Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm declaring today Jawbreaker Day.

If you're not familiar with them, they were a San Francisco punk/post-punk band that were seminally important to me, both musically and as a young buck comin up back in the day.
Here's a few choice jams to get your wednesday going just right.
p.s. i meant thursday
p.p.s. i could have just changed it to thursday but no, nothing easy for me


Anonymous said...

I love Jawbreaker so much.

Anonymous said...

cool beans! :]

Haras said...

I loooooove Accident Prone so much.

Kily said...

Hi Jade!
Whats up!
how are you!
awesome music!
take care!

Love you!

My art teacher told me
to draw a prsident of the usa.

I DREW YOU. And she just said.
ok. good job.

i was like (no fucking way)
and so the bell rang and i neede to go home.

Anonymous said...

I like jawbreaker :)

michelle said...


Karlye said...

I'm thinking it'll get my Thursday going just right. ;)
And my Friday too. Thanks Jade!

Fatal Kiss said...

You've just brought back a hundred memories of listening to music with my first boyfriend back in 1999.
Nostalgia FTW.

Gillian said...

wow. i had never heard of those guys before today. but i gotta say, they're pretty damn amazing!!

Panduh Loves Music said...

Ah, Jawbreaker. Love them. such amazing music.

not as amazing as AFI though.....

Anonymous said...

Fro some reason, I remember hearing Chesterfield King somewhere.

Jason said...

No "Sluttering (May 4th)"? COME ON!
<3 Jawbreaker

kirstie said...

Hehe...awesome. Awesome.


Imm said...

Jade, I love you for writing this.

I can think of several bands that have had a great influence on my life. And Jawbreaker is (was) definitely one of them.

bloodstainxx said...


I lost track of my days... Exams and all. And I think I'm getting the flu =/

Crimson Butterfly said...

cool,i swear sometimes jade when you are a weirdo all i can think of is...or wtf but i still love ya

ThisSideUp said...

I like this band. But not their name. It makes me think of those little hard candies that nasty little kids lick and get all over their nasty little faces. Gross. Good music, though!

Stix said...

That spider to the side of your page is awesome.

Silly Girls Win said...

Hey! They're good!

I've been wanting a new band to like. I feel like I'm only listening to a couple bands these days. NOT LIKE I GET BORED OF IT. But, you know what I mean.

Gracie said...

nice i love jawbreaker. good band. :D

my art teacher told me to draw Obama today and i drew you!!
she got mad but i was still happy :D
she was like what the hell is this?!
but now she hates me :D

oh get out here with the new album soon!!
if you read this, try to come to Seattle, Washington. not D.C. i really wanna see you guys live!! :D

Amber said...

Thank you for your little slice of musical insight. I'm gonna have to Youtube them now.

PhillFxC said...

Awsome why have I never heard of first I thought you meant the your having a jawbreaker every thursday lol

fuckxlove said...

Jade i love you. you're just so cute.

MC Escher said...

Thanks, Jade.
Us young whippersnappers looove Jawbreaker too!

Meg said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Today is most certainly Jawbreaker Day. Bay area rocks!

Kaylee said...

Aw, I love your sense of humor. Doing the easy thing often is not as funny. I wish I could have met you in LA, but alas...have fun with the people who do fly out. And there's always a next time. I'm not givin' up hope, cause you're the only band I faithfully follow and you're all so freaking hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I haven't actualy heard Jawbreaker before but I really liked the songs you picked so I went to listen to some more, so thanks! You really helped to define my musical taste and I wouldn't be nearly as much into music as I am if it weren't for you! I always check out the music you say you like and end up loving it too. I wish I'd been born at a better time for music though. There's some good modern stuff but a lotta the mega-mainstream stuff just kinda sucks now and thats what is being pushed at people(and they don't end up knowing any better!!such a shame!). I share your music with everyone I know. AFI is much-needed in the music industry today and really stands out and above the rest, not only because of your completely underrated talent as musicians and songwriters, but because all of the members are so genuine, a rare find now(or any time for that matter). The best music and the best people; it's no wonder why your fans are so dedicated.
-<3 Sarah

PS: ...terribly sorry for the long rant -I just had to get that out!

PPS: The fact that you had a PPS made me laugh so I got jealous and figured I might go ahead and add one too.

KittenJoyOrder said...

Brings me right back to high school, aaaahhh, good times good times

Edvinas said...

Realy nice songs. You, Jade, always listening good music, also you creating awsome music. Much love. Eddy

Carrie said...

I love Jawbreaker like woah. I could listen to Boxcar all day.

Michi said...

FUCK. YES. So much love for this band. And your playlist there is great! :) Yay Schwarzenbach!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that was some good stuff. Quite the credentials too! Some of you musicians are just so SMART!! You included of course. That should be understood, but in case it was not, well you know..... I think I need to get some sleep. Night.

MJ said...

Jawbreaker day? Can I listen to them and eat jawbreakers at the same time? Yes? Okay, then.

I'm still gonna listen to Thursday on Thursday, though.

Minx said...

Woah. I have heard 3 of those songs before but never knew who they were. Now I know. THANK YOU!

This brings back memories. Good memories of being 9 years old and secretly listening to music that wasn't Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears or Meatloaf. My family tried to keep me into what they liked and I used to sneak listens of other stuff such as this when they decided that it was time to completely ignore me because they think I'm playing neopets. HAHA! Okay, my excitedness shall be contained now. ^_^ I love you for accidentally letting me know who the band was that sang my childhood secrets by purposely posting a blog entry about them because you like them. ^_^

Kayleigh Puget said...

Hai Jade. You can't declare days, you're not Barack Obama.

I'm in a baaaad mood :(

It doesn't help that my computer is a prehistoric bunch of absolute shite cause my parents can't afford to get a new one.

Rahhh. Not happy.

Hope you're ok though -_-'

Sam said...

dear you...

afireinside said...

That is all.

cilliii said...

Hey they're cool. I didn't know them before, but I'm glad you blogged about them, cause they sound good. ^__^

Much love

chaoskitten said...

they're AWESOME!
new fan ahoy!

i'm off to listen to some more Jawbreaker and some The Sisters of Mercy!

Mallratuk said...

Dude! Jawbreaker are awesome, one of my faves.... I too have recently been having a nostalgic mix playing on my Ipod, Jawbreaker is first on my track listing.... great minds huh!!! ;op

Laters tater

Anonymous said...

I LOVE them.
No lie.
Definitely one of those 'coming of age' bands from back in the day.

AidenXXtheUSED27XAFI said...

Thursday was also Heath Ledger day;
decalired by my friends and me.
Since Heath Ledger died the 22nd of last year.

....Two good holidays on one day.


Goblin Queen said...

THANK YOU for reminding me that I have them on my ipod!!! They are awesome!

Emme said...

DUDEEEEE! HIGH 5 for Jawbreaker Day, I was gettN really tired of "Roll carpet out for eMMe day".

BTW -- Sweet Tunes!!! (wish I knew them then but hey, Imma download em now.)

Anonymous said...

JAW BREAKER!!!!! i love jawbreaker

MT said...

HAA! I never know what day it is. XD

I've never heard of Jawbreaker!! :O But, now I'm a fan (Youtube, HERE I COME!), so thank you for sharing! Happy belated Jawbreaker Day. Oh yah.

emilierose said...

it wont work for me. :[

Kas! said...

Interesting Jade,
I was just thinking of Jawbreaker earlier this week. Actually, my thoughts started with thinking about Rites of Spring, are you a fan?


Mina said...

..happy Jawbreaker Day than, sweetheart..
p.s. don't watch unborn movie it sucks really.. not scary at all.. I'm disappointed..

je t'aime

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


xxxkatexxxrock said...

Hey Jade this music is fantastic!

patty said...

wow...that is awesome music! thanks for enlightening me...

plague said...

I love Jawbreaker, I started listening to em last year

lezah said...


alayna said...

This entry was right next to Hunter's blog on Fugazi.
Clearly this is just further evidence of both of your awesomeness.

I love Jawbreaker.

Lardar said...

I wasn't 100-percent clear on the definition of "seminally" so I looked it up on and imagine my confusion when I see the first defintion: pertaining to, containing, or consisting of semen. hahahaha but then I figured out you probably meant something closer to the fourth definition: highly original and influencing the development of future events. lol I love learning new words.

yograpefruit said...

oh my goooozness, how would we continue our daily lifes without a spontaneous and wonderful playlist from you, Jade?? :] Thank you.

My-le and Jasmin. said...

When you said Jawbreaker, I thought you meant the candy! Haha, they're pretty cool.

KxG said...

hahaaha thusday..I do that a lot...I duno it is boring to erase and re-writte the words...

Jess said...

Much love for Jawbreaker. I just might have to mark Jawbreaker day on my calender for next year.

Did you go see Thorns of Life?

Amanda said...

A.F. :

Eye Lashes
Eye Lash Curlers
Iceberg Lettuce
Ivory Coast
Ice Cream

there was absolutely no point to this

shelaughedlast said...

Ah well.
Its got my sunday going just great.

Gi said...

Damn yes.
Thank you.
Boat Dreams From the Hill, Unlisted Track, Chemistry, Save Your Generation, Million, Shirt, Indictment, Bad Scene, and of course Boxcar. West Bay Invitational always reminds me of you guys, though, and the whole Berkeley scene from the 90's. <3

Death... is only the beginning said...

im fucking pissed off

1. my boyfriend and i broke up
2. its my best friends fault
3. its her fault because she didnt log off and her parents saw the email i sent her cause i had to tell someone what i did
4. her parents called my parents
5. my parents threatened to go through my shit
6. i confess to doing weed, cigs, drinking, xtc, and meth
7. my parents met my boyfriend
8. my mom threw a plate at my boyfriend
9. im that pathetic to just sit here and cry
10. im sorry that im dishing this all out on you

on a happy note im over him even though he still loves me and um... my friend taylor asked me out... dont really know what to say to that... um... yeah...

<3 anisha XOXO

Sharon said...

Those's song were badass and I like Jawbreaker too. :)
Have a wonderful Week.
yours truly
Sharie :)

Sally said...

When is AFI´s next tour?
I just really wanna meet ya, and last time you was here in Sweden I was really busy, I think you was in "Arenan" in Stockholm... I regret that I wasn´t there!!
Anyway.. come to Sweden soon!
Actuallt I never had see AFI or Blakq Audio live... I can´t wait to see ya <3
Take care Jade! <3
/ Sally :)

bigeyesandunderfed said...

Jawbreaker are awesome. :]
Havin' a good January, Jade?

Payaso said...

good stuffs.
i feel punk should be a staple diet for those poor souls committed to work each day of the week.

Yes, I am bored. And desperately in need of a good gig. said...

Oh yah I like them as well I thought nobody else knew of them! Anyway I'll put this day down as Jawbreaker day in every calender I buy and celebrate!

Anonymous said...

are you gonna check out thorns of life?

Kayla Caustic said...

Loveeee Jawbreaker.
Kiss the Bottle!

Anonymous said...


melissa said...

i saw blakes band thorns of life play at gilman on the 31st! sooooooo AMAZING. ive never seen gilman that packed. and the set was very jets to brazil-y, it was perfect!

Becky said...

Ah, Jawbreaker! Sweet Avenue was nearly my wedding song...but my husband refused to do the "clutch and sway" in front of a hundred people, so we choreographed a swing dance instead. It was pretty sweet. Anyhoo...that was my Jawbreaker story. It made me happy to see them on here :) Jade, you're swell.

car0-chan said...

those songs rocked..<3