Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Saw Nick and Nora's Infinite Movie last night. Atrocious. Even the amazing Michael Cera was lackluster.
Movies are in a shambles. What was the last movie that made you want to see it 2 or 3 or 4 times in the theater? I think I saw Amelie 5 times in the theater. And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, for some reason. And Braveheart. But not Titanic.

And wouldn't it be nice if there was some stellar new music to listen to? I've been enjoying the new Glasvegas, the Presets. And the Weeds soundtrack from season 3. There's a great song on there from the Great Lake Swimmers.
What about books, some of you must be into this Twilight phenomenon. Haven't read them. I heard the Tiger Army remix I did was supposed to be in the movie but something happened.
We all just need good film, art, music, and literature to inspire us, right? Like a horse shredding a solo on a saxophone.


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JDudette said...

I know. There's nothing good out these days...I saw Babylon AD recently. It had good effects, but the storyline, not so great. I still liked it though.

Yeah! I know! I listen to almost nothing but old music. Motley Crue all the way, man. ; )

alex said...

your so right, it's so hard to find good blockbusters and amazing music, theres just too much of the same stuff going around...

Ive given up on movies, the only recent ones Ive liked was Batman and Sweeney Todd. The worlds just getting boring.

Nice drawing btw =]

Anisha said...

WOAH! jadey last night i saw texas chainsaw massacre with my boyfriend it kinda creeped me out but other than that WOW i totally had the weirdest day today its like i just moved here and people started being nice to me

kinda scary and yes i have read all the twilight books at least 40 times each...(not lying about that either ask tony he'll tell you the same thing)

what tiger army remix are you talking about and

YAY im finally the 2ND comment

its good news to me um im thinking about getting you shoes for christmas what size are you?



Micahjk said...

ur blogs always good for a good laugh :P

Sharra said...

Wonderful drawing. You have some wicked talent.

I agree with the entertainment world crashing to the ground. There are no good cartoons anymore!! It's all for the youngest children, and they never show any of the old ones, such as Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, ect. It's just plain sad.


Mia said...

The last movie I wanted to see more than once (or at all) in theaters was Pirates of The Caribbean 1. And that was a couple years ago...I'm not really into movies these days. There's just nothing new or good. Same goes for music, for the most part. It's really sad. We need a new genre. :| But yah, I love older bands.
I'm mostly into sci-fi books, at the momment. Feed by M.T. Andersen was interesting...
Twilight was a fun series. *nods randomly*

Awesome drawing! If only more horses could play the sax. The world would be a better place...XD

Kati said...

I know that would inspire me.

And I wouldn't recommend Twilight.
If you though the Cera was lackluster, the whole book will disappoint.

Adrian said...

did you draw that horse shredding a sax?

december everyday said...

I think the last movie I saw in theaters, more than once was The Dark Knight... but only because the fire alarm was pulled the first time I went, so maybe that doesn't count.

I have to agree with you I have been feeling the same way about music and literature lately, *sigh*! (I just heard today it will take another 3 weeks for The Cure album and EP to come to the only CD store near me.)

Burn After Reading was good, pointless but funny!

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to see The Dark Knight in theaters about 4 or 5 times but unfortunately my wallet wouldn't let me with movies costing 10 bucks a pop

J-Boo said...

The last movie I saw that beckoned me back for another viewing was "Little Miss Sunshine." Fantastic!!

I also bought "A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash" on DVD not long ago. It was excellent and I watched it many times! A true wake-up call that offers a rock-solid argument that the era of cheap oil is in the PAST!

Oh, and saw Bill Maher's "Religulous" on Saturday night and wouldn't mind rewinding to a few parts of it, so I could LOL at some of the ignorance residing in this world! Wow!

Winx, Jinxi

Erin said...

Michael Cera plays the same role in every fucking movie

Anonymous said...

Jade, I agree with you. I am looking forward to The Duchess starring Keira Knightley. Looks promising. As for the Twilight Series, it is amazing!! I am a 28 yr old teacher and I could not put it down. I blew through the series in about a month. Please read it when you get time!

d'anna said...

I thought Disturbia was cool, nice story line, and some humor. I really liked Pineapple Express, it was hilarious. Every other line was a joke, which is what made it watchable. Is there an "e" in watchable? I don't feel like looking up the definition.
I've only seen the previews to the Nick and Norah movie, and the only part I laughed at was that drunk chick.
I'm waiting for Serj Tankian to come out with a new CD, see what material he's managed to piece together. I like his music.

Karlye said...

Was it really that bad? I really wanted to see it, doubt that would happen anyway due to lack of funds.

The last movie that made me want to see it over and over again was actually The Dark Knight, because Heath Ledger was amazing in his role as the Joker. I saw it a couple of times, pretty awesome. There's not much I want to see this upcoming movie season, except for the film adaptation of The Road, that upcoming one with Meryl Streep, The Curious Case of Benjamen Button, etc. Like I said, depends on weather or not I'll have money to go see it.

I'll have to check those artists out, I've heard the Presets are pretty good. Speaking of good music, have you heard the new Killers single? It's pretty good.

I've read the Twilight series, I liked the first one, but when I read the second one it all went downhill from there. Haven't really read any good books for the sake of pleasure lately, since school started back up. However if you have not read it yet, I highly recommend picking up a copy of All Quiet on the Western Front, very very good.

I agree on the inspiration bit, Jade. In my photography class music especially inspires me when we have Photoshop projects. In fact, for the project I'm working on now, I plan on using a model horse wearing a top-hat with blinders and maybe leading a human on a leash, I'm not sure about the human bit yet.

I bet you've seen Hunter's epic horse blog haven't you.

CM said...

Movies - I enjoyed The Departed.
And more recently Poltrygeist.

The best album this summer was... Unkle - War Stories... However, I wonder if that was even from this summer?

Jaden Nny said...

Twilight series was the biggest waste of my time.

I'm just reading a bunch of Greek plays now. Maybe you could try that. Or cut your way through War And Peace. Or if you're into wasting time you could read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

MUSIC: It's all in Albuquerque right now. All in Albuquerque.

Movies: New Darren Aronofsky coming soon (The Wrestler, it's called, won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. And I've heard rumors his name has been tossed around as a possible director for a remake of Robocop! ROBOCOP! Darren Aronofsky! Unbelievable.) What about that new Coen brothers movie? Maybe Nolan will be coming out with something new, too. I haven't heard anything though. But go for some film by Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Mizoguch, Mikio Naruse, Akira Kurosawa.

Karlye said...

Oh I almost forgot, that drawing is absolutely stupendous.

JamieAllOver said...

okay, nick and norah was wonderful!
they captured the characters from the book better then i expected them too.
second, there is good music as well..
the new rise against is sitting next to me and im sure it will not disappoint.
and the new senses fail is proving not too suck..at all.

but i agree that books are on the downfall..
i read vampire books before it was "cool"
now everyone's reading twilight? where did that come from...
i hated the series personally, the first one was good but the others.. FAIL!

i love you jade, but you just gotta look harder XD

CM said...

Mention books... Stoneware and Porcelain, Brief History of the Western World, Abnormal Psychology v4 (Text) - And just for fun - A compilation of ghost stories from other countries - Short & Shivery.

*hilary said...

I hear you. I've been pretty disappointed with all of the above lately, as well. The only music that's impressed me this year is Ashes Divide. Haven't read any great new books. Movies have been okay...I loved The Dark Knight and The X-Files, but other than that, there hasn't bee much. Sooner or later there will be something, though. I have my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Try seeing Choke, that movie is effin awesome. It was originally a book by Chuck Palaniuk. And we all know that man is a genius...and of course you are too =]

hahaitslacey said...

now THAT is inspiring.

Rebecca said...

I hate fall. Worst movie season of them all. I saw Eagle Eye the other day because I missed my bus and it was the only thing playing across the street. I don't exactly get what happened except that it needed a few more explosions in order to get away with it's lack of plot.

As for books, I'll suggest the Kushiel's Legacy series. I know you probably won't get around to reading them, but they are so good I'll suggest them anyways. They are by Jaqueline Carey and the first one is called Kushiel's Dart. I started the first one on a flight to Hawaii two years ago and a week later finished the third one on the plane home. They are impossible to put down, no matter how cliche that sounds, it's true.

xAFireInsidex said...

The last moives i seen that were actually worth watching were Batman and Sweeney Todd.

Nice picture, you should draw more (and show us) =]


Sarah the Goblin Queen said...

You are so right about movie's in general. Last good movie I paid good money to see was Wall-E, which was really good. Rented the re-make of The Mist sat, and that was actually pretty good.
The Presets are awesome, I can listen to Kitty in the Middle over and over, the beat is addicting.

Anonymous said...

across the universe was the greatest movie ive seen in a while is saw it a few times in the theater then had to buy it :)

... did you draw that horse? pretty fricken sweet imust say my horses look like cats :S

StefanieEbling said...

Nothing seems to have that wow factor movies used to have. I'm only 14 but i've watched the older movies. Old music is definitely kick ass!Some newer stuff is good too though. And where did you find that amazing horse shredding a solo on a saxophone pic? Awesome!!!Lots of love!!!

Jess said...

The twilight books are amazing, and that's coming from someone who reading isn't the top thing to do for fun,lol.

There is a good song out from Apacolyptica- I don't care. I heard it last week and it's pretty good.

Maciej Makalowski said...

priceless drawing.

Anonymous said...

jade when is the new album coming

AbsentOfGrace said...

I'm sad that the movie sucked so much. I really want to see it. I still will. Hope it's better than what you say. I want to go see Choke as well.

That horse reminds me of Hunter's horse blog :)

Anonymous said...

The world's coming to an end, huh?

Arie said...

Last movie I saw that I really liked was The Dark Knight. Meh..I have a thing for Christian Bale.

As far as good books? Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is really good. I have all of them and reread them over and over. Highly recommend.

Musically...nothing really has grabbed my attention as of late.

I could really go for some better cartoons. I miss Angry Beavers and some good old fashioned Scooby Doo.

That drawing is AWESOME!


emilierose said...

oh jade i love the twilight saga :D
read every one of them

and kinda dissapointing.
i was going to see that on friday. :/

lezah said...

I'm not much of a movie person.. Don't watch much movies. I've been combing around for new music to listen to. Still searching for something that satisfies me...

Did you draw that? If you did it's pretty stellar. I'd like to see a horse shredding a solo on a saxophone.

lezah said...

Oh and yes, there definitely is a Twilight phenomenon, especially since the movie will be out next month. I've read all the books. I just bought Tropic of Cancer. It's kinda confusing but I'm liking it so far.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Movies suck these days. Especially all thse "Superbad" type movies. They're not funny. And I wouldn't watch Titanic more than once. It's too long of a movie. I recommend The Orphanage or Pan's Labyrinth.

As for Twilight, I would recommend reading it. I didn't hear anuything about a Tiger Arnmy remix being in the movie. But I would read the book and see the movie. If you're into sparkly, sexy, "veggie" vampires. And Robert Pattinson.

Tygerr said...

Actually lately I've been listening to and finding all sorts of new stellar music.
The greater music of today just takes a lot of digging.

Have you tried Late of The Pier?

Kørrlej said...

I loved Hot Fuzz whenever that came out. I don't remember. What year is it?

Also, I foresaw the crappiness of 'Infinite Playlist'. I have a knack for these things.

Kørrlej said...

PS. I've been reading a lot of very dry books on exciting things like Critical Theory and it has inspired me to become Very Dull.

I also read a book about Sartre being chased by a lobster and it inspired me to be amused.

kirstie said...

Oh, Jade. You always seem to make me laugh.

I know what you mean though. Movies aren't good anymore. Every one that I've seen recently has to say fuck after every other word. I don't mind if you say it...but it gets rather annoying after a while.

I think the only movies really worth seeing are the ones based on books. Lord of the Rings was fabulous. Harry Potter's good. I hope Twilight's good. I want to read the book before seeing the movie. The books are always better anyways.

Thank you for that picture though. It truly was inspiring.

I love you <3

ThisSideUp said...

Aw, Nick and Nora was bad? That sucks, I wanted to see that movie.

Haha, Twilight, I can't believe you would mention those books in your blog, Jade! I must admit, they are extremely addicting to teenage girls (oh, Edward!), but beyond that, they don't have much appeal.

I really hope you drew that horse. It's epic.

ThisSideUp said...

Oh, a good new band you might try is Does It Offend You, Yeah? Awesome electronic rave music. Plus one of their songs is called "Attack of the 60 Ft. Lesbian Octopus". What more do you need to know?

Crimson Butterfly said...

There's no movie that i didn't see more than 2 or 4,but all i know is that i am sick and tired of hearing about the twilight series, trust me everyone at my school talks about it a lot. but at the same time working on drawing,music,and writting stories are more entertaing than watching your brother or sister daring their friend to do horrible stuff,well anyways...i got nothing else to say.

Taylor said...

its unfornuate about nick and norah, i was looking forward to it.
I agree about the state of movies, but ghost town was pretty entertaining, you should check it out.

munin_and_hugin said...

I've seen the Dark Knight 3 times so far.

Not much into Twilight, I'm picky about vampire stuff.

Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind is the best SciFi/Fantasy book to come out in a long time. Kind of like the scientific background of Dune crossed with the high fantasy aspects of The Lord of the Rings.

The last newly released album I bought that was amazing was Atmosphere's When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold.

Rachel said...

I love your random posts, Jade but I have to disagree! I know, I know. Shameless. Ok, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist was good! The whole NYC club crawl was so awesome! :) Twilight is good. It's over hyped, but it is worth reading. You should check it out. It's hard to find good music out there. You have to really look for it. Once you find it, it's like the 4th of July..or something!

I love you and I love AFI! :D

camilla said...

I agree, there's really nothing new out that makes me go "wow!" lately. The Dark Knight was probably the last movie I saw that I wanted to see again, but that was definitely an exception. Amazing movie!

Music-wise... Until the new Cure comes out, I'm sticking to the old stuff :)


Ashleigh said...

About the only movie I've wanted to see more than once was...um...y'know what, you're right. There's been some good movies out of recent, but none that are good enough to make you see them more than once or twice.

New music and/or books would also be good. The only books I'm actually excited about aren't coming out until 2009 and 2011. Haven't read this fabled Twilight series, and don't intend to.

ninja, please said...

The only good movie I've seen lately is probably Tron, even though it's not recently made. haha, just kidding, it was just hilarious, and I can't decide if I find it awesome or not.

I also watched Say Anything for the first time in ages, and it wasn't as good as I remember it being...
I remembered the boombox scene as longer.

That whole Twilight thing...I haven't given it a shot...
What I've heard about it just doesn't sit right with me...it sounds pretty retarded.

That horse is ten times better than Tron, or Say Anything. For sure.

Haras said...

I saw The Dark Knight 3 times. It's the first movie that I ever went to see more than once.

MGMT is the most fantastic newer band I've gotten into recently. If there were mountains here I'd go to the top of them and scream "LISTEN TO MGMT!!!" because that's how great they are. So unique and refreshing.

Hari said...

I haven't seen any good films in a while, and living with someone who works at a theater should mean that I should have at least seen something!
I really need to find some more music though, I find I have been listening to the same three or four albums over and over.
You should read the books though, they are very good, I even got my sister to read them! :-D


Mary-Jean said...

Be glad you haven't read Twilight. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

I haven't watched any good movies in theatres, lately. Nick and Nora wasn't good? Damn. I was hoping on seeing that. I think one of the best movies I've seen in theatres was Madagascar all those years ago... I wonder if I spelt that right. But yes, Madagascar was a very good movie. I was dancing out of the theatre at the end. I wish I had seen it more while it was still in theatres.

As for books, I'm reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman is one of my many heroes.

You should read Duma Key by Stephen King. It's brilliant, I hear. I haven't found out for myself, but I trust my sources.

As for music, I've been really into The Hush Sound lately. I heard they released a new album, but I haven't checked it out. The Hush Sound isn't too well known, but I like them quite a lot. They're unique.

And DAMN did you draw that badass horse? You have much more talent than me, my friend. I get as far as stick figures.

angelic_cries said...

I've seen My Best Friend's Girl twice so far. =D
Dane cook, yay.

As for Nick & Norah, I loved it, really. Sorry you didn't feel the same. I was pretty grossed out by the gum.

s.m.o'shea said...

The great thing about books is that they don't have to be recent to be new to you! Like the one I just read:

This semester, I am taking a class called "Fairy Tale Themes in Literature," and our first assignment was a novel by Salman Rushdie, called Haroun and the Sea of Stories. In it, Haroun is the son of a famous storyteller. He breaks his father's heart by asking, "What's the use of stories that aren't even true?" In order to mend his father's broken heart, he travels through the world of stories to get his father's storytelling ability back. While he is there, he assists in a war against the evil Khattam-Shud, who promotes silence and censorship. It's technically a children's novel, but Rushdie is brilliant, and it quickly became one of my favorite books ever.

Also, interesting fact: it was published right after The Satanic Verses, and was written in direct reaction to that book's fallout (namely the fatwa on his head courtesy of the leader of Iran. He had to go into hiding, and his marriage dissolved because of it). It's even dedicated to his son.

I agree about most things, though. Don't bother with Twilight. Read this instead!

Jaden Nny said...

+1000000 to thissideup for recommending Does It Offend You, Yeah?!

I lied. It's all in the UK right now. All in the UK.

follow the white rabbit said...

yeah, the only film i watched more than once at the theater this year was dark knight. but how weird, i watched Amelie on sunday for the first time. it totally blew me away! definitely in my favourite films list now.

and i just keep on listening to old(ish)(AFI, Muse, Blink 182, etc) music, because there's just not anything mindbottling(sic) being released nowadays.

on the literature front, i bought one of chuck palahniuk's books on monday - Choke. so i'm reading that now. weird and twisted - as expected :)

Cherol said...

Eagle vs. Shark. I saw that a few times.
The most I've ever seen any movie in a theater was eight times and that was The Two Towers. In retrospect, I'm not exactly sure why. I mean, it was a good movie, but eight times?!

The Twilight series is overrated and redundant, but with many cliffhangers to capture the curious mind. I read all four and felt really dumb at the end of it for doing so. If you like celibate vampire romances, ridiculous indecision and reading the words "terribly beautiful" every three paragraphs, go for it.

Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? has some stellar new music coming out soon, if you like their stellar old music. Few do.
I like that song that they use at the beginning of True Blood, "Bad Things", but I don't know how new that is.

pastatothepelican said...

For the love of "insert deity here" don't read Twilight. It's the worst written book I have ever read.

No good movies around, watch the KOREAN (not the American remake) of "My Sassy Girl."

Listen to Children of Bodom and Mindless Self Indulgence

any_mouse said...

The last book I liked was "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger. It's not high literature by any means, but it has an interesting idea, unusual plot structure, and skillful execution. I think I read it last year, or was it in 2006?

I'm currently reading "The Gargoyle" by Andrew Davidson, which is pretty good, especially for a debut novel. I admit that it first caught my eye because the cover shows someone with black wings tattooed on his or her back and a flaming heart cut into the book cover, which instantly brought to mind a certain singer of a certain favorite band of mine. Turns out that the flaming heart is there because it's a love story involving a burn victim. Nevertheless, I was pleased to find that the book contained interesting characters and decent, if occasionally overwrought prose.

Lemme see...what else? I don't usually watch movies multiple times, especially in theaters. Someone mentioned Pan's Labyrinth above. That's a good one.

I saw Rolling Stone's guide to the anticipated albums this fall, and there wasn't much that I was looking forward to. Maybe 2009 will be better. Already there are hints of new Green Day, AFI, Silversun Pickups, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I was looking forward to the new Killers album, but was disappointed by the first single. The lyrics in the chorus make me cringe, and the melody sounded too much like something from "Sam's Town," which I did not enjoy as much as "Hot Fuss."

I could probably babble on about books, but I need to get some sleep. Take care!

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously lacking in the art department right now.

My friends dragged me to see Eagle Eye recently through subterfuge and base logic; by the end of the movie I was literally curled up in a fetal position in my seat. Then they tried to make me see Burn After Reading but I refused. I'm also broke, so... The last few movies that I saw that I actually enjoyed were The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. I can get behind a movie with humor based off gore set in Cambodia. I had wanted to go back to see all three, but lack of money = not happening.

I've been listening to a lot of older things lately, like Dead Kennedys, Descendants, Suicidal Tendencies, Filter, Duran Duran... it's only been convincing me I was born ten years too late. Everything coming out recently has been sounding the same.

I know my roommate tried to read Twilight and failed to the point of revulsion. I haven't felt compelled to try. Maybe it's the whole vampire novel thing. The only two I ever actually read with enthusiasm were Fevre Dream and Dracula. I recommend Fevre Dream. I had stayed up to finish reading it and if not for that, I would have probably never stumbled across that Miss Murder music video at three in the morning.

...And seriously, did you draw the horse playing the sax? If you did, I must commend you on your skills. Every horse I've tried to draw ever always ended up looking like a dog with a wasting disease and hooves.

Jaz said...

The 10+ bucks on a movie is a waste of shit. There's always better things to do with the money then watch crappy movies. To me it's a kiddie thing to do.

Anyways I wanted to see the presets at lovefest but dammit not 21, maybe i should go to the movies. =(


ciel said...

Twilight is the definition of poor writing, and I suspect the main character is bipolar.

Yes, there's a severe lack of good music, movies and books, sad as it is. So how about that new album? I need some decent new music!

emmyrose224 said...

Nick and Norah... was a terrible book, so I'm not surprised it was a terrible movie.
Speaking of terrible books and movies.... Twilight needs to become a thing of the fucking PAST. I am so sick of people being all "O-M-G, TWILIGHT!"
The plot is cliched and boring and the characters leave much to be desired, not to mention the fact that some of them are just downright bad influences and creepy. That Edward freak? Teenage girls adore him, but he's really just one of the many douche bags in teen lit today.

I'll relish the day when my sister's school no longer has a "Twilight Club". Perhaps I'll start a "Anti-Twilight, Let's-Write-Books-That-Will-Inspire-People-To-Do-Amazing-Things-Instead-Of-Keeping-Them-Locked-In-A-Fucked-Up-Fantasy-World Club."
Any takers?

Though, on the topic of writing, have you heard of NaNiWriMo? (http://www.nanowrimo.org/)Thinking of doing it this year? I'm gonna try (like I do every year), but I just don't think I'll be able to make the goal before the deadline. Oh well.

Hope you're doing well and getting sleep.

Lauren Hill said...

As far as books go, I find myself stuck in the past. New authors just don't understand the true meaning of a well-written paragraph.. For example, I think I would have enjoyed the Twilight series a lot more had it been written with any kind of decent sentence structure or interesting vocabulary.
I'd go for a good Hemingway or Dostoevsky over that nonsense any day.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen many good movies lately either =/ but if you want some new music you should definitely check out eye alaska. I have a feeling you'd like them =)

helen099 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
helen099 said...

I never get tired of the movie "What's Up Doc?" have you seen it?

micheal cera is pretty much a one-trick pony, don't you think?

i am inspired every day by afi and you guys (you knew i was gonna say that.)

lotsa love....

sarah said...

the horse drawing made me laugh (loudly) out loud. where the heck do you find this stuff?! :)

hm. movies right now are disappointing. books are too for some reason.

you should watch Dexter. Thats a pretty good show. just waiting for LOST to start, although the last season was less than satisfying.

truth be told, music is what inspires me, so c'mon, drop that album/ep already. i've been listening to ashbury heights and innerpartysystem and mesh lately.

Alex♥ said...

I went to see How to Lose Friends and Alienate people

I didn't really pay attention though... But I'm sure it was great because Gillian Anderson and Simon Pegg were in it lol

I've seen the first two Matrices (Matrixes?)like a million times.... But the third was total caca

<3 youuu

Alex♥ said...

Oh and I can watch The X Files movies over and over!

Best movies ever-

Matrix 1&2
The X Files (1&2)

cilliii said...

Uh, did you see the rolling stones movie? thats cool.
or lars and the real girl?
pretty cool too. Though sad. It funny though. very cool movie. :)
dunno if you saw them, must have been months ago that those to were in cinema in the usa. ô_O

Well, we've got the new rise against album being out in two days. thats gonna be pretty cool! :)
and else.. if you dont have anything good, just find some good old music you dont know yet! :P
and, ioh, i see, rise against is yet out in the usa, so you ought to go listening to that now. :)
um.. or go find cool music from other countries, that aren#t famous in america. :)
you could also start listening to Die Ärzte or Farin Urlaub. :)
They're some of my favorites, too.. hehe
Or L'arc en ciel. They are cool, because japanese stuff just rocks. <3 <3 <3

yeah, i think i read one part of those books, several years ago. been pretty good, i never came to the end though, because i never finish books compeletely. i always get borred somewhere "near" the end, and then i dont know what it was about, so i stop reading it. ôO

In other news- i love the new backround. <3
And that drawning. Was it really you who painted it??
I love it. It reminds me of Hunters blog though. (which is gorgeus, btw.)

Well... so far,
I love you

Jess said...

The Great Lake Swimmers are... Well. Great. They do really neat things like record in silos and historic theatres.

Ambiance, you know?

You should get Ongiara. It's good.

So was Religulous.

Jess said...

Oh and if you're looking for good literature, read some Federico Garcia Lorca!

la ghost said...

Yeah, I think we're waiting for YOU to put out some music. <3

The last film I saw was "Choke"

I think "Milk" is going to bring it.

"Burn After Reading" was only entertaining because of who was casted, otherwise it was recylced Coen - BBL clips revised.

Kristi said...

I'm really enjoying a new band called InnerPartySystem, and that's saying a lot because I rarely like new music. I saw this band live randomly and was BLOWN AWAY!! Their debut CD came out last week or the week before and it's great too. Seriously, check them out.

As far as reading goes, I stick to Orson Scott Card mostly. Lucky for me there are a lot of books out there I've yet to read, so I don't have to worry about new stuff coming out to keep me entertained. I took a lit of SciFi class last semester which was pretty neat. We read a lot of Scifi I had never heard of in there and a couple became new favorites.

As far as movies go... Eek! There is a movie coming out called, I think, Repo Opera. It has Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and Paris Hilton in it. I think it will be interesting and it's getting great reviews, but showing no where around St. Louis, so I don't get to see it. That's the only interesting thing I've seen come out in a while other than Stardust which is just plain amazing.

Kristi said...

The post above is me, I forgot I was logged in with my work email.

Emji said...

We need more movies like The wizard of Oz!
Gosh how I love it.

And from where do you get all your silly pictures?

Your blog lights up my day anyhow, and not alot does that these days.
Spank you very much! (Ace ventura was great too :c)

yawwwn said...

I don't know whats more annoying, your forced attempts at being funny, or all the comments kissing your feet. I'm sorry but Nick and Nora? Are you're surprised it sucked?

How about you put a list of books out.

Juliana said...

your background is really white or is it just me?
cus u know, white backgrounds suck jade
and did you draw that horse?
if so... u got some mad skills

Mr. Heater said...

blah. there is nothing good. and typing around a bowl of vegan soup is hard. dont read or look at Twilight, you might go insane like in this comic: http://headtripcomics.comicgenesis.com/d/20080505.html


As for me, I stick mainly to books about murder, action, and ones that play with your mind. which tend to be just plain palahniuk...

Okay, i'll shut up now.


Kayleigh Puget said...

LOL that horse picture..
I'm actually dying.

I watched Mr. Bean's Holiday 3 times :D
I'll tell you what "stellar" music I wanna listen to - AFI.

Get to work, boyo. x

Nicole said...

Twilight series is incredible. It's about a vampire. The vampire actually reminds me of you. lol

viktor meursault said...

damn! a horse like that should kick ass.

the latest movie i saw a couple of times was batman i think.

you should listen to the newest conor oberst's album "conor oberst" =)

Christa said...

yes Amelie is awesome. Best Movie Ever, seriously.
The book version of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist is really good, if you've ever read it. Somehow when things get made into movies, it doesn't go too well.
Not a big fan of Twilight. I think people keep reading it because it's laced with crack. This is the best explanation I can come up with. :)
Why aren't there more horses playing saxophones? I have been enjoying the new Amanda Palmer. You can't go wrong with Dresden Dolls.

Skszp (can't remember password!) said...

I liked The Dark Knight, but didn't see it 5 times. I saw Burn After Reading last weekend, and it was pretty awful.

You are not missing anything by not reading the Twilight series. I read it, and they are just terrible. Lots of badly-written teen angst and really anticlimactic conflicts. Like reading an obsessive teenaged girl's diary, but with vampires and werewolves thrown into the mix.
I'm currently reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and it's pretty interesting.

Mo said...

last film I saw multiple times in the cinema was The Dark Knight. THAT was a brilliant film.

Anonymous said...

i agree...
and i actually love Twilight, you should read them, although I dont think you would be so interested, i dunno lol

Kily said...

I read Sweeney Todd Book in 3 days.
And Saw The yr.2007 Sweeney Todd Movie.
Saw it 10 TIMES in two Days!
And I love Musical Like Sweeney Todd.
I think is hot and romantic and
Dark-kish and it also gives me
the creeps when sweeney say (my pet) :D

So that counts as Reading,Listening to music and Movies and the ART of the movie...

So how are you Jade?
Hows Your Head?
You Draw that horse?

You draw better thant me.

Anonymous said...

yeah movies suck usually. The Dark Knight was great but it didnt make me want to spend more money on it.


Album of the year for me, hope you guys beat it out!!

oh jadee ar eyou into video games? i just got a xbox 360 live, you should get one too so i can kick your ass in some halo or something.

Anonymous said...


jilstr said...

Jade, did you draw that horse? You never cease to astonish! The only book I've had time to read lately is Skinny Bitch...Hilarious yet informative! But it beckons the question, What does one do after they are a Skinny Bitch? It's probably not to go the movies, there's nothing very good out.

Music is what is lackluster these days! the radio sucks and the old rock has been played to death! I did however catch a Motely Crue concert on tv the other night, which was mildy entertaining. Oh dosen't getting older suck? It ain't for sissys!

I'll just have to look forward to the new AFI ep and/album...hum..any news to share?

By the way, hows you head? any stitches?

samanthaadele said...

Don't bother with Twilight. Its basically about some sad girl who moves with her dad. She meets some idiot in her new high school who turns out to be a vampire... bla bla. They fall in love. He climbs in her window and visits her every 2.5 seconds. I don't know, its really... whiny and bad. :(

Blair said...

i haven't been much for the movies lately. the most memorable ones of late have been, of course the dark knight and a little known/advertised movie called bottleshock. with books and music, i have gone back to some old favorites. daniel quinn's the story of b an ayn rand's the fountainhead. musically, it's been mineral and brand new

Christina said...

There are a lot of crap-movies out there. I usually skip major theaters and got to the Ritz. Much better movies there. What about No Country for Old Men? That movie was amazing.

I can agree with music and literature, though. The final Twilight book was absolutely horrible. At least in my opinion. And I'm afraid to see the movie :/

Orangutan's daughter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orangutan's daughter said...

There are tons of movies I saw many times, but now saddly there's a lack of cool stories.
Movies I saw more then once it'll be something like:
Fight Club, Schindler's List, Devil's Advocate, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Pulp Fiction and stuff..

And in music I think all of the reaggeton (or w/e you write that shit) singers should be shot at the balls -_-
I'm sick of that shit man!

Anna said...

Yeah, books have been difficult. I'm on a graphic novel spree right now having gone through most young adult and contemporary novels and classic literature. Twilight is pretty good--not ground-breaking, but entertaining. Anyway, I'm reading the first installment of the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, and I just finished Watchmen (the movie is coming out early 2009--looks to be AMAZING).

Upcoming movies this year don't look too bad. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Doubt look decent. Religulous looks funny as hell.

Anyway...if there's no new good things, oldies are still goodies. ;->

Anonymous said...

Don't read the Twilight series. It's not worth the effort.

Don't get me started on music either. I'm waiting for the AFI EP to come out to have some good new music to listen to.

And the horse: o.o Amazing! I wish I could draw that well.
Hannah <3

Black Electric. said...

The most recent film I wanted to see again & again was the Dark Knight.

Straight To Hell said...

There is some new music! The new Rise Against cd, Appeal to Reason just came out! Its amazing...The last movie that I saw in theaters that I wanted to see over and over again was The Dark Knight.I saw it twice. Once at the midnight showing then again like 2 weeks later. I don't think I ever want to see a horse playing a saxphone...I must be tripping on something if I saw that.

finglitterfairy said...

I saw Mamma Mia 3 times...might go again tomorrow - I'm hardcore like that, you understand, sitting in the middle with my Ramones shirt on, watching people who could be my parents sing ABBA songs...

I like Twilight - but I like anything that lets me escape real life atm, so yeah...

Anyone who comes up with something that inspires me can have my whole student loan.

katie monsterxRAWR said...

The last good movies I saw in theaters was Sweeney Todd. I saw it like 3 times in theaters then bought the DVD.

And I have read the Twilight series and they are good but I wouldn't recomend them, I have read way better books. The latest Stephen King novel was good. I just started reading the "amazing" Da Vinci Code and I have to say Angels And Demons was better.

There are music releases I am excited about but the stuff that is come out lately is garbage. I really can't wait for the new Cure stuff, I hope it takes me back to the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me era without being to alike.

Love the drawing. And it's good to hear [read] from you and I hope you're feeling better!
X's and oh's

Raven Winged Angel said...

YES! I thought it was just me with the entertainment thing!
all my friends are sayin 'its fine'!
The last movie I saw that I wanted to see over and over was Iron Man, Just b/c I liked the action.
And I wouldn't recommend Twilight, its very repetitive and it put me to sleep...


Vincent said...

i was one of the many who watched The Dark Knight multiple times.
can't wait to hear the new Cure record...luckily i'll be in Rome on Saturday and they're gonna play it on its entirety.
since you mentioned Tiger Army in your post, have you heard their remake of Oogie Boogie's Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas?
can't find it anywhere...:-(

Simply Caley said...

"A Beautiful Mind": If you've never seen it, you must rent it or buy it, right now. I first watched it in my former high school's psychology class. (Russel Crowe plays the protagonist.) It was so great...but a few disturbing scenes of it made me feel sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

i did like Batman, and I was supposed to go see Nick and Norah's but I guess I won't anymore, I really don't feel like wasting $10 on it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any good mainstream movies recently, blockbusters are just so formulaic these days. "V for Vendetta" was good, but that was like three years ago. However, I saw a couple of good indie films in the past few months.

"Canary" and "The Fall"

Check out both, they're equally wonderful.

k17 said...

It's true that a lot of the stuff out right now won't be remembered a year from now, let alone a week. Sad, really.

The last movie I saw that (in theaters) that I really liked was Across The Universe.

As far as contemporary books, I highly recommend David Sedaris. Also, (although it's far from being new) I just finished Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and it is the most brilliant thing!

aileb said...

Then don't see the Movie "the women." I walked out when they started burning tampons!!!!!

I'm a girlie girl and took 3 Midols before the movie-I knew it was gonna be SAD and I didn't want to start sobbing hysterically -so I took an extra one just to be on the safe side :)

Big mistake!! I got the giggles and super hyper during the most inapropriate times in the movie.

I have trouble keeping still so reading is totally out of the question.

Oh, and I'm still listening to the mars volta and I speak spanish so I get to listen to latin music too!!!!

hasta luego!!

cassidyy said...

Ahha I am into the Twlight Saga!
It's pretty good. (:
And WE WANT YOUR MUSIC! obviously.
That's a cool horse. I want to play sax, but currently i play oboe. D:
Nick & Norah wasn't that good. I watched it Sunday. I wasn't really paying attention.

Boo™♥ said...


You might really like the Twilight saga if you read them...If you see the movie...PLEASE read the book first, it'll be better I promise. But I love those books, and I'm reading Stephenie Meyer's other book, "The Host" I like it so far.

Hmm no movies yet..Might go see Saw V this Halloween though.

Stay safe, and MUCH love!

Barely Veronica said...

The horse is very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

I just recently saw nick and norah with my boyfriend.
I thought it was good....

I saw eagle eye. that sucked though

but yeah <33

Anonymous said...

i saw the dark knight a lot. i love that movie.
i read youth in revolt, i liked it a lot. ive been reading stephen king again. although i liked twilight, im not excited for the movie. but i'll look forward to your remix!!!

bloodstainxx said...

I'm into the Twilight series! But I don't think I'll like the movie that great. They added details that weren't suppose to be there and got rid of some that's somewhat important. I'm going to watch it anyways.
I want to watch the Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist also! I haven't gotten a chance too.. I've been too damn busy ><

BangBangLou said...

House Bunny...3 times

Elizabeth said...

yep not Titanic ...

Probably the movie i've seen like 100 times is Buffalo 66 :).
About books hmmm not much to say , i guess i should read more , the only thing i'm reading right now is my friend's work and a radiology book .. i should read more i guess .
Lately i've been listening a lot of '' Devision '' probably you know them , they have great songs like : '' Amee'' and '' Strange afection'' , but i guess that now we don't see too many good bands around like years ago ...

Melodia Sadpain said...

This drawing is awesome! lol

For movies and books, my profile pretty much says it all,especially for books.

And music... I don't listen to radio anymore but during the 2 years I've been listening to it because of the job, it pretty much sounded all the same, yeah. And boring. The few times they were playing AFI songs I was like "*o* OMG! Wooh!" and most of the time I had to go outside at the same moment...(I worked in a gas station)

I don't really need new music right now... However, you mentionning "stellar new music" makes me think of you guys...; )

(By the way, it actually surprises me much that only a few people here share my last statment ;P )

de-gauss-ed said...

The Presets are pretty badass.
And I, too, was disappointed with Nick and Norah's.
The last movie that I saw that I wanted to repeatedly see was Fight Club. The Dark Knight was good, but it hurts to see Heath Ledger. So Fight Club for the win.

Fluffo said...

Twilight's probably the worst book ever written. Teenage Nora Roberts meets Anne Rice, only without the detailed sex or the mindblowing plot (in that order, even though Armand had amazing pedophile homoerotica feathered through the first portion of the novel)

As far as music, my family just splurged 200 bucks for the complete Pink Floyd collection so that's been playing. Nothing new, though. I kindled a liking for Moby that I never had before (specifically, his song "Porcelain"). Maybe some nineties...Matchbox and Googoo, or something.

I finally decided to read Catcher in the Rye after ditching the thought in high school and it was actually pretty okay. Currently struggling through "The Corrections" by whozit someoneoranother...total snorefest but my ex swears by it. I believe it's part of the Oprah-club if that brings any light to the idea of you picking it up.

Movies? What are those? I wanted to see Choke until I realized how much I disliked the book (and the film's supposed to be thousands of times worse). I haven't set foot in a theater since Dark Knight and am kinda bummed about not seeing Burn After Reading because I love Clooneymonster to death.

The horse is boss.

awokennightmare said...

Twilight is a poorly written novel. So was "Nick and Norah..."

dannydunlop said...

SPACE MOVIE! It's a good movie. Ask Hunter.


And the Dark Knight. Saw it 6 times in theaters.

Ask Hunter about Space Movie.

Rock on

kombucha said...

the dark knight made me go to the theaters more times in two weeks than i generally go in an entire year.

i really enjoyed the twilight books, don't think i'll feel the same about the movie though, to be honest.

andddd as far as music goes i've been indulging in a lot of placebo lately. they never get old.

Anonymous said...

tropic thunder was awsome!

BadassLikeHip said...

Yes, the Dark Knight was a pretty good movie.


Jenny Prada said...

Tropic Thunder was awsome, can't wait the dvd to come out!
as for music...
broken bones
napalm death
arch enemy
the pist
dr. know
and so-on....

Anonymous said...

recently watched v for vendetta. have to agree the older movies are better. maybe with the exception of i am legend.

by the way, i'm still patiently and painfully waiting for the stiff kittens music video. but take your time.

and have you watched the debate? if not, don't bother. it's as fun as a root canal.

Anna-Catalina said...

Yeah, Twilight's ok, but if you want something more believable, read something by Susanne Gervay. She's written a book called, "That's Why I Wrote This Song,", which has some ok lyrics, and it really explores family turmoil well.


Stix said...

I know Jade won't read this, but anyone who sees this comment should read this (it'll really get you thinking, in a good way.)


RosesAreBlue said...

Oh Jeebus, don't get me started on movies, Jade. Seriously.

On another note, aren't horses Hunter's thing?

debby said...

Have to agree with you on the lack of great music. I pulled out my old lps the other day, set up my stereo and listen to everything from Sargent Pepper's to Angela Bofill. It brought back some nice memories. I'm re-reading the Foundation series; very complex but keeps me thinking. Last movie I saw in the theater was Cloverfield; it was ok, the monster was cool, tho.

Incarnate Immortal said...

Yeah, I have to agree with you 120%! The entertainment industry is just not what it used to be, everything lately seems so desperate due to the lack of quality in music/art/movies. It really sucks, the world's not a very good place right now.

Oh well, next year we have a lot more to look foward to such as new AFI!! That will brighten the world up for sure!
Take care =)

Anonymous said...

you're an ass.

there's only one band I want to hear new music from, and they're lying to us about releasing an EP.


carlyk said...

Oh, Amelie is one of my favourite all-time films. The last film I fell in love with and watched several times in the past week is Les Chansons D'Amour. I challenge you to not be singing along the second time round!

Music-wise, Amanda Palmer's new album is superb, and she puts on a great live show too.

I'm reading Steppenwolf and I think it's rather very good.

So, 3 recommendations for you there Jade! I look forward to hearing your Weezer remix, and of course, new AFI :) x

Sofia said...

I went to see The Dark Knight five times, and I can't wait for the dvd. Not because the movie itself is all that spectacularly good, but dude, Heath Ledger as the Joker OWNS.

Anonymous said...

Heartbreak - Lies : best album of the year

Susan said...

by default of being a librarian who works with teens, I've read the Twilight books...they are good but a bit overrated (even though I am a vamp fic fan). The Host by the same author was very well done...adult sci-fi about alien possession - I tore through that one over the summer. Currently reading Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. Quite disturbing--a graphic and fictional account of a girl abducted and sexually abused these past five years. Not exactly pre-bedtime reading. Sorry to hear Nick and Norah the movie was lame...the book was good. Braveheart was awesome and Gladiator was another I saw a million times, albeit not in the theatre...I think I was a broke college/grad student back then.

NatalyFancyKetchupRox said...

There has been a rather lackage of good movies. It's pretty depressing. I have high hopes for Twilight the movie. I hope they didn't fuck it up. I highly recommend those books. It was impossible for me to put the damn books down. I spent many sleepless nights because of the series. It's too bad that remix is not in the soundtrack but that drawing totally makes up for it. A movie should be made in it's honor.

Jo Emmaljunga said...

Here's a few movies I enjoy to watch over and over again: Lost Highway, Amadeus, Requiem For A Dream, Lost in Translation, Mar Adentro, Capote, American History X, Control, Whale Rider, The Proposition, Inland Empire, Rambo movies, La Planète Sauvage, Brokeback Mountain, Babel, There Will Be Blood.

I love movies by Lars von Trier, David Lynch, Pedro Almodovar, Wong Kar-wai and Hayao Miyazaki.

Jo Emmaljunga said...

And what comes to good music, last night I went to a Hellacopters concert..felt inspired and euphoric afterwards. Too bad it's their farewell tour.

eMMe said...

Strange Days 4 x and i burned out the cd.

Battle Royale 3 x
Shepard of the wolves 5 x

Blaqk Audio a million and 2

Obsolete said...

Honestly one movie i like to see 4 or 5 times are grindhouse, mean girls, devil's rejects, and live freaky die freaky. they all make me laugh. especially davey's gay voice.

Obsolete said...

ooooooooooooohhhh yeah!!! dude i hella saw this strange fuking japanese movie called "visitor Q" after a hard night of partying at love fest.

swear dude its hella gnar.

check it out. and let me know how it goes for you.

Anonymous said...

Jade, can you really sit through the same movie 5 times!! It is a rare movie that I wish to see twice. Can't remember the last one. Oh yeah, there is one thing that never fails to inspire me. It's this wonderful CD called Sing the Sorrow!!

Cyanide&Sugar said...

I hated Nick and Norahs. I went with my friend because I had nothing better to do with my life. After watching it...I realized I had better things to do. XD
Uhm...I haven't seen much in theater lately, so nothing...
Oh jeebus...I HATE THOSE BOOKS....they shall BURN...
*glares at all Twilight lovers*

kayleigh katastrophyy $$ said...

that sucks.
i heard nick & norah's was really good.
i'll have to wait 'til it comes out on video, i hate going to the theater.

the horse shredding on a saxaphone, is pretty damn epic. i'd like to see that in real life, to be honest.

Haylee Sunshine said...

I always have dreams about you posting blogs, and then I come here and find that you have. Strange.

Anyway, there's actually a lot of great music floating around these days, you've just got to look for it. The movies have been getting progressively worse though. Except The Dark Knight, which was phenomenal.
About the Twilight craze: the books are absolutely horrible, so don't bother reading them in the future. They are poorly written, sexist, and just flat out boring.

Catcha later!
(By the way, I like the picture!)

Anonymous said...

There honestly is nothing good to do anymore. It's depressing (talking to an 8th grader)
Yeah, The recent stuff I'm into is the Nightmare Revisted,
not to mention the movie Red Rover has its' perks! If you want a crazy suspence (though Davey may like it more,) take this; it may be hard to find though. 'Twilight is overrated, gah!
There are better stuff out there, we just (like you said) are at a lack of inspiration these days...:'(

Anonymous said...

We need some music? You're a douche.
Like the fucking EP you said that would be out soon?

ChinchillaDust said...

The new X-Files movie I saw more than once, but that's only because I'm an X-Phile. I recently saw Appaloosa, and I thought it was pretty decent.

Mobile and Tokyo Police Club are getting some major play time on my iPod.

I liked the Twilight series.

I'm really enjoying the book I'm reading now; The Time Traveler's Wife. It's the bomb diggity. :D

NightmareGanon said...

Certainly, horses plus saxophones do a great combination.

And even more plus points for the anti-Titanicism.

stella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sydney said...

So it sucked uh? Well hopefully a good movie will come out soon......and some new music! :)

And yes, we all need to b inspired by a horse shredding on a saxaphone.

With MUCH <3,

Mar said...

The film Thumbsucker. Classic coming of age tale. Soundtrack Elliott Smith, Polyphonic Spree. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

twilight is pretty good. i'd recommend it.. especially before seeing the movie.

propelwave said...

yeah i know. i think the last movie i liked that i saw was batman.

the twilight books are acctualy pretty good. you should read them.

Fluffo said...

PS: I agree with the spiteful "Where's my EP, you jerk?" comments from those anonymous rude-kins. Someone also mentioned something about Time Traveller's Wife and I'll totally endorse the first 1/3 of it. Sort of drags on (and on and on) but the plot is worthwhile if you're in to The Lakehouse and uh, sex.

Oh boy, these chick lit themes have to stop.

elise! said...

hi jade! i agree, there hasn't been too many amazing movies lately, but there were still a few that i really enjoyed! maybe you'll like them too, or maybe you've already seen them. Son of Rambow and The Fall are a few of my favorites!

chaoskittenxo said...

i love those books!!!!! i read them during the summer. i'm re-reading them for the 6th time now actually... they're SO addictive!!! i can't wait for the movie! Twilight is HUGE in Ireland... its almost like a cult here *laughs* bit like your fan status here, underground , but well known and much loved :-) i'm loving The Birthday Massacre at the moment. i love their The Cure-esque industrial stomp! and so would you Jade, CHECK THEM OUT!!!!! YOU'LL LOVE THEM, I PROMISE!!! bye Jadey xox

Rina said...

I am really into the Twilight series...I have been for about 3 years. I couldn't believe when it exploded...everyone was reading it. Now I'm reading Red, the second book of the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker.
As for music, I've been enjoying the new Anberlin and Carolina Liar's CD. I keep telling myself I need to listen to Rise Against's new album, but I can't seem to find the time.
There are few movies that make me want to see them again and again, but Sweeney Todd was one of them and so was The Dark Knight. I never saw Life Is Beautiful in theaters, but I love it and want to see it again. I never cry at movies but I cried for five minutes straight...

Kaylee said...

Awww, but Jade, all your fans "love you so much it's retarded" LOL

Anonymous said...

Jade, you should read more myth stuff like Davey seems to. It's fun. I'm working on the Aeneid now. There's plenty in that to inspire you: gods who tell false prophecies, the relationship between "furor" and "pietas" (not really translatable), and a ton more. And if you guys want something darker, there's always Paradise Lost. It's just the Aeneid with some slight twists so as to fit into Christian dogma.

JoeMama said...

Movies have sucked for at least 10 years now. What happened to all the awesome John Hughes movies? Or Footloose? Or Repo Man? I miss the 80s.

kiss_and_control said...

Nice horse (:
mmm...as for me, I'm going to see different cartoons best than films.
I think Tim Burton 's films are good. I like them. Tim is talanted, and his works are amazing. I also like "The Crow"(only the first part)
Cartoons...what are my best cartoons?..hmm...I don't know.I like a lot of them, it's difficult to choose one.
Oh. no. I decide? that me best cartoon is "Rocko's Modern Life"
I prefer t read Edgar Allen Poe.
And M. Bulgakov. Our Russian writer. His books are awesome.

kiss_and_control said...

My favourite cartoon...

Anonymous said...

OMG! AFI is liek my favorite band-right besides fallout boy, my chemichal romance, the used, hawthorne hights! OMFG! I love you all-especially you Jade! I need to get to Hot Topic fast, cuz i need more AFI gear! And so what if you all call me Emo-AFI are the most Emo band around and yet they kick butt! GO AFI-AND GO ALL YOU EMO KIDS!

Pash said...

Twilight is unintentionally hilarious in its sheer horrible-ness. It would have been an amazing series if it had been called "Edward the 108-Year-Old Virgin" and been solely about him and how he tampers sexual frustration with exsanguinating wildlife and scrapbooking (and of course, his frat boy foster brother Emmett). Unfortunately, it took the fans to write that version.

The actual books take themselves too seriously and are poorly written and have all sorts of crazy fetus-munching shit going on. And sparkling, lots of sparkling.

But not to worry, one of these days I'll get around to finishing my black-comedy vampire novel. I might even get it vanity-published.

P.S. The movie I saw the most in the theaters was the first Mortal Kombat film in 1995. I'll still defend that to this day. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

HAVOKLover4life/Ms.Disaster said...

Well I haven't got to read the Twilight books yet,but want to.I have not made it to the good library yet in this wooded hell yet.But so waiting for new AFI music!!!

Come c me @ http://afireinside4life.com

Janelle said...

I wanted to see that, but I'm not hearing many good things about it so now I'm worried.

The last movie I saw multiple times in the theater was Dark Knight.

My cousin just got me into Weeds. He brought his season one DVDs over & instructed me to watch, so I did. It was either that, or end up at his house one day watching them by force. It's happened before.

Loved Twilight. I was the last of my friends to read it. Haha.

New music is fun & awesome. My friends & I got on a kick where we were all sharing music with each other last week.

allmylove said...

yeah.. life will be pretty boring if nothing exciting in the entertainment world comes out soon
do you like I Am Ghost?
i do they have a new ablum that came out on tuesday

Anonymous said...

The Host, by Stephenie Meyer (the same oe that wrote Twilight) is more Adult based i guess. i think everyone here would like it, its really good! its sorta sci-fi i guess, REAL GOOD!lol...

xsweetcalamityx said...

I saw Blindless last weekend. It was interesting.
My friend got me into reading Twilight. It's pretty good. The movie doesn't look that appealing but I'm still kind of looking forward to it.

Jordana said...

You MUST read the 'Twilight' books!!!
I just saw the final trailer and I still cannot breathe!!!
Its gonna be frickin awesome!
Yee, I'm gonna see that numerous times... wee bit obsessed!!!
Um... I wanted to see Batman loads of times... and I can't remember what else... possibly St Trinians remake...
I dunno lol
Yee, I've been banned from iTunes... its not my fault all the music I like is coming out all at once :(:(:(
You've given me a new goal in life: I'm gonna teach my friends horse to play the sax!!!
Any sign of that Northern Ireland date you promised me you'd do coming up after the EP's out??
Wb xox

Reading Sarah said...

That's too bad about the movie. The book by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan is really well done. I can hardly watch movies anymore without doing something else as well. As for music, I'm giving opera a spin to see if it is something I could ever love. So far, so good.
I have a love/hate relationship with the Twilight books. Kids like to read them, but they are basically overblown fanfiction. So I recommend Sherman Alexie instead.

ellen said...

That's a pretty fabulous horse right there. I wish I played saxaphone, even though I don't know how to spell it.

The Twilight series can go burn in hell. Don't read them. Its true BRAINWASH. A kind of brainwash that is made up of bad writing and emo girls' fantasies!

Now, on to a REAL book; The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST. It's based in 1940s Germany. Very interesting. Narrorated by Death, but Death himself is actually pretty nice... I'm not good at describing things. Just go read it... if you happen to read this specific comment, which is unlikely, but oh well. :)

I really don't see movies very often. I saw The Hulk a while ago, and it was baaaaaaaad...just like a sheep.

Van, not Can said...

Jade that horse picture is the best thing I've ever seen.

OneCoolNerd said...
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OneCoolNerd said...

I liked Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist! It made me smile much wider than anything lately. It was way cute.

However I am a 15 year old girl, so moving on.

I am in on the whole "Twilight" phenomenon. I've read it 8 times...it's a great young adult book, but I think the last book just ruined the whole series. I'll see the movie, but once it's out I'm basically done with the series.

Ha. I say that now.

But yeah. I'm excited for several CDs lately. Like Taylor Swift's new one. And the Twilight soundtrack. Mostly I really want the new AFI out soon? Maybe? Please? =]

frannie said...

The dark knight was pretty awesome. saw it nine times.

and twilight? freaking amazing. that is, if you like vampire romances. it takes a moment to get used to &&now i wish i could be a vamp. :p

Erica's grilled cheese sammich said...

I saw Ghost Town the other day. I thought it was pretty good. My mom LOVED it :P lol.
As for Twilight, I really didn't like that book. I know, I am probably the only person you will ever hear say "I don't like twilight" but I just found it boring. My friends think I'm crazy because they all LOVE it. Well to each their own I guess.
oh and by the way you are an AMAZING drawer!!

twistingby said...

hope your heads feeling better.
im listening to the new oasis cd, and the new rise against cd.
movies- i actually quit enjoyed Hamlet (the one with mel gibson)
and all i seem to read lately are poetic sounding blogs and southern vampire by charlain harris.
you prob wont see this msg, but that is what im currently into.

have a good day!

Just Crystal said...

*gasp* Amelie! Great movie. Nah, there aren't many movies that have been out recently that I thought were worth rewatching. Instead, I've been rediscovering old classics, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Fountain.

Yeah, don't touch the Twilight series.

And that is one smashing horse-with-a-saxophone.

Just Crystal said...

P.S., and at the risk of grossing you and everyone out: what's with the creative constipation, anyway? I know I've personally been struck with a particularly nasty bout of it.

Anonymous said...

the last movies i couldn't get myself away from were Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (mainly cuz u have to watch it a few times to get it!) and Sweeney Todd. Sweeney was amazingly engrosing.

haha yea i'm into the Twilight series but i'm not gonna see the movie; they messed up on the characters so bad! they all look like humans! none of them are even attractive! >:p

nice drawing btw. i think i saw something like that in a dream once... O.o

Sieana said...

You watch weeds too? (or- at least- listen to it?)
Wow, thought I was the only one.


fuck obama. C.H.A.N.G.E

Come Help A Nigger Get Elected

Hevv. said...

Awh, i loved Nick and Norah's.
But maybe that's because i'm a girl and thought it was cute, xD

Twilight; I am sad to report that i am one of the many fangirls. S'alright. Book's gonna be better than the movie.

But nothing beats the ever-popular Horse shredding on a sax. That's just rad shit right there.

Fishyy! said...

I wanted to see Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist =/

I've seen Disturbia like 3485787 times. I still jump at some parts. I love that movie so much!

the con said...

Lol. That movie was based off the book. The book was fantastic. I haven't seen the movie, but I'll bet it sucks.

Good music... = the Postal Service.
OH. And the new Ben Folds album. OHMYGOODNESS. You must listen to it. Especially "Bitch Went Nuts".

You'll love it.

Brandi said...

I hate how the movies have become. I also saw the movie, I was totally disappointed. As I have been with most movies that have been coming out. Shockingly, as of late all of the movies that have been worth watching are the super hero ones. Which is shocking to me cause I am so not into the comic book or graphic novel scene. Hopefully soon the movies will rebound and come out with more exuberant(love the word) movies.

art biter said...

My brain is like the inside of a pachinko machine so movie theatres drive me crazy, too ADHD, however, I am looking forward to seeing Michael Cera as Nick Twisp. Should be fun.

Sometimes music collides into the perfect moment. Last winter I was driving at night through a blinding snowstorm listening to Cex Cells. It was stellar. I highly recommend it.

Rather libidinous drawing, SBW. Semiotic transfer, sublimate, sublimate, sublimate...that's how my mind works anyway...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh what a nice picture!=))))))))))))
I like it!;)

Anonymous said...

the prestige. twice in one day. good times :D

Shoes and Ships said...

See Religulous. Good documentary and he doesn't make you cringe like Michael Moore, who has the tendency to go just one step too far.

True Ninjas never die said...

You are really Jade?

snow-vs-asphalt said...

I saw The Dark Knight twice. That's the only movie I've liked enough to do that with recently. The last movie I saw five or six times (okay, ten) was "Tea With Mussolini" with Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Cher, but that came out in like 1998.

OptimistEmo said...

(sighs) oh well

yea everyone luvs the twilight series (well every girl) but im the loner loser who hates it

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