Saturday, December 01, 2007

I just had to come up with my Top 10 albums and Top 10 songs for 2007 and it was immensely difficult. I really had to dig to even come up with 10 songs that I honestly enjoyed this entire year.
That's sad isn't it?
What's going on with music these days?
Are we enjoying it less because it's easier to get or is there just a lack of truly great songs being written?
Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys, who was one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, and of all time, was driving in 1967 when he heard the Beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever" for the first time. He was so affected by the song that he had to pull over on the side of the road. He later said that this song was one of the reasons that the Beach Boys masterpiece album "Smile", went off the rails.
I'm always amazed by that story and saddened that there aren't many songs these days, if any, that can affect people so viscerally.
Has anyone had that feeling in their life, where you hear a song for the first time and you're just absolutely floored by it?


Mute said...

Yes, I’ve had that. My friend sent it to me, and as soon as I received it and listened to it I stopped talking to whoever I was talking to on the internet and just sat and listened. It was amazing.

And I do think those songs are out there, but they are very, very hard to find.

lorral said...

hey... You're really keeping up with this blog thing these days.


Anni Atrocity said...


The first time I heard "Morningstar" (yes, the AFI "Morningstar"), I literally cried, I was so touched.

And the Spoken Word poem on Sing the Sorrow is pretty effing amazing. =] Thanks for contributing to such awesome music.

Ashling said...

When I heard AFI's cover of Jack The Ripper I couldn't even think, I just loved it so much.

And The Cure's Closedown made me cry the first time I heard it.

maryna said...

I'm sort of disappointed with the music that they usually play on the radio these days.

I mean, Soulja Boy is just absolutely pathetic.

It's pretty hard to find good songs these days, but you just have to know where to look. It's definitely worth it, because when you find a song that just blows you away... that feeling is great.


Mark Johnston said...

Its true that there is a lack of truly amazing songwriting now, but its not a total loss. I nearly cried when I first heard "Fin" By Anberlin of their last CD, Cities. You should check it out, its got a great choral part and everything. Other than that, I was completely taken aback the first time I heard Girls Not Grey, and Endlessly, She Said.

verushka said...

Definitely. And it stays with you, even changes u in a way. I'm grateful that they (writers, muscians) share it with us.

Katie ;] said...

Suprisingly yes.

Not to be a kissass.
But the first time I heard The Interview off of decemberunderground, I like fell in love with it.

Its one of my favorite songs to this day.

With Wake up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea next in line.

I love them both <3

Sarah said...

You know, one of the songs that made me stop what I was doing was when I heard Demon Hunter - Carry Me Down on the radio. It is unlike any of the other tracks on their 2007 album, although the theme is somewhat dark.

Now, don’t say I have a shit taste in music... cause I love AFI and Blaqk Audio.

Mark Johnston said...

I would do ANYTHING but say you have shit taste in music. Demon Hunter is a great band and Carry Me Down (along with that whole album) is absolutely brilliant in my opinion. Im glad someone else here appreciates them!

*hilary said...

cities of night.

i'm not trying to kiss ass. that song just sort of hit my like ton of bricks.

that's why i tattooed some of it on me. :)

The Boy Who Destroyed the World said...
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Candace said...

Sounds like it's time for a musical revolution...

The Boy Who Destroyed the World said...

Most bands today try to produce purely raido-friendly songs, the only ones who don't are the ones, like AFI, that have been around for longer than a decade. Songwriting has become downright bland, and there are hardly any bands willing to do something different. The formula for music these days is too standard. As far as bands that actually did inspire, the first one that comes to mind is The Cure, almost any song off Disintegration. And Just Like Heaven, though one of their most mainstream and radio-friendly songs, is pure songwriting genius. Unfortunately, timelessness is something that eludes almost every band in this shitty day and age of music.

auntcp said...

Yes, as a matter of fact I can give you the day and the time because the song affected me that much. It was January 4, 2006 at 1:38 am and the song was Silver and Cold by AFI. It was the first time I had ever heard of or seen a video by you all. The breathtaking lyrics and the beautiful video let me block out the fact that I had just lost my mother the day before. So, thank you for taking me away and for being the soundtrack in getting thru my grief.

sweetsacrifice07 said...

ALL of your songs touch me. and i want to thank you guys for that, there really is no other band like you........when i first heard, Hello and Like You by Evanescence, they actually almost made me faint. i mean, i too lost a younger sister, much like Amy Lee did. weird right? it still makes me feel the same way. but your music is STILL ABSOLUTLY AMAZING.

sweetsacrifice07 :]

Kayli Puget said...

I know this is predictable, but it was an AFI song. I quite literally burst into tears when I heard "This Time Imperfect"
No joke.
I was howling.
My mother asked me why.

Susan said...

A couple songs I remember being mesmerized by back in my school days...Smells Like Teen Spirit and also Eve of Destruction (Barry Maguire). They both affected the ensuing stages of my past lives. The Cure totally blew me away the first time I saw them live in college, about a dozen years ago.

I know what you mean about new music. Until last year, I was so disenchanted with contemporary music. I listened to same the old stuff over and over - I felt quite jaded. I still don't listen to tons of new things, and I feel like the radio is a near waste of time. For awhile I thought it was the natural progression of age, just like my dad still listens to oldies, etc. Like the others posting here, I risk sounding like a kiss ass...but AFI brought me out of the 80s/90s last year when I started listening to them/you. I almost regret not trying "new' music sooner - in my 5 year cesspool of not trying new things, I could have been listening to you guys! No joke.

Elizabeth said...

Well i share your opinion , i think along this years i haven't found too many bands that could capt my whole spirit just with a simple song , i notice that each time i think that when i was younger my parents were very young so they used to listen a lot of music and i remember i used to felt a big devotion for all the music they used to listen like The Cure , Depeche Mode , Prince , Duran Duran ,Morrissey.. and if you think you'll realize that those artists are the same artists that today still remaining in the top of everything it might be cause they always kept an unique style or because now people pay attention of what sells ,and thats only temporary ...
anyway i think i still feeling toched by music , it happened to me a few years ago the first time i heard ''Sing The Sorrow''when the last song ended i realized i was about to cry ( so please don't think i'm telling all this only cause this is your blog or just to flatter you, i'm telling this cause it's simple the truth , STS stills being one of my favourite albums of all time , )... anyway i also felt that with a few more bands ,In Flames is one of those bands,, i could listen ''Only for the weak'' everyday and i still feeling totally involved for the energy of the song , Nordic bands always have something good and new to offer ...but also still feeling a big appreciacion for the German electronic bands like Rammstein ,and also Apoptygma Berzerk.....
as you can see nothing new :S

Alyce said...

When I first heard "On the Arrow".
I couldn't do anything but just listened from beginning to end.

Really beautiful song.

The Dead Fashion Party said...

Yes I Think The Reason Why Music Is Going Weird Now A Days Is Cos A Lot Of People Have Idols...

One Of My Favorite Songs That I Have Heard Where I Had To Just Listen To It Over And Over And Over Cos I Loved It So Much Was DEATH IN JUNE's "Runes And Men" It Is So Short And So Sweet!


vtolegend said...

A song that totally knocked me down, was Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine! Something about that song amazed me!

Andrea Alonzo said...

a song that stop my world...the most of it are from AFI...
I remember one hole word fall apart..I hate everything around me...and I put my sing the sorrow cd...I can scream...cry..cry..cry...then decemberunderground...then the art of drowning...and also hunter revenge...i hear them like 5, 6 times...that night...

A song that stop my world everytime I see the video...but every time...its love like winter....its my song..
thank...jade..and all AFI for do what you do...

WEiRDO. said...

Tegan and Sara - I Can't Take It.

Haha. I love how much
you're keeping us up with
the current events.

<3 you like a fat kid loves cake.

ninjasareflippinsweet said...

the only song that i can remember blowing me away was the very last song on Decemberunderground that doesn't even really have any words and is only 1:46 long. i don't know why, but there's just something about it.

kirstin said...

aside from afi songs that have affected me emotionally (there are many!), for 2007 the arcade fire's song "intervention" blew me away (and was equally impressive when i saw them perform it live- check them out if you haven't yet!) there is definitely good music being created, but i think you have to look beyond mainstream radio where it is mostly cookie-cutter music, cause there are so many ways to be exposed to music nowadays it just takes a bit of leg work to sift through it all and find some gems...

Sarah the Goblin Queen said...

The song "Dancing" by Elisa really moves me, it's an amazing song.

Monochrome Murder said...

It's kinda lame, but the first time I heard "Good Riddance" by Green Day, I just listened, completely breathless. When it finished, I played it again and again.
This year has not been a good year for music. It could be made better by an AFI EP though. Just sayin'...there's still time...

Qarlieaux said...

Lights by TSOM hit me like a brick wall when I heard it for the first time.
If brick walls could hit people.

I haven't heard any recently released songs that I really care for, however. Actually, I haven't heard many recently released songs at all...

ANATHEMA said...

Yes, I understand exactly what you're saying. Too much music these days seems to be written only to make money, not to actually be meaningful.

Emery's "Walls" strikes a chord with me, as does Death Cab's "Brothers on a Hotel Bed".

The first song I ever listened to by AFI was "The Leaving Song", and it still just haunts me whenever I hear it.

HAZEL!theROCK. :D said...

This Time Imperfect. It's beautiful. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much. <3

HAZEL!theROCK. :D said...

Oh and that Green Day song... I think it's called Time Of Your Life or something, I can't remember. I shut myself up in the bathroom while listening to it. :P

alex94945 said...

'Holding On' and 'Beloved' - VNV Nation

'What Went Wrong' - The Slackers

'Early Years EP' - Tiger Army - The first Tiger Army that I ever bought and it affected me forever. It was all the Tiger Army I could get my hands on at the time and I would just sit and listen to it over and over again in my room. Then about a month after I bought it I saw them for the first of 3 times (so far) in SF simply because of those 6 songs.

This Girl's Not Grey said...

Yes...I mean, for me, lyrics and the stylizing of songs is everything. If the song doesn't have any meaning, then what's the point of it? All it is is just empty words and music in the background in an attempt to make money.

Yes, I know, it may seem like I'm trying to kiss your ass, but "On The Arrow" really did that for me. When I first heard it, I actually cried...The lyrics were emotional and pwerful, and the music behind it was perfect, just soft enough to bring a whole new kind of beauty to the song.

I mean, it's one of THOSE reactions that you should get to music.....One of those songs that have a meaning and aren't empty works.

This Girl's Not Grey said...

Yes...I mean, for me, lyrics and the stylizing of songs is everything. If the song doesn't have any meaning, then what's the point of it? All it is is just empty words and music in the background in an attempt to make money.

Yes, I know, it may seem like I'm trying to kiss your ass, but "On The Arrow" really did that for me. When I first heard it, I actually cried...The lyrics were emotional and pwerful, and the music behind it was perfect, just soft enough to bring a whole new kind of beauty to the song.

I mean, it's one of THOSE reactions that you should get to music.....One of those songs that have a meaning and aren't empty works.

Jen said...

Stabbing Westward's Sleep. Sometime late '98, early '99. Never before had I heard a song that so encompassed a huge chunk of my life. To this day it is still a song that can stop me in my tracks when I hear it.

x_pAuLeE_x said...

I agree with you.. It's pretty sad that ,usic this days is just kind of.. poor. Obviously, there are some real good bands out there, but saldy, just a few of them are actually on the public eye.
In my point of view, seems like music labels just want to win money by making contracts to artists that sound exactly the same as other bands, so they don't loose money; instead of trying to give a shot to a group that has a different style and improve a new fashion or stuff. But well, that's just my humble opinion.

Answering your question, yes! I have been in those situations. Some of those songs are Africa by Toto, Another one is of a group form my country, Costa Rica, called Evolucion and the song it's called Voy por Ella (Spanish for Going For Her)

And finishing my list, I've also has that feeling with some of your songs (I'm not trying to make you feel flattered or being nice, I'm just saying the truth!) Wake Up, Open The Door And Escape To The Sea and Wester.


leongyiting said...

Yes, the originality of music is fading. The lyrics nowadays are getting so superficial. They may be nice to sing along and stuff, but they don't create the same impact as the music of the previous decades did.

Summer Shudder made me feel that way. The entire Decemberunderground made me feel that way, to be honest. I repeated the album eight times, reading the lyrics off the booklet. I don't know what it was, but it captured me and I couldn't stop it.

There are other songs, but I think this comment is getting too long. Hahaha.

Way to go, Jade! You're really keeping up with the updating :D


Haras said...

Ready for a cliche answer? haha.

Miseria Cantare. I still remember where I was when I first listened to it. I had just gotten back from FYE where I bought Sing The Sorrow. I layed on my living room floor and put on my headphones and pressed play. And once Miseria started, I just got this feeling that I'd be sticking with AFI for quite some time.

And 4 years later, here I am. ha.

I can't think of any other songs that have really floored me as much as that one.

stella said...

I really can't think of absolutely amazing music that has come out this year either. Songs that are making mainstream aren't a product of an organic process anymore... they're a product of people taking an image and selling it. I know there are artists who hit mainstream who are talented vocalists, but they don't write their own songs, and in that way I feel like it doesn't come from the heart. To me, all of the music that is being fed to people through media is just melding into one, so there seems to be a lack of originality and therefore a lack of pure emotion felt when hearing their music.

I do get that feeling from a lot of bands I love, though, and those bands are the ones that I hold on to, and will have with me for the rest of my life. Not trying to suck up, but I have to be honest and say that when I first heard God Called in Sick Today years ago the emotion absolutely floored me, because it was so raw. It's still one of my favourite songs and will always have a special meaning to me. Thank you. :)

Arsenic Boy said...

So, What are your top 10 albums and top 10 songs for 2007?

LoveAfterDeath said...

Good music is gettting harder to find. It seems to me that the music these days are more like rap and stuff like that. I personly am not a fan of rap. Randomness =P Sorry. XD And way I know it would be hard for me to pick my top ten albums and top ten songs for this year. XD The good thing is you and the guys are still coming out with great,awesome music! Thank you! =] In the words of Naurdward: Keep on rockin in the free world! XD I'm sorry you had to do interveiws with Naurward, he seems "odd" XP

propelwave said...

i agree with ya. All of the music these days, like some rap songs are just totally pathetic. There are really no good songs that really have a meaning anymore. Its just really sad sometimes.

Somnambulist Prose said...

It's rare to come across music nowadays that is able to move me like that..

Music that makes your entire universe disappear, your thoughts drift to another world, and sends chills shooting through your body - goosebumps all over...A sensation overload that is almost too much to handle. THAT is what happens when you hear GOOD music.

Congrats Jade(as well as the rest of AFI) for being one of the ONLY artists who can still manage to give me that feeling. You are what true music is.

Lexcide said...
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Jessi said...

Yeah I have.

I nearly had a heart attack when Coheed and Cambria's new CD was released because the first song, "The Reaping" was just so powerful and amazing. I literally couldn't breathe when I first heard it, and it was just the intro to the CD.

You're totally right about the music from this year though. 2006 was WAYY better for obvious reasons.

Jessi said...

Yeah I have.

I nearly had a heart attack when Coheed and Cambria's new CD was released because the first song, "The Reaping" was just so powerful and amazing. I literally couldn't breathe when I first heard it, and it was just the intro to the CD.

You're totally right about the music from this year though. 2006 was WAYY better for obvious reasons.

angelic_cries said...

When I first heard AFI, I felt that way. I was just so taken back by what I was hearing, I couldn't get enough. & still can't.


But yes, I know what you're saying about the music. =/

I think it is because it comes easy to us as well as not so great lyrics being written.
There's a lot of good songs out there... it's just so common that it's kinda hard to pick out the great ones.


It's Meagan! Meagan C. said...

yes of course!

This Time Imperfect for sure, made me cry the first time I heard and seeing it live made me cry even more.


Lexcide said...

It's a tie between Jeff Buckley's cover of Hallelujah and Morningstar.

(Yes, because you're all just that amazing).

Mama Khat said...

Yes, quite a few times actually. What's kinda weird for me to be saying is that I was sitting outside one day humming a tune then words popped into my head. Of course, difficult times make for the best songs in my experience. I quickly wrote it down with out really thinking of what I was writing. When I was finished I read it through and literally cried b/c it was so heartfelt and true. I'm usually my worst critique so it was quite refreshing. I've actually put that into a collaboration with some other people for you guys for Christmas. Look for it :) *oops I think I spoiled something lol* Sshhh

exorcist emma said...

Indeed Jade. Strawberry Fields Forever is probably one of thee greatest songs of all time. . .in my opinion. This Time Imperfect is just like one of those 'wow' songs I must agree. And the begining of Prevent This Tragedy by Alkiline Trio. Only the fist time you hear it though. . .most music sucks these days =[

awokennightmare said...

No. But seeing your face has the same effect. :)

Haha. Charly

Amarantos Everlasting said...

I know what you mean.
When I first heard "The Eternal" by Joy Division I stopped everything I was doing and sort of disappeared to That song took me away and when it was over and I snaped out of it I realized I had tears in my eyes. I absolutely loved the song from that day on.

I heard The cure's "Boys don't cry" at my aunt's place and I loved it so much I kept repeating the lyrics in my head and then wrote them on a piece of paper so I wouldn't forget it.

When my father played Billy Joel's "Piano man" for me I waited until he had gone to work and took his record and took it to my friend's house and played it for him. That song inspired him to learn to play the piano and he also got a harmonica and could play the beginning of the song perfectly. Also, whe my dad played me The beatles' "I'm only sleeping" I just HAD to ask him for the record. He actually gave it to me...this was all when I was little. Years later he sold it to a flea market but at least I had it for a while.

When I was 10 years old at a x-mas party, I saw a music video for a song by a local artist. The video caught my attention and I leaned closer to listen. The song blew my mind and for the rest of the night all I could think of was that song and the strange guy who sang it. I asked for his album for santa day and got it. A year later I went to my first concert, it was his concert and I have been a devoted fan of his music since then.

I have more, I could go on but I'll spare you...after this one: "The great disappointment" by none other than AFI. I had bought my copy of STS and came home to get busy cleaning the house. I put it on but wasn't really paying attention because I was going to listen to it more carefully later on. When this song came on I immidiately loved the melody...and when I heard the line "...I'd search for the Amaranth, I'd close my eyes to see..." I dropped the mop, turned the volume up and started the song again. I sat on the couch to listen and ended up crying. I never finished cleaning the house. I just sat there re-playing it and reading the lyrics. It made a HUGE impact and still makes me cry to this day.

Most of the songs that had a big impact on my life are old or by artists who are no longer around. It's true music is not the same as it used to be...but be proud that the only recent song that made me cry and had a huge impact is one of yours. That says a lot about your music, at least in my opinion.

Amarantos Everlasting said...

Sorry for the essay like post. Got over exited.

Dancealways said...

Alive - Pearl Jam, and this song has continued to have multiple significances for me.

Hurt- NIN - I didn't pull over off the road, but I was in the dark, in the mountains and drove extra carefully.

Crown of Thorns - Pearl Jam cover. Driving again. Sparkling sunny ice, water and snow, in the mountains. It was like what church should have been.

So. What are your top 10 albums/songs of 2007?

Steven Seagull said...
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Steven Seagull said...

I think I had that. But's not really easy nowadays. It's actually very hard for me to find new music and I find myself going back to my old favourites. And coming up with 10 songs? that's hard.

Sometimes I think it's because most of the musicians are not creating music anymore to actually "sell" a feeling, emotions etc but to simply get money out of it. I can tell it if someone just makes music because of the money aspect. You can tell if someone writes something down that comes straight from his heart. No matter if it's a positive memory or a quite negative experience.

But from time to time, I find that "special" song that touches me in a way I can't describe with words. It takes some time but they're out there. And in some situations I'm suprised how I find it.

For me...a great example is Jawbreaker's Jet Black.

eskimo_rocket said...

I had an exhilarating experience today. At the wedding I was catering, I could have sworn this one guy looked identical to you (you know, without the amazing hair)

Although, his ears were gaged and he had some kind of strange nose ring, until I remembered that Smith was your brother I was all over him.

He drank a lot of white wine.

Christine said...

Of course truly great songs are still being written, they just don't get mainstream airplay. Really enjoyed "By False Lights" by Trembling Blue Stars and "Del Mondo" by Robert Wyatt this year.

She Sees Light said...

Not sucking up, but that's one of the major reasons I'm such a terribly lost AFI fan. I think lots of music is becoming too commercial, er, at least the songwriters are caring more about what people will want to hear instead of what they really want to write. There are less meaningful songs out there, and the ones that are never get a chance to be heard because either no one knows they exist, or no one wants to hear them. It seems like people are totally slipping and missing the entire meaning of songwriting, and that's pulling the generation into the mud.

If I was you, Jade, I would've just pulled ten songs from CexCells.

Drea said...

Yea those songs are out there
you guys are the only ones keeping them alive.

one of the firt songs to do that to me
was definately

she said endlessly (acoustic)

It made me cry it was just so beautiful.

She Sees Light said...

Also, thank you for liking the Beach Boys, because most of my friends make fun of me for liking them as much as I do.

Karlye said...

I'm not trying to suck up, but to be honest, Snuff On Digital absolutely floored me. I was online and you guys had put up the entire CexCells album and I was listening to it. When it first came on I had to stop what I was doing and just listen. It was fantastic.

Thank you. :)

LoveAfterDeath said...

Yes I have heard a few songs that make me wanna break down in tears. One would have to be Pink-Conversations with my 13 year old self. It reminded me of myself and my life memories. Pink also did a song called Family Portrait...That too reminded me of some childhood memories. But as always Jade,I love you <3 <3 xxx Sarah xxx

morti_viventi said...

haha, well, a song like that comes once in a lifetime. It's not like every song on the radio back then was a "Strawberry Fields Forever" you know. Otherwise Brian Wilson wouldn't have thought anything of it.

It makes me sad when people say that music isn't as good as it used to be. To me, those people just aren't looking hard enough. You can't expect centuries of genius to repeat in a single year.

Marisa said...

Oh, man, I have that feeling all the time. In fact, I'm often surprised to learn that other people don't feel that way about songs.

The first time I heard "Upward over the Mountain" by Iron & Wine, I just had to stop what I was doing and listen to it again. And again. It's so delicate - fragile? - that it slides right into you.

"Creep" by Radiohead. Everything about that song is visceral. It hit me at a level that was almost primal.

"The Waitress" by Tori Amos. It's the kind of song that I would never have the guts to write, or even think about writing, but as soon as I heard it, I went, "I've felt just that."

"Conceived Sorrow" by Dir en grey. Everything I've ever wanted in a ballad and then some. :] I don't know if you've heard of Dir en grey, but they're a wonderfully versatile Japanese band that's just getting established in the US.

"Do I Disappoint You?" by Rufus Wainwright. It's beautifully crafted - melodically, lyrically, everything. It floored me at first, simply because it was so perfectly put together, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

And, of course, a nod to you- "The Leaving Song". It's so stripped down and bare, that you can't help but be touched at a very basic level.

I'll stop rambling - I'm a terrible music geek. But don't give up on good music! [I know it's hard to keep the faith when all you hear is bad pop-punk and, uh, Colbie Caillat.] It's there! You just have to search a bit.


I know exactley what you these day have either no point to them or they just dont catch your ears like the artist want them too....but I got say the ones I have heard are from great bands like you guys plus the side project, blaqk audio, three days grace, my chemical romance, and madina lake. And so hearing songs like that has inspired me to write song on personal and other experiences, well mybe just the words...And yes I have heard songs that made just want to floor it...for instense, I have never heard the song Just Like Heaven until you guys had sung it. I listen and of course I cried like a little baby...Well I hope you find the ten songs...

Elohoim316 said...

Ugh, seriously.
All music now isn't original. It's just the same crap over and over and over again, just with a slight change in melody, if that.

I think the one song that changed my life in general was Nirvana's
Half The Man I Used To Be.

I remember my friend playing it for me and I asked who it was, because it sounded REALLY familiar.

When he told me that it was Nirvana, I couldn't believe it. To hear Kurt doing something so different was wonderful.

I love how he only knew three chords and made a legacy out of it.

That was one song that changed my perspective in music.


Well there are some really nice and original bands out there (AFI/BA being one of them, of course :) )

Camilla said...

I used to listen to the radio all the time a couple of years back when the music was still good, but now, I can barely remember the last time I had it on except for maybe a short while. Every song sounds the same and there's very seldom something that actually catches my attention as being good, sadly... Which is why I'm always carrying my iPod around, wherever I go.

And when it comes to songs that have touched me so much I had to stop what I was doing, then yes, there are definitely some of those. Not to be a suck-up, but I think the one that left the biggest impression on me was when I played Sing The Sorrow and the Spoken Word came on for the first time. I was sitting on my bed, studying for a math test and I just had to stop. Corny as it may sound, I had tears in my eyes because the song really touched me! The Cure's "Trust" is another one that also made me stop in my tracks when I first heard it.

For you guys as musicians, I think that's something you should be really proud of; that you can touch so many of your fans on such a deep level. Gives me hope that there still IS some good music left in the world, and thanks for creating it for us, Jade.

Nickie M. said...

no.... never... i never got that feelin'... and the music...
the world where rihanna's umbrella the best single of the year must be burned than ploughed up and thanthanthan must be sprinkle with salt!!! -it was in the hungarian history i think, but i can't remember...-
honestly... the music is getting more and more worst nowadays... and i can't wait for a band or a single man/woman who'll makes so great songs, that make me amazed...

frantic1 said...

You are right. Your post inspired me to put on The Beatles Abbey Road.(I wanted to listen to Strawberry Fields but that Cd is nupstairs where hubby is sleeping) I had forgotten how beautiful it is. Nothing to compare this year that I've heard.
You guys take your time with your new Cd and come out with something visceral and fabulous.

BlackRabbit said...

the first time i heard just like heaven from the cure i actually cried...because it is such a beautiful song....and a touching one
its kinda hard to find songs to love these days...

Jennerz said...
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TattedDoll said...

When I heard "Morningstar" by this awesome band named AFI the first time I was in my room listening to music and cleaning when it came on I stopped walked over to my CD player and sat down in front of it.(my cd player used to be on the floor).
"Clove Smoke Catharsis" by AFI,
"Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana

Ashleigh said...

Sadly, yes, the state of music these days is beyond awful.

I've only had a song affect me to that extent once in my life. I've fallen in love with songs from the moment I hear the first note, which has only happened with songs from three bands - Evanescence, AFI and Blaqk Audio. But there's only one time in my life where a song has so completely and utterly floored me.

I don't remember the exact day. I had an iTunes gift voucher that needed a-spendin'. Since I had no idea what to get, I decided that since I was technically not paying for whatever I ended up getting, I might as well get something new, so it wouldn't matter if I didn't like it. I decided to get the album that had those two songs I'd heard and really liked - Miss Murder and Love Like Winter.

When Summer Shudder came on, I was completely floored. I just sat there, staring at the computer screen, unable to do anything but listen. When it finished, I had to listen to it again just to reassure myself that it actually existed and wasn't a figment of my imagination.

Kimie said...

Most certainly!!
Your song "This Time Imperfect" did that to me.
A couple of Suede songs do it to me too.

Susan said...

"Alone with our madness and favorite flower
We see that there really is nothing left to write about.
Or rather, it is necessary to write about the same old things
In the same way, repeating the same things over and over
For love to continue and be gradually different." - John Ashbery

So this is not the quote I was looking for, but it might suffice. I remember some saying from a long time back, either about literature or music - which basically said that everything worth writing has already been written. And the amusing thing about it, is that it was said earlier enough to make you laugh - because many great things came afterwards. wish i could find the quote, i am being a bad librarian today and failing to cite my sources. oh well, it is sunday morning.

I've felt the same way about literature this year. At work we do "mock awards", and we had a very short list of nominations this year. So, it isn't just the music field that is lacking.

but back to Smells Like Teen Spirit, I really felt that was an anthem for my generation. I was in middle school when it came out...and I think people were so sick of hair bands and meaningless songs about cherry pie, etc (I'm guilty, I listened to the hair bands). Maybe we are just waiting for that band or song to be written to shape the next generation. any takers?

Fluffo said...

Quite a few.

Hey You, Comfortably Numb, most any other song - Pink Floyd

Let Down, Fake Plastic Trees, A Reminder, Black Star, etc- Radiohead

Times They are A-Changing - Dylan

Cathar Rhythm, Mirror, Impera - Era (melody > words)

December - Lydia (most likely due to the situation I was in when I heard it, and only the last two minutes or so really "floored" me)

Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset - Modest Mouse, and this includes the guitar line

Sleep - Godspeed

I Never Wanted You - Headphones

Behold! The Nightmare, Disarm - SP

Dark Angel - VNV Nation

Xochicalco - Jaguar

I Broke Up - Xiu Xiu

Yes, I do realize that I'm the only asshole who actually listed almost every song I could remember as if you cared.

Fluffo said...

Obligatory kiss-ass addition:

Despair Factor, courtesy of Davey's "FAAALLLLLLLLLLLL"

Mina said...

..nope, I've never heard such a song..and that really's not that there's no good stuff at it's just my emotion condition..that hasn't been so good lately..feels like I'm tired of all music)
Korey Tailor impressed me though.. with his stone sour's - zzyzx rd not so long ago)

fall in love with blaqk audio said...

Yeah,when I first time heard "Miss Murder" AFI ,I just...don't know,fall in love.The same,when I heard Blaqk Audio Album.All songs are realy fucking good.

JoeMama said...

I believe it was "Pet Sounds"...the Beach Boys album that you meant. It was the one that was Beatles-influenced. And then it inspired the Beatles to make Sgt. Pepper.

And I completely agree with everything you said. I'm a year older than you, and I've actually even been playing guitar longer than you and I seriously have not liked current music for at least 15 years. It just seems so "fabricated" now by the record labels and people who just wanna make money off of a pretty boy band. I saw a guy playing jazz/blues guitar in a restaurant the other night and he was literally, literally one of the best guitarists I've ever heard. Sadly, music has nothing to do with talent anymore.

Anyway just keep on doin' what yer doin'. We all seem to like it. :)

KamHeiwa said...

the beatles are amazing, and when i first heard "This celluloid dream". i was just blown away it reminds me of christmas lights fireworks, masqurades and tragedy
i love it.

XbloodflowerX said...

It's really difficult...Now mainly all bands don't sing interior feelings and emotions(((And modern music doesn't make us happy(((
But there are good bands too. And of course it's "The Cure" - one of the wonderful bands of our world!All their songs are marvelous and remarkable!Bloodflowers,Trust,Love Song,Boys Don't Cry,Lullaby...I can't count all of them!They all make me happy!
Also Morrissey.In his songs he feels experiences of soul .When I listen his songs I write poetry...
There are many other bands that play really good music.However it is not enough of them...

.vjesci. said...

.you must have some favourite books|films as well, oui?

x0xAFIx0x said...

yepyepyep - the floored feelin rox!

It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it comes back everytime you hear the song :)
The whole world could collapse around u and u still wouldn't notice when you're in the 'floored zone.'

So glad u update a lot nowadays - YAY xxxx


Devin said...

i think most of the music being produced today is appropriate for the time and the people, if you know what i mean. there's this loss of an understanding that music can be more than just for entertainment or a good beat. let's start a renaissance. let's create meaningful music.

and morningstar. that was the song that absolutely floored me. i'd pick hey there, delilah, as a top song this year, because it's such a sweet and romantic song.

Carrie said...

In the past year?

The final songs on Aqualung's Memory Man - 'Garden of Love' and 'Broken Bones' are two that come to mind. 'Smokey Joe' on Tori Amos' American Doll Posse chilled me to the core.

I don't know if it was necessarily the visceral reaction you're referring to, but I was definitely transported elsewhere - still am, a lot of the time.

Just Michi said...

I understand what you mean, it's an honest tragedy that the music business is dying. As a musician myself, I see the effects of the current culture everyday on it. Nothing really blew me away this year, either.

I remember the first time I heard 'The Eternal' by Joy Division, I was blown away-it had been a really hard few months for me, and when the song started, I just broke down because it was so amazing to me.

Rogue Phantom said...

Once in a blue moon a song will hit me like hot ice and wash through me. It is kind of like watching the stars in that it relieves you of everything else for that moment in time. I think it is all the more special that it only comes once in a while so that we know just how magical it really is.

nancy said...

one of my favorites songs is northern star by Hole, the first time i heard it, i was really touched by the lyrics and the music,,

smoke goes to god said...

There's a lot of them...

At A Glance
Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37
Heart Shaped Box
...just to name a few.

Fragile said...

I think everyone is so caught up in how we get our music that we're losing sight of the actual content. There's a few phenomenal local bands that have affected me greatly, but I wasn't thrilled this year with many major releases. I hardly bought any albums, and the music industry thinks that it's the internet's fault. Well, maybe mediocre music is the problem. I keep going to the record store and leaving with nothing. It makes me sad.

Emily said...

Thrash Unreal by Aginst Me!. It's such a beautiful, well-written song, with true meaning behind it. I began to cry uncontrollably the first time I heard it, and it still brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.

shanagdi said...

I was listening to The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, CSN & Y, Janis Joplin (Big Brother and the Holding Co.), etc... in the womb or soon after leaving the womb. It was one of the greatest gifts and memories that my parents gave me that I try to do with Adair.

There was always music around me.

I was trying to recall some of the moments where I was floored.

In no particular order:

~ 'Sheela Na Gig' by PJ Harvey. I can still remember the phone call where Renee played this song for me and asked if I wanted her to make me a copy. It was like nothing I had EVER heard. Dry & Rid of Me are two albums I still listen to from start to finish.

~ 'How Soon Is Now?' by The Smiths. I used to go over Matt's house to watch Mtv. There were unspoken rules about turning off certain bands' video. I was always very quiet and passive about things. However, I remember (and so does Matt) the day this video came on and I SCREAMED at him when he tried to talk over and/or turn the station. I was in love from the first listen. I am still in love with The Smiths.

~ 'A Night Like This' by The Cure. Head on the Door was the first Cure album I owned. I was getting ready to see The Cult when I listened to it. I stood motionless when I heard that song. I still do. The emotion it conveys... Adair makes fun of me and asks if I am okay when I listen to this song because I always stop and typically sigh.

~ 'Winter' by Tori Amos. It is personal.

~ 'Ocean Size' by Jane's Addiction. I was floored by the whole album, "Nothing's Shocking". I was in the back of Kristin's (RIP) car with her and Renee when I heard it for the first time. I had never heard anything like it.

~ 'Silver & Cold' by AFI. I saw the video on the rock countdown on Mtv2. The song made me feel. I was recovering from chemotherapy and had started radiation treatments. I was miserable and angry. It soothed me. I taped the video and watched it repeatedly/obsessively so I could hear the song. I immediately bought the cd. I have never been the same and am floored whenever I listen to AFI.

Christa said...

yeah, that's happened to me with a few songs. Not many anymore which is sad. I remember when I first heard The Seatbelts, which are this band that do music for Cowboy Bebop and they are amazing. There song "Gotta Knock a little harder" is amazing. When I first heard it, I had to sit and listen to the whole thing and then I kept playing it over and over. It was the ending credit song on the cowboy bebop movie so I had to play the credits over and over.
Patti Smith is the other artist that floors everytime I hear her and Kimya Dawson too. I want to hug her but she might be creeped out by that..
I'm sorry about this random comment. I just your blog and I was like that's happened to me! so yeah..

DropDeadGorgeous said...

im defintely not enjoying it.
mostly because band members keep dying in there sleep. =|
not cool.
but other then that music hasnt been good these days.
so many bands sound the same.

i think "shadow play" by joy division.
ian voice is so haunting & i quite enjoy it.
any joy division song is great actually.


RavenCkye said...

completely true, people just don't put the same amount of emotion and dedication into their music these days. its terrible.

the first time i read the lyrics to The Lost Souls i started crying, the first time i heard Cut Here by the Cure I started crying, that just really doesn't happen anymore.

la ghost said...

Yes, I've had that with some of your songs. They make me drive fast, and I have a lot of speeding tickets.

Should I send you the bill?

No really, besides AFI there are a lot of songs that sink into my soul, but not of recent.

la ghost said...

My list of vast songs from this past year:

Nantes - Beirut

Storm Coming - Gnarls Barkley

Doomsday Clock - Smashing Pumpkins

Forever Fades Away - Tiger Army

The Fear of Being Found - Blaqk Audio

I Will See You In Far Off Places - Morrissey

Shentel said...

The first song I can remember feeling that way about was Silver and Cold. I'm not saying that to kiss your ass, I'm being completely serious.

The second song was The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New.

And the last one I remember being that way about was To Wish Impossible Things by the Cure.

ding's little sister said...

I've been wondering why music has just been dying these days.
Top artists used to be The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, etc...
Now we have Fall out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. ...Ew

Moi? Morningstar. I heard that song; I died.

manz said...

Hell yeah, I have..lots (:
(Not including AFI songs, though I love you guys so much :D)

Lauren said...

I had this experience with pretty much every other Blaqk Audio song.
Cities Of Night blew me away.

Sneaky Ninja said...

morning star by..afi.(obviously)... it still floors me.. as well as fall back down by rancid. i could listen to both songs on repeat and never get tired of them, although i try and not listen to them in the car, caues then i would not be a safe driver...

TEXAS! said...

I am like a week late on this (mostly cause I was in Lancaster w/o a computer) but.

Holding Someones Hair Back by Circa Survive made me so furious. Just fucking FURIOUS. Furious that every other band in the world was bullshitting everything they did and that this band that no one harldy knows is so full of real emotion. Like I felt ashamed for whoever that song is about. I got so pissed. I can't listen to that song anymore. It just get too mad at everyone.

AreYouInOrAreYouOut said...

Not to suck up but The Love Letter did that to me. I've had it on my mp3 player but never really listened to it. So I was on the bus and was really paying attention to my music and heard that and started crying. After that I sent it to everyone so they can hear good music and they loved it as much as I did.

Amelie said...

Aahaa! Yes!
When I heard Girls not Grey.
Oh, and when I listened to the song by Placebo, you know, Post Blue.
It was live.

Ahaha. And My Chem's Helena.

But I haven't heard anything totally amazing lately---I first listened to all of those quite a while ago.
Jade, this is so melancholy of you.

Elisabet said...

Oh, I completely agree!
My best friend and I complain constantly about the gross repetition of sub-par songs on the radio nowadays.

Honestly, the first time that I heard "Silver and Cold," "Endlessly, She Said," and "Wake Up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea" the breath was stolen away from my lungs and I cried. I know they're AFI/Blaqk Audio songs, but I guess that just goes to show you how profound both of those groups really are. <3
Another song that breaks me is "You Must Be Bleeding Under Your Eyelids" by Blindside.

Lenore said...

You're right. There are few artists out there nowadays who are genuine, and it shows.

Yes, I've encountered songs like this, that have turned my world upside down. They're definitely not mainstream though, to say the least! It's a shame.

Kaylee said...

I can't stand the radio out east. Lately I've been finding the best music underground. Bands who aren't in everyone's face and certainly aren't on the top 20. I roll my eyes everytime I look at Billboard. Heard U-Phonik last night in Charlotte doing covers and they were awesome...

GermaricanMix said...

I don't know if a song has ever impacted me that much. You and AFI as a whole have changed my point of view regarding some things as have one or two other bands, but a song...I dunno.

Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome" actually made me shiver the first time I heard it. Literally a full body shiver. Music had never done that before and that's when I decided I NEEDED their CD.

Savage Garden's "Crash and Burn" helped me through when my mother had cancer and Darren Hayes' solo stuff usually moves me almost to tears. I guess all that counts.

NatalyFancyKetchupRox said...

The one song that has floored me is the acoustic version of Stare at the Sun by Thrice. The lyrics, the music, everything just hit me like a ton of bricks. I just sat there staring at my T.V. screen amazed. To this day that song brings chills to my spine. There have been other songs that made me feel those chills but this was the first song to do that.

Erica [DF] [sXe] said...

I'm soooo happy your keeping up with your blog so well lately! lol

Really all AFI songs hit me emotionally (more so God Called In Sick Today, Endlessly, She Said, and This Time Imperfect), some Panic! At The Disco, and definitely My Chemical Romance.

But other then that, most lyrics these days are just fluff.


Daya Destructisaur! said...

That's how AFI came to be my favorite band... you guys are really the only "mainstream" band that has ever been able to do that to me, sadly. Good music these days seems to be dwindling. Luckily, I'm pretty young, so I just keep tracking down older bands/artists that no one's heard of any more. That's where all the good music is. But indie music seems to be blossoming, and there's quite a few good popular indie bands around right now like "The Postal Service" and "Bright Eyes". I don't know... maybe my generation will change the downslope of good music... I serriously doubt it, though.

Pash said...

Oh yes, many times. The most recent example was "Marble House" by The Knife. I heard only a snippet on the radio...within seconds I flew into a frenzy Googling the lyrics whilst screeching "WHO DOES THAT SONG?!"

It's one of those songs that gives me really, really strong mental images--this one full of dark hallways and women in black half-submerged in flooded rooms, like some Korean horror flick.

It's #4 on my iPod top 25 now...still behind LLW, 37mm and the Birthday Massacre's "Video Kid" (which was another one--I think I had that on loop for 3 hours straight when I first heard it.)

Vicious said...

NIN - "Zero Sum" -- stopped me cold the first time, and still has the power to paralyze me. Also the new Tiger Army helped me get thru the summer without opening a vein, so that's always bonus points for a record.

So . . . what songs and albums wound up making your top 10s? And who forced you to make them? You say you "had" to come up with them; you give the impression you were listmaking under duress or something. Much luv

< v >

Alyssa said...


This Time Imperfect.

I was speechless.
And keep in mind I heard this waaay after STS had come out. I was like "how did I never know this song existed?!"

Lacy Cherie said...

Not sucking up or anything, but in all honesty, Semiotic Love did that for me. I was just telling my friend how much that affects me. It makes me smile because it's such a good song and it makes me want to get up and dance but at the same time it makes me want to cry in that 'oh my god this is the most amazing thing I have ever heard, its so beautiful' kind of way. Cexcells and pretty much all AFI has always done that for me. You should really be proud.

Ebon said...

Honestly and this is weird cause its such a little song compared to something epic like "strawberry fields" but when i heard Silversun PIckups this past year with "lazy Eye" it stopped me and made me remember what i loved about music. Also "So I Thought" By flyleaf has been known to bring a tear to my eye...

OptimisticPessimist said...

"some Panic! At The Disco, and definitely My Chemical Romance."


ChinchillaDust said...

I grew up with a hippie father, so my youth was spent listening to many extraordinary artists from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

I can list many artists whose melodies and lyrics left me raw and wanting on the inside. Since I do not want to spend an hour typing, I will shorten this post greatly.

Here are only 10 songs that "floored" me...

"Ramble Tamble" by CCR
"Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin
"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan
"With A Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Cocker & The Grease Band (The "Live @ Woodstock" Version)
"In My Life" by The Beatles
"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" by Bob Dylan
"Lola" by The Kinks
"Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" by The Beatles
"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" by Crosby, Stills & Nash (The "Live @ Woodstock" Version)
"Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday

I could list many other Beatles and Dylan songs, and many others that truly "floored" me, but I really wanted to limit the list, which in the end was extremely tough to do. :(

Anne said...

There must me more then these two songs that struck me, but I clearly remember these:
Gone with the Sin by HIM, and a dutch song called Op straat by Guus Meeuwis.
Gone with the Sin touched me because it was so soothing, and warm, and it had me hypnotized mostly because of the music.
Op Straat is a song I'd normally never listen to (it's a typical dutch folk-song), but I heard it in a shop, and the lyrics touched me so much, I had to stop and listen to the song.

By the way, I think there's always a lot of great music being written/played/made, you just have to know where to find it. It may not always be on the radio, but there's a lot of beginning bands that make wonderful, touching songs.

Alexis Ann said...

Yes, thats the rush I got the first time I listened to AFI. I was watching MTV but I had gotten up to look at an IM someone sent me and I was talking to them for a little while, and then Love Like Winter came on. I just stopped typing and turned to watch the TV. It was beautiful how that song made me feel. No other song has done that to me before. It was amazing.

Shel said...

Hmm floored by a song..I would have to say Depeche Mode's "Home".
Martin Gore continually writes some of the most beautiful and simple lyrics today.

Kristi said...

I haven't heard a song that really phazed me in a long time. And, to tell the truth, most songs that have made me feel that way are songs that I have been playing in a concert band. One of those times when everyone just plays it perfectly, and you hear what you were just a part of and get goosebumps. My middle school band director called them "Musical Moments", which they really are.

AFI songs do amaze me, especially when I've heard one a million time, but for some reason I'll notice something new and get one of those "Musical Moments". And, this year, I will have to say that The Love Letter really got me the first time (and any other time) I listen to it. Also, the first time I saw and heard God Called In Sick Today live it caught me off gaurd and made me loose it. It was St. Louis back in 2003 and I thought you weren't going to play it. But, it was the last song and I had stopped expecting it. I'll never forget that.

LoveAfterDeath said...

Wow, I looked through your whole blog....Of course it was awesome..
Haha, again with my randomness...I'm sorry Jade I'm wasting time. But any way... I have listend to ALOT of music in my life.

Bullet for my valentine-All these things I hate.Bullet for my valentine-Tears don't fall. Blaqk audio-semiotic love. Pink-Conversations with my 13 year old self. Pink-Family portrait. AFI-Dancing through sunday (Awesome guitar solo by the way). Red jumpsuit apparatus-Face down. Johnny cash-God's gonna cut you down. Johnny cash-Personal Jesus (or Marlyn manson) Should I go on? Come to think of it, Most of AFI's songs has hit me in a way, each way different.
Yeah I know that sounds weird, but it's true. And I think it's awesome that ya'll make music that makes you listen to the lyrics and them really mean some thing. I have lisstend to music that have no meaning......
xxx Sarah xxx

Dar M[anson] said...

When I first heard "The great disappointment" (Oh, sounds familiar!) I just... Well it's kind of hard to explain, it was like... Like my soul came out of my body and screamed it's heart out or... Somthing.
And... That was the closest explanation I could think about. How lame's that?XD
But honestly, I thank you so much for being a part of this.

Chick Vicious said...

Its sad to say i cried both times I've seen you play "God Called in Sick", its a very intense and emotional song, and I adore it.

screaming like dogs said...

i know this is gonna sound dumb, but:

1) video killed the radio star by the buggles

i know its ultra popular and sing alongy but, when i listen to the entire song, as a whole, im just like... amazed. i cant wrap my head around what an amazing song it is. maybe its not like the greatest song ever, but i cant fathom writing that song. like, i cant fathom a person writing that song. its incredible.

2) maybe someday by the cure

this song hits me full force like nothing else. its incredible.

2.5) ocean rain by echo and the bunnymen

holy shit, this song is like BAM inside of me. especially towards the end (lets see... at about 4:18) thats just like... i cant even explain it.

3) 37mm by afi

i know that atleast half the people commenting here are siting afi songs, but i cant help it. ive loved afi for quite a while, but this was the first song that actually went like BAM into me like no other. its also the first song that i listened to more than 50 times in a row. yeah, im cool.

4) Anirog D9 by squarepusher

this song is really short, but still, it strums something inside of me that i cant put my finger on.

5) sadie by alkaline trio

ok, again, not a 'great song' but its one of the songs that hit me again. not so much like, the musical composition, but the feel of the song. also, when i learned what the song was about, i started reading more and more about the manson family and everything. this song means alot to me.

Rae said...

The best music these days comes from other countries, and/or is in unconventional genres.

Not to me a suck up, but I still can't listen to Wake Up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea very often. Not because it's bad, oh no. But because the emotions in it weigh so heavy on me that I can't handle it frequently.

Another song from the last year that hit me hard was Sonata Arctica (power metal band from Finland)'s song Paid in Full. Nothing describes the visceral punch in the gut that is a breakup better than that song.

marc said...

yeah when you started playing guitar after adams drumming in "days of the phoenix live @ hard rock" i was just so speechless.

i heard it like 100 times and i just thought i wanna play guitar.
so that song is the reason why i started playing guitar and now i have a really good version of it.

and every time i play that song im so proud and amazed.

so, great job jade.

blackviolet said...

No, I don't really think I've had that. Usually, I have to hear a song a few times before it affects me. While I may think it's beautiful or sad, it rarely has that "Oh my god, holy shit" effect immediately.

Maybe we're all just jaded.

Har har.

Ali said...

ghost by voxtrot

Michelle said...

I'd have to say The Leaving Song, I was listening to it for the first time, and it just pulled me in, and my love grew from there.

Also, Hallelujah cover by Jeff Buckley, I myself am not religious at all, but damn this song/version makes me want to be.

Light (L.A) ^.^ said...

Well thats quite sad, makes my heart frown(if it had a face),its certaintly true that music is much easier to get a hold of, no doubt, its even worse if it all sounds the same. I hope originality isn't dying but its hard to be original nowadays isn't it, one of my classes actually had a discussion about this XD. It must be one of the reasons I search for anything unique and different about a band or artist, something that'll make me say, "Thats never been done before.... Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!". Still young though, lets see what course ROCK music takes. But hey truly great songs are hard to find, so F**king happy I found you guys, you gave me a whole new perspective on music, yep, Girls Not Grey on the dreaded MTV (more like reality television now), wow, way long comment, not good, one thing you know that you should already know again, you and AFI are truly amazing and brilliant, thank you so much!!!!! ^_^ *flies a kite*, Peace Out!

Under Saturns Shadow said...

I don't know if you've heard anything by Strata, but their song "New National Anthem" is phenomenal. it really makes you think.
the first time I heard it I had no idea who they were. they were just some opener for Kill Hannah to me. but that song made me stop and listen to what they had to say. now they're one of my favorite bands, and they're amazing people

DarkWhiteSilence said...

soooo what are your top 10 albums and songs for 2007?

jess said...

the song savannah smiles on okkervil river's new cd (the stage names) makes me melt everytime i listen to it. i have no words to describe it, just give it listen if you wish.

wake up open the door and escape to sea (YOURS!) also makes me die a little. in a good way.

uhh, off cocorosie's new cd, the adventures of ghost horse and still born, has a few killer songs, my favorite is probably werewolf. cocorosie is this sister band that uses children's toys, a syns, and piano. one of them raps/sings and the other one sings long drowned out opera notes.

anyways these are probably my three fav songs of the year.

have a great day.

CM said...

The first time i heard "Last Time I Saw Cole" by Deadbolt... The first time i had seen Artemis Piledriver play... I dont know... Good luck on your list

CM said...

Oh yea... El Perversio off the same Deadbolt album as well

Winter said...

Oh, yes, I most definitely had that feeling before. Two songs, "30kft" by Assemblage 23 and "Endlessly, She Said" by...well, you know who it's by!

I mean, it just GRABS you. You stop everything that you are doing, just to listen and take everything in before you forget. It's surreal, it's magnificent, it's ephemeral.

Yeah, those moments make music worthwhile.

impure0purest said...

AFI always seem to leave me awe struck, and Wake Up, Open the Door, and escape to the Sea is a-fucking-mazing...
Minority by Green Day makes me want to cry and I don't even know with what emotion... I find that odd...
and right now the chorus of Famous Last Words by MCR is ultimate for me. It almost had me sobbing when I heard it live...

but nothing released this year has made me drop dead with awesome... It does seem to be that not very many good songs have been released recently ... which sucks...
oh well...

by the way.. what does the hottest ninja in town want for christmas???

punk in writing said...

The first time I heard "Chinese Burn" by Curve I was 17, heartbroken and my head and body felt like chaos.
The sound of uncomfortable noise merging into music, because that's what Curve sounds like to me, made perfect sense.

It still does, more than a decade later.
Every time I hear that song I feel any sadness fade into anger and the will to change or let go of the things that upset me.

The first song, or video, that had a lasting impact on me was "I love rock n roll" by Joan Jett. After 30 seconds of that video I knew that I wanted to be a kickass woman like Joan.

liebling said...

Dude, would I be covered in tattoos related to your band if that wasn't the case?!

I'm not being mean here but I'm kinda sick of people complaining about music these days. Yeah, it takes more effort to dig through the masses of cheap stuff until you finally find something that's really worth it but I still get moments like that regularly.

Of course that could also mean I'm just as lame as music these which case I would be lame but happy. =)

Starfish said...

There is one song, the christmas shoe song about a boy buying shoes for his dying mother...that was a touching song, I cried.

cera said...

definitelyyy and all that could have been by nine inch nails & cherry waves by deftones.

charlotte_capricorn said...

Jade, you are wrong. There were some really great albums this year. Like... RADIOHEAD In rainbows, how could you forget that? Its an amazing album, and also THE WHITE STRIPES - Icky Thumb, aaaand ARCTIC MONKEYS - Favourite Worst Nightmare... Those are the best albums this year :D
And songs I fell in love with... There is a really a lot of songs I truley love <3
Like, by you guys, when I first heard Miss Murder (it was Movie Awards performance), I didnt fell in love just with song, but in Afi.
Same for 30stm, which are amazing band... When I first hear some song, album, band, I remember everything that I did that day <3
Is that wierd?

shanagdi said...

~ Band of Horses: The Funeral

I forgot that one. It blows me away every time I hear it even if it is a portion of the song.

I also think that your songwriting skills are greatly overlooked. It does not matter whether you are writing for AFI or BA, I hear the structure and the little details you put into each song. It amazes me time and time again. I especially love listening with earphones so that I can hear the subtle details that might get lost when listening on a stereo.

Sarah said...

I know this is pretty obscure, but when I heard "For Real" by Okkervil River on a college radio station, I spent months trying to find out what it was. I was stuck in traffic on the way home from school when it came on, and it just blew me away. It's my absolute favorite song of all time. (I hesitantly say that seeing as you're a member of two phenomenal music groups.)

Finchy Panic said...

I think I was pretty floored when I heard Foundations by Kate Nash for the first time. I actually went out and bought an album for the first time in 6 months. She was just doing something a bit different, and staying in the mainstream. I heard the song on Jo Whiley's show and just thought 'Bloody hell this is good'.

Cherol said...

I've been floored by a few songs.
VNV Nation's "Illusion" and "Kill" by Jimmy Eat World are a few I can remember having to stop a conversation or whatever I was doing to listen to.
"Rock Lobster" makes me stop and drop everything, but that's just because I have to dance.

I'm not a fan of most of this years music.

Lauren said...

"Say" by John Mayer. It's the song he wrote for that movie Bucket List... I don't think the movie looks that great, but the song gave me that heart-wrenching-oh-so-beautiful feeling.

Sarizzle said...

Absolutely. Green Day's Good Riddance. I still get all teary-eyed and breathless when I listen to it. I owe my entire life to that song; it was what got me into Green Day which was what got me back into music in general. =]

It's probably very obvious but quite a few AFI songs steal my breath away; hell, the first time I heard all of Black Sails I ended up passing out. Utterly awesome.

More recently -- the new Coheed & Cambria album. I bought it a month ago and haven't stopped spinning it yet, not once. Mother Superior makes me break down and cry.. It's just sheer fucking brilliance.

SXM said...

It happens to me, sometimes. I actually have been pleased with my recent musical choices - we might have different musical tastes, despite the fact that the music you make is music that I love. Try listening to Avenged Sevenfold sometime. Their new album is sweet. Paramore's Riot! is good, if you go for that sort of thing.

As for songs affecting me, I've got to say that a lot of my such moments have been caused by AFI. Not to boost your ego or anything.

Pete said...

My Violent Heart - NIN
River in the Road -Queens of the Stone Age
Bodysnatchers - Radiohead
Starz - Smashing Pumpkins
Bonafied Lovin' - Chromeo
Throw it on Me - Timbaland&The Hives
Morning Rage - UNKLE
She Builds Quick Machines - Velvet Revolver
Need Some Air - BRMC
Saturate - Chemical Brothers

Karolina said...

I was floored by Morrissey's "To me you are a work of art" just by reading the title for the first time. Whoosh.

Keylimepie said... really were faced with a tough decision. I wouldn't be able to do it. lol.

I would have to say that when i heard the Somon Sheffield mix of Rotersand's 'By the Waters' I was absolutely this day i still can't figure out why, but that song is brilliant. and of course, i must add my AFI and Blaqk Audio experiences...just to keep with the predictability :P for AFI, I have numerous songs that have affected me throughout the years, but non stuck out the way 37mm did. I still get chills. as for Blaqk Audio...Cities of Night. it actually brought a tear to my eye...

snow_vs_asphalt said...

this year the songs did kind of suck. it's weird. idk, i feel like there're a lot more singers who are famous for like... their image or their character than for being good singers or songwriters, & maybe that has smething to do with it.

'Monsoon' by Tokio Hotel, who i KNOW you've heard of {lol} honestly did that to me the first time i heard it. i've listened to it sooo many times that now the edge is taken off it a little bit but i still love it so much, & i still tear up every time i hear the German version. it's ridiculous. Bill's voice just blows my mind. he sounds so perfect on that song, it's crazy.

dannydunlop said...

When I first heard the hidden track after Affliction, my jaw dropped and I was frozen.

Motion Sickness and Lets not Shit Ourselves by Bright eyes did it too.

Susan said...

My library just got "Rockaby Baby! - Lullaby Renditions of Green Day". I kid you not. I wonder if they left the f-bomb in there for the little kiddies.

I know what I am listening to on the way home work. Bizarre. So when is AFI's lullaby album coming out? :)

Kyle said...

Honestly when i heard days of the phoenix for the first time, i was blown away by it.I love that song with all of my heart.Until this day it is still my favorite song of all time.
From my favorite band of all time.

Sammi said...

That's happened to me a bunch of times. I have a few songs that I never play in the background because I like being able to devote all of my attention to them. I want to actually feel them rather than just listen.

The first time I heard Silver and Cold was in the car with my dad in 2004. I didn't say a word until the song was over because I didn't want to interrupt it. To this day, I still think it's the most beautiful song ever. Same with "Faint of Heart" by Coheed and Cambria. I listen to both of them every single night before I go to sleep.

"Hello" by Evanescence is really haunting and I used to cry whenever I listened to it. "Whatsername" by Green Day really hit a nerve with me too so it always made me cry, too. I don't like being sad, but I love that songs like that can trigger such emotion in me.

Anni Atrocity said...

Two days ago, I was reading about Anberlin in an AP magazine issue, and I noticed that they kept getting rave reviews. One review particularly praised their song "Fin." So I decided to check it out youtube, and I was shocked at how beautiful it was. I had also read an interview beforehand about Stephen's Christian's meaning behind the lyrics and about his "tug-of-war with God," and I started crying because I could relate to it so closely.

I'll probably come up with other songs after this, so sorry if I annoyed/annoy/will annoy in the future anyone with my comments.

Mr. Dax said...


Seriously, have you heard The Shins' new album yet?

Do yourself a favor, if you haven't already done so: sit down and spend some real quality time with Wincing the Night Away. That album is the closest thing to a masterpiece that has been released this year.

sally said...

I entirely agree with you. We are in need of another music revolution, like when The Beatles came along in the sixties and blew all those one-hit wonder pop bands out of the water, and changing music as we know it forever. Someone needs to come along and create something that makes people think, that nobody's ever heard before. Also, it doesn't help that the market is fueled by the industry and not demand. MP3s and downloads don't help, either.

And yes, I heard some absolutely captivating songs. "Semiotic Love" being one of them. :] Also, "The Interview". I'm not just sucking up here!

LifeOfAFallenAngel said...

When I heard the song Silver and Cold I felt that way. I'm honestly not just saying that cuz its a song by AFI either. I relate to the song so much, so much so that I'm getting part of the lyrics tattooed around my wrists. The song has really stuck with me over the years and helped me through some tough times.

[poison hearts] said...

yes. OMG. yes.
Jade, you are SO
dead on with this blog,
I've been telling people
the EXACT same thing for
quite some time now,
but they're all too
deadened by all the
garbage that's out there,
that they don't realize
just how right you and i are.
thank you for pointing this out
to an audience that deserves to
hear it. i applaud you.
you are, for a damn good reason,
one of the few people i dare
to call my heroes. thanks, Jade.


follow the white rabbit said...

God called in sick Today by AFI was unlike anything i have heard before. It's without a doubt the most insane song i've ever heard. It was a truly amazing experience, one which raised my standard for good music considerably. I actually thought about it the other day, because it has been a while since a really awesome song came out.

And i also think that maybe the easy access to music that the electronic age gives us makes us appreciate the song less in a way, because we're constantly trying to fill that hunger for the next awesome song.

Chelley said...

"the new" by interpol. i was working at hastings (a small town chain book/video/music store), and i was stocking children's books in the back, and i could just vaguely hear the music from the stereo in the music section. my friend formo had just snuck in the turn on the bright lights, and when i hear the guitar solo from "the new", i dropped the books i was holding and ran to the front of the store to find him and ask him what the song was, and i was absolutely amazed by the fact that i was in tears just hearing this music. and i love afi and blaqk audio and jade, you yourself have introduced me to so many amazing bands and artists, but "the new" is my absolute favorite song in the entire world, and i still get that feeling every single time i hear that song.

is there a song that has affected you like that?

Kathrynn said...

Morningstar was one of those. for sure.

also, Brothers on a Hotel Bed by Death Cab For Cutie.
i dont uaually like that genre of music, but my friend played this for me, and i was amazed.

and ...But Home Is Nowhere was pretty impressive too.

Kathrynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathrynn said...

Morningstar was one of those. for sure.

also, Brothers on a Hotel Bed by Death Cab For Cutie.
i dont uaually like that genre of music, but my friend played this for me, and i was amazed.

and ...But Home Is Nowhere was pretty impressive too.

Not Your Typical Mama said...

I didn't want to come here and kiss your ass, but I have to be honest here: When I got the Love Like Winter single in the mail, I opened it up, and put it on.
Then "On the Arrow" came on, and I stopped mid-craft-project with my son, to sit and listen. I may have even dropped the paper I was holding. My kid seemed to know what was up, and he sat and listened with me.
I was truly awestruck.

It still happens every so often. When I first heard "Dani California" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers I sat in my car, in the driveway, until it was over.

Hearing "Rappaport's Testament" by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, live in concert, also floored me. I stood and stared in awe until it was over.

Sorry for the novel. You asked. ;-)

Answer That And Stay Fashionable said...

wow. i haven't been on your page in a while! i missed all these blogs.

SMASHING PUMPKINS ALBUMS. i fucking love them. billy is amazing.

song i was floored by this year...stiff kittens.
and it's not just because it's Blaqk Audio.
but seriously, it soundes AMAZING the first time i heard it. very depeche mode = awesome.

keep the beautiful work coming, k? xx

Kara said...

I'm a suck-uppy fangirl so I have to say Summer Shudder. I was listening to it in my room, while listening to decemberunderground for the first time. It completely took my breath away.

Although, I think I had the same sort of sensation when I finally figured out what Kiss and Control was all about.

^.^; Heh, I'm pretty affected by music in general, but I know what you mean. Honestly, everything has been sounding generic for a while. Yikes.

Kara said...

Oh... I almost forgot.

...But Home is Nowhere (the entire track, including Spoken Word and This Time Imperfect) makes me cry almost every time I hear it. I have to distract myself if I don't want to end up soaked with tears.

Just thought I'd add that, heh... ^.^;

Miraenda said...

Well, I'm not going to be a kissass at all cause we are talking about the first time hearing a song and instantly being impacted by it. I was instantly impacted by your video of Prelude 12/21 before Miss Murder, but not by the song itself (it was the visuals). The song definitely is wonderful as is "Love Like Winter" but these weren't knock me off my feet moments.

For a song enthralling and astounding me, "Mad World" remake that appears in Donnie Darko is the song that has that claim to fame. It is likely my favorite current song of all time, and I love hearing it along with the Tears for Fears version one right after the other. Mad World has the sadness dripping down upon every beautiful note.

Another song that impacted me would be Blessid Union of Souls' song "I Wanna Be There" because I'd lost most of my family in 1998 around the time I first heard it and the theme of having a friend who would always be there was something I desperately needed.

Finally, a lot of the Depeche Mode songs like "One Caress," "Waiting for the Night," and "In Your Room" move me to this day.

ellydelish! said...

i cried my fckin eyes out when i first listened to 'this time imperfect',gahhhh.

oh,and NIN's hurt.
i just bawled like a child.heh.

ooh,a slew of updates eh jade?
that's what we like! :D

goodnight caroline said...

The Dresden Dolls' "Sing" left me literally breathless. I listened to that song like ten times in a row the first time I heard it.

...they are out there, those songs, but they're hard to find. People are also less open to the kind of emotional response those songs can trigger nowadays, so it's hard for a lot of people to be genuinely affected...

patchoulistink said...

in my early teens, i was pretty awestruck hearing concrete blonde cover leonard cohen's "everybody knows" on mtv's 120 minutes - it's still one of my favorites now:

art biter said...

Sweet to post in this wee dark corner, knowing that in all likelihood no one will ever read this.

And such a great thread! It read like a chapter from "Hairstyles of the Damned" - without all the bashings and the threats of detention. So...for me...

Closer/NIN...bit on the rough side, misanthropic, misogynist even...well maybe...if you're inclined to take things personally...but that's too facile. It seems like a pretty concise assessment of this being human thing that we're all stuck with while we're here. It never fails to run me down like a bullet train.

Reverence/Jesus and Mary Chain... at a show a few weeks ago. I had never seen or heard them before. They were stellar...laid back, inexorable and weirdly a dour way. This song nailed me to the wall.

All my AFI choices I'll submit in a 20 page, single spaced essay, under separate cover. Thanks for all you do! Can't wait to hear what's next.

DanaDo said...

elton john's "funeral for a friend." i swear it's underrated. cheezy, but epic. as for truly life altering music, the prelude to wagner's "tristan und isolde." no words of course, but chromaticism at its finest nonetheless. and as for songwriters today, pretty bleak as your post suggests. but jim adkins has always done great work. and i like where silverchair's going...not too much more i can think of...

Heathyre said...

Every time i turn on my Mp3 player, iTunes, w/e theirs a song that make me drop what I'm doing, cry, ect....theirs still music that can effect you like just have to know where to look.

Carly said...

When I heard, "Wake Up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea", I almost cried. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

Dali said...

I still get tears in my eyes when I hear The Leaving Song.

Brittney said...

i totally agree. and yeah i've had that feeling-it happened to me the first time i heard "Love Like Winter" and "Endlessly, She Said" :)

Nat said...

The first time I heard Life On Mars, I locked myself in my room for four days just listening to it. My dad had been a huge Bowie fan, and I guess i inherited that from him.

M. said...

Jade, I wholeheartedly agree. But actually, and I hate to be a kiss up, but "Miss Murder" really turned me on.


Lauren/Suzy/Bobby Joe said...

YES!! ...But Home Is Nowhere is my favorite song EVER. Especially the Spoken Word part. AMAZING. "There is poetry in despair". I always use that in a comeback when old people diss unhappy music...even though it makes me sound sort of..."emo" (I don't like that word...and you guys aren't "emo").

I also don't know why it blew me away but Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen became one of my fav songs ever when I was around 9ish years old. I have no idea what was going on in Freddie Mercury's head when he wrote that song.

I'm okay with Soulja Boy and other hip-hop or pop artists. Some people just want music they know..."chil" to. Just have a good time and dance. Infanct, I listen to pop, rock (heavy metal, punk, all the subgenres), electronic, hip-hop, and everything else. I love it all. Different music for different tastes, people, moods. In my opinion, it's all good and there's so many bands and so many opportunities for people to form bands that it's really not hard to find music you like. There's things like myspace, friends, iTunes, the radio (not all of the radio is bad).

However, with all the technology and such, you never really know who actually has talent and who's that's not good.

Sorry, I'm writing a lot...but it's either pretend I'm doing research for middle school debate class (my parents are watching me from accross the room...) or actually DO research.

p.s. And don't say I don't know what I'm talking about just because I'm young. I was a complete oldies junkie until I figured out how to press the button and change the radio station...last year. Damn global warming!

Michael D. said...

You basically just described what AFI was for me when I heard y'all for the first time. I was in 8th grade and my friend handed me an EP called All Hallows, and it completely blew my mind. I just skipped my next class period and listened to that EP at least 100 times. I went home, and decided I would play guitar and write music.

Thank you Jade.

Hannah said...

ah jeez. I am always on the lookout for songs like that. a lot of today's mainstream music majorly sucks. that's why I very rarely listen to the radio or watch MTV. despite that, there are quite a few songs that have that mesmerizing affect on me. your music definitely does. I cry almost every time I hear "Endlessly She Said". I'm not sucking up. I speak da truf :] haha.

"Boston" by Augustana is amazing. there'll be days where I'll listen to it like 10 times in a row. it just gets me every time.

I recently came across "Dead Stars" by Covenant, and it puts me in this trance whenever I listen to it. it's a good feeling ;]

"Ignore the Machine" by Alien Sex Fiend has a very snazzy beat and I really dig the vocals.

"Learning to Fly" and "Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty. very uplifting :]

I could go on for days, but I'll end it here. <333

Hannah said...

here are a couple more...

"What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" by Jimmy Ruffin is a masterpiece. I'm into older stuff too :]

"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" by the Scissor Sisters. I do dance when I listen to that. such irony.


Nish said...

yeah the song that completely floored me was Pretty in Punk by fall out boy "i see your boyfriend and i know if he treats you right, but that none of my buisness is it,im not the way you think i am"

Anonymous said...

dude, the first AFI song i heard was Death of Seasons. a friend forced me to listen to it, then i ran home, replaying it in my head, got it, and listened to it far into the night instead of studying for finals. i aced the finals :)

Anonymous said...

this ain't sucking up . . . endlessly, she said