Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is officially over.
Everyone got what they wanted?
Mine was pretty swell, check the tree:

As you may or may not know, we have an event called Begin Transmission happening on the AFI site. I hope all of you make videos, even if you don't want to come sing on the album, because I'm enjoying seeing everyone's submissions.

Also, I finished reading all my birthday cards, thank you to everyone who sent me one, they were extremely sweet and touching. Lena from Poland made this shirt:

aaaand, you guys made this donation to the animal rescue in my name, which was a stellar thing to do:


kirstie said...

Aw...Jade...thanks for watching the videos. You know we all love you. That's why you get so much. Lawl.

Nice tree! Looks like a lot of presents o.o Glad you had a nice Christmas.

Love you! <3

The Con said...

I love your tree and the new shirt!

I really love the tree! We didnt get one this year... oh well.

Karlye said...

That's a pretty swell tree, I got a lot of stuff that was on my x-mas list so I'm pretty happy.

I plan on making a video very soon, many ideas for what I should do and say are still running through my head. And I need to get a hold of some sort of video camera.

That shirt is fantastic.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas, Jade!

My-le and Jasmin. said...

Seems like you had a radtacular Christmas and birthday! I wish I could've sent you something, but I don't know where to find the address to mail stuff to you. <\3

porsches as bribes said...

pretty tree, cool shirt. christmas was good this year. and cool snow on the blog, howd'ya do that?

Christa said...

Sounds like an awesome Christmas and that is a swell tree you have there.
I'd be too nervous to make a video but that's such a cool idea.

Emme said...

Well that tree is just fantastic!! I'm in awe - don't tell me you decorated the tree

liebling said...

Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed Christmas and your birthday gifts. :)

That is a huge tree! Mine's probably not even a fifth of that!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! That's why we love you!

Kemot said...

So... when are you going to visit Poland? :)

Matt W said...

My christmas was wonderful. you're tree looks fantastic, I hope you had a lovely christmas too.

Lindsey said...

So I hope your Christmas was as spectacular as you had hoped it would be. I guess that's if you hoped it would be. But, mine was good. I got jewelry and fuzzy socks. And my present to myself was a new tattoo. And this is a completely random, fun fact. Well, I got to talking about music with the artist and I mentioned my favorite band is none other than AFI, and he just happened to point out he has an entire half sleeve in honor of AFI. Pretty awesome.
Happy Holidays.

XxAFIxMCRxX said...

haha, the shirt's awesome!

BrittanyDF said...

thats a very nice tree!

Jude said...

I love the t-shirt. I bet it looks good on you.

Did you get everything YOU wanted? I got an amazing pair of D&G aviators, which sort-of remind me of you.

camilla said...

Glad to hear you had a good Christmas! Did YOU get everything you wanted? :) Also, the shirt is adorable! I'm sure Munch feels proud!


Imm said...

Jade, I'm glad you received the shirt!
Davey said he hadn't received the package prepared for his birthday, so we lost our hope and thought the package for you also disappeared somewhere on its way between Poland and the U.S.
I hope you enjoy also the rest of the gifts we sent you. I said "we", because beside me there were more people from Poland involved in the "birthday project".

Also, it's good to hear that the recording of the new album is going smooth! Can't wait for more news.

Lena [from Poland :-) ]

Disaster said...

I did get everything I wanted and more! I hope you did as well!
I love you tree and the shirt with Munch is super cute!
My sis and I will be making our Begin Transmission videos tomorrow. Thanks again for giving us such a cool oppertunity!
Much Love,

Cherol said...

Christmas this year was really good.
I'm glad that you had a nice holiday as well.

Tiny_Chan said...

Nice tree Jade!!And what is in the dogs mouth on that shirt???I'll be sending in my video shortly with my dail-up connection it might be till next xmas before i get it up..I love yous!!!<3


MT said...

OHH! Your tree looks SO much like mine!! :O Awesome.

I'm sad that Xmas is over. But, before we know it, it'll be here again.

Did I get what I wanted?? I got my dream-come-true! LES PAUL! FINALLY! *scream* It's gorgeous...O_O

I had not heard about that event! I'll check it out...sounds scary. XD

d'anna. said...

That shirt is boss.
I'm in love with Munch. She's adorable.

Hope your Christmas was great, mine was.


BRIANNA TE said...

Awsome i love the shirt, xD i got a guatar for christmas so im happy

KamHeiwa said...

yesss. i joined. and i was so nervous in my video!!


GermaricanMix said...

I'm really glad your christmas was swell. Mine was pretty relaxing which was awesome. That shirt is amazing, btw.

I most definitely made a Begin Transmission submission. You'll have to check the youtube channel to see it though, since for some reason it's not uploading to the website. I even tagged it correctly and everything. Sad face.

See you in the new year!

janicethemenace said...

Thank you Jade!
Sooo happy all the cute cards and letters reached you! All your evoted DF fans who joined in sending you birthday wishes will be delighted!
Best wishes for wonderful holidays with family and friends!

BlaqkAudio_AFI said...

I am defenitly entering a video, because singing on a album is something I want to do sooooo bad. I am glad you had a good xmas Jade!

Vikinita said...

Merry Christmas Jade!!

Silly Girls Win said...

Well, I'm getting what I want in January. Too bad. Oh well. ANYWAY. I'm beginning my video soon. I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD CHRISTMAS! Your tree is so cute, man. My tree was my best friend. I took pictures of me hugging it. :D

Anonymous said...

right on

m17cupcakes said...

so awesome whoever did the animal shelter donation. as an animal shelter staff-volunteer, donations like those make our lives *--------------------------------------------* that much better.

so thank you for donating to a great cause.

nice tree jade- i haven't decorated in about 5 years. *Tear*

my heart goes out to everyone over the holidays. " 'tis the season to be jolly" have fun!

peace and love,

Alice said...

You had such a good tree! Mine was... er... dysfunctional. You know, the kind of tree that sort of leans to one side and has all of this random crap on it? Yeah, that was mine. Anyway...

Merry belated Christmas!! Hope you had a wonderful time.

~<3 Alice in Wonderland

Gracie said...

nice tree jade!
mine isnt nearly as good!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is lovely. I had a very nice christmas, and I hope you and the rest of AFI had a great time too. I wish you nothing but success for 2009 and want to thank you all for making music that I live my life to everyday. I am jumping out of my skin with excitement awaiting the new record.

Rachel Rose

Anonymous said...

AWW thats great!! I wish someone cared enough about me to make a donation on my birthday!! lol Stellar shirt too!

i think i did good this xmas, cant say as much for some ppl I know :( ♥♥

hey im number 1!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your tree is awesome.
So is that shirt.
And yay for animals!

Glad you had a good Christmas.

JDudette said...

Beautiful tree!!

Hoorah for the new album!

fuckxlove said...

i got was cool cause my family hates that i love afi and they actually got me a cd. awesome tree. did munch have a good christmas?

ChinchillaDust said...

Tree = Coolness

Donations in your name = Coolness

Submitted videos = Coolness

Me being on the top of the comments section = Coolness wrapped in Awesomeness.

Happy Boxing Day, and a Happy New Year!

thє quєєи. said...

epic shirt. i'd buy that. XDD

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is that tree huge? Maybe it's the angle. Either way it's very nice Jade. Glad you had a nice Christmas. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a video to make ;)

Abby said...

How awesome.
I had a great Christmas, went to the soup kitchen to cook and serve.

Ended up giving $100 out of my christmas money to a salvation army worker. i am pleased :)

bloodstainxx said...

Glad to know your Christmas went swell.

Ashleigh said...

Man, I'm loving the snow effect you've got going on ze blog. Pity the southern hemisphere has Christmas in summer.

I definitely got what I wanted - a Blaqk Audio bag (from the official store, of course) and a metric fuckton of aluminium rings to make maille jewellery.

What about you? Did you get everything you wanted?

Cecilia said...

This is the first we've heard from you in a while where you sounded like a real person, and I have to say that it makes me feel a bit better. <3

olivia said...

what a beautiful tree! jade, u deserve everything good ever. i wish with all my might that i could make a vid to submit, but i fall 9 months short in the age department. oh well, have fun and good luck on the new album! (not that afi need luck) :)

g'S gOnNa... said...

nice tree

Eddy (Lithuania) said...

n'awwww thats cute

Stix said...

That shirt is hella cool.
I didn't get the pony I wanted.

True Ninjas never die said...

och I want your Address.
I want too send you gift :)
:* :*
*in love* :D

angelic_cries said...

The fans are very creative and awesome, don't you agree? Next year, promise, I'm going to be a part. ^_-

Synthetic Color said...

JADE!!!! How where did you get that cool HTML for the snow!?

chaoskitten said...

your tree is SOOO much better than mine! :) lol!
i had a great christmas! i'd make a video, but i have no camera unfortunately! i'm sure you'd LOVE to see this fan! irish midget geeky goth!
we all <3 you! we ARE sweet fans, aren't we? ;-)
have a great new year! bye Jade! xox

MissAnette said...

Oh, Jade...thanks for watching your tree. That was beautiful !! <3

I hope so you had a nice Christmas !!<3

Love ya forever <3 XXX

.DeathOfSeasons. said...

I would have made a video, but I read the rules for the BT event, and it said you have to be in the U.S. to enter.
*shuns canada*
I love the tree, Jade! I hope you got what you wished for.
And Nice shirt too, Oh, and its so sweet of whoever donated to the Animal Rescue.

helen099 said...

that tree looks soooo tall!

however did you get the star on top?

i'm glad you had a good christmas. i'm sure your new year will be equally as awesome.

lots o' love....

Crimson Butterfly said...

to be honest i didn't get anything so yeah mine sucked and thats really nice on the donation and the shirt

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas. That looks like a lot of presents!I got my first guitar- a Fender Standard Fat Strat. I love it! It was super-snowy here in New Hampshire. Happy new year(almost),
<3 -Sarah

AVALON said...

I wanna make a video but I'm too young T.T

Kayleigh Puget said...

It kind of bugs me that everything I go on reminds me that I can't be part of the competition because I'm English.
I posted a video anyway. I'm the fast-talking English twat in a pink tartan scarf.

I doubt you'll think much of me. I'm a bit of an idiot.

I got a new AFI shirt for Crimble.
It was excellent.

A shadow said...

Jade, I wish you had a nice Christmas. But please, come to Honduras. Maybe on vacation, but preferably on tour.

Love, Guillermo.

Patsy-y-y said...

I just read the official rules of the video-thing, and it says that you must live in the US and such, but I live in Sweden and love the idea of sending you a video.
Can I still send one and not get into some sort of leagal stuff?
I obviously can't sing on the record..
Oh well. Merry Christmas anyways <3

Áine Caitríona said...

That's so le sweet.

I had to steal my tree from a homeless guy. Trust me, I deserved it more.

EricaM said...

Beautiful tree! I love the T-shirt too. It looks like Munch is bringing in the New Year. Glad you finally received your birthday cards!


Amarantos Everlasting said...

Been a while since I've passed through your blog.
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, a little late but sincere.

Incarnate Immortal said...

OMG my mouse is doing crazy things!Heh, I'm really glad you're liking the Begin Transmission entries and have finally recieved your bday gifts/cards et cetera! =)

I'm not in the US so I can't enter but I just want to say that we all really appreciate you guys. I love it that you care enough about your fans to include some of them in the making of your album -that's really cool. I don't know many other bands who are that giving towards their fans. Thank you for everything Jade and AFI, you guys are amazing! I only hope I can be a little bit as amazing as you are one day <3.

Remember to come back to New Zealand on your tour!
(= xoxox

kayleigh kurbst0mp. said...

I spy lots of presents! (:
& the shirt was pretty swell indeed.
& whoever made the donation in your name, deserves a cookie.

Piki said...

Nice tree. And shirt.
The cursor is kinda bugging me.

samantha said...

Hey whats up with the blaqk audio arrow? are you giving us a clue on some thing? if so can u tell me in your next blogg, thnks a bunch i really appreciate what your doing byez!

ThisSideUp said...

Haha, was your tree decorated by tall people, Jade? Most of the lights are clustered at the top...

Christmas was marginally acceptable for me. Not because I didn't get anything I wanted (I did get good stuff!), but because I got sick. Again. Life hates me. I'm glad your Christmas was swell, though. :)

And yay for the all the animals!

Disaster said...

Jade the Blaqk Audio curser and the fish are a nice addition to your blog!
They made me smile :)

missxtravesty said...

Beautiful tree, dearest. And look at all those presents! I guess somebody was good this year.

And it can't be you, so congratulate Munch for me. ;)

I'll be putting in a video for you guys to see soon... I'm nervous as hell for it, but I can't pass up this chance. You guys are my heroes.


dannydunlop said...

Man, Christmas Ain't over. Its still snowy, the presents still are around, trees still up, lights still on, still off from school.

It's still Christmas! Fuck yeah!

sarah jane said...

im feeding your fish jade.

lezah said...

Preeeetty tree. It's mesmerizing.

I watched TV all day on X'mas and got rickrolled by Family Guy. I haven't spent X'mas at home for 6 years.

Rad shirt!

cilliii said...

Hey, that tree is nice. :D
Good to hear you had some nice days.. :)

because you enjoy seein everyone's submisson- you're little masochism, jade?!
anyway.... no matter how much I like the idea of being seen by you guys,
And don't start making music your fans might like, please, do what YOU guys like. Please.

Love you,

chaoskitten said...

i dig the little Blaqk Audio icon that replaced the mouse arrow! :)

StefanieEbling said...

That is one epic tree! i love it!!!! The shirt was also awesome...Your birthday must have been amazing as well...i hope you have a great new year!

Boo™♥ said...

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I had a funny every year with my family xD

I really hope I can get a camera so I can send in a video!!!


Tulsi said...

haha! i love the tree... its way better than my tree. mine is sooo tiny and pitiful. oh well, lovin the shirt[: tiz cute<3

namedannette said...

Happy late Christmas. I recieved a poster with your face on it. I enjoy it very much.
It's pretty cool to think that you watched a video of me in a blue sweater taken on a crappy little camera. I thank you.

OptimistEmo said...

lol i LOVE the T-shirt!!!! I was gonna get one of those AFI bunnies hoodies, buuttt....I got x-large in ADULT....i though it wuz girls, so i have to gain 100 lb before I fit in it (cries) and yea,that's about all I got....

Hevv. said...

I just wanted to let you know, that i thoroughly enjoy your posts :D
And also, your page is very christmas-y. And nice blaqk audio mouse.

Lawl, we didn't even bother with a tree this year, xD
Happy Christmas, late or not (:

Anonymous said...

actually, Christmas is officially not over since the last day of Christmas is January 6th, Epiphany.

Minx said...

Nice tree. I like it. I still love mine more. My little sister decorated it for the most part.

I got an AFI shirt(same as last x-mas and the one before) and some money which will go toward a camera to make my entry for the contest. So awesome, right?

Munch shirt = total radness.
Donation = total radness x2

Your fish amuse me. I think they will be uber fat by the time I get bored of feeding them. XD

♫ Tanner ♫ said...

LOVE YOUR TREE SILLY!! I'm glad you had a good Christmas... My cousin Mary Ellen and I spent the entire day "filming" her video. Needless to say, it was worth it!! :)


Mars13 said...

Rad tree! Yeah thanx for begintransmission but they are not showing up on your site...mine is and they cut it short...happy nightmare after x-mas!take care mister puget!

Ebon said...

Wow jade that was amazing tree. What is with you guys and having awsome trees. That much shirt is sooo cute to and the animal resuce donation is tops too. Happy New Year.


'Un'Broken said...

x3 aw. i love your tree.
well, i would do transmission, but hey, i have a year too early... in other words i'm only 12... not 13.
oh so depressed. =[
but anywho.
:3 nice shirt.

StefanieEbling said...

beautiful tree Jade!!!Im kinda sad xmas is over tho...:'(...but was fun...and then thres New Years...

Elizabeth said...

Well, seems you had great presents for your Birthday , the donation to the animal rescue it's pretty nice , cause they made it on you honor but it's also a way of help , I'm sure you're very proud about it .About Davey's present , it was pretty original , very ''artistic'' :P ha ha .
I like your Christmas tree. :)

Sharonleelee said...

have a wonderful new Year and I love the tree.. The shirt is way cool and the donation is wonderful... That is wonderful that you had a wonderful and great christmas too and Did you get the caol in the stocking? lol :) I knew you were good this year Jade so I know that Santa was good to you lol:) As far As my christmas I am missing a few things from my list but I know they will come soon enough lol:) Well have a wonderful rest of the week.. I am so looking forward to the new album cant wait.. :)

Sharonleelee said...

have a wonderful new Year and I love the tree.. The shirt is way cool and the donation is wonderful... That is wonderful that you had a great christmas too and Did you get the coals in the stocking? lol :) I knew you were good this year Jade so I know that Santa was good to you lol:) As far As my christmas I am missing a few things from my list but I know they will come soon enough lol:) Well have a wonderful rest of the week.. I am so looking forward to the new album cant wait.. :)

ThisTimeImperfect said...

I'm extremely jealous of that tree! Haha. Sounds like you had an amazing Christmas :]
Haha, I made a video. I hope you liked it!
I'm glad you liked your birthday gift. And I'm loving that shirt. I laughed when I read that Davey gave it to you, lol.
Anyways, have a good New Year! You're awsome! Good luck on picking the people for the contest and on recording the new album!

you rock!!! <3


Straight To Hell said...

Damn, those fish can eat! I just kept feeding them and feeding them

Anonymous said...

Why are videos NOT going from Youtube to the Begin Transmission site.

Is that the first cut?

Please address this.

Anonymous said...

I did not get what I wanted. Not at all.... I got the truth, and my mind made a choice.

Marisa said...

i luv tha tree & the shirt. I cant sing...people say i kill lil animals so i dont want to embariss myself in front of 1 of the worlds best bands. ;D & i couldnt send u a card srry ;C...happy new year.

Marisa said...

Jade the snow is awesome on ur blog, to bad it didnt snow in delaware.

Midnight Angel said...

Look like you had a good b-day,and x-mas!!!Kool!!! I hope ya'll have a good New yrs eve,and day!!!!

katexnixon said...

I'm so glad you got the cards!
It's so sweet you take care of your fans)
Gonna make the video as soon as I get my camera repaired)
Much love from Siberia,

Christy said...

I just voted at the begin transmission site and came across a submission by a Mark Oshiri. I read several comments in regards to this gentleman and it is said that he is an acquaintance of the band's. If that is in fact accurate, there are going to be many heartbroken fans if he goes on to win (including my beautiful little niece Carolina).

I truly hope and have faith that voting will be transparent and fair. But perhaps for those who are apprehensive of the voting process the situation should be addressed.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing the new music!


Natacia said...

I used that same penguin wrapping paper. Actually, I stole it from the break room at work... oops.