Monday, September 15, 2008

Wow, good job GG! Looks like McCain might want to rethink the Sarah Palin pick. I'm thinking McCain/Allin '08.

Heard a new Cradle of Filth song, makes me excited for their new album. Sounds like Cruelty and the Beast-era COF.

Anyone excited about any new music coming out? Do people still get excited about music?


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rondogger55 said...

Obama baby ^.^

And We all hear good music now adays just nothing really truly new and or memorable.
It seems as if the worlds music is slowly trying to form together and unify into a large lump of unthinking same mindedness confusion.

Maybe When the better of the presidential candidates arises and goes into office the creative juices will go back to flowing and the music world may start anew.

nobodyfedme said...

Yes, we are all excited about YOUR new music coming out. Make it so.

The caustics won't caustic for me said...

I get excited about new music still. It is the only thing that keeps me sane in this crazy world. October is going to be a good month for music too...that's how many days away? I can't remember...come quick...(That's what she said)

Orangutan's daughter said...

I kinda hope Obama win cus he seems more open minded.
But politicians sucks the balls of the capuccino monkey, no matter which country you're in they only care about money on their pockets -_-
Power is addictive and so once they win they shit in peoples heads =/ ..But maybe I'm too pessimistic since I'm from the ass of the world =/
I hope the new president will be better for you people tho...

Yep, I still get excited about new music coming out, tho nothing like it used to...Growing old sucks -_-

Patrick said...

new underoath was excitable. and the new anberlin should be good. with afi though i get very nervous because you change every time and even though every time ive loved it, i always get scared that it wont be my bag. i guess what im trying to say is run for president.

havok/puget 08

HunkyDory said...

New Cure..New Trash Talk and Ceremony FTW. I'm suprised McCain got more votes than GG..

bloodstainxx said...

Obama all the way! Even though I am not of voting age yet.. Nor do I live in America.
Of course we're still excited about music! Especially yours :D Definitely can't wait for it.

Alekksi said...

No, I'm not excited....It's been too long & I don't care anymore....I'm listening to old Cult albums & I don't need new music, I could listen to this forever!

camilla said...

Definitely excited about new Cure and of course new AFI!!


Los Angelista said...

Anxiously waiting for the new Depeche Mode. Hope it's out this winter.

Cyanide&Sugar said...

I get excited for new music.
I really don't have a political all. I don't watch any TV or read the news. So, I'm unaware of everything. :)
But what else is there to look forward to besides books?
MUSIC. Haha.

Mina said...

yeah.. can't wait till new COF stuff too!!.. I heard placebo's recording some new tunes with their new drummer who's called Steve again.. hope they've picked him not only cuz of his name.. ;) so can't wait how they'll sound now.. Bri said it's gonna be some hard stuff..much harder than Meds was..ah well.. we'll see..

black_dust said...

Yeah Squarepushers new album is out next month, should be pretty cool, Seeing him live in Dec with Luke Vibert as well :D

Anonymous said...

can you say NEW AFI?!!!!!

Fluffo said...

Ew, a right wing.

I'm not excited about any new music whatsoever, not even yours. I do however want to see Burn After Reading because George Clooney is the greatest man alive.

Finish recording already- I'm bored with my library.

Anonymous said...

I still get excited for your guys' new music... don't ruin it! I'd be very sad if AFI started to burn me as much as the Pumpkins did post-Mellon Collie. It's sad when MC's B-Sides are better than anything on Adore, Machina, Machina II, or Zeitgeist.

Awesome picture of McCain. The only problem with Allin is that a VP has to be alive. Otherwise who would step in if McCain died? Nancy Pellosi, that's who!

I get excited for some new punk, now that I think about it, if I come across an interesting band on youtube or something. Oh, and my own music excites me, of course.

Now get back to making a new album!!!

Becky (Won't Let Me Sign In, Grrr!) said...

Hell yes! @ The new COF song!
And I'm looking forward to AFI's new stuff, of course!

natalie! said...

Actually, I am anticipating AFI's new realease lol. And I'm looking forward to buying MGMT's album, Orcaular Spectacular.

Susan said...

I don't get excited about much in the music world nowadays, must be because I just hit 30. ha. not to be trusted. New Cure in Oct, that's what I'm looking forward to. Walking around Best Buy the other day with 50 bucks in use or lose rewards and I didn't see a single cd i wanted that I don't already have. Of course if your new one was there that would have been a different story...(shameless suckup)

Static Distortion said...

I still get excited about new music:)

especially with a band I really enjoy.

twistingby said...

more people should be excited for the new oasis album i think

Straight To Hell said...

I'm excited for the new Rise Against album to come out. And McCain can keep fuckin up cuz i'm hoping that will hurt his chances at winning the election. I swear i'm moving out of the country if he wins. I really don't want to endure another 4 or 8 years just like the past 8. I don't want another George Bush running the country. Our country has obviously been down the shitter for the past 8 years. hHow do people think McCain is going to make it any different or better when he stands for the same thing Bush does.

HAVOKLover4life said...

Yes,I do!!!I <3 music!!!I wish ya'll would get ya'll's album out real soon!!!Then I would have something to be really happy about!!!!

Come see me @ !!!

I made these videos,please check them out!!!


If it is anyway,please send Davey
these videos I made,Thanks!!!


sydney said...

Of course Jade! People still get excited bout new music, especialy new AFI!!!!! :D
Good pick for the McCain/GG Allin!!
It shuld be Puget/Puget08......I wuld definatly vote!!!

With MUCH <3,

B.T.W. Give my <3 to the rest of the guys and munch!

Brittney said...

Well duh AFI and Blaqk Audio but other than that...
The new Cure album rocks and so does Motley Crue's SOLA but I feel like they're just kinda doing the same old stuff and not mixing it up enough. Btw, they rocked Cruefest Scranton.
Back to the point, I haven't really heard much about any new music because of school starting and everything. Actully this is like the first time I've been on the internet since school started. Still adjusting to the sleep schedule.

Anonymous said...

we get excited about new AFI MUSIC.

sydney said...


With MUCH <3,(to jade!)

Chris Wiegel said...

Here is a list:
Jenny Lewis
Bloc Party
Kings of Leon
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
AFI again, since they have an EP or something that was due early last spring or something.
And Bright Eyes are recording after the solo tour.
Brand New are recording soon.
New Maria Taylor soon.

Lots and lots of new music that I anticipate every single day, and out of all of those bands, only 2 are coming/have come to connecticut, saddening!

erica's grilled cheese sammich said...

i personally like mccain/palin but i'm not old enough to vote so i'm just going to sit on my butt and observe. and yes, i'm excited because gym class heroes new album is out now! but i'm also REALLY stoked about your new album! OMGICANTWAITOMGITSGONNABEAMAZINGOMGOMGOMG!!!!.............sorry, little spaztic moment there!

Hevv. said...

*still gets excited about new music*

Ohhh yesss, xD

Piercings Saved My Life said...

I am excited about AFI!!! ahh i cannot wait. LOVE YOU JADE!!!

Cunt. said...

i get excited over everything.
its true it becomes a problem.

hannah! said...

Yeah, I'm excited about the AFI album. :)
And yes, we do still get excited about music.

Dark Flame said...

Jade I'm excited to hear new AFI music plz and Blaqk Audio
I just cant wait for the new cd
and go to one of you concerts
take care

eMMe said...

i'm what you call a swing vote. I'm independant all the way but my choice is for obama!
Now about the AFI album - I really itchin to see some AFI show action or something.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even begin to fathom a country run by GG. That'd be half incredible.. half completely insane.

propelwave said...

yes of coures we all still get excited ab music. I know that i am excited for AFI's new up and coming music

Amy said...

Of course I'm looking forward to AFI's new album!! I'm psyched for that one. You guys are amazing. Jade, you're amazing!

Maya said...

LOL You knew what to expect with that question, didn't you Jade?
Yeah, I still get excited with new music (since music is my main interest in life) but from bands I love obviously. And right now, AFI is the only one who's about to bring a new album, so right now I'm excited about your new music! <3

Oh, and it always seems weird to me hearing (reading?) you say that you listen to Cradle Of Filth lol I can hardly imagine you listening to black metal but, of course, I don't think it's a bad thing or anything, I like them as well. Actually, I'm "weird" too, as AFI and Blaqk Audio are the only non-metal bands that I listen to and love.

nheerdesign said...

Of course I'm excited about any new AFI stuff coming out. But I'm super pumped for September 30th – InnerPartySystem's first album will be out. I think you'd like it Jade. It's like a really danceable version of Nine Inch Nails, or Blaqk Audio with some more industrial sounds. It's pretty sweet.

Crimson Butterfly said...

normally i don't get excited on new music other than J-rock or anything that deals with you guys but other than that it mostly deals with new anime(basically Bleach)

Crimson Butterfly said...

normally i don't get excited on new music other than J-rock or anything that deals with you guys but other than that it mostly deals with new anime(basically Bleach)

ThisSideUp said...

Oh, how sad. I don't think people really get excited about MUSIC anymore, just publicity and popularity. If their friends like it, then so do they. But there's really nothing to be done about that.

Actually, right now I'm more into old music, than new...

Mr. Heater said...

Being Canadian I just have to worry about keeping the Bloc out of office then just presidents...

I live for music, so yes, I'm excited. To bad music of this time sucks now.


Charlotte said...

The Cure had me all worked up with the September 13th date. Then on September 13th I found out that album wasn't going to be released until October 24 or something like that........... weak!

It's like what the fox says to the little prince in The Little Prince... I got all excited because I was expecting it at a certain time, but now that it's coming at a different time, I'm not excited...

Anyway, I'm sure that's enough of my senseless ramblings... isn't/wasn't the Son of Sam album supposed to come out this month?

a lot of good CDs came out in the summer... Offspring, Faint, Conor Oberst.... so now the world has exhausted its good CD output for this year, I think. Yeah.

And at this rate, I would RATHER have GG Allin than Sarah Palin. God, woman.

Anonymous said...

I don't get excited anymore since you announced the EP on November 2007 saying it would be out soon. September 2008 and nothing. Bullshit!

Karlye said...

I'm more of an Obama person, but you never know, maybe Allin could totally change the world too.

I still get pretty stoked about music, you have no idea. Looking forward to some new Killers stuff, the Cure, Shiny Toy Guns seems promising, Rise Against, Squarepusher, Keane, Ladytron, Nightmare of You is in the studio, so is The Dear and Departed. As you can see, I have a lot to look forward to in the next couple months or so.

It may sound a little cliche, but some new material from you would be pretty spiffy too.

Anonymous said...

well i was excited bout your ep in winter but that never happened and now i dont get excited because i know itll only come with disappointments :(

Nika said...

Obama all the way,Mr.Puget.
My older bro thinks Palin is hot.O_O
I thought the Metallica CD sucked....
The Gym Class Heroes album sounded ok.
But I WANT to go to one listening party in Hot Topic that a least has your stuff in it....
Did they even have listening parties in the 90's?

Anonymous said...

I get very excited for new music.

In fact, I'm extremely excited for this band, they're called AFI.. and they're coming out with not only an EP but also an album soon.

They have this amazing guitarist, and his name is Jade Puget, mabye you've heard of him? He is the true ninja of the world. =]


P.S. To fellow commenters, I know this is Jade Puget's blog, I was being playfully sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

new QUEEN ALBUM comes out today!!!
... Paul Rodgers lol
still good to hear Brian breakin' out the Deaky!

helen099 said...

i like this band called "a static lullaby." (don't laugh) i think Joe Brown is an excellent screamer and writes smart and passionate lyrics.

they're my 'plan b' in case you guys break my heart.

afi is 'my band,' but if you wimp out and start making generic music, i'll have asl to fall back on.

but please don't.

thanks for your blogs, jade, you're so sweet. ♥

Kørrlej said...

Not many bands I like are still making music, haha. Apparently The Gutter Twins had some e-EP come out that I missed so I shall have a gander at that.

Araceli. said...

I'm quite excited for the new Cure album and exremely excited about new Morrissey.
As well as the long anticipated AFI CD, which is still a mystery to everyone. I'm sure we are all very anxious to hear the new sound.

Anonymous said...

Im excited about the NEW AFI MUSIC!!!!!
come on Jade give us a real update...

Anonymous said...

OMg I am so excited about Your new Music coming soon I can wait.... I am sooooooo For Obama....

Anonymous said...


im excited about cof too, and afi im always excited about music. i love it!!!

Pill Popping XXX said...

Dresden Dolls Tuesday! <3
Go buy it. I command you. My mind powers will make you buy it, or I will steal your credit card and order 323691810923759182 copies of their new CD. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So yes, some of us do still get excited about new music. :)

Anonymous said...

New slipknot album was good.
More excited for yours thoughh
im going

Haras said...

hot hot heat are recording their album right now, and mgmt started talking about making theirs. i haven't been to a show since last january because all of the bands i like disappeared into caves to do albums. sad times.

Nicole said...

Breathe Carolina's new album is coming put tomorrow! I can't wait. Metallica's new one is awesome too!

Any news on you remixing for The Cure?

Nicole said...

^ *is coming out tomorrow

OneCoolNerd said...

I'm pathetically excited for Demi Lovato's new CD... yeah.... Paramore is also supposed to be working on a new CD, and Flyleaf is due for a new album as well.

And, OF COURSE, I'm so stoked for you guys' new album!

vivalamel said...

Haha, fantastic.

Not particularly anything I'm excited for. Everything I was waiting on has already come out. People most definitely DO still get excited about music, though. You wouldn't believe the crazies around here. Hicks running arounds screaming about Kenny Chesney. No need to elaborate.

AbsentOfGrace said...

New don't know how excited I get about new music. I worry that I'm going to be disappointed. I somehow turned into the sort of person that likes a band's older material and dislikes the "sold out" new stuff. It's sad, but it happens :(

But let's Saosin, hopefully new AFI, duh, can't wait for Four Year Strong to come out with another album....etc.

Christa said...

I get excited about new music. There is new Ben Folds and also new Pretenders.
Looks like McCain is pretty excited about new music.

Boo™♥ said...

Obama all the way lol.

Hmm, I've been excited for several albums that have now come out. Though there's nothing that I can think of at the moment, well besides the lingering eyes to read what's going on with all of you. Other than that all the albums I've been waiting on have come out.


Scared kid said...

I'm just excited about your new music.

Maciej Makalowski said...

Yeah! The debut Megapuss album. (
Which just means new Devendra Banhart album.

xAFireInsidex said...

I get excited about new music!! Im hella excited about new AFI music!! *Hint Hint* lol

I hope the album/ EP comes out soonnn =]


BlaqkAudio_AFI said...

I am excited about the new Rasmus CD that is coming out soon. I am also ready for a new AFI album as well.

Stix said...

There are two EP's coming out soon from bands I adore.
Saosin and Mozart Season.

Anonymous said...

lol @ people getting excited for AFI's new album... don't be so fucking dumb. They promised/announced an EP and we got not even a piece of shit, they announce/talk about an album, so why THE FUCK are you excited?

Ebon said...

Well.... Im thinkinking of this band that i absoultly love. But I think I might be 80 by the time the EP comes out.

What up witcha? said...

Politics? STOP WITH THEM!!! gah, I hear about it 5759056890 times a day! =[

LE DUR!!!!!!!! of course I'm excited about the new tunage! How could I not be?! GAH. I get excited over jello-o ^-^ hehehe =]

finglitterfairy said...

I'm excited for the new Cure remix thingy whatsit, I heard the Jared Leto one which was pretty good...

Oh, and theres this little band called AFI, supposedly putting out something new soon...

Anonymous said...

so sad. the original founder of pink floyd died. :(

alex said...

To be honest it is hard to get excited about music, especially when alot of upcoming bands these days all sound very similar...

I wish it was still the good old days when you had GC, Blink, and of course you guys, and all those real old school punk bands...but each decade brings out something unique and memorable and I rekon you'll be the band to make it


lezah said...

Definitely get excited about new music. It's probably the only new things that get me excited.

Excited for new Cure, new AFI, new Cradle of Filth, new Depeche Mode..... the list goes on.


Rina said...

I can't think of any new music I'm looking forward to...oh, exceot for new Anberlin. What I've heard so far sounds good. I'm not going to rush out to the store to buy it the day it comes out or anything, but I am still happy they've made new music.
If I could vote, I'd vote McCain. I just don't know about Obama...he seems like a cool guy and all...but sometimes I think that that's what he's riding on.

Anonymous said...

Today: Amanda Palmer, Son Of Sam (Though I'll miss Davey)
Later: Rise Against, I Am Ghost, Escape The Fate (Though I'm kind of worried about Craig on vocals)
Also, eventually new Billy Talent, Lostprophets... Oh yeah, and AFI!!!

kiss_and_control said...

I get excited about new music still!
Hmm...I'd like to hear COF's new album...I am not fond of this group, but I like to hear all new albums of every group.
If I find it interesting, I'll buy the album and may be the group make me excited...

Oh, Jade, and what about new AFI's album? Or new Blaqk Audio one?
There are no AFIs disks in our music-shops... So...It is difficult to found your music...

Kily said...

Yes, we are all excited about YOUR new music coming out.
What do i/We get NOTHING!!!!

I WANT AFI Album,Ep!!!!!

I hope you are ok!
take care
I love you!


Im a jr!

I want to be a Dj!

So i'll be with Music!

Im Happy!

You are Happy!

What's Up!!!

Candy said...

I do get excited about music but at the moment there isn't anything that would make my heart skip a beat.

Anonymous said...

i am obsessed with the song "waiting for the night" by good old Depeche Mode! Its not new, but new to me.

cant wait for this election crap to be over with.

i'm going to go ahead and say that yes, i'm old enough to vote, but i'm not planning on it. nothing ever changes anyway!

ps. i'm not that negative a person, i'm just a realist.

post us something. anything, a snippet of sound!

Anonymous said...

Amanda. Fucking. Palmer.

Mary-Jean said...

I'm liking Obama, really. Technically I can't vote in the US but yeah. If I could, Obama all the way.

AND YES, WE STILL GET EXCITED ABOUT MUSIC. I live and breathe it. Must look funny in cartoon with the little musical notes coming out of my mouth... Ignore my dorkness. *runs away*

Matt said...

There is this band AFI
They are gonna come out with some new music soon
I'm definitely excited for that!

Black Electric. said...

I'm excited for Alexisonfire's new album to come out,
whenever that'll be.

& AFI, of course.

Kayleigh Puget said...

Jade, you like Cradle of Filth?
You're cooler than I thought.
Cradle of Filth are great.
And English.

Yes, I'm excited for AFI's album.

Maybe you'll hit back this time.
Seeing as I comment every blog entry you post now.

Maybe that doesn't constitute being a fan.
Maybe you should comment me anyway to tell me what does :D


Anonymous said...

Innersystemparty's debut album is coming out next week, from what i've heard it could be very cool. Check them out if you haven't, they're kind of like an electronic/industrial/alternative rock band

Rio said...

Oh man, I always get excited for new music. It's almost better than Christmas. If I got new music ON Christmas, I think my head would cave in.

I'm stoked for new Depeche Mode and Moz. And I'm interested in what U2 are up to, to be honest. I hope it's good. I REALLY hope it's good. I don't want to be disappointed. Again. Or should I say, as usual? *sigh*
New Killers are in the studio and that's always good thing. And of course, I'm anxiously awaiting new AFI. :)

Anonymous said...

whoo hoo for innerpartysystem! i love them!

ydnarepple said...

Ya im pretty excited for senses fail's new album and fall out boy's new album

Anisha said...

JADE I HEART YOU! YOU LIKE THE NEW COF SONG TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone i know hates it

its nice to know someone has good taste


heart you!

NightShade said...

Rise Against, New Cure, Hypnagogic States, maybe KMFDM, and those AFI guys. I hear they're pretty good. ;-)

Anonymous said...


THE LIVING END- White Noise (already have it, kicks ass)

OASIS!!!- Dig Out Your Soul ( CANT WAIT!!!!)


And last but most certainly not least.....


Afonya said...

Uh..I`m excitied about new Green Day`s songs, and I`m really tired of waiting for them %))I hope AFI will be much more faster than they))))

I don`t care about new president of the Usa, couse it practicaly doesn`t matter to my country xDDD

Michael said...

Yes, but not too much.

Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder -Cradle of Filth

Diamonds in the Rough
-Avenged Sevenfold

El Monsturo
-The Vincent Black Shadow

The EP and new AFI album. ^^

I heard a song from Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder. Tragic Kingdom, to be specific. In that, I heard some Midian mixed with a tad bit of Dusk... and Her Embrace and SOME Nymphetamine. Cruelty and the Beast is by far their best album. I think that Cradle of Filth regressing is a good thing. I was kind of getting worried about Thornogrophy.

Especially because of "Temptation"

I have soooo much more respect for you than I already had after reading that Cruelty and the Beast comment. ^^

Anonymous said...

Im excited for AFI!!! <3 <3
...breathe carolina just came out with there cd

-december everyday said...

I LIVE for music... new and old.

Anonymous said...

yes we still get excited about new music....especially new afi music or BA!!


Anonymous said...

Jade, you don't like McCain do you..? D:

Anonymous said...


i'm excited for lovedrug's new cd 'the sucker punch show'. i think it hits in late october.

Brandon! said...

On politics its all leading us to our end, Im with Trent (Reznor) the art underground.

Music is the only thing to get excited about besides um The Dark Knight....and Skittles.

New Cure on the way can't wait for that and I think Muse down the line as new music coming out, NIN will prolly surprise everyone with something again.

kayleigh katastrophyy said...

I get excited over new music alot.
Lately it's Sky Eats Airplane. <3
I'd ditch them anyday for new AFI, though. (:

Anonymous said...

new Decemberists soon!!!!

This Girl said...

Sarah Palin...something about her makes me uncomfortable.

I still get excited. All types of music make me excited, especially when it's something new and fun.

.DeathOfSeasons. said...

Im exited too. And im immensly exited for YOUR album more than ANY album in teh world. Cant wait to hear your wonderful songs.

dannydunlop said...

People don't get excited about music. Musicians and cool people get excited about music.

Everyone else just gets excited about weather and cell phones. Consequently, everyone else sucks.

Whats some new music coming in the next months?


Bekka said...

WEll, To me... I personally think any new music is exciting, it doesnt matter what genre ect. I believe you have to anticipate and appreciate the change in music. If something is truly amazing it qill click. I always am excited to find something new and excited. haha well, i really hope to hear from AFI soon!!!!

Kyle said...

I still think people do, but leaks ruin it for the impatient.

I'm looking forward to the new Cure album, this hardcore band Energy's bridge nine debut (you would like them I believe), Moz's new release, new static age, new found glory's new album and Darkest hour!

And yours, too of course.

Anonymous said...

I almost can't get excited about new music, because all the shit on the radio sounds the same nowadays. Nothing leaps out at me anymore. I am tres excited about new AFI and always Blaqk Audio though. Sometimes I feel like you guys are the only ones who understand how music is supposed to be anymore.

Cherol said...

Absolutely. I get excited about music all the time. New and old, but recently it's been old music.

I've been anticipating the arrival of the Sister Act soundtrack with much excitement. I ordered it three days ago, it should so be here already.

Poohget bear said...

heeeeeeeeey yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I'm excited about YOUR NEW MUSIC.....

But when God when the nwe album or EP or whatever come out????

stella said...

yeah i am excited about
placebos CD coming out soon maybe perhaps
hm and then
you guys? kinda a little bit
and muse definitely

Drea said...

Haha :P
Yea metallica album that came out is supposed to be pretty rad mhmm
I havent heard anything from it yet but ive heard some good reviews Xp

Alberto said...

I want to hear the new afi album.I hope that the new music of afi sounds like my favourite afi´s era

Saludos desde Madrid (España)

Mia said...

Of course people still get excited about new music!! There just isn't as much quality in most of it as there used to be. xD
I'm hoping for a new, exciting genre. That's what the world of music desperately needs.

Anthony said...

Yeah, your bands music, I think we are all kinda curious as to how thats gonna sound.

GermaricanMix said...

Well, it's not NEW but I'm excited that I just discovered a band called MGMT. I really like them and I wanna get their albums. Does that count?

I'm also excited when bands I find on myspace post new music. For some reason that really makes my day.

Anisha said...

well im excited for



i think i should stop doing the all caps but all in all
YES people do get excited about music hon and we all want to hear yours

Jordana said...

Lol very depressed.
I'm the age to vote and politics doesnt stir me in the slightest. I was given my form in school today. Wanted to rip it into tiny pieces but I thought I might get detention...
But as I dont live in America but crappy Northern Ireland...
Which you've promised to come to... Don't think I'd forgotten!!
It would excite me greatly if you came. Also my converted friend, no need to thank me!
I'm not sure what good music is being released soon... But I'm waiting for new AFI stuffs so thats exciting!!!
Oh yeah, You Me At Six (british band, check them out, ther good =]) have an album out soon!!!
So yeeaaayyy!

Anonymous said...

Joppa, ppl still get excited bout music being released. Specially bout AFI music, since i cant figure out why not AFI-fans and not-your-friends would read this. ôO
well... yeah.

love you, and the rest of AFI : D

lifeofafallenangel said...

It's awesome when new music comes out, but sometimes it gets hard because of all the "bad" music being released now days. I realize that some people like this music and they are allowed their opinion as I am. I'm interested to see where music turns to in the next few years. Music still is one of the things that brings me immense joy in this world.

Anonymous said...

I don't get too excited about new music these day, 95% of it is completely and ridiculously awful. It seems now-a-days as long as some one is attractive (or comparatively attractive) and has marginal musical abilities they can 'make it big'. Music doesn't have much to say anymore.
I am however, excited about new AFI! You are some of the few genuine, talented people making music these days, and I don't just say things.

McCain/Divine '08! A veep with flair!

Danii/Patatas said...

NIN! thery rock, they already came out, but they still rock ^^

NightmareGanon said...

Hel yeah about music. Not so much about politics and politicians. On the other hand, if there were politicians making (good) music....

Still, you are better than CoF.

D'anna said...

First we had a polygamous cheater in office. Now we have a cowboy who asks "Is our children learning?" and tells us of his favorite moment in the White House was catching his "7.5 pound bass" and that "this is some serious stuff, fish are smarterer than you think". PLEASE don't make it some old guy who thinks Sarah Palin, the one who wants to drill, drill, drill when it's her state who's in the most danger of climate shift, knows A LOT about foreign affairs because she's right next to Russia. And don't make it Obama, either, who seems to promise some amorphous idea of change.
I vote in Kucinich. Dennis Kucinich alone has staked out clear, unequivocal and honest positions.

Or maybe Havok/Puget '08. Why are you looking at the screen all weird? Jeez, it's just a suggestion. :]

JoeMama said...

GG Allin was so fuckin nasty. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for the new album....i'm just so excited. and i'd like to add that Jade you are the best guitarist ever...i love u

Mallory said...

Jade, we're excited about YOUR new music.

Anonymous said...

well u certainly get excited about music, Jade. ;)
yeah i get excited about music all the time. I can't wait for Avenged Sevenfold's new album (tho im pretty sure that just came out...) and i'm excited for AFI's new album and EP!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for the new AFI stuff!
Time flies when your really not paying attention. I can't believe its been 2 years! Holy cow. How am I surviving.

In the meantime of that, I've been listening to some Tokio Hotel (Your remix for Ready, Set, Go! was to infinity and beyond fabulous!) I'm kind of excited for their new albums next year [German & English]

Oh yes I'm cultured.

Except for the whole politics thing, that stuff can fall of the face of the earth :)

Nephilista said...

Of course, we get excited about music! I'm excited about the new TV on the Radio (DEAR SCIENCE,) which officially drops in 5 days. What I've heard sounds amazing.

Some new AFI would be extremely exciting. But you knew that.


afireinside said...

Of course we do Jade...well at least I get excited for new music ^_^ stoked for new Rise Against at the moment. It's pre-ordered and all. fun fun fun

spam. said...


Unwritten Law - Live & Lawless came out today.
Coming out soon:

Tom Morello
Rise Against - More stoked than ever, yet AFI tops any list (DUH!).
The Cure - Dream 4.13
AC/DC - This one will suck, don't buy.
Bloc Party

Autolux?!? Shwing. (Transit Transit)
Morrissey - Years of Refusal. Shwing.

And many more.
(Also, my chronos could be wrong, but my source tells me different)

"Do people still get excited..."

I love you, Jade - your humor keeps me grounded.

emilierose said...


dont vote for mccain!

deeppoetic said...

i got the All THat Remains album on Tuesday and was exited for that about a month before it came out. now looking forward to any new stuff by Green Day (i mean, they gotta do something soon or die out)and any Evanescence or Birthday Massacre. Three Days Grace should do something also, but really want new and different stuff...
Looking forward to any new AFI stuff also!

Anonymous said...

new Rise Against? why haven't i heard about this yet?> can't wait

kungfuXcupcake said...

haha i love readind all the IM EXCITED ABOUT NEW AFI!! it makes me laugh..

but yes im excited about that and the new breathe carolina album is pretty sweet even though a few songs arent exactly new..
im pretty much also anticipating getting the new danger radio album for my birthday tomorrow <33

i cant really think of any others right now

This Girl said...

I just had to come back and say how much that picture of McCain makes me laugh.

Have a good dayyy.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about your new music aaaand.... RISE AGAINST !!!! =] =]

Virginia said...

I agree, mostly everything sounds the same anymore. At least when I hear AFI,Blaqk Audio, or Imperative Reaction, I know who it is.
Played your Cure remix at the club last night--it will definitely be in rotation for awhile!

Anonymous said...

We are all excited about the new AFI music!!!!!

wink wink.

Love you eternally,

Anonymous said...

well, its hard to get excited about new music. In the shitty ass small town I live in, and my lack of available time to get on the computer and actually HEAR about the new music, I am pretty much screwed up the ass. I get stuck with same mindedness crap that rondogger55 there was talking about... and lately I have been in, what you would call a slump, so no music right now anyways, because I really don't hear it... :( errgh, this world is pathetic, as am I...

I really hope Obama doesn't fuck it up...

Mary-Jean said...

Jade... I am listening to your Cure remix right now. I think I'm having a heart attack... I love it. My two favorite things in one song; I must be dreaming.

emerald said...

I'm excited for new AFI!!
Very excited.

Asides from that there have been a few artists I've been anticipating in New Zealand probably not of too much interest to yourself but I'll tell them so anyway; Nathan King and Beneath The Silence's debut EP.

I'd have to say that there is a definite lack for some decent music right now, but good luck with finishing that album of yours, perhaps you'll brighten up the world with that amazing talent you guys have! =)

Anna said...

I would hope that people still get excited over music! I'm really stoked about Amanda Palmer's solo album, which is actually already out (but I don't get it till my birthday). :-P No Doubt has an album in the works too, and I hear it's supposed to be in the vein of TRAGIC KINGDOM. No words can describe my excitment. !!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Gah, so much 'new' music out there is gash- it all sounds the same! There's no passion any more. However, I always get excited about possible new AFI stuff, and I have to say, getting excited about the new Amanda Palmer album was well worth the effort- would recommend it x

cilliii said...

i still get excited bout new music.
like um, yours and rise against! : )
and yeah, well other music too, but i never get it when it comes out. ô_O
[i know this sucks a lot.]

folkedforlife said...

My favorite bands are making it hard for me to get excited [whoa, double entendres all over the place] because their new stuff blows. [Heh heh...] However I am excited about a Jeffree Star concert in October and an Avenged Sevenfold concert in November. I will implode and explode with excitedness when AFI goes back on tour, I've never been to an AFI concert >.<

cassidyy said...

I'm excited about your music coming out more than anything in the world. I feel like dancing. xD

kirstie said...

Your music would be nice. Anything. Please.


thє quєєи. said...

exciting new album-
'black roses' - the rasmus.
coming out in a few weeks.
been basically dying for it for months.
+ new afi would be great.

Dusty said...

i'm really looking forward to the new record by
Oasis-"Dig Out Your Soul." ahhh...
to be british.

chaoskittenxo said...

i got the last Cradle of Filth album a few weeks ago and i LOVE it. i'm really excited about you guy's new album mainly though.... there's a great band called The Birthday Massacre that i'm really loving at the moment. they sound like The Cure with some electronica thrown in. i think you and Davey would SERIOUSLY ADORE them for sure. the Walking with Strangers album is truly excellent. i IMPLORE you to check them out, they're Canadian by the way... bye sweetie xox

Courtney said...

I am excited for ALL new music! as long as it's good... I just bought the new Buckcherry CD on tuesday =]

CM said...

No - Not excited about anything coming out... More excited to find something new that rules...

Anonymous said...

Metallica, BAby!!!

throwaway kid said...

I've been wondering Mr. Puget, have you ever listened to the Exploding Hearts? It's not really new music, since 3/4 of the band is dead, but their one album is amazing.

Logan Mariee said...

your music ! xoxo

sabsbury said...

I remember staying up all night in anticipation of the latest AFI release/show..but I'm a mommy now. I'll probably be dreading the newest Doodlebops/Wiggles cds for years to come.


Anonymous said...

directed to some random dude that says he's not gonna vote. I really hope people go out and vote instead of thinking "oh everyone likes him so much my vote won't make that much of a difference" causing the wrong person to be president again.
stand up for what you believe in and go vote! If you don't vote, then you can't complain.

and ofc waiting for the new afi album. Not really waitin for any new album cuz pretty much all albums I've waited for has come out. but, the new Rancid album is wut I'm waiting for.

katie monsterxRAWR said...

Lets AFI [of course]...both William Control and Leathermouth are putting out thier first CD's which look to be promising. No Talent Show should be putting out thier CD anytime now and Sister Sin just put out an album so yeah, I'm very excited about music coming out.

And about presidential candidates...

Robert Smith//Jade Puget '08

Sieana said...

Im excited for 2 new cds:

Tokio Hotel's


Anonymous said...

What happened to it?
You guys seemed to vanish off the face of the earth.

But yeah,
I'm waiting on band news from:

Three Days Grace

I'm really excited for Hallowe'en though!
Seriously though, the music today really has to get back to the 90's era...
take care Jade.

eliseytook said...

I deteste politics. I believe that it's my/your opinion who they are voting for becuase politics are a good way to make enemies fast. hehe.

But I always get excited about new music coming out. =D
I'm always excited for any album that you guys will have out, hehe.
There's nothing other than A.F.I. right now that I'm excited about in the music world. =D

BangBangLou said...

not much music is making me excited lately.

I am hella excited that Placebo is recording though, cant wait for that new album (even with that new dude *gags*)
And Mika. But those albums wont be out in a while.

Samantha said...

Are you kidding??? yes! I love it when I find out new music comes out! I just can't stand waiting so I prefer not knowing till it's out...

miss ya face... hope you're well.

Payaso said...

yup...until the churned out rehashed old shite that gets released breaks our hearts just a little bit more. Having said that, there are still a few bands who have a bit of magic about them. Yours included.

Anonymous said...

HAHA IS that dude in the pic with the tattoos your dad? He kind of looks like Michael's dad.

Either that or Marissa is even uglier. Hell she looks like a twelve year old boy in drag.

HAHA that is sick. Why is it that she is never heard of by anyone but some of your crazy twelve year fans?

Why don't you start telling the damn truth about shit?

Like that you've been cheating on here for a while.

Oh or that you have been talking to someone else about dating them for the last three years?

Why is it that you act like that?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... would think that afi fans would have better taste then the crap everyone in here seems to be anticipating...

breath carolina?? puh-lease lets see if anyone knows them in a couple years

mgmt? oh right, that new band they always play now, lets see who remembers them in a decade too...

ac/dc? old and washed up, that cd is gonna suck hard

cradle of filth? blehhh

the cure? yeah but i dont know if they have much left to give...

we desperatley need new AFI, one of the very few truley passionate bands out there.

oh and new oasis of course

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you who no one will remember in a few years...

Marissa Festa.

She has no talent and she looks like a twelve year old boy in drag.

She is a waste of space. Just wait and you'll see.

FUCK who cares and btw

Just because a band is old, does not mean they are washed up. Get a clue.

Anna! said...

I know it's blasphemous to say it, but I'm definitely stoked about the upcoming Fall Out Boy album.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha



I mean.............


Defended Marissa...
haha cause she has no fans. Cause she is a twelve year old boy in drag.


Because Marissa is a Flat chested

Anonymous said...

I offered you everything. I turned my world upside down, and gave you me.

You did not want me. You should have said that instead of lying like you did.

LOVE, LIFE, PEOPLE are not put on this earth so you can play with them.

I hope you're seriously content and happy. I hope you can live with your choice.

You have lost me forever.

btw I have NEVER been a SMOKER.





Alexandria said...

I always look for new music, it is a hobby of mine.
As far as the presidential campain,(did I misspell that?) I vote for Obama, because it rhymes with Osama. I think Obama will find Osama. Besides McCain is tto much like Bush, and Bush ruined everything and put us in debt so far as our great-grand kids are concerned. Anyways! thanks for the update.....Were you hinting at an Album release? Soonish?
<3 Have a great Autumn, we just celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival here in China, it was great.

Alexandria said...

After going back to re-read my post the person who posted before me has an insane infatuation and I apologise. How do you react to these messages? By the way, I think you and Marissa are very lovely together.
I hate to ask, but Who taught who how to do the eyeliner? I can't decide who has better eyelinner, you or Marissa. Sorry about this. The Bad fanmail made me ask. Sorry! <3<3 Bye.

Anonymous said...

you're ugly. I came across this page on accident.

who the hell are you?

Jennie said...

Deerhoof - Offend Maggie
Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping

I hear Stars has a new album coming out...No idea when though.

Music = Good.
Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Heeey, that guy above me sucks.
Dislike hearing you or/ and AFI being insulted. ô.O

I Burn Things said...

I'm pretty excited about the new Nightwish album I just discovered came out in like February. I'm behind. It's ok. The islander is awesome.

allysonXwonderland said...

yes jadey i am very excited for afi's new music. also for the kings of leon's new you like them? i think they are fantastic..

allmylove said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
either obama or mccain will drastically change our economy but i care about music far more than politics although both are important but i'm sooooooo STOKED
for the new I AM GHOST!!!!!
i love thier music and one of thier biggest infulences is afi YAY!! when is a new album that has jade puget written all over it coming out!!!! i'd be way excited for that too ;)

Anonymous said...

I spoke with my anger. I did not mean the mean things I said about you, but you pissed me off big time.

I am done here. I just feel bad about the mean things I said.

You're free. I wish you and Marissa the best.

God bless

Anonymous said...

um... okay, i know its not my buissiness and i should stay away from talking about that...
but, reading those comments above me...
marissa has at least one fan! >_<
shes cool, its good for you to date her, she really seems to be cool! : )
and as long as you are happy i dont see, why anyone shoulkd hate her. Ôo
marissa rocks! : D

[and again sorry, to go into your private stuff, im not to talk/ think/ whatever about it.. sorry, just so felt like having to say it ^^]

Charlene said...

Oh yes! I still get excited for new music! Looking forward, tremendously, to the new Cure cd, AFI's cd AND ep (hint hint), and some new Blaqk Audio.
Also, interested in what Chris Cornell has up his sleeve with his new cd . . .

StefanieEbling said...

Ya I would say people still get excited over music. I do anyways. But who really cares what other people do., if you can't be happy with what you do then why bother? On a happier note, hows your life been going? oh and not to seem like a broken record but any news on the EP?
With love Stef<3

Showa Smile said...

Lovin' "Freakshow" on Hypnagogic States. Thanks, Jade -- got my aerobic workout for the day!

Anonymous said...


You paid for a pi to follow me, and go through my shit.

Then you read two letter that look a certain way. Then you decide that I've been lying...


I am NOT the damn liar. I did not lie. YOU sure as hell did. YOU are the one cheating on Marissa.

which I can almost see why... haha she looks like a twelve year old boy in drag.

Okay look at my parents divorce papers. It will show the truth.

I ask my dad why he had never come around, or paid child support. He said I wanted money. He said I did not remember anything. That my mother had told me all that shit. SHE NEVER told me anything about my dad except that he was not my dad.

He is a bastard like you. I disowned him for a reason. YOU SUCK.


I just questioned you. YOU then decide that; you will make fun of me in third person. Then you sit there and get pissed off when I defend myself.

Then you say I'm immature....haha whatever.... BLAME THE WORLD, but you are still the one on the ground.


I am done with your sorry ass...

I think I can do a hell of a lot better then some jerk who is going to treat me like something he fell in...


you're pathetic and not much of a man... I guess your looks only go skin deep...

You do not deserve me and I will leave you with your lies. I hope you enjoy Marissa festy bitch

That girl is a scank...

chaoskittenxo said...

don't let haters bother you jade! they're all a bunch of jealous fuck-wits.... u still have everyone elses respect! ur still welcome here in Ireland anytime! jade haters can go to hells firey ass...ahem... :-) if they were REAL fans like me, they would wait and learn some manners! bye jade, hope i cheered u up.

chaoskittenxo said...

don't let haters bother you jade! they're all a bunch of jealous fuck-wits.... u still have everyone elses respect! ur still welcome here in Ireland anytime! jade haters can go to hells firey ass...ahem... :-) if they were REAL fans like me, they would wait and learn some manners! bye jade, hope i cheered u up.

Anonymous said...

damn jade-haters suck. -___-

Anonymous said...

you could make a poll, asking how old we all are.. just out of interest if the bulk is 14-18 or older. ô.O

chaoskittenxo said...

i second that! it would be rather interesting don't you think jade? i'm off to eat an apple granola bar....mmm tastes good...

Anonymous said...

Lets say that you meet the guy you have the biggest crush on. Lets say that he happens to be in your favorite band.

Lets say that he talks to you for three years. Lets say that he acts like he is in love with you. Lets say that he even plans on meeting up with you.

You go out of your way to protect the relationship and to show him you love him. You even drive out of state and pay money to have his name tattooed on your arm.

He makes fun of you in third person. He says that his friends made him do it so that he would not lose his job. He has a gf. You ask him to leave her, so that you know he is not a joker.

He says that they are already broken up.
THEN you find out otherwise.
You back off and ask him again to walk away from her.

He then will not. You go to his page. You tell him that he is a liar and a waste of time. You tell him you're leaving this time for good.

He then makes fun of you some more and shoves your childhood problems in your face.

He says that you're insane. That you're a FREAK, and a Retard. He says that you're being childish.

He says that you're not acting your age.

You get pissed. You go to his blogger and you tell him off.

Then he goes at you again. He says that you're acting like you're 14 years old.

He goes out of his way to cover his tracks. He tells his gf that you are just some crazy fan girl.

He acts like he does not know you. He acts like he has no idea what you're talking about.

He hires a pi to look into your life, put a hidden camera in your home.
He starts to peer into your life. He assumes shit about you that is not true. HE CALLS you a liar. You have to jump through hoops just to prove that you're telling the damn truth...

The CD's that used to calm you become so awkward to listen to that you find yourself almost in tears when they come on.
What was once your favorite band is now....

A group of people who spend a lot of time and effort treating you like shit.

The world sucks and we all know it. Who cares right?

Then you have those ones who matter. Your close friends. Your favorite bands...

Well not anymore huh?


I am not being immature mother FUCKER.

Why did you act like you cared for three years if all you were going to do is stay with her and blow off my feelings?

What did you think would happen? That I would just stick around for more?

You did lose me forever. You will never meet me.

You're a damn liar. You're emo and fake as can be.

I feel sorry for you Mr. Puget. You were offered everything in the world and you treated it like shit.

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