Monday, February 18, 2008


The first 1000 comment post evaaaaa!!!


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Lay said...

yay first comment!
i feel special! :D
ok so when are you guys plannin on releasing the EP thingy?
cuz i thou ght it was going to come out in December and here it is January with no CD D:

Emma said...

Hmm, you're up late, Jade (or, you're probably just in an earlier time zone than me XD)

So, my question (predictably), has to do with the upcoming EP. If you can tell us - are all the songs going to be 'new'? Besides Carcinogen Crush, which we've already heard, are they going to be previously unreleased songs? If you can tell us, I'd love to know... but I can understand secrecy too, and that's fun as well ^^

Tracy said...

Because the EP release has already been brought up and I can't think of anything that original on a Monday night...what are you guys doing aside from working on the new album? what do you do when you're done working for the day?

Lay said...

oh and another question
can you help me cuz im choking on my spit???!?! :D wait no thats nothing to smile about.....if you dont help me you'll be charged with murder so yeah you better come to my house and help me

Karlye said...

That lighthouse layout is pretty tight.

Hmm, a question...... um, it took me a while to think of a decent question that didn't sound too stupid, but are you what do you think of the teams that are heading to the Superbowl this year? I don't care much for football but I would like to see the Giants beat the Patriots.

Haless said...

I hope you got the reply thing figured out, I have no idea. Yeah, light houses are cool! :) haha

piggy said...

What would you be doing if you weren't making music for a living? I've read that you went to college for sociology or something similar, so I just wondered what sort of plans you'd had for that.

OR, what do you think about America's inability to make decent horror movies which, therefore, makes them feel the need to make badly done Americanized versions of awesome Asian horror movies like The Eye, The Ring, The Grudge, One Missed Call, etc..
It makes me sad inside, like when people say, "I love that Nirvana song 'The Man Who Sold the World'" followed by them not knowing who David Bowie is when I tell them that he actually made it.

adore said...

Hola Jade!

As to a question:
Favorite concert that you went to in 2007 or/and what bands are you excited to seen in 2008? Have a fav night me amigo!

Lisa said...

uummm...I can't think of anything I would want to ask you. my opinion, you are seriously one of the funniest people to ever walk the It goes Conan, will ferrell, you, demetri martin, and then Mitch Hedberg, but he died.:(

So my question is, who are your top 5 funniest people ever?

Dillon Amburgey said...

My question is: when will we see AFI touring again?
Sorry if this has been answered in the past.

You rock, Jade!

Buuni said...

Hmmm, woah. My questions were already asked.

Uhm. . . who do you think is the most underrated musical act/group/person?

And can I ask another one?

Which would you rather have eaten-- the body once a year or the fleas?


joha said...

My question is going to come some day argentina?
Because that day I die of happiness =)

Question 2 will make a CD of afi?


kissess =)

mmxznbl said...

The layout is an interesting one...

Since there are already a couple of questions on the EP, I guess I will ask about the new AFI album you are working on.

How is the new album sounding? Darker?
Plus de solos de guitare?
Cexier? <-- (lol)

Jaleesa said...

Jade, how have you come to be so awesome?

Anonymous said...

heyy jade, i was just wondering if you were considering growing your jadehawk again????????????
coz it was

cant wait for the ep!!


The caustics won't caustic for me said...

If you could steal anyone's pants living or dead, who would it be?


Mr. Janes (who is a miss....) said...

Do you ever watch Japanese Anime?!?
its ok if you do i wont call you a nerd....ok i will but still i watch it and stuff but im super fresh haha

GermaricanMix said...

Hey Jade! You're gonna try to answer questions, huh? Oh dear.

Well, I have a question. Wasn't there supposed to be a video for Stiff Kittens? And wasn't there supposed to be a new AFI video before that? What ever happened to those?

Arisma said...

Ok, here's my questions-

If given a choice between reading a book or seeing the movie based on it, which are you more likely to choose?

Haras said...

Do you like mustard?

cera said...

Why are you triflin'?

jesus freak said...

Are you ticklish? If so where?

jesus freak said...

Are you ticklish? If so where?

jesus freak said...

Are you ticklish? If so where?

Jet said...

Do you really care about the animals or are you a vegan just because alot of other people are doing it? I'm not saying that you a follower and not a lead, i was jw!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK and I think it's so sad how like on youtube like so many people are bashing Marissa and you. What is your take on the sitch?

Jet said...

Do you really care about the animals or are you a vegan just because alot of other people are doing it? I'm not saying that you a follower and not a lead, i was jw!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK and I think it's so sad how like on youtube like so many people are bashing Marissa and you. What is your take on the sitch?

Synthetika said...



But you have any stuffed animals you sleep with? If so, what kind?


Miraenda said...

"If you could steal anyone's pants living or dead, who would it be?"

I don't think I can surpass the awesomeness of Mel's question. That is one kickass good one.

So, I'm not even going to try and I'll go nerdy. Which of Sartre's works do you like provided you didn't put his name up as a joke or something on your blogger profile (I hope you didn't anyway). I read "Les Jeux sont faits" back when I actually remembered French a lot better and loved it. If you don't have time to answer this one, don't worry. I do hope you answer Mel's, though ;)

Addie said...

What's currently creeping you out the most?

Taide said...

Since the EP is already covered.....
What's your favourite album and favourite song of 2007?

Annabel said...

Hellooo there. I must ask, why a lighthouse? Also, what would you do if you were locked out of your house without your keys. And no one was around to let you in?

Taide said...

...and the worst? What album you hated the most last year?

Windmagician124 said...

Hey Jade!

I am assuming you play video games. Do you have a favorite? Any system you prefer to play? Old stuff? New stuff?

I hate how I can't think of a great question when an opportunity like this arises. Oh well.

Take care <333

darkness069 said...

Hi there!

Nice new background :D

Lets see, an interestin question...

Oh, i know!
Racently i saw the trailler for 'The eye' at the movies. Imagine my surprise as i found out it has the love letter and between breaths in only sound as soundtrack! (yes, i know how ridiculous that sounded)

Aaaanyway, my attempt of question: is there any way to get those songs in that format? cuz it blew my mind when i saw it!

much <3, dear


Kyle said...

Since everyone is asking about the new EP, I figured I would change it up a bit.

I've been going with my girlfriend for two and a half years already, and she is starting to be not happy anymore.

My question is this-how do I win over her heart so she can be truly happy and in love with me forever?
* I figured I would ask you that because you are such a Casanova yourself :D.

I hope all is well.

eddie k. said...

Are you going to any of the Pinhead Gunpowder shows in So Cal? Feb 3 at the Chain Reaction and Feb 4th at the Troubadour.

Miseria said...

Why did you decide to study Sociology? I'd really love to take it my senior year actually. From what I've gotten from talking to the Sociology/Humanities teacher at my school, it sounds like a really interesting subject.

Have you been able to catch Dr. Drew's new show yet? Seriously. I have even more respect for that man now.

Anonymous said...

Most unsettling dream you've ever had?

...yep. that's the best I've got.

Chelley said...

what are you looking most forward to this year?

Gravy Robber said...

How fast does a zebra have to run before it's grey?

Anonymous said...

i just got some new pajamas that look like space.

wait a minute, this isn't a question.

devin said...

my question is: how are you going to reply to these questions? o.O AHA!

no, no... if you could live in any era of history, which would it be? i'd like to live in the time of shakespeare. :]

hiimniko said...

Swwwweeeeeet. When can we see AFI/Blaqk Audio on tour again?

Anonymous said...

i doubt that you would read mine..
but i'll just ask one stupid question like the rest of the ppl here....would you choose to have a new world order or assassinate the self-proclaimed world leaders to make this world a better place..cos undoubtedly we're gonna have a dystopian future......

nikki said...

... what size shoe do you wear?

Anonymous said...

after reading their ridic questions i think it is best if you ignore mine. have a good life ahead..i hope.

dannydunlop said...

The Lighthouse - Interpol. Good song. Made me think of it.

Jade, what is your favorite guitar?
How many guitars do you have?
What's your favorite movie?
Do AFI buy x-mas presents for each other?


She Sees Light said...

Wow. I think I'm going to have to sleep on this one in order to think of a really good question. Then embarrass myself when my question turns out to be really, really lame. I'll list a few as they roll off my mind... and I'll take it as a Tom Hanks-like rejection if you don't answer any of them.

So, hey. I have one. What color is your hair right now? I can't tell if it's black or really dark brown. Be sweet if it was black. It would combine two of my favorite looks for you.

And also, if they came out with Jade paper dolls, what would be the sweetest outfit to wear on your paper self? The good thing about being paper is that you're not restricted by public indecency.

I had the lighthouse skin once on my old blog. It's pretty much the trippiest one, I think.

If you could invent any word for anything, what would it be? I'd probably invent a word to signify the complete opposite of the world. I often wonder that if there was no world and no universe... what would there be? Hey, another question. Go me!

Anyway, yeah. I'll let you go back to answering the better questions and not bore you any longer. XD

Jas said...

Hah, some ppl are odd...

do u see ba doing some collaborations with jeffree star?

it would be bad ass!

ThatOneGirl said...

I've never seen a lighthouse in person, only in pictures.

I looked through the comments and I'll try not to duplicate questions.

What made you decide to remix Ready, Set, Go? And do you plan on working with Tokio Hotel at any point since they've finally decided to visit the US?


Anonymous said...

are you going to any musink shows

that kat von d tattoo music fest

u guys should try to perform there =]

wendy said...

firstly, i just want to know something that a friend of mine told me about Davey. Is it true that he tried to buy a house here in Australia and he wasn't allowed to buy one?

other questions:

would u live in Australia?

would u ever consider acting? if u do, what roll would u like to play, the good guy or the bad guy?

if u were a fictional character (from a tv series, movie, book or whatever), who would u be and why?

oh i have one more, i want to learn to play guitar, could u give me some tips as to what type of guitar i should be looking to buy and stuff?
im a beginner and i don't no anything about guitars, so that would help me greatly!

Igraine said...

Are you coming to Mexico any time soon? either AFI or BA would be awesome!

Fav horror movie?

and the lamest you'll see i think: if you were an ice cream what flavor would you be?

OptimisticPessimist said...

Haha, I quite like lighthouses.

I can't think of any worthwhile questions, but stay cool.

Gillan said...

are you going to make a real myspace?

please <3

NatalyFancyKetchupRox said...

If you were to come up with your own brand of peanut butter, what would you call it? What would make it better than the other brands besides the fact that you made it?

NXW said...

I like your lighthouse

Do you ever think you'll post on the DF board, we are missing you guys.

Would you ever like to write a book?

NotReallyThere said...

Hey Whats up Bud,

Jade, when did you really know to start doing music for life and not a normal job as of everyone else. I feel that I know that there is more than life than what i am living right now and I could use some advice. On how to get motivated to do something that I love and have a calling towards.


Funny thing I asked Hunt the same question he answered:

"I quit school after i already had a tour booked with afi and could not possibly do both. i still managed to work for over a year after joining afi...i knew it was time when i was making enough money to pay my rent and eat taco bell."

I hope everything in the studio is going great... the sound is rocking.

X.x H A V O K x.X said...

that is a NICE lighthouse. lol. So Jade, I have a question. PLEASE REPLY. On I heard a voice, I notice that you play a white les paul style guitar. Exactly what make is your guitar because it makes an AWESOME sound.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Stiff Kittens video?

small Ada :P said...

So... are you going to go on the tour to Poland? KiSsEs:* ^^

meeeee said...

hey jade...
i have an GREAT idea for you (and davey) when you are bored: try to write an album WITHOUT using words twice and without using musicnotes twice...
but please just for fun and give us the real stuff too ;o)
so question:
are you very bored when you are not touring? are there many facts that bore you during a tour? like flying, traveling in the bus...
and like others already asked: when is the EP coming to us?
i hope you have a great day/night/week/whatever....

Anonymous said...

Its great that you will answer the comments :)finally.

I have a question:

I mean, really a lot of people is waiting for you here :)
pLease come while touring on next album :)

ChinchillaDust said...

Coolsville, you're answering questions. I'm sure I could think of a few.

The song "Death of Seasons" introduced me to AFI. There was something in that song that just drew me to it like a moth to flame. I later realized what it was. It was the electronic beats that come into the song about a minute and 10 seconds in.

I'm guessing it was you that came up wth the idea to include the electronica into the song, and you that created the sample. But, I was wondering, was this "Death of Seasons" piece something that was originally intended for Blaqk Audio, but just some how filtered into this album? And why include it? Out of all the songs on the album, this one truly sticks out because of this little bit of electronica. I'm sure the song would've been fine without it, but why did you think it needed that extra "kick"?

I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Far from it. If it wasn't for those tiny blurb of beats, I would never have become a fan of AFI. Or Blaqk Audio for that matter. It's just something that piqued my curiousity.

To this day "Death Of Seasons" is still my favourite. It's nostalgic. :p

choking victim said...

less of a question more of a request. on afi's next tour will we get a broader spectrum of afi songs, you were great at that last minute show at the camden electric ballroom before decemberunderground came out because you played more older songs aswell as new ones, and it was great to see those multiple styles from different eras. im not saying your decemberunderground tour was a dissapointment, it was stunning, but i did miss the variety in what was a very heavy last two albums set.

FindSimplicity said...

What Happened to the Stiff Kittens Music Video?

auntcp said...

My question,

If there were one thing you could go back in your past and change what would it be?

Many hugs,


HevAMP said...

I have no questions, but i dig the lighthouse.
Even just looks like some form of Parlament building.


Jemi said...

first of all you rock jade!!
on for the question :) will there be another DF contest like their was for DU? second their's alot of fanfiction written about you and davey as a couple, I was just wondering what are your thoughts on that? I've got one more I hope not too many questions..but anyway here it is will AFI/or Blaqk Audio ever come to the east coast Canada?? it would be awesome if you guys did :) thanks Jade!! Luv ya! Take care of yourself!!

Jay said...

uh...what is the ratio of girls to guys who post here?

actually, that could be answered with a calculator. Oh noez.

Well, yeah. My only questions would be in regard to the stiff kittens video or the EP, and people have already asked that. Uh...

Okay, I've got one. If you come to Australia again, will you visit Adelaide? You did before, though I think some people were a bit rude, so I don't know if that deters you from visiting places again.

Note: adelaide is in south Australia, which surprisingly, is down the south of Australia. The barrier broke in the show and Davey told us about how smith was hit by a car or something while going to a club? He also answered some questions while the barrier was being fixed. I only figured out after that the barrier had broke and that's why everyone wasn't playing. A lot of people were being crappy about it, but it was cool.

HAZEL!theROCK. :D said...

That's a pretty lighthouse. It reminds me of Funeral For A Friend. LOL. Do you like that band?

Katie ;] said...

Hmm. Over 70 comments for you.
Odds are you might not get to mine.
BUT its the thought that counts.

[Like yer lighthouse by the way :D It kinda has the Michigan feel right now, snow-y lighthouses ;] ]

Man people have good questions, they like own mine -.-

•What inspired you to become [a friggin amazing] guitarist?

•What is a goal you wish to complete before you become worm food?

•have you ever met Dr.Phil?


-katie ☆

HAZEL!theROCK. :D said...

Oh, and will you guys come to Singapore to play a show? Please? We'd love to have you here (:


Mr. Heater said...

I'll be a bit different from the first posts questions... I'm to tired to see if this was already asked. My question is... If you could put anything into the window of that light house, what would it be?

Kayli Puget said...

I simply want to ask you for a comment on this entry:
I'd appreciate it.
Hope you're all good in the hood.

P.S. I'm writing a book.
Maybe I'll be as famous as you someday!

Little Drummer Girl said...

If you could name the most significant event that has happened in your life, what would it be?

Jess said...

So how's life? Any good muffins lately? : )

Jess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Somnambulist Prose said...

Hiya Jade. Lighthouses, ha. You ever been in one? I haven't but everytime I see one I think of the movie Pete's Dragon..haha. Anywho, I think it's time for a "Top 10" on your part. It's been a while..what are your top 10 childhood memories??

DinosaurAriel said...

hmmmm would you rather.... poke your eye with a stick or have a huge gooey green booger hanging out of your nose alllll day.

anddd whats your favorite cereal?

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout!!!

Susan said...

just wondering how the book is going, or if it is going. if so, how do you make time for it with everything else you do?

i'd love to write but life gets in the way. and apparently your blog is, or will be, getting in yours :)

Sin said...

will you ever come to israel? :(

BlackRabbit said...

i was wonderin hows the new ep and stuff..
also i wanted to ask if you guys will come to romania sometime???
nice layout by the way...
thumbs up
have a good day!

nancy said...

are you comming to monterrey, mexico?

AlyssaKeltie said...


Sooo questions...

-If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be and why?
-What is your favorite sweet (i.e. cookies, ice cream, ect)?
-Do you accept anyone that you don't personally know on your myspace?


Alex said...

That´s a nice offer right there.

I wanna know if hanging out with fans after shows has become more stressful now that you are a famous band? Are there too many (too in[s]sane) fans waiting?!

punk in writing said...

Wow, there's a lot of good questions here... I too wanna know about the EP and how the new album is going.
I do this stuff for a living, so I should be able to come up with some really spectacular questions. But alas, my muse seems to have deserted me today! Anyway...

What is the craziest/weirdest thing you ever did in the name of love/lust?

What is the most common misconception about you?

Sol said...

Hi Jade,

Nice to see so much interaction from you it gives us the warm and fuzzies ;op

Ok, as the EP question has been put out there I guess I will have to ask another one that has been mulling on my mind.(one of many I might add ;op)

You always seem to have a camera with you (or so it seems) with Smith acting as your muse, do we see a move for you into the visual arts (you already have the music arts covered)? Do you have any artistic aspirations to move into film work? Directing, writing or producing per chance?

and for my scorcher....

Marmite, do you love it or do you hate it? Just wonderin'

p.s. Thanks for the AFI/BA updates its great to hear what you guys are up to.

leongyiting said...

I feel bad for adding to the questions you've already been bombarded with, but on the behalf of fans from Singapore, will there ever be a time AFI would hold a world tour and perform here?

Even though you guys perform at Japan, it's freaking ten hours flight away from here and I can assure you that your fans here will pack a punch!

I thank you in advance if you reply to this.

Love you Jade,

kwsiple13s said...

Blaqk Audio featured in The Eye is an amazing accomplishment, considering Cex Cells is your first (of many I hope!) album.

How did it come about? Attending any of the premiers?

Oh, and what ever happened to the Stiff Kittens video? And the 3rd AFI video from DU? Just curious...

BlaqkAudio_AFI said...

My aunt would be very impressed with your layout...she loves lighthouses.......anyway to the question..........

Here is an odd, random question: If you couldn't live in California, where would you choose to live and why?

And a more serious question: Out of all of your tattoos do you have a favorite one and why?

Flame said...

Thanks you, Jade!! :))

Mina said...!..your new layout looks strange..but nice I guess.. well anyways..
the question is.... damn.. I don't even know what to ask you..
do you like green tea?.. I myself don't know what kind of stupid question is that..
oh wait! I know!
what would you prefer (if you could choose) to become a vampire(meaning you'll be immortal, but you'll have to drink blood) or would you stayed yourself (vegan, but mortal)..?

smoke goes to god said...

ok, so all of my questions have been asked so...I won't waste your time with a stupid question that I created out of boredness


mcrdisciple said...

Hey Jade! You once said you originally wanted to be a writer. Do you think you'll ever write a novel, like sometime when AFI/BA aren't on tour?

Also, what is the stupidest thing you ever did?

Bru said...

When are you going to travel to Brazil?
Kisses! said...

.this shitehouse layout is no bueno.on a sidekick that have one.take a peek.its all tweaked and disorganized.the last few were fine.

.favourite anime|animation ?
(maybe Unico or The halloween tree ?)

.favourite literature? (Log your own library on ?)

.name a few favourite arcane 'no-one-on-earth-seems-to-knoe-about-this-but-i-like-it' things that deserve recognition|re-release.

.do any of your writing ideas ever make it in to the musick you are involved in titles|phrases|whatnot?

.how did your remixing for the static age come about?did you choose the song or did they?

.if you could hop in my time maschine and see any band..what tour would you see them on?

.you should post a new has been a couple years.

Lydia-T said...

Right well... I've always wanted to ask you this since I first read some AFI interview were you mentioned Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Do you have any particular favourite composers of classical music? Or specific pieces?

Aside from simple curiosity, I'm kinda in need of some good recommendations! Amongst other things I grew up on Classical music, and generally, (well amongst people I know anyway) I find people are pretty ignorant about it, so I thought it was awesome when you mentioned it!


kathavokx said...

101 comments!? looks like I'm too late. I'll ask you anway.


ANNNDDD what's your favourite AFI CD so far?

Blaqk Elektrik said...

Can I have another pair of your sunglasses? Seriously though can you tell us when the ep is supposed to be out? I have a DF listening party to plan.

Not Your Typical Mama said...

I'm a day late and a dollar short. Oh well. Nice lighthouse, man.

Okay, I actually have a technical question, since I was thinking about it when I passed the music shop today: Can you recommend a good tuner for an acoustic guitar? I cannot tune by ear to save mine, or anyone's life, so I think I ought to get an electronic one. Any suggestions?

Much love, much respect, Renae

Princess Niko said...

please, please, please... answer me the next questions!!!

1. why can't i get a f*ckin Guitar Hero 3 for PC?!?!
2. What about the new EP?
3. When will you come to Vienna next time??
4. mi a f*omért kell suliba járni?!?!

OKay... 3 not so important question... but... the first is very important for me!!!! mert nekem én vok a legfontosabb :P

shanagdi said...

Are you a procrastinator?

I am. I should be completing several tasks instead of reading your blog.

Are you wishing you had not stated that you might answer questions?

personismyname said...

Since everyone is asking about the EP - I won't. lol. Put some variation to it.

Actually I just thought of something. During the BA tour, did crowds in different cities respond differently to having a DJ before your performance? I know in NY everyone just shoved and was not dancing - kinda sad. And did you guys pick the DJ's personally or was that arranged otherwise? Were there any DJ's you weren't particularly happy with?

Haha. That was way more than one. Sorry.

Endlessly Immortal said...

So I don't know if this question was already asked because I don't feel like reading through a hundred posts,sooooo.What question do you guys(AFI) get asked the most?

Also, what is your favorite album by The Clash?
(I like Combat Rock the most)

Endlessly Immortal said...

Oh yeah, and one more question.So awhile ago either you or davey or someone was saying that you guys never played 'punk rock' music.Then alittle bit later I was watching some randon videos and I watched an interview of you on the hot 30 in australia and you said that you guys DID play punk rock when you were younger.Soo I was wondering, do you consider your older music 'punk rock' or not?

awokennightmare said...

I actually prefer the whiteness of this background. Have you guys planned out any details for the next album?

Are you planning to play any shows soon? (You guys toured a lot lately.. but a show close to Western Canada would be nice)

darkhriss said...

I really want to know what happened to the Stiff Kittens video. You said in an interview you guys already finished filming it, or not? And the Missing Frame one too :) ( yes, I know, we fans are obsessed with videos )

leaden.skies said...

Hello Jade.

I'm sure you're sick of reading all those questions about the EP and whatnot, so I'll ask something different.

What is your favorite type of cake?

Also, have you seen Sweeney Todd yet? If you have, did you like it?


Blaqk_Audio_girl said...

Love the layout!

My questions are...
1) Have you EVER considered coming to Fargo North Dakota?
2) When, Where, and Why will AFI be touring?
3) How many new songs are there coming out? AFI and/or Blaqk Audio?
I have many more, but I won't type them down

sirtom said...

dear jade, will blawk audio ever play any shows in england???? (ps england would rather like yo uto come over!)


pumpkin.queen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Theresa said...

Happy Tuesday Jade..

Wow! Lot's of questions..are you getting sick of us yet??

I see someone already asked you about the Stiff Kittens video..but we sooo want to know what the heck happened to that??

Also..think AFI may do a video for one of the songs of the new EP?? It would really help all of us get through the next year while we await the new yeah..I think you should consider a that's my 2 cents worth!!

Have a groovy day!!
much love

allmylove said...

Oh dear! I have so many questions I would like to ask you...I would definantly rather do it in person...but this will surely do!!!! For example on one of the blogs you posted on the AFI myspace. It said "I called you again but it went right to voicemail..." posted on November 14, strangely enough I was called that very day from a restricted number...
So yeah how are you my love? And How is your little munch doing? The Ligature is fucking amazing...So when am I going to be able to hear some more new music from you??? I have been greatly been anticipating the new EP... Also will AFI be touring this year? How I wish I could see AFI live!
Blaqk Audio was amazing..I was so ready to dance, too bad everyone thought it was some kind of a rock concert. I even went and bought a dress to wear, although you and Davey probably didnt see my Davey and I all dressed up :'( But we could see you XD

Kimie said...
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Zoé Aimee said...

Whole lot of questions...good luck with that! haha

Anyway...just a quick one:

Can you make a top 5 of your favorite AFI songs?


Dancealways said...

Do you think you guys would ever play Lollapalooza?

glitterkitten said...

My question is that if you prefer your new sound or the older sound of the band?

oh and Have you ever heard of The Horrors? they're from London. amazing they are, you should check them out if you haven't.

Shy Boys Win said...

To lay:

Well, the EP was never supposed to come out in December, as far as I know. We had a release date that's very soon but things are taking slightly longer than we hoped to finish all the odds and ends. HOWEVER, it will be out soon, not like months from now soon, but soon from now soon.

GlitterInMyBlood said...

Okay..I have a question, like everyone else here =)

You remixed Tokio Hotel's Ready, Set, Go..have you ever met them? and what do you think of their music? xXx

Shy Boys Win said...

To emma:

Yes, all the songs on the EP will be unreleased and therefore, technically, "new". I'm a fan of the songs, they're not just throwaways. I would have been happy if any of the EP songs had been on an album.

styleofblackink said...

Wheeerrrreee is Black Ink Style??

Shy Boys Win said...

To tracy:

I wish I had more time to do thangs but the more time we spend doing thangs and partaying, the longer it will take for our new album to be finished.

new album > thangs

pumpkin.queen said...

heyy. my question is on which tracks of AFI do you do some vocals? If there is any.

have a great umm, tuesday?

Elena said...

Hallo! You're real hero, cos you found time and desided to answer the comments. It's a very plesent moment, respect for you....I try to jump to the train of your thoughts, but it's really hard, anyway, can you tell me, how you reached upon bats and lashes, and about your last poll, whats the reason????? I almost allen down from my chair,when i saw this poll...I think, thats my question...waiting for your answer...thanks))))

lulu said...

What's your phone number?

Shy Boys Win said...

to karlye:

I believe I'll be watching the Superbowl this year. I've already purchased my extra large bag of Pirate's Booty. Speaking of Pirate's Booty, I don't know if I mentioned this but on the front of the bag there's all these pirate exclamations, including "thar be good!", which doesn't make any sense. I emailed the company to let them know that "thar be good!" was not very authentic and some lady wrote me back with some weird explanation. I don't think they took my complaint seriously.

Anonymous said...

Jade, do you ever use a strat in any songs or is it always les pauls?

Shy Boys Win said...

To piggy:

Yes I have a degree but hopefully I'll never have to use it. Since I was a wee child I've wanted to be a novelist, way before I ever picked up a guitar. I'd like to finally finish a novel (I've started several and lost interest about halfway through). As for horror movies, I agree, I think the modern American horror movie is pretty poor, including the blasphemous remakes i.e. Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Shy Boys Win said...

To adore:

Let's see, fav concerts. Really, I didn't go to very many in 2007. I saw Justice, which was pretty swell, played some shows with Jimmy Eat World, it was nice watching them. Who I'd really like to see in 2008 is Godspeed You Black Emperor, but I've been waiting about 10 years to see them so I'm not holding my breath.

paradajz said...

Hey, this is awesome that we can finnaly ask you stuff, so on to being annoying

1) have you continued with the style from decemberundergorund or since you returned to the old studio can we expect the old AFI?

2) when are we gonna see you in CROATIA... we're tottaly waiting here!

3) what do you think is better? lemons, tomatos or carrots?

Shy Boys Win said...

To lisa:

Top 5 funniest people. Good one. Let's see,
(in no particular order)

Richard Pryor
Mitch Hedberg
Martin Lawrence (that's right)
Neil Hamburger
tie between Steven Wright, old Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Richard M. Nixon, etc

charlotte_capricorn said...

Hey :) finally we can ask you whatever we want :D
I just wanna know :

Will you like EVER come to CROATIA, please :)
I know we're annoying, but we love you!

And what should we put in peoples mouth to get the tickets? tomatos? carrots? or maybe lemons?

Emily said...

My friend Margaret would desperately like to know if you enjoy Kool-Aid. Aide? Ade? Hmmph.


Shy Boys Win said...

to dillon hamburger:

AFI most likely won't be playing til we're finished with the new record.

Elena said...

I forgot...sorry....What you think about Russia, I mean except vodka and bears...why you've never dealt whith Russia? I know, that you're not so popular there, as, for example in USA, but nevertheless, there are a lot of people, who whants you to visit Russia with show...and, maybe, you can just see Moscow, for example...mmm...thanks again))))

Shy Boys Win said...

To buuni:


Godspeed, Recover, not shaving, Arrested Development, Burial, The Martin Lawrence Show, wearing a shirt as pants, reading a book, Charlie Murphy, mini vanilla scones, doggie bathrobes, Yukio Mishima, John Fante, and Paul Bowles

BlaqkAudio_AFI said...

I seen in one of your answers that you are going to watch the Superbowl. Just as long as you don't root for the Patriots otherwise you are going to hear about from me!!! HAHA!! I don't like the patriots that is the only reason I say that.

Pablo said...

Hey Jade,

I PMed you long time ago about AFI shows on DVD.

In the line of the Mexico City show in April 2007, I gave Smith 2 DVD's with old AFI shows and asked him to give them to you.

I was wondering if you ever received them, and if you got to watch them.


angelic_cries said...

Well geez, the comments went up fast.

New Year's resolutions music wise?

Jade said...

Hello Jade.
All of my friends and I have people, typically famous ones, that we call our 'alter egos.' Our 'alter egos' are pretty much just people that are similar to us in personality and such. We have Mikey Way, Dan Whitesides, Bert McCracken, Daivd Bowie, as my little sister recently declared herself, and I have been assigned the alter ego of Jade Puget.

I was just curious as to whether or not you had any objections to being the other me. :)


JB said...

Hi Jade,

I've got two questions for you:

1) as you may or may not know, I do use you (more your name/likeness) in my fancomic. Do you find this offensive at all? The comic is ment in good fun and humour. I respect you very much, so if it is offensive, I'll promptly discontinue the comic.

2) Any plans for BA to play in Canada?



Carly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krystina said...

Dear Jesus, that's a lot of questions. Um, I haven't sifted through all of them, but I have one.

When you said you were in a studio, is the band still in the process of writing or are you starting to record?

Fervid Anomaly said...

Heyy Jade snazzy lighthouse. But I'm pretty sure we were also promised a Stiff Kittens music video. No pressure, just remindin. So I guess I should ask a question.

Okay, um, how many grapes can you fit in your mouth? And also, if you had to watch eight hours straight of nothing but Will Smith cracking jokes, or eighty hours of blender commercials, which would you choose or would you eat your own eyeballs?

daniel said...

How do you pronounce 'Carcinogen?'

Brittney said...

love the layout! lol what is the upcoming album going to be like?? Is it going to be more electronic than decemberunderground or less??

Much love <3

Mer said...

This might seem like a silly question but I just have to ask it. For the next AFI album, will you be working with the same audio engineers you worked with during Decemberunderground?

You have no idea how much I am hoping the answer is yes...
Since the first time I heard it I have been incredibly impressed by the end result of the way that album was recorded and mixed!

TEXAS! said...


srsly >o> who win dat?

victor said...

wow, you answering questions.
that's cool =)

there are many questions i would like to ask you, but some of them might take more time (like the one "miseria" asked: why did you decide to study sociology?)
i will just ask: What song do you wish you have written?
easy one right?)

Strawberry Fields Forever! (just guessing jajaja)

Erica said...

If you could only eat one food for a year, what would it be?

patchoulistink said...

Can you tell us about an embarrassing moment in high school?

If that's too personal, then my question is: who would win in a fist fight between davey vs. the rest of AFI?

If that's n/a, then can you name 5 semi-current albums i need to own(under the ebm genre).

plague said...

nobody likes me,and my gotdamn aquitence found out he's my aquitence not friend! how the hell do i get out of depprision (i've been in deppresion since i was 10!
and don't say theripest or phscyrigist!! theyre masters of the obviis!!)WELL,THIS GUY USED TO BE MY FRIEND,BUT GUESS WHAT HE KEEPS LAUGHING AT ME!!MY FUCKIN' PARENTS DON'T EVEN LIKE ME!!!!!!!!

Qarlieaux said...


Dear Sir or Madame, would you read my book? It took me years to write, will you take a look?

But actually:
Any ideas who you're going to get to produce your next album?

little sunshine said...

What did you want to do with your college degree? Did you have something specific in mind?

brenna! said...

This is so confusing. What happened the add-on you were searching for? That's not my question. & if you ever answer all of the comments before mine... here's meye questchun(s):

1. If you were ever stranded in the middle of the desert with a suit case full of all of your clothing, which article would you eat first? & why?
2. When you came to Springfield, MO last year, how much did you hate it? What could you even find to do prior to playing the show?
3. What do you know about duck decoys?

Ola Unoriginal said...

Will we ever see another Charlotte Mystery?
or something of the like?
And also,What do you have to say about people saying AFI as a band has sold out or gone emo? Do you think that the noticeable change you guys have had in music has to do with popular demand?
I do respect your decision to go to college and I was wondering if you feel it's made a difference in your life and career.
And just how much of Blaqk Audio's live music is actually live?
Love you lots,

Sirtom said...

hey jade!!

any favourite plays??? im a big fan of Arthur Millers 'The Crucible,' its a fantastoc play???
are you a fan of plays, or just novels? thankyou for reading!


TattedDoll said...

hey Jade...
What bands are you currently feeling?

veiled_static said...

Wishing you, Hunter, Davey and Adam a most fabulous 2008 [even if it's nearly February...].

When you wake up in the morning, what's something you always say you'll do but never get around to doing?


Brittney said...

Okay I just thought of a couple more-

Do you guys know when you guys are going on tour next yet??

Want there supposed to be a Stiff Kittens video?? Do you know when that is going to be released??

This is pretty random but have you ever had a near death experience?? (I was watching 25 celebrity near death experiences earlier and it just kinda popped up)

Can you put some more pics/vids of you and/or Smith up?? please?

Whats the Charlotte mystery?? I dont understand it-I looked it up online and I still dont get it. (It might just be because I have many blonde moments but still)

Much LOVE! <3

P.S I TOTALLY mastered Miss Murder on guitar hero!! lol and sweet layout!

Lacy Cherie said...

Wow, allready 157 comments in. I'm going to walk on the wild side and not only ask you questions a day after you posted this entry BUT ask you 3.

1. Have you wrote lyrics for any AFI/BA song, besides the poem on STS? I have this crazy theory that you wrote this one song that I will not name but I seem to be the only one.

2. What's the best book you have ever read, one that you just couldn't put down? And also, could you recommend some authors to me?

3. Does it annoy the hell out of you when you play a show and only a few people in the crowd know the words to everything that came out before DU? Beause it makes me wanna go on a killing rampage.

BONUS ROUND have you ever noticed that BA also stands for bad ass?

drawnhearts said...

I know there's already a ton of comments, so you probably won't get to this one but:

If you had the opportunity to go back in time, which era would you choose and why?


stella said...

I still think LiveJournal is better, but to each their own. :P


Two questions:

1. I'm asking for my friend... What's up with the Smith "plushie" (the little head with a hat that Smith has a voice for) and where does it stay when you're not on the road? Does it have another home?

2. The trailer for the new movie The Eye features two BA songs, Between Breaths and The Love Letter. Do the songs happen to be in the movie as well, or will they be on a potential soundtrack?

Anna! said...

Wow, 166 comments already...let's see if you'll read through them all and read this one =D
So...are you still doing top-5 lists? Because if you are, then what are the 5 things that would be the most fun to do in an interview or other professional setting? (You know, like busting into a tap-dance at every mention of the word "the" or something. but cooler.)
And my friend wants to know your favorite fruit...not sure why...

Oh, and I guess I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Anna, just another AFI fan whom you have inspired :) So, if you read this, way to be awesome! *high 5s*

Casey said...

Did you ever realize why we started singing Sacrifice Theory at the Troubadour?

Jordana said...

Heyy! Lovin the lighthouses!!!

Ok, we all know that you have your degree in sociology, but where would it have taken you if you were not discovered in the music industry?

AND... will I ever see AFI and/or Blaqk Audio play in Northern Ireland? You always seem to skim over us and since I am only a meer student, I cannot afford flights and such over to England and back... and I love you guys like so much, if I could portray it through a comment I would!
]--------------------------------[ there, thats what fits into the comment block! But seriously, think about the fans over in NI!!!

Give the guys love from me lol!

frantic1 said...

Do you like roller coasters?

xonedarkflamex said...

totally random...
What's your favorite LOLCAT?

and like some other people said...
What happened to the Stiff Kittens video?

Markus said...

Hey Jade,

My question is regarding a lot of Electro right now. I'm planning on studying Sound Engineering in Paris next year and would ask for any help or advice when you make music for Blaqk Audio?

I'm really into a lot of Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Uffie, Yelle, SebastiAn, Sebastian Tellier, Justice, and Boys Noize, you should definitely check them out.

Well, can't wait for the new music (both AFI and Blaqk Audio). Hopefully your words can help me out in some way.

Christa said...

1.Do you ever miss not being famous?
2. Are there any other instruments you want to learn to play?

that's all... Hope you have a most excellent day :)

Jaleesa said...

By the way Jade, you should make videos answering questions.

XpostmortemX said...

What ever happened to the Stiff Kittens video?
ANd the EP, yes about that.....

XpostmortemX said...

What ever happened to the Stiff Kittens video?
ANd the EP, yes about that.....

Trauty said...

Lighthouse are the shizz haven't you heard?!
Well now on a more serious, I was thinking of learning how to play the electric guitar and wanted to know if you had nay tips for me. I'm sure yo get this alot but ya know, when someone kicks ass a helluva lot at something ofcourse people are going to ask them for advice.

Piggy said...

Holy crap, Yukio Mishima is my most favorite author as of late. Right now I'm reading Temple of the Golden Pavilion, and a Japanese woman I met gave me a copy of The Sound of Waves that was actually in Japanese. I just wish it was all in hiragana with no kanji so that I could translate it faster =/ I didn't like the English translation of it as much as the of the English translations of some of his other books.

It's awesome that you know who Mishima is! Tom Cruise ain't got nothing on the real last samurai, pfft.

Not a question, but I just wanted to express how awesome I think it is that you know his work. I don't see people talk about Mishima that much =(

Demi said...

Is there ever any chance of Blaqk Audio coming to a city like Louisville, KY or Cincinnati, OH? I can tell you there are a ton of fans here who would love to see you two perform.

Anonymous said...

Even though you live the sXe lifestyle, what do you think of people who have found themselves doing drugs and drinking, but yet quit?
What do you think of Jeffree Star (I think he's killer rad)
And what do you think of all the fanfics out there about you and Davey??? (Javey)


Anonymous said...

Even though you live the sXe lifestyle, what do you think of people who have found themselves doing drugs and drinking, but yet quit?
What do you think of Jeffree Star (I think he's killer rad)
And what do you think of all the fanfics out there about you and Davey??? (Javey)



Hey jade you ever thought about posting some tabs of the two latest albums on the OMB?
It would be sweet to see the way you play your songs, its also a pleasure.
Thanks for news on the new EP cant wait, loved carcinogen crush, thats such a awesome fucking track man. Please check out my band sometime at [url][/url]
Well done.
Keep up the good work, your such an inspiration.

Lori said...

So sad about Heath Ledger!
Were you a fan??
PS Did you FINISH your Birthday Bash Candy? Whatcha think of the "PoP Rocks" T for two?? <3L.

sweetedge said...

I was just kinda wondering if you might have a Real Ultimate Power t-shirt, or even maybe a tattoo hidden somewhere

Oh, and you're the sweetest!

sally said...

It took me a long time to think of a question worth asking, so I would be waay beyond ecstatic if you would answer it.

When did you get your first tattoo, and which one was it? Also, which one of your tattoos would you say is your favorite?

I'm not allowed to get a tattoo until my mom dies, so I've had to resort to paint markers. Not nearly as cool.

I'm gonna get one anyway, whether she's dead or not.

santi said...

I like it...
its fresh...
and lighthouses are rad.

Are you guys still releasing a video for Stiff Kittens?
I was really looking forward to it.

Steve said...


What do you think of Radiohead, more specifically In Rainbows?

Do you forsee AFI doing a tour like Alkaline Trio did, playing mainly old songs? If you guys were to do that, i'd quit school/job/life and follow that show around.

Also, i noticed an Apple on stage when i saw blaqk audio in NYC. were you running ableton like everyone else does or are you a logic guy?

Sarizzle said...

Jesus, 190 comments already?! That's insane.

I don't have a question (lucky you). I just had to let you know your lighthouse is fucking rad. Reminds me of the Interpol song.. Mm. <3

Fluffo said...

How do you feel about Heath Ledger's DEATH, and how many comments have you gotten about the EP?

hiimniko said...

Because it appears that Blaqk Audio seems like an easier process when it comes to making the album, will we see a Blaqk Audio album coming out sooner than the usual 2 1/2-3 1/2 years? If so, would it be within now and the end of 2009?

Alyssa said...

what's your favorite AFI song?
... & why? :]

whitegillis said...

Hello there,

I was wondering how you got into the remixing business (if you could call it that). Do artists specifically come to you to request a remix? Also, I was wondering how some of AFI's remixes came about... I absolutely LOVE Broken Spindles, as well as VnV.

Anonymous said...

How are you doing?

Emily said...

if you and Smith were unicorns, what colour would you be?

also, (stealing this one from someone on SURS because it amuses me so much), if you were a pigeon, whose head would you crap on, and why?

Emily said...

oh, and do you know the soulja boy dance? I bet you pwn at it, being such a gangsta and all :D

Answer That And Stay Fashionable said...

Jade, you are my idol. thank you for being an inspiration, dude.

also, i just thought of this then, are yu an Incubus fan?

p.s: next time you come to NZ, please play in Christchurch♥

TowerOfTheMoon said...

Woah. Tons of commments. So who knows if I'll get mine answered, but might as well try.

Sooo, what's the fate of the Stiff Kittens video? It'd be nice to get some closure, even if it only means being told it won't ever come out. There are still a bunch of us hoping to see it someday, so it'd be lovely to know. (=

Anyway, thanks tons for doing this at all, and The Ligature is awesome.

RavenCkye said...

would you ever consider moving to Canada??
i know it's a lot colder and all...

la porte de Montreal est toujours ouverte pour toi

katlyn said...

well after pondering for probably an hour or so, i finally came up with a goddamn question. which has probably been asked before in some shape or form. oh well =]

ho-kay so:

what do you enjoy most about playing on stage? infront of thousands of people, many of which have had their lives saved by your music?

if you answer this, then i'd really appreciate it. if not then meh you're a busy dude and i understand =]


Joe said...

Buenas tardes Senor Puget.

What's the deal with chewing Stride gum with the wrapper? Do you do it?

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