Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tardy tardy.
My lack of posting has been due to my overall busy state of affairs but I must apologize nevertheless.
Bamboozle was tres fun, although freezing. Did anyone see Smith do the somersault onto stage in the middle of the set?

Writing is going very well with AFI, lots of new songs. Lots of new Blaqk Audio songs too, which I'm writing in the cracks of time between AFI and generally living life.

Also, the EP is most definitely alive and well and coming out. It's just taking a little longer than anticipated, like most things in this world.

Now go do your taxes.


ninja, please said...

I'm so stoked on the new songs Jade! And luckily I have no taxes to pay...yet.

can't wait for the EP!


camilla said...

It's good to see you back again, Jade! I saw some videos from Bamboozle and you guys looked great! Will we get to hear the cover of "Hold Me Now" again?

Great to hear some words on the EP too, can't wait!

Have fun doing YOUR taxes ;)


Hedera Helix said...


I anticipate listening to the new EP.

Don't stress yourself too much, and do not deprive yourself of sleep either.

Perhaps you should take a brief break from writing and relax by enjoying a book or something. It soothes me.

Well, enjoy the remainder of your Sunday.



Hedera Helix said...

Oh, by the way,

did you happen to capture Smith on film doing that somersault while simutaneously performing on stage?

Now THAT would be a stunt.

alyssAfromUnder said...


Susan said...

sounds like fun! perhaps i'll make the next show (if it isn't 3000 miles away!) thanks for the updates on the writing, ep, etc, you know we feel deprived when out of the loop. hope you are taking the time to live life, you are sounding like quite the workaholic! and thanks to my mortgage i'm getting a tax refund! woohoo! hope uncle sam is kind to you.

so when is the book club starting? :P

Fluffo said...

Everything with AFI takes "a little longer than anticipated" but hey. SCREW TAXES.

Haras said...

YESSSS. I am pleased as punch to hear about the EP. And my taxes have been done forever.

Also. I'd like to fight leatherface and make out with Darth Vader. Leatherface seems like an ass but Darth seems hot and mysterious. Heyyyyoo.

Addie said...

Can't wait for the new stuff.

My sweet Californian friends called me from Bamboozle, so although I wasn't lucky enough to be there I got to at least hear it. You guys Sounded fantastic.

Straight To Hell said...

Wayy stoked for some new beats =]
I can't wait for the EP.

Susan said...

oh i just noticed the poll! i decided that i would make out with Darth Vader, and then fight him. Sounds like a healthy relationship, right? Besides, the other three options scare the crap out of me.

Kaarlieaux said...

I don't even know how to do taxes.
So I ate ice cream instead.

Take that, establishment.

Peter said...

I picked Predator in both polls. Why? I've got to finish what Danny Glover didn't do so well.

As for the music, that's awesome news, I can't wait

Addie said...

Oh, and I would definitely make out with Darth Vader.

I'm not sure who I would fight yet. Not Leatherface, though, he has a chainsaw! You're crazy, Sarah J.

Kaarlieaux said...

I will not only fight, but also make out with Predator. I have mixed feelings.

Cherol said...

Glad to hear that the writing process is going well.

I JUST finished my taxes. I hate doing them.
I looooove refunds.

I'd rather fight Leatherface. I was watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, and he's kind of a puss without the chainsaw. But, I wouldn't mess with Vilmer and his leg.

I don't think I could win against Pennywise. I couldn't even finish that book without turning on every light in my place.

darkness069 said...
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EllenMae said...

So good to hear that the EP is still on track. I look forward to hearing it as well as all the other new songs you have in store!


darkness069 said...

Gald to hear you had suck a good tims, even if freezing there at Bamboozle. Did you missed being on stage?

I'm now more curious about the new music, but oh well, we gotta sit and wait.

Haha, no taxes to pay for me!
Have fun with yours

PS: you know, i'm quite curious how you come to such questions as the ones on your polls, and what would your answer to them would be xD

kirstie said...

Hurry, hurry with the EP! We've all been waiting so long for it! I can't wait for the new AFI. It's gonna rawk no doubt.

Love you! <3

Karlye said...
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Karlye said...

YAY! It's great to finally hear from you Jade! From what I've heard from people you boys did a fantastic job at Bamboozle, especially with that 'Hold Me Now' cover. I can't wait for the new material from AFI and Blaqk Audio. And that darned EP, it's so close I can taste it.

As we speak my father is currently doing our taxes, apparently we've saved a bunch of money so far. Whew!

On a final note, I would definately make out with Darth Vadar, especially with Hayden Christensen behind that mask. Then I would kick Predator's ass with a lightsaber.

Carly said...

EP EP EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! you have no idea.

can you please give us some sort of time frame? a month? something? anything?

I hate to be so annoying but.... I'm going crazy over here.

go do your taxes, haha. i don't have to do taxes yet :P

<3 Carly

Atrox said...

I was wondering what you were up to! But I'd much rather have you working on new songs than writing in your blog. We don't always need an update on your life. I'm hella excited for the EP.

As for the poll. I chose to make out with Darth Vador and then fight Pennywise the clown 'cause it would be interesting to fight a clown, and I wouldn't mind making out with a guy that has a lightsaber and a big black armor suit. Its basically a knight in shining... whatever his suit is made of...

Now you go do YOUR taxes ;]. Or work on those songs. Work work work!

Mr. Heater said...

I just did my taxes. Stupid taxes. Burn in the nonexistant hell from wence you came. Now I'm going to go back to watching my The Knife DVD...

Handy-man.. trippy video. You gotta see it, dude.


Buuni said...

My mom has been doing taxes all weekend-- she'd give a sailor a run for his money.

Your poll literally made me laugh out loud, and along with everyone else I'll be making out with Darth Vader.

Somnambulist Prose said...

glad to hear things are coming along :)

Pennywise scares the fu*k out of me...

Trauty said...

I don't have to do my taxes yet! Joys of college. I gotta find some vids from Bamboozle... and I def. hear ya about having no time!

afireinside said...

sounds like a lot of work dude...remember to get some sleep between all that :) Glad you had fun at Bamboozled, still shaking my fists at all who attended.

Hanging to hear the new tunes too. I swear, the promise of new music is what is keeping me going through my schooling. Grrr to VCE haha

catchya dude!

afireinside said...

oh...and Darth Vadar id so owning your polls man :P


yeahh boii!!
Im exciteddd, can't you tell?!

i cannot wait until the EP comes out. :D

<3ya, Jadey!


Brittney said...

Haha my friend gave the link to a video on youtube of you guys at Bamboozle and I saw the sweet ninja-roll that Smith did.

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated on the update.
New AFI. I'm catching the fever all over again-

While I didn't happen to make it all the way across the country for Bamboozle, I did see a few videos curteousy of fans youtubing skills. Wonderful cover! And, yes, I did see Smith and his ninja skills. haha.

The poll made me laugh and I chose to fight Pennywise because I just have a giant can of roach-be-gone for all those pesky critters.

Mm, and I'd definitely lock lips with Darth Vader, because I just can't resist the look of pasty white old men with the voice of a lion from a Disney movie. Oh boy.

So, thank you for the update.
And remain all fiery, inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Please Jade, if you read this, please for God's sake take the stupid suicide cliché out of AFI. It's getting old now...

YazFace said...

Hmm...the unknown release of the EP keeps taunting me. It's nice to hear that you guys are working hard on new stuff! But yeah, don't forget to take some time off to treat yourself to life's little pleasures.

Darth Vader, for sure, on both polls. I find him a lot cooler and a lot less scary-as-fuck than the other ones.

Dark Flame said...

Don't apologize I can wait for you endlessly. Smith is a ninja in the dark (I saw the video) I just can't wait for the new music of AFI and blaqk audio (your music is my life) please take a rest <3 xoxo

lorral said...
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lorral said...

meh... if you can do it so can i. am procrastinating on the taxes. i'd rather hear music.


angelic_cries said...

I've seen many Bamboozle vids on youtube, you guys looked great & I love the Thompson Twins cover!

I wish you all well and hope things go a little faster with the EP!

Can't wait!


Miseria said...

How could you make out with Pennywise? If you tried, he'd probably just eat your face off right there and then drag your body back into the sewer to save for later. Although I wouldn't want to fight him either for basically the same reason.

Nice to see you update again. Bamboozle looked like a great time. Good luck with all the writing, your taxes, etc etc. haha

Not Your Typical Mama said...

I *did* my taxes already, baby!
Okay, well, my in-laws did. Word.
*HUGS* Can't wait for the EP! So glad writing is going well!

Marisa said...

YES! I most definitely did see Smith do the somersault onto the stage. It was great! Loved it! Glad working on songs is going well! Can't wait to hear them all! And yep already turned my taxes in and got my refund! yay!

Ashleigh said...

I wish I could've seen Smith's somersault, but sadly I was in the wrong hemisphere at the time.

Great to hear that there's lots of new songs in the works! Also good to hear that the EP is still alive. I think most of us are gonna implode when we finally hear it from having to wait so long for it :oP

Forget taxes, I wanna do my tax return! More monies are always good. Alas, it's still a few months away.

And I feel I must ask...whatever happened to that Blaqk Audio instrumental some of us were getting excited about?

Anthony said...

LOL, I just did my taxes, so freaking complicated.

Good luck with the rest of the album(s)

Emily Ruth said...

So I totally just noticed this...but your posts are dated for the year 2009. I only noticed it cause for this one, it said "Monday, April 13th, 2009" and I was thinking, "No. It's Sunday. Cause it's my birthday." Just thought you should know if you didn't.

And I can't wait for the EP!!! And taxes are done! YAY!

Null said...

Oh good, I was worried for a while that I was the only one who'd both fight and make out with Predator, but it seems from the other comments that this is not so. It's nice not being the only bipolar sexual deviant around here.

Anyway! Euphorically excited over EP. Should be awesome.

P.S. If you have any extra time btw, definately watch Martian Child. My new favourite person is a fictional movie character due to this film.

Eric_Brodwell said...

you gotta pressure the label for that EP man, the raconteurs can rush warner brothers to put out a complete album in just 2 weeks, so it can be done, i have faith in you and AFI cant wait to see whats going on, by the way i would kill to see blaqk audio do something with vnv nation :-)

I Burn Things said...

Good to hear! Can't wait til the EP. Glad to hear y'all are doing well. I wish i knew what kind of sytnths/wkstns you use for BA.

punk in writing said...

Oh, there you are!

I think I may even get my tax return before I get my hands on that illusive EP...

I want minimum information given with maximum politeness. said...

Hey, awww... you guy's were so good at Bamboozle... adored smith's lil' stunt, that was too awesome!

Glad to hear everything's going so well for you all in the studio, I don't know how you do it... don't you ever get (could you call it) writer's block?

Can I ask?... When you're writing, which order do you prefer to do to write, (I know I'm not asking this well...) for example:
work on the guitar first, the a vocal melody to fit, then finally the lyrics.......? I understand nothing's ever as easy as following steps but I'm curious what your process is... if you have one you like to use.

I'm still unsure who I'd kiss... not exactly an appealing lot, when you consider they all wouldn't mind killing you it really takes away the urge...

Oh, I'm a huge fan of reading, it's one of my favorite things...(waiting for Julie Andrews to break into song) but it's tricky when you don't want to carry a massive bag everywhere you go... it's gotten to the stage where my shoulder's gone numb from carrying the weight of my bag...
yes you read that right, my SHOULDER has gone NUMB... it's a strange sensation. Somewhat like the numbing needle at the dentist, you can still move everything, barely, but it's gone really cold.

It's not a massive bag I carry, you can't see it from space, but the books have that remarkable little trick of being deviously heavy despite their size.

The smaller the book, oddly enough, the heavier it is.... I don't get it! Is it that writers and publicists have decided to help readers get their exercise through doing book weights?

Anyway, thought ya might get a laugh somewhere outa this.. Hope your taxes are goin/ went well and ya didn't loose too much sleep over it.

much love

The caustics won't caustic for me said...

April 15th is just a cursed day dude...Licoln got shot, Titanic went down, and taxes. I'm not going crusing or to the theatre, but you can't aviod the taxes.

Have you done yours?

joha said...

I saw the videos of Bamboozle, I can say that I love:)

New songs for the ep!
Siiiiiiii xD
Makes me very happy :D
I want to hear something new from AFI
And new songs for blaqk audio too!
I want to hear aiiii xD

shanagdi said...

Sorry to hear that you were freezing at Bamboozle! Ecstatic to hear some EP news! I completed and mailed in my taxes two weeks ago. I am going to be responsible and use my direct deposited refunds to pay down some credit card bills.

I would definitely make out with Darth Vader though the suit that keeps him alive might get in the way. I don't know who I would fight. I need to think about that one.

Take care!! :)

Kristi said...

I'd make out with Darth Vader as long as it's Hayden Christiansen Darth Vader.

Trixie said...

Taxes - boo!

HAZEL!theROCK. said...

New songs! Awesome. I'm excited for that, and the EP. Your polls amuse me, by the way.


JONNYBOY said...

thats funny, i actually have to do my taxes soon.

leongyiting said...


ChinchillaDust said...

I did my taxes in February mang.

I was on that shit like white on rice.

ChinchillaDust said...

I'd fight Predator. I'd go old school on his ass. Bricks and broken bottles all up in his face.

After I fought Predator I'd then make Darth my bitch.

Susan said...

all of this ninja talk is making me think of a kick ass shirt on cafe press. "librarian by day, deadly ninja by night". sweet. perhaps i should find a clip of smith in action so that i can perfect my skills. people have no idea how dangerous libraries are.

Stix said...

YAY taxes
That means I get money BACK =D

I'm gald your life is going well.
Very excited about all the new music.

Tres fantastique

wendy said...

Jade, these polls cracked me up!!!

i'd make out with darth vadar (haydan christensen) and fight pennywise to the death!!!
although i would prefer to fight pyramidhead from silent hill or nemesis from resident evil.

and i don't need to do my taxes until the end of june!

Amanda-Jayne said...

Wait a sec... it says 2009... woah.

I was sitting there thinking Monday the 13th of April? The 13th was Sunday.

And I even checked my computer calendar lol

And then I looked again and saw that it said 2009 :P

Did you notice that?


Rina said...

Can't wait for the new songs :) Awesome to hear it's coming along great. And I love the new poll XP

black won't make a difference said...

I hope the EP comes out soon, I just can't wait ! ^^

XxDancerXofXmiseryxX said...

My goodness Jade I would have killed to see Smith do such a thing. The closest I have ever gotten to that was Smith waving at me to me at an AFI show in Tampa (1-31-07).

I am stoaked about hearing new music from you guys and I can't wait to hear it.

Don't have any taxes...I'm not legal LOL...but you have fun with yours


Skszp, who can't remember her password said...

I've been trying to do my taxes, but I'm a moron and can't figure out how to do my deduction junk.

Anxiously awaiting the EP. <3

ciel said...

Exciting, I need some new music!

Well damn I don't suppose you managed to film that somersault while still playing...

I'm Darth Vader I know nothing of taxes and they nothing about me. We'll keep it that waaaay.

allmylove said...

YAY!! I have been waiting for some new AFI!!! I am so freaking estatic!!!!!
OH i am glad you had an exciting night at bamboozle how i wish i could have been there in person!!! but i'm sure it was just as amazing as any performance you've ever been involved in :P you never fail to do such a stunning job whether your playing guitar or your on keyboards
Thank you so much for always keeping us updated on a regular basis!!!!! I hope your doing well JaDe and not too stressed out by lifes' woes.

Pash said...

Hey, I paid back the feds in January (and got this spiffy laptop I'm typing on with the return...)

Now, state taxes--ugh, that's another matter. I'm totally switching residency this year. AZ can eat it. Stick it to the man!

I'm about to become detached from the world for the next two months...hopefully the EP will be waiting for me when I resurface?

awokennightmare said...

Taxes suck.

What up witcha? said...

Bahahaha. It's all good Jade, I still love you. :] Not like In-Love but like Friend love. o_o

Yay for New Music!!! :]

Taxes suck major monkey.

And yes I saw Smith. I love Smith as well.

Bah who am I trying to fool? I love all of you guys!

<3 <3 <3

Ryan DeYoung said...

Cant wait to hear the EP! Glad things are goin well Jade. You guys need to take a vacation :D

Epiph said...

I did the returns. I got money back which is some major love.

Can't wait to hear the new EP.
Hope everything goes well.


any_mouse said...'s April 14 and I haven't done my taxes yet. I hope the EP will be out by the time I get my return. Love your songs, by the way. I'd be willing to trade you US dollars or fresh-baked muffins for them, your choice.

brenna! said...

Taxes were fun, only because the government pays me this time.

Clearly you've overlooked Nosferatu's total sex appeal. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
devin said...

freezing? how cold was it? because it snowed here yesterday. illinois weather is lame. anyway, have a happy tax day.

Katie ;] said...

Your posts always leave me smiling. ;D

Definitely Darth Vader for both. >:D
By any chance did you watch any of the originals on Spike this weekend?

I'm pretty excited for the EP and all the new music.

15 year olds don't do taxes :]

I'll keep it in mind come three years.

C-dot said...

I can't wait for the new songs!

Are you guys going to tour again anytime soon?

The Bamboozle videos were awsome... you guys are bomb.<33

Harlem. said...

No. Taxes.
Lucky slice of heaven teenager-hood is, no?

Good luck with everything!
I cannot wait to hear the new songs, and what not.

Kacy said...

Yay! I can't wait. =D Oh shit my laptops overheating.D=

helen099 said...

didn't see smith, but did see Davey wiggling his cute little butt during "Between Breaths." If you didn't see it, watch it on youtube. it's a must see!

if people want to WIN the fight, they should pick leatherface. he's slow and stupid. but people would rather wield a lightsaber.

i ♥ u

books_and_coffee101 said...

somehow i don't see you doing taxes....

exorcist emma said...

Yeah. . .Bamboozle. I'm still upset that your not going to Bamboozle May 3rd, but there is saddly nothing I can do about that. . .

Thanks to you I am going to make out with Dath Vador and kick the crap out of Predator. . .thanks

I don't do taxes yet. . . =]

Anonymous said...

I just burn my taxes

KAYLEIGHkatharsis. said...

Hearing about the EP got my stumach doing somersaults!
Can't wait! (:

Orangutan's daughter said...

Great news! :D
Good to know you're not checking your navel fuzz :P

Taxes can bite me, I have a dude that do them for me.

pirate said...

Psyched for the E.P.!!


propelwave said...

Awsome can't wait 2 hear the new songs!!
Also can't wait 4 the new EP!!

Callisto said...

I did not see Smith do that. I was watching you guys on stage and dancing. It was a great day. It was indeed cold. I had to go buy a hoodie in the middle of My Chemical Romance set.

I did my taxes in January :)

keep us posted on the EP

Cybele said...

Taxes first, then EP.

I'd hate for all of you to be in jail and not be able to make any more music.

Have fun with life, liberty, and the pursuit of tax refunds!

This Girl said...

Pssh don't apologize Jade. We all understand.

Good to hear Bamboozle went well.
Yay for the song writing. Can't wait for the EP

Take care.

kombucha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kombucha said...

already did my taxes~

actually i made someone else do them, but they got done.

Sarizzle said...

Darth Vader.. Reminds me of this:

Watch it if you've got a spare minute and thirty seconds, Jade. Hope it puts a smile on your face. =]

Anna! said...

Hey, speaking of "tardy tardy" I just got two tardies on my report card.
Anyway. Have fun with taxes. I guess even rock gods have to do taxes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jade :] I just found your blog this weekend, and read the entire thing lol. Productive, I know. You are SO funny, you should try stand-up sometime. I am sooper dooper excited for some new music from you guys!! ~Peace and Love~ Liz

Suzy/Lauren/Bobby Joe said...

EP!! Yay! Don't rush on the EP. Just focus and make the best EP ever even if it takes 50 years. mmmmm....maybe not that long.

My dad does the taxes :)

By the way, I'm smiling right now. I'm always smiling but right now I'm smiling wider than usual. And that's almost impossible.

Masha said...

I saw the back flip xD The concert was amazing, I loved the cover of "Hold Me Now". I can't wait for the EP!

Tell Munch Lia says woof. :)

~Masha and Lia (Munch's Number 1 fan)

Beejie said...

my friend janice got it on video.

the sumersault. more like a ninja roll.


have fun doing your taxes, although i doubt you do your own.

emilierose said...

no taxes for emilie. haha. :]

Sneaky Ninja said...

so this just made my day.. well night seeing as its 1130.
the mighty sick one(me) is bored and only certian things can hold her attention for long..

wish i could have been there, unfortuatly school .

cannot wait for the new ep and rancid!
*holds breath and promply passes out*

the"emo"kid. said...

dude i totally saw smith...
i was like
oh! theres smith!
you guys were so good at bamboozle! one of the best acts of the weekend fo sho.
my sister and i are like in love with the little dance moves you were doing up there.
it made the set just that much better.
seeing davey strip was nice too.

Tabytha (DF)(5C)(NDA) said...

Don't work so hard. Take a break, man. Geez. Writing awesome music, performing at Bamboozle, doing your taxes, how do you sleep?!

EP news = happiness

If the slim chance comes true that you read this, tell Smith that he's awesome. And then get more footage OF Smith up on here so I can laugh again.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! no taxes yet. Besides....i don't even know how to do taxes. have fun with yours unless you did them already in which case I say congrats!!

( i had to use anonymous cause my account is being stupid)

Wendy said...

Taxes were done a long time ago.....anybody get video of Smith????? I would love to see that. I am totally ready for the EP!!!

StraightEdgeAdrien said...

Yay new songs!:] I saw Smith do a somersault, but it was not in person only on video on youtube!:( AFI and Blaqk Audio should come to Hawaii, there are so many AFI/Blaqk Audio fans that are dying to see you!:)

Danika said...

well jade thats smith for ya. lolz.

and hmm i dont have any taxes to pay...yet =P

cant wait for the EP. its gonna rock