here in Florida.

thequickfall said...

I'm currently digging Justice, Beck, Under the Influence of Giants, Shiny Toy Guns. What about you?
VHS or Beta show in LA this Sunday, wooooo!
Happy early birthday,

She Sees Light said...

W00t, Christmas! Listening to... Paul Simon, actually, but I just bought Year Zero, and almost fell out of my seat when it came out of my computer white and binary-y. Yeah, I'm really out of the loop. :D

Hahaha, yay for a new blog, and happy almost birthday, too! I've been telling everyone it's your birthday on Wednesday, and the only ones who got excited already knew. ;___;

Stariel said...

I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife - it's really good.

Powdered Toast Man said...

Ayoo jade
I'm listening to metro station
watching squrill boy on cartoon network
I'm on the phone and aim talking to countless people
and I'm having a fun time ! :)

Haha there's nothing really to do heree but that

Alright bye

P.s dont you effing hate it when everyones obsessed with Christmas when its still November...... Drives me mad

Lindsay said...

Hi there, I'm sitting here dreading finals and listening to the Clash. I'm eating gum. Though you can't really eat gum can you? Just chew it...

propelwave said...

Yes!!! u finally updated ur blog!! Nuthin just readin ur blog. Happy almost B-day!!

Havoks Fall Child said...

Well, I was reading your blog. Now I'm leaving you this comment.
We've missed you!

Happy almost birthday!!


shanagdi said...

I am sitting here after reading your blog. I am glad you posted! Happy early birthday, my grown-up crush!!

I was also thinking of all the things I can get done now that my chemotherapy has been postponed until next week!! I think I need a nap!

Blaqk Sails said...

I'm watching The Simpsons.
Happy Early Birthday Jade!
*Your birthday is just after William Fichtner's B-day. (Guy from Prison Break)*

EM-uhhh said...

It's about time!
I'm currently listening to The Mars Volta, reading your blog, eating cruddy homemade macaroons that needed prying off the cookie sheet with hot water and a wrench, and watching my bird be dumb.
As for what's happnin, I'm about to go downstairs and play my bass. And practice jumping in the air and kicking my feet while doing so.
What's happnin with you? Hyphy christmas trees are pretty awesome.
I shall return in two days to wish you a happy birthday and update you on what happens when it's happnin.

sally said...

I think it's a bit early for Christmas Trees...

I read "Hairstyles Of The Damned". Very good book. I recommend it, especially to those interested in punk culture of the early '90s.

Dammit, Jade! I totally had the push-ups championship WRAPPED UP! You cheated. I know it. ;D

TEXAS! said...

Oh jeez. Changin' that layout again. Didn't even mention it like you thought we wouldn't notice.

Lol, Can't fool me Jade.

Lucy said...

yay! an update!
i have my tree up too!

wellz im listening to yahoo radio ^_^ lol

im reading your blog too

Happy Almost Birthday! :P

Kaylee said...

My eyes bugged out a bit when I saw you posted! Reading your blog, watching nada, and taking guitar lessons into my own between all that pesky work.

ziggy_stardust2009 said...

Well lets see....I am currently VERY tired 7 reading ur blogs & trying to check all my Myspace & Stuff.....So obviously it's "Almost" ur birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U! Anyways Tell the band I said wuts up & That I said yall need to come to Little Rock in January so I can go see yall again.

Haras said...

Listening to Radiohead, eating delicious spaghetti caserole, and watching Never Been Kissed. ha.

I bet spaghetti caserole doesn't sound very appetizing. But it's probably one of the best foods I've ever had.

I hope all is well with you. And as if it hasn't been said enough already- happy almost birthday :)

ninja, please said...

Missed you jade!

I watched transformers, and listened to Rise Against, and ate any thing i could reach.

My friend and I are going to celebrate your birthday by walking around and telling random people that its Jade Pugets birthday, and buying ice cream

JulietEchoSierra said...

Hyphy! My roommate just taught me that word two weeks ago (she is from your neck of the woods), and now you use it! How exciting. It's amazing how many strange words come out of the Bay Area.

stella said...

Happy Christmas. :) I've got lights up to celebrate... no tree allowed.

What's happening: Writing an essay on Plato(Playdough)'s view of the immortality of the soul
Listening to: The Birthday Massacre "Horror Show"
Eating: Granola bar

Somnambulist Prose said...

ohhh hyphy christmas tree eh? hah. Not much new "happnin" for reading, listening, eating, and watching?..
Haunted-Chuck P.
Green Tea.
episodes of Friends.

ps: arbor day?? seriously Jade..
haha. oh yes and happy early Birthday =)

Danielle said...

I'm liking... yogurt.
and smashing pumpkins.

Addie said...

Let's see...I'm currently sitting on the computer being counterproductive and listening to Covenant. Oh, the excitement.

Nice hearing from you, Jade. Hope you have some stellar birthday plans for Wednesday!

Lexcide said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ninjasareflippinsweet said...

First off


Hmm... just got done watching Heroes while waiting for my pizza to finish cooking and putting off reading 'The Scarlet Letter'. Wanna go to my English class and read it for me? I'm sure my teacher won't notice you're not a teenage girl ^.^

Love you!! lol

Karlye said...

My fake Christmas tree is already up, you're not alone. :]

Nothing much is going on for me, with exception of your birthday in two days, my schoolwork, and Disneyland in 3 weeks, that's about it...

I'm currently reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, I like it so far.

Right now I'm listening to some Daft Punk, I think I'm going to listen to some Tiger Army next.

I had some apple pie earlier, it was fantastic. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you've updated, we needed it. :] Happy Birthday (in two days)!


AndThen said...

Finally a blog!
Reading Ray Bradbury- From the Dust Returned and I finished your interview with AMP magazine.
Listening to Notorious B.I.G- Juicy

Devin said...

ohhhh right now i'm just reading troilus and criseyde, the odyssey. a midsummer night's dream... to name a few. i have lots and lots of homework to do before the end of the semester. and i'm listening to this lovely cover of sir-mix-a-lot's "baby got back." i believe it's by throwdown.

happy birthday soon!

Ms. Winnie J. said...

read: Gulliver's Travels for my paper due tomorrow.
listen: Paul Oakenfold
eat : Not yet
watch: My cursor blink at me as I create blanks in my head.

maryna said...

I was actually just listening to 'The Fear of Being Found'! And the 'The Interview' has been a favourite of mine lately.

I'm looking at the computer screen, eating Skittles, reading what I'm typing.

And I wish you a happy early birthday.


darkness069 said...

omg, Mr. Puget is alive!

missed u around, ninja ^.^

eatin: honey roasted peanuts
readin: what im typin, or i'd make a crazy mess
listenin: wake up, open the door and escape to the sea (a fave lately, still tryin to figure out what the voices say at the beginnin)

what about u?

everythin ready for a super awesome bday?

hope u do ^.^

Best wishes from Mexicoouu

Light (L.A) ^.^ said...

YES!!! I knew I wasn't a freak for having my awesome Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving XD, anywho, thanks so much for the update ^_^, whats new.................................... I'm sick .................................................................. oh yeah, some say the armageddon is comming soon, I think its BS, besides its not like we're all going to die, well then, everyone sleep well tonight, Peace Out!

P.S. Have a Happy X-Mas ^_^


Lovely to hear from you as always! I was just looking at the footage from the Tokyo Hardcore party. You and Marissa looked smashing as usual. Hope your holiday was grand! X-mas tree is up and I'm currently listing to xm radios 24 hr x-mas music station! Happy early birthday!! Hope you celebrate it blissfully!
Smooches and canoodles,

BlackRabbit said...

Hey jade....
Just listening to Refused...the album the shape of punk to come,
going through my blog,but there so many evil people that dont comment me,reading some booring stuff on the net and watching a movie,like always im doing 11000000000000 stuff at the same time

xxconverse_girlxx said...

everything's swell. music is on silent for the sake of my sister's beauty sleep. -_____-

you updated. ^_______^

Winter said...

I truly missed your presence in this rather quiet and mundane blogworld. Things sure get boring without you here.

Anyway, I am currently reading "Crucible", by Arthur Miller, listening to Depeche Mode and procrastinating when I really should be doing something productive, i.e. studying, sleeping, or making you a presentable birthday present (which I keep on telling myself that I'll finish once Christmas rolls by).

Well, there's no point wishing you a wonderful birthday now, right? I'll just come back on Wednesday to give you a proper "Happy Birthday" call. Or even better, I'll just go over to your house and throw you a party.

Dubravka said...

Nice to see a new post from you :)

eating tofu, reading "The diaries of a Princess" xD, listening to The Cure.


hope you have a great time celebrating it tommorow :)

Pookha said...

Well! You finally surfaced--welcome back,stranger.

Currently I'm drinking coffee, clearing out my Tivo so I can get some more stuff on it--FUSE has some dandy nostalgia shows on. Hair bands, anyone? Smells like teen spirit.

Kery said...

Hullo hullo! You changed your template again. I liked the dots! I'm sittin' here at work, drinkin' coffee and and trying to finish as much work as possible, audit committee this week you see!

Nice to hear from you! Take care! ;)

leongyiting said...

I'm reading the Long Hard Road Out of hell by Marilyn Manson.. or more like finishin it already.
I've never had xmas trees at home):
Happy birthday a day in advance!

Skylar said...

I'm okay I guess. Work is not so good though. If only I have fun working like you do. I haven't been reading for awhile now. Too busy. Right now I'm listening to Radiohead's new album. Great album huh? No time for movies too. I'm boring. Oh well. Have a good time writing the new album.

Nickie M. said...

humm... reading: shyboyswin and my Vokabelnheft(=dictionary)... eating: sport chocolate!!! <33...listening to: Miyavi ^^,^^,^^, <33 J-Rock <33
and umm... i don't remember the fourth thing... -embarassed smile-

christmas tree??:/ interesting...

nice to see you're still alive...^^,
what about the fire in CA?? i hope you're in safe...

EmXma said...

Haha. Gotta love you Jade. Reading your blog, listening to my iPod playlist of VNV, Dave Gahan, Black Strobe, AFI, and Blaqk Audio, and having a blaaaaast.

Happy B-Day for tomorrow man.

and I'm not eating at the moment. lol.


Nickie M. said...

igen babám... el is felejtettem...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'll write it tomorrow again... :P
and umm... sorry... i just forgot it...

x_pAuLeE_x said...

Hi there!! You're well missed by these sites lately!!

hahaha you gotta upload a pic of that tree! i know... but curiosity is killing me...

Aaaand... answering your questions.. nothing too new, just out from school for a while (yay!)and specting your b-day sweetie!!

Reading The diary of Che Guevara... Kinda good if you like those themes btw... Listening to Other Side of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, eating my breakfast (a huge vegan sandwich and soy milk) and watching my neighbor's place... and as i said before, nothing too new!

Well, i should stop writing 'cause this comment is going out a bit too long..!

Take care of yourself and happy early-birthday!!

Love ya!

Sneaky Ninja said...

i'm listening to the people in my speech class..

i just thought of something. i think you should get a youtube account, since you put all of the smith videos on here but it would be hella cool if you put them on youtube all together!

ps.. i cannot wait for the new album (s) afi's and blaqk audio's

brenna! said...


Happy pre-birthday.

marc said...

i'm watching and listening to your awesome mexico song :D
and looking through the internet looking for a shop where i can buy your adidas shoes but i can't find them anywhere.
that sucks.

much love,

screaming like dogs said...

i thought you died.

hi my name is katherine, and i am currently listening to The New Pornographers.

I am really enjoying I am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert. I got it for my birthday last week and its awesome. I also love my new PostSecret book that I got as a birthday gift as well. I just had some lentil soup and ritz crackers and now im eating ice.

I have to say I am shocked that you have a Christmas tree already. Its not even December! Well, my mom and I always get ours a couple days before xmas and then keep it up till it turns yellow. Its pretty.

I am 17! All my friends are saying I am really old, so it makes me a little sad, but also happy at the same time. I just broke up with my girlfriend and got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, all within a two hour period. This is really turning out to be a great year for me...

I hope you birthday is big fun and fabulous! Be safe and beautiful.


PS- watch Big Love. Its good. Also, go see Beowulf in 3D lol it was pretty crazy

x0xAFIx0x said...

Hi! How is life treatin u ^.^

I'm currently eating chips - how exotic :)
I'm watchin lotz of random stuff on youtube - there was nothin better to do, until I started writin this.

I can't think of anythin else to bi, stay beautiful, and happy birthday 4 wednesday!!! xxxx


screaming like dogs said...

dear marc,

the shoes are no longer in production.
perhaps you could ask jade for the key to his stash. or you could get your own style. whatever floats your boat


Kristi said...

I'm not looking at a Christmas tree. There is no room for one in my apartment. Yay for too small apartments! I'm reading my chemistry book because I have a quiz today and a test Thursday. I'm listening to... God Called in Sick Today, kinda strange. And now I'm running out the door to class... stupid campus parking...

black won't make a difference said...

Listening; nothing! that's new... Eating; nothing also. I'm not hungry.
Barely keeping my eyes.

Tomorrow is your birthday, so, happy birthday (almost). I'll probably be back tomorrow to say that again...

Now I really gotta go, my parents are pissed off.

liebling said...

Aww hey, I missed you!

I'm watching TV right now but that's lame. When I read this entry for the first time, I was still at work and was basically looking at you in a picture on my desk. Ha, creepy, no?!

Camilla said...

Jade! About time you got back on here! We've missed you! =) And of course, happy early birthday!

Listening to Refused - New Noise
Not watching anything, but writing an essay about veganism/vegetarianism
Drinking tea =)

Can't you upload a picture of your hyphy xmas tree? haha


natalie! said...

Hiya Jade. Before I say anything else, I just wanted to say happy early birthday and tell Davey happy belated birthday :) And well I'm eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, listening to the Beatles and reading your blog. Nothing much is new. Just can't wait until you guys (you guys as in AFI) releases that new EP of yours. And that's pretty much it. Well keep the posts comin' and bye bye.

natalie! said...

Hiya Jade. Before I say anything else, I just wanted to say happy early birthday and tell Davey happy belated birthday :) And well I'm eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, listening to the Beatles and reading your blog. Nothing much is new. Just can't wait until you guys (you guys as in AFI) releases that new EP of yours. And that's pretty much it. Well keep the posts comin' and bye bye.

eMMe said...

Well... I've been saving up my coke rewards points and I'm spending it right now. Writing again (about time)and I'm listening to Handel's ''Messiah''.

smoke goes to god said...

you posted something
i love the new colors
change is good
o, and happy birthday! :)

smoke goes to god said...

o, and i'm glad you're playing your guitar
i like it when you play your guitar
i bet it sounds good...

rotkiv said...

wow new blog look.
that's nice..

oo i've been listening a lot of bright eyes and bob dylan, reading Kant and watching Napoleon Dynamite
...all at once.
eating pop corn of course

ashley_lynch246 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (tomorrow)
Updates! Der Liebreiz (sweetness in German)
I recently discovered Alesana and All Time Low. Pretty awesome bands.
I am also reading New Moon.
Oh yeah this is my friends account.


ashley_lynch246 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (tomorrow)
Updates! Der Liebreiz (sweetness in German)
I recently discovered Alesana and All Time Low. Pretty awesome bands.
I am also reading New Moon.
Oh yeah this is my friends account.


Mina said...

..glad to see you here again..)
..pesonaly I can't wait for the Sweeney Todd premiere..on December,'s a new Tim Burton film..musical tell Dave..I know he likes Burton's should be amazing believe me)..
<3<3 >(\\)<

KXP said...

Three words: The Static Age

ANATHEMA said...

I'm being a geek and reading the history of the CIA.

And listening to iLiKETRAiNs.

And watching nothing. For TV is evil.

And writing is fragmented sentences. Because it is fun.

ANATHEMA said...

I think I meant "in" fragmented sentences.

Oh well.

ANATHEMA said...

I think I meant "in" fragmented sentences.

Oh well.

morti_viventi said...

Hi Jade! I want a christmas tree already!

I'm reading The One Percent Doctrine by Ron Suskin, Bush At War by Bob Woodward, Wicked: The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West by Gregory Maquire, and This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science Of Human Obsession by Dr. Daniel J. Levitin. I'm currently listening to "Ha Ha Ha" by Flipper, and some recent musical obsessions are The Black Angels, BRMC, IAMX, and Dead Meadow. I'm eating nothing. I'm watching the computer screen, but if you mean film or television, I recently I saw No Country For Old Men. It was very grood.

I was wondering, do you know of any good miking techniques for accordion? I've decided that "Miss Murder" sounds great on accordion, I'm just not sure about how to go about recording such an awkward instrument.

nancy said...

well im reading at this moment the words that i am just taping at this moment, i ate chiken, sorry for you vegan boy, and im listening to the libertines, yesterday i watched romper stomper hahaha, okok babyeee!!! nice to have news of you, post something more often dont be far away for long time and made a tour nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

WEiRDO. said...


Missed you!!

PAU said...




Drea said...

reading : twilight
watching: Fuse :D
listening too : AFI always haha
and some linkin park :]
eating: Leftovers from thanxgiving
mmmmm.... haha

Long time no talk jade?
glad to see you back :]

Susan said...

thanks for the update!! nice new look. I'm reading Cantarella, v 8. It's a manga with fantastic art, very loosely based on Cesare Borgia. lots of Italian Renaissance values, like incest, possession, and murder. Listening? Hmm, aside from your music, a lot of Placebo lately and a friend recently got me into The Faint. thanks for asking!! hope your birthday is grand.

Mute said...

I'm reading The Horse Whispererererer, listening to Daft Punk, and wondering why society is corrupted.
Happy Birthday Puget no. 1

HAZEL!theROCK. :D said...

You finally updated! Yayyy. Haha. Hmm. I just came back this morning at midnight from Bangkok, and I woke up at 12noon today. Hahahahhh. I just got a guitar and I'm happyyyy. Well, it's 28th November here in Singapore so Happy Birthday! :D 1 more hour until it's the 28th in California, so Happy Birthday in advance [:

Erica [DF] [sXe] said...


it's been wayyy too long.

i'm watching Project Runway, reading Four Past Midnight by Stephen King *and your blog*, listening to Cinematic Sunrise, and eating some of my homemade pizza, it was good =)


NatalyFancyKetchupRox said...

Hola senor birthday boy! Happy birthday to you. I did some awesome shredding on Guitar Hero in your honor. Any who, i am currently listening to Blackpool Lights, reading the Spanish version of Harry Potter, and watching my computer screen. I have awesome multitasking skills. Well i hope you have a good one! Don't get too crazy!

BlackxInkxHeart said...

I'm eating a can of Planters Nuts =)
Oooh, send us a picture of your Christmas tree!! <333

Susan said...

reading these posts makes me glad that i am finished with high school, college, grad school, etc. instead, i get to slack at work, which is a good thing today since I went to bed at 3:00 am(very dumb idea, on my part).

i'm also looking forward to sweeney todd (to whoever mentioned that)!! the trailer is kick ass :)

.vjesci. said...

.reading Musicophilia by Oliver have read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.the very same author.all about science and the relationship betwixt musick and the brain without being all ham-fisted [vegans do not do ham nor do they do ham-fisted liteRapture] and using a plethora of case studies for stories.
.I very much recommend.

.the new Book Of Knots record Traineater is somewhere between Swans + Blood Brothers + very slow Big Black + Les Savy Fav + Tom Waits [TM sings on one of the songs too]

dark_flame said...

hey jade ^^
reading your blog... woah so many updates XD
listening to Tanzwut
eating chocolate
watching Elfenlied

Elena said...

Halllooo...))) if you're really wondered (ha...why not?), so...
I have a nightmare before christmas (yeah, i'm serious)...i'm listening Amy Winehouse, Manic Street Preachers and (who can thought?..) Blaqk Audio, reading my marketing and management books and trying to make a presentation about marketing in service....not very interesting, but it's necessary evil...))))) Good luck for you and your management team))))

P. S. How can I forgot...Happy Birthday, try not to change...

SXM said...

Dude, you didn't fall of the face of the earth! :P Happy Birthday!

For Whom The Bell Tolls, by Hemingway, not Metallica. Avenged Sevenfold's S/T and Christmas music. Croissants and grapefruit for my birthday breakfast (yes, that's your fault). Criss Angel clips on YouTube.

Cci said...

Hi Jade!
I'm currently with a terrible headache, listening to Chiodos and Avenged Sevenfold.
Preparing for guitar class.
Have a nice week and birthday of course!

Amy said...

Ahoy Jade dear! So happy you're back! I just started watching Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, a documentary about the great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Happy Birthday love!!

ChinchillaDust said...

What's new, what's happnin, what's good?
New: Your layout.
Happnin: I finally have 2 jobs.
Good: Your layout reminds me of mint ice cream for some reason. ice cream. That's good.

What are you reading, listening too, eating, watching?
Reading: An encyclopedia of greek mythology.
Listening: Some nasty song from a music video on the telly.
Eating: Nothing at the moment.
Watching: My fingers type this sentence.

Amelie said...

You have a christmas tree already?
Ho geez, I call that early bird. Dahyum.
I just got finished reading Choke by Chuck P. x_x
It had no climax. Unless you count the ketchup bottle choking incident.

lindsay said...

i posted a bulletin on myspace i was so happy! you two were amazing in boston, come again soon!

listeneing to: depeche mode-stripped. amazing song. i like their old stuff so much better. uhmm... eating food. lol. pasta. for the past few nights, i've been on a vegan chicken patty and vegetarian baked beans diet. lol.
oh, and im reading "924 Gilman:the story so far" good book. i saw all the old afi shows. "Askin For It (formerly Abuncha Fucking Idiots, aka A.F.I.)". lol. i have a cold. i'm glad you don't though, because it's your birthday. and i have a fuckload of homework that i have to do to catch up. i'd love to meet you sometime: you seem like an exceptionally kind guy w/ an amazing sense of humor. and your very talented w/ the guitar and keyboard. not to mention SEXY!

Yourfriendissoshiny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yourfriendissoshiny said...

what am i eating?
i cant remember what it was because it was on the plane when i was half asleep coming back from Melbourne to my home Noosa in QLD. lovelaaay weather is always nice to come home to.
but i thinkkk. it was cheese and crackers and a mini sized coke.

anyway happy birthday jade, hope you had a really great day :)
i got you a cake... but i eated it.
sorry. but i dont think it would have tasted nice in the post from half way across the world.

xx <123

tragictrust said...

Well since you asked...I am awake, very late...can't seem to get to bed. Anyway, I'm listening to the Cure right now, and working on a project.

You need to check out "A Place To Bury Strangers" (
They are awesome!

As far as reading is concerned, well nothing interesting...just the "Laughing Corpse" by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Also, have you seen "In The Land Of Women". I enjoyed it...maybe you would too.

Artemis said...

I'm doing tons of blog commenting today!
Well, I'm reading your blog, of course, but I'm also reading a Socials textbook and supposedly working on a project. In which my partner is staring at my screen going "WTF are you doing? GET TO WORK!" so I'll keep this comment short.
I'm eating teddy grahams, which I just rediscovered their sweet awesomeness.
And of course, I'm listening to Blaqk Audio, Between Breaths (An XX Perspective). And humming along. To piss of my partner some more. Who is glaring at me.

And pinching my arm painfully.

Much love,
Artemis (the poster of unbearable long, rambly comments)

Oh, and my song just changed to Snuff of Digital.

vtolegend said...

YAY! Well, I'm learning how to play guitar, I've been learning on my own since January and I currently the most active poster on's boards, with over 1000 posts, so yeah, I'm good here in L.A. hope you have/had a good b-day!

Denial. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Denial. said...

The Tao of pooh
Political issues (upcoming elections)


Birthday Massacre
Crime in Stereo


Blue Planet
Vincent Price movies
Anything Bj penn
Transworld Anthology


Tofurkey Sun-dried tomato Italian sausage
Roasted Garlic & Chive Hummus
Stuffed Peppers
Cactus Fajitas
Veggie Hand Rolls

glitterkitten said...

christmas tree already? cricky Jade you americans are rather crazy

but thats why i love you lot =D

it was your birthday 2 days ago and i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

i actually didnt think of you until about 5pm GMT because i did have a hard day but it's all good =D

but yes

come to the UK


HAZEL!theROCK. :D said...

I just realized that I don't have a Christmas tree and my dad stole my apple. ._.

Milena said...

Hello! It's nice to hear from you again. How are you?

I’m reading The Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux at this moment. And I just saw one old movie called The Maids of Wilko. Other than that, working and working, designing, photographing and so on! :)

ding's little sister said...

What is this?
Mr. Jadee has made a grammar mistake?

It should be "listening to"
not "listening too" =]

I am reading your bloggie.
I am listening to Belle & Sebastian
I am eating...uh. Air?
And I'm watching myself type.

Sarizzle said...

Reading your entry. Listening to Coheed. Eating Boca burgers. But, I'm not watching anything. D: How 'bout a nice video up here?! Yeah, that'd be super cool. =]]

savagexbutterfly said...

Aaand the return of Jade cometh! Yess... Lezzsee... Listening to whatever comes on shuffle on my iPod (Right now it's demo tapes from my techno band), watching back last night's video from the play I'm in (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever... I'm Imogene) and I'm eating banana vegan muffins.

<3 JXM

Anni Atrocity said...

As of right now, I am

A) Commenting my favorite blog,
B) Listening to Blaqk Audio's cover of Blur's "Boys and Girls,"
3) Dancing.

Crap, just noticed I forgot the alphabet. X]

Amarantos Everlasting said...

Hola Jade!
I always comment like...way too late but anyways.
I'm reading Glamorama and being lazy because I's the weekend.

Happy B-day! I know I'm late, sorry.

DeGali said...

reading you and drowning, because I'm sick

snow_vs_asphalt said...

i am reading this cool little book about being edge. it's an academic study, which is neat because there aren't many on the subject. it's called 'Straightedge Youth: Complexity And Contradictions of a Subculture'.

& i'm listening to German hip-hop >.< Chakuza feat. Bushido - 'Eure Kinder'. lol.

samita said...

yay! you finaly updated!
i'm listening now AFI-The Celluliod Dream....

You and the rest of AFI rock!

And ofcorse blaqk audio rock!

Synthetika said...

Reading: this
Listening To: Instrumental Nightwish
Thinking: oh my God...projectproject....

AbsintheMinded said...

Cool. Reading Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. This book is wicked! I am listening to Radu Marian, male Soprano-Singing Antonio Maria Bononcini "Cantate in Soprano" Mentre in placido sonno con Flautti, Aria: Affettuoso-Rittornello. (kisses fingers) Bello! Can you put electronic beats (like Blaqk Audio) to that type of music? No food :-( I'm on a lemon,maple syrup, and cayenne pepper cleanse for the sweat lodge this weekend! Great blog(s) by the way! Light hearted and well written with interesting links.

ilovekesi said...

Hi Jade

Listening to - Endlessly, she said
Learning - That song on guitar its awkward
Watching - A demented spider
Eating - Pot noodle :)
Happy christmas :)

LifeOfAFallenAngel said...

Haha I can see the X-mas tree over the top of my laptop, my mom is crazy it looks like a tree you would see in a big department store, I miss back when I was a kid when the family would actually decorate it together, my mom did it herself when I was working as was my dad... I love the little things in life and they're the things I've grown to miss.

Reading- Dracula (Test Monday in Gothic Horror class -.-)

Listening- Mix CD lots of Techno, Rock, and Metal bizarre combination I know but hey it works.

Eating- Fruit Salad that I just made, so yummy.

Watching- Disturbia

art biter said...

Also reading Dracula...watching Nosferatu, and thinking about getting my teeth capped. Can't believe it took me this long to work out why my friends recoil in terror whenever I smile...and me...a warm-hearted, ingenuous vegetarian!

Eating...a lentil burger with LOTS and LOTS of ketchup.

Listening to...Decemberunderground, because that's where I live, wielding the avenging snow shovel. Besides it's a scorching disc and I need something to help with the chronic frostbite.

jpatikan said...


mrsdaveyhavok said...

i'm reading your blog, Jade. of course. but i'm mainly laughin my ass off at that picture of u w/ the candy and how u said, " teeth fell out of my mouth at the thought of future trips to the dentist". it was somethin like that, sorry i cant giv an exact quote. :'(

Nish said...

im listening to Calm Before The Storm by fall out boy dont ask it was on my ipod and then im reading the twilight books oohhh edward your sexy but not as sexy as jade puget.....then im watching stay alive good movie but very predictable