Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's tuesday!

Let's have a misheard AFI or Blaqk Audio lyrics thread.

For instance, in the chorus of "6 to 8", it sounds like Davey says "Sean Paul makes it all worth while".

Also, someone made this fab video about the apparent need for a lyric sheet when listening to my old hardcore band, Redemption 87.


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Anonymous said...

the first time my mom heard dancing through sunday she thought davey was singing "im a asshole"

EricaM said...

Rabbits Are Roadkill. For the longest time I thought Davey was singing "Desperation down at the station"

angelic_cries said...

Hahaha. I'm glad you enjoy those as well! Oh gosh..sooo many to choose from.

In ...But Home Is Nowhere

"Why thanks Drew! A crusty flower!"

Hyro said...

I used to hear on The Interview Chorus

"Flavor Flave, lose your name" instead of "pray for rain, lose your name"

Psyche said...

From synesthesia,

"Let me be all the words..."
sounds like,
"Let me pee in the woods"

Silly Girls Win said...

Hmmm...well I'm always thinking of misheard lyrics when I'm listening to AFI or Blaqk Audio, but, I can't think of any now. I'll get back to you, I'll have to write it down.

Oh! Hey! You probably don't care, but I finally got what I wanted for Christmas! My IPod touch! I was seriously going to name him Jade, isn't that touching? But I named him Westley, after the Princess Bride. Something that might make you happy, (or make you creeped out) I have 40 pictures of you, and everyone else in AFI! (Mostly you. Sad, huh?)

Wish you a good Tuesday!

sam_whinston@yahoo.com said...

That was beautiful! I appluad who made that. Happy tusaday to you also! Mine sucks.... I got the flu and Bronchitis. :(

sam_whinston@yahoo.com said...

Oh and also your song. "Synesthisia", I though Dave was singing about an arcade. Becasue heart break sounds like arcade. Lol. You wrote the lyrics for that song right?

Rodrigo said...

In the chorus of Silver And Cold I hear Davey singing..."Justin Timberlake...!" XD

Lev said...

the first time I listened to ''semiotic love'', I heard: ''I will ask you this: canned asparagus?''

viktor meursault said...

"what a fucking waste of tide" jajajajajajajajajajajaj

camilla said...

That? That's amazing. haha

Check out the "AFI interpretation" videos on Youtube and I can assure you you'll get a good laugh! :)


Jay said...

"Fuck you, Barry Bonds!" - Crop Tub

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm the first, I love your blog Jade

Amanda said...

i lay meat down tonight
swim in a car tonight
this tacos drum
just lets me be a bird
where i belong with all the rain
i need sex ed tonight
fuck all the sound

this banana seems too real this banana
waltz through bob has spoken
that there was always salad

frog in your room flying up and down on your mattress.

and there are plenty more. but they hidden stories are fun to discover

nobodyfedme said...

I know it's not very original but the "this is my life, this is a turtle!" is one I will always sing. Plus it's from the greatest song of all time.

Kily said...

IM TURNING 18! ON February 1st!
I so happy! But what am i going
to do...Some one tell me whats the big deal about turning 18!

I know you can get Cigutares!
But if i want to be cool i dont want to be a fool and trow my life out the window.

I think i can get to clubs.
(i dont drink)
Me like to dance!

Midnight Angel said...


michelle. said...

how about 'dude im bleeding, no, im not.'

Cecilia said...

Oh dear god. The possibilities are endless.

"I hope to shave the world" - Death of Seasons

"So you're feelin' my crotch now" - Kill Caustic

With Blaqk Audio I kept thinking I misheard the lyrics, resulting in a "DID HE JUST SAY THAT" moment. Turned out I didn't.

fuckxlove said...

Jade.. you make me laugh..can't wait or the new album.

Heather said...

"I turn to a blackened sky as I tremble"...rather than "turn blue" I thought it was the other way for the lonest time.

Autumn's Flame said...

Someone made a YouTube video with misheard lyrics of Dancing Through Sunday. I saw it by chance the other day. It made me laugh. :]

How's your Tuesday goin', Jade?

Stix said...

Yo' pass me another beer
Disregarding you cause you're mental.

That's all I have.

Anonymous said...

"My ass is falling" Malleus Maleficarum.

Matt said...

leaving song pt ii chorus "Reach out... and you may take my hard earned wage"

love like winter: my friend thought it was "is it a bird, is it a plane.... i met my love before i was born"

Matt said...

oh yeah, theres a big thread on this on the message board.

Ilana said...

That video is priceless.

One of the most famous misheard lyrics of an AFI song that I know of is "This in my line, this is a turtle!" from But Home Is Nowhere. I couldn't stop laughing the first time I read about this.

nick osGREAT said...

Swing through sadness, tears of joy, curse the sunlight...."ASS for the girls and boys" - the Nephilim

I swear Dave does not say Arsenic!

- Nick

The Void Remains said...

Dancing Through Sunday

AFI sings: "and we dance alone"

I hear: "i'm an asshole"

The Void Remains said...

...or is it "and we dance on"?

geez louise

Cherol said...

That video was funny.
My favorite misheard AFI lyric would have to be "Let me pee on the words!" or, "I'm an asshole! I'm an asshole!", interpreted from Synesthesia and Dancing Through Sunday, respectively. There's a lot of good ones though.
I have yet to hear any Blaqk Audio ones.

In darkness together, we eat mimes! said...


Porphyria misheard, my current favorite...But I've got many AFI misheard favorites...

allmylove said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it...but whats with the violets??? they are so pretty and my favorite :D
take care jade dear
keep up the magical music composition :D

Tracy said...

So...that's NOT what Davey is saying in "6 to 8"??? oh man! now I don't even know if I like the song anymore! ;)

helen099 said...

"Your ass of grace, your ass of grace. Just fill me."

from Carcinogen Crush

i think it's really "your airs of grace," but it sounds more like "ass."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AFI should be more like Redemption 87... OK, maybe not. Davey might die on stage trying to sing like that.

Misheard lyrics... hmmm... When I first heard God Called In Sick Today, I heard this:

It's another pattern for me
Murderous filigree
I'm caught in the twisting of the vine
Go ascend with ivy, climbing
Ignoring, leaving me
The headstone crumbling, behind
I can't stay, my aspiration dies
My soul bring tears, you are gonna die
Let's amend the classic story
Close it so beautifully
I'll let animosity unwind
Steal away the darkened pages
Hidden so shamefully
I still feel the violence of the lines
I can't stay, my aspiration dies
My soul bring tears, you are gonna die
And miles away, I follow Christ
[then no clue what the last line was]

So yeah, I wasn't too far off with most of it.

Anonymous said...

Holy hell, that video was fantastic!

Now to AFI...in the song The Despair Factor, the lyric goes "...for the ectacy, for the tragedy..." with the word tragedy for some reason I heard "ejaculate".
I don't know why...

Karlye said...

Well when I first started listening to AFI I thought "summer rain" in Summer Shudder was "summeraine", you would not believe how stupid I felt when I found out the real lyrics.

And of course there is "golden nostrils" in Silver and Cold, originally "cold in life's throws", and the classic, "This is my line, this is a turtle." from But home is nowhere...., originally "This is my line, this is eternal."

Oh, and in "On a Friday" Davey sounds like he's saying "Between your breasts." instead of "Between your breathes."

Other than those, I'm no good at misheard lyrics. I prefer learning the real lyrics. I'm no fun.

Blaqk Elektrik said...

A classic one: The chorus in ...But Home is Nowere: This is a turtle.

ThisSideUp said...

Hehe, Carcinogen Crush has my favorite misheard lyrics. It sounds like Davey is repeating "Your ass of grace won't fill me." I burst out laughing the first time I listened to it! :D

Anonymous said...

the most obvious two that come to my mind are Death Of Seasons (I decay / Are you gay) and Dancing Through Sunday (Dance in misery / Dance in disarray)

awesome thread idea.

Piercings Saved My Life said...

Haha. I listen to the AFI song again to make sure, and it does sound like davey is saying that. haha. Have a good tuesday!

The Shlang said...

Love Like Winter: "She's had a seizure somewhere" / "She said it seems you're somewhere"

Death of Seasons: "IDK" / "I decay"

Obviously, I spend too much time on the internet. ;D

Sneaky Ninja said...

in the leaving song pt 2 it sounds like davey is saying burnt cow, in the chorus.
i can't really pic any of the misheard lyrics anymore since i know all the real words.. sad day

Crimson Butterfly said...

wow if you type up one winged angel from final fantasy 7 ac part of the lyrics sound like swords in my knees,ed peed on these or another part goes oreos are now upon us its really weird

Anonymous said...

omg! that sounds horrible! lol!

JoeMama said...

Best AFI interpretation videos.




"And I'm for sale, K?"

kirstie said...

Lawl. I love misheard lyrics. AFI songs were the first I ever saw in a misheard lyrics video. And I laughed so hard...like crying hard because I knew what Davey was saying...but it did sound like what the person misheard.

nox said...

Bleed Black, when it says "piece by piece," it sounds like BEEF. FRIED. BEANS! (especially on IHaV)

Also, Dancing Through Sunday chorus:
"Oh, my dad's in Missouri. I'm an asshole!(2x)." XD

Gracie said...

jade you have got to be the funniest man alive. i laughed so hard at that!!! :D i dont even know why!!!! :)

i just got the cexcells album today and cant stop listening to it!!!!!!
its amazing. i was REALLY surprised about how amazing it was. that was amazing. i almost think i like blaqk audio better than AFI!!!!!! davey sounds SO different in stiff kittens than any AFI song!!! its so amazing!!!!! that has GOT to be my favortie song on cexcells!!! :D

the infamous maria said...

In dancing through sunday, you hear "i'm an asshole" instead of "and we dance on" "kevin, caught within a cray" instead of "deafened caught within a cry" those would be my favourites, along with "justin timberlake" instead of "your sins into me"

Haras said...

golllllldennn nostrilsss

I'm an asshole! I'm an asshole!

Bad Fox said...

I had a phase a few years back of watching all kinds of videos like that one (which really made me laugh by the way)
...there are quite a few AFI ones on youtube but I'm too lazy to find you links to the really great ones though (it's almost 1am here) :S
Great blog though Jade! :)

Juliana [theory] said...

haha cool
in death of seasons it sounds like Davey says "are you gay?" instead of "I decay"
and the classic "this is my line, this is a turtle"

JamieAllOver said...

you know, i've never heard redemption 87 before..
i've looked on multiple occasions but couldnt find anything...

the funny thing about the video is (along with most of the videos like that)
is once your reading the words, you hear it in the song..
its kinda cool

Michael_Nothing said...

Haha. There is actually a whole bunch of misheard lyrics from both AFI and Blaqk Audio. It's funny and just too awesome :]

TOdays my birthday also. Finally 18 :]


Michael_Nothing said...

Haha. There is actually a whole bunch of misheard lyrics from both AFI and Blaqk Audio. It's funny and just too awesome :]

TOdays my birthday also. Finally 18 :]


Michael_Nothing said...

Haha, there is a lot of misheard lyrics from both AFI and Blaqk Audio, its both awesome and funny :]
I have my whole life dedicated to you guys. I have been listening to AFI since early 2001, thats when my friend let me borrow The Art of Drowning and then later in 2003, Sing the Sorrow came out, and then 2006 Decemberunderground. All the albums are just absolutely perfect, every single song, i know every single lyric to EVERY AFI song and Blaqk Audio song. I can actually sing most of them really well, but not as good as Davey Havok himself. I really can't wait for the new album AFI and Blaqk Audio :]


Michael_Nothing said...

Ah and of course, today is my 18th birthday!!!! :]

Emme Rawrs said...

Haha. That's funny, Mr. Puget.


Naci Havet said...

In the celluloid dream it sounds like its saying "Just like a little old lady twists me" When its saying "Just like a memmory it twists me"

ciel said...

Oh God, the misheard lyrics videos on youtube are hilarious. You should watch them in case you haven't yet!

bloodstainxx said...

That was fucking nice :D

lezah said...


It's all there.

I hear the first few words of The Prayer Position as "Now, pee on the gate!"

Anonymous said...

The video you posted was reaaaaaaalllly funny. I like the "Violets!" part.

kris said...

I'm positive you've already heard this one but in Death of Seasons it REALLY sounds like "are you gay?" instead of "I decay."
It sounds like I'm bashing right now but i'm really not...

j-boo said...

On "But Home is Nowhere" it always sounds like:

"This is my life, this is a turtle ..."

on the:

"This is my life, this is eternal" part.

awwww... turtles! =)

Winx, Jinxi

Katie said...

Oh man i love those misheard lyric videos!!

i used to think at the part in Totalimmortal were it says "all throughout our flawless souls"(or whatever it says) was "all throughout my corozon" (like the spanish word for heart) ...i still hear it that way when i listen to it. haha.

fallchild. said...

"Golden nostrils" instead of Cold in lifes throws" in Silver and Cold.

"this is my line,this is a turtle" instead of "This is my line, this is eternal"


Anonymous said...

For "God Called In Sick Today" I honestly thought davie says
"I am only sitting watching crows" int he first line of the chorus lol


KxG said...

hahahahaha!!!...Jade u defenetly ROCK!!! hahahaha...I like the miseheard lyric of SILVER AND COLD when it says: "I...I cleaned your Bidet, and I left you with Donkeys and Fondue, fondue all the way" haha...THNAKS for sharing that with us...KISSES to Davey!! 8JESUS!!! I CAN`T KEEP MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION OF SENDING MORE KISSES TO U THAN DAVEY!! X( ) hehe...

katie said...

my friend thought the blaqk audio lyric in bitter for sweet was "I'm shaving without you...in silence."
or maybe thats what i thought she was singing or something. i dunno.
that video is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is a line, this is a turtle

Anonymous said...

Well, mine are kind of boring but here goes:

What follows has lead me to this place where I belong, with ALL THE REST

As breath by breath I ??? OK!
It's actually suffocate but I would holler out OK!

People would always laugh and correct me, but now I can't remember too many of them :P

Kørrlej said...

In Dream of Waking I thought I heard, "Between, latrine."
Luckily that was not the case.

Actually, also in that song, "bite my legs, bite my eyes, bite my mouth, bite everything."

Dani said...

I was playing Dancing Through Sunday once and my cousin looked up at me and started laughing. Apparently she though "and we dance on" was "I'm an asshole." Surprisingly if you're listening for it, it sounds kind of right. And just for reference, Sean Paul does NOT make it all worth while.

folkedforlife said...

Hahaha are you making fun of Davey's singing? xD Its okay, I think you're allowed to. Some misheard lyrics videos are really funny. Shakira's Whenever, Wherever misheard video is sooo funny. And there's definitely AFI misheard lyrics vids, im sure you've seen them by now. Idk, I generally understand 90% of what Davey is saying, unless its AFI's first two CDs haha then i definitely need to google it.

Alice said...

Ha ha! It is Tuesday! You get a gold star. -makes... and shiny star noise-

And we should. Those things are funny. The one you posted was entertaining....



Autumn's Flame said...

Ok, I told you there was a video, but I didn't give you the link. I feel super intelligent.


Not as funny as the one made for R87, though :[

Patty said...


Like in "Sacrifice Theory" when Davey says, "Let me taste the life flow," it really sounds like, "Let me kick some ass now!"

Natalie said...

In "Malleus Maleficarum", I think it sounds like Davey is saying "my ass has fallen" at the end of the chorus.

Anonymous said...

Here's an AFI song thread from the DF message board: http://despairfaction.com/showthread.php?t=94355&highlight=funny+misheard+lyrics

Anonymous said...

Can't...stop...laughing! Amazing XD

PS: Any word on the Stiff Kittens video?

Ashleigh said...

No it's not, it's Wednesday!

Misheard lyrics...generally I don't have a problem with that. I either understand what's being said, or it sounds like a load of gibberish. There's a few threads on misheard lyrics on the AFI/DF boards, if you care to look.

Jiordan said...

"Smile" is a damn decent song to do this with.

I mean, "From what I've seen 'I ate a manatee'?"

Which we all know:

a) is weird.
b) is too weird.
c) that it probably isn't too legal.
d) that none of you would do that.

SheikYerbouti said...

The banana never miss us. - Reivers Music

leongyiting said...

Haha shit, that was hilarious. It even had a reference to Hunter's old band.

any_mouse said...

There was a YouTube video a while back that did the same thing for Silver and Cold. Too bad it's not up anymore. I hope someone re-posts it, because it was the most hilarious thing ever:

"Your sins into me" = Bjork seems zen to me.
"As a rapturous voice escapes I will tremble a prayer" = As a raptor explores his skates I will dribble the Prell (lotion)
"I only ask you turn away" = I owned your ass the Turtle way (complete with a picture of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Other misheard lyrics I've seen:

"I hope to shade the world" = I hope to shave the world (Death of Seasons). Because apparently Davey really hates body hair.

"No one could see me" = No more good semen (Days of the Phoenix)

sabsbury said...

my favorite was a youtube user's interpretation of death of seasons... since i can't find it; i'll post another classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kke0lYCmEus

i think the vid for DoS was removed. pity..it was hilarious.

in unrelated news, i just had a baby! it seems like just yesterday i was in middle school scrawling the lyrics to "third season" all over my binder. oh jade, where have the years gone?

Leah said...

Wow. I feel special now. :)

And my contribution:

You will always be a monkey (You will always be unwanted) in Lower It. Slap a walrus (...?) in Affliction. Bring me the nacho (Preternatural) in ... But Home is Nowhere. Now pee on the stairs (Now peel back the skin) in The Prayer Position.

If you like this kinda stuff, you should check out my webpage for misheard lyrics:


(I know the 'site doesn't look that good. I suck at HTML!).

dead said...

Crop Tub
"you can honk and claim your street"

Let It Be Broke
"you cover yourself with lice"

Coin Return
"so fat now i cant get out"
"well fucker im still cranky"

3 1/2
"i feel stupid as my lite spills over you"

"i play with the crap myself, so run away"
"i think im queer"

The Prayer Position
"now pee on the sand"
"and in the disco were together and that dawg doesn't seem so far away"

Weathered Tome
"im a turd, my teeth need whitening"
"dont stack the cake again!"

The Last Kiss
"flog in your room, flaying, hoping only that you'll see"
"dress me, dress me, cause i cant"

Fall Children
"you and i will conga line"

"oh my god i got aids"
"i feel his balls at home"
"all through my life felt this guy"

Dream Of Waking
"i see myself limbo"

real silly stuff. i think thats enough though..

strange as angels said...

Alright, so Strength Through Wounding:

The particular way y'all are chanting "through our bleeding we are one" sounds a lot like:

Dude! I'm bleeding! Wait! I'm not!

This has amused me for years.

xAFireInsidex said...


My mum always thought 'Strength Through Wounding' went something like "Dude I'm Bleeding, Dude I've won"

Thank you for changing the spider thing lol freaked me out every time I seen it. Penguins are much cuter xD

Hope things are going swell in the studio =]


MJ said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Wow. But I did spot Pinky and the Brain! Ah, how I miss Saturday morning cartoons. The cartoon network isn't what it used to be. Anyway.

I believe last year Miss Murder came on shuffle and my cousin walked by. He stopped halfway to the kitchen, turned, and asked, "Did that emo guy just sing about Miss Murder's canines? What, is she a vampire now?" It took him a minute of towering over me while I giggled and rolled around on the carpet to finally get his answer.

MJ said...

OH MY GOD MY REQUEST OF NO SPIDER HAS BEEN ANSWERED. The penguins are a nice change. Thank you. I will now proceed to move the cursor in circles for the next fifteen minutes.

Kayleigh Puget said...

I've never really gotten AFI lyrics wrong, if I'm honest. Although my mother came in whilst I was listening to 'Totalimmortal' and she said, "What the HELL is Davey saying!?" I turned to her slowly with a look of death on my face.

Keep blogging Jade! Don't make me miss you too much :)

Kayleeeeiggghhhh xxxxxx

Charlotte said...

hahaha that video's awesome. I've got a few. Most curtosy of my Mother.

Dancing through Sunday "I'm an asshole!"

Of Greetings and Goodbyes "No need to worry I am just another lobster"

Silver and Cold "I. I am here by day. And left here in darkness and fucked you, fucked you on the way."

3 1/2 "My suffercation. Asphixiation. Erotic Choking"

Anonymous said...

Ha! I didn't know you watched those! It made me laugh so hard to picture you sitting down and watching the missheard lyrics videos; I would love to see your reactions. The ones I can think of off the cuff have already been mentioned. I used to hear them more but not as often now that I know the lyrics. Violets!- that was great -<3 Sarah

By the way, Blaqk Audio has been playing even more than AFI on my i-pod lately. Just wanted to let you know I've really been enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Aww! I just saw the cute penguins you swapped out for that spider that was freaking everyone out. It made me feel all warm an fuzzy inside. How nice of you to take your reader's fear of cyber-spiders into consideration. That just made my day! -<3 Sarah

Anonymous said...

At the very end of "Ever and a Day", when Davey says, "Three tears I saved for you", I have always heard, "Can Jesus save the world?".

Just listen to it...

Anonymous said...

My favorite misheard lyrics are from Synesthesia. "That muffin's drowned in salt"/"That long forgotten song"
For the longest time I couldn't figure that out.

Well, it's Wednesday now and snowing like hell where I live. May your Wednesday be full of ... whatever Jade likes doing on Wednesdays, I guess.

chaoskitten said...

hahaha! that was legend!

there's a REALLY funny one for Totalimmortal and i can't listen to the song properly anymore because of it!

in the chorus it sounds like "This Banana!!" i sing that version instead now!
no joke! its HILARIOUS!

anyways, thanks for cheering me up Jade coz i've had a shitty boring day at at school!
you're a legend! :) :)

MT said...

LMAO That video was HILARIOUS. I cracked up every time it said...VIOLETS! XD That's my kind of humor right there...LOL
There used to be a side splitting video like that for Silver and Cold on YT, but it got deleted. I still can only hear those lyrics when I listen to it...Sad. XD

In About a Girl by Nirvana, my bro thinks it's "Chicken salad pie" instead of "take advantage while". That's the most recent one, I can't think of any more. Just woke up, you see...There have been many, though. Fun fun. :D

MT said...

And also, those Penguins are terrifying.


Anonymous said...

I think we all know "this is my life this is a turtle"... I think Davey should sing that live just once that would be emence

the first time I heard Kill caustic I heard the opening line as "so I fill in my crossword" then I looked in the booklet and saw it was "so I feel much worse now"... which makes sense.

I'm not a huge fan of violets either LOL

Raven Winged Angel said...

The only misheard lyric I can think of at the moment is when my mom thought Davey was saying "Where is my laptop?" during the chorus of Miss Murder

kombucha said...

in but home is nowhere is sounds like hes saying "this is my line this is a turtle"

ive ruined that song for everyone lmfao :[

makemosh-notwar said...

I love "I am a furry vole" in replace of "I am ever enthralled" in Paper Airplanes.

Even though I know the correct lyrics, I cannot hear it any other way.

This Girl said...

haha that's hilarious.

I can not tell you how many times I still think Davey is singing "im an asshole..." in Dancing Through sunday. One of my favourite songs on STS and I still hear it.

But really, I wish all bands would put in lyric sheets.

Amanda said...

I could never understand what was being said in the chorus of "Dream of Waking" and always heard "I ate at Subway" and "Subway for me" instead of "I end up somewhere" and "somewhere between".

Also, I heard "dine in my sexy car" instead of "just nine and the six are gone" in "Kill Caustic".

Steph said...

Yay, penguins! :] They're quite adorable.

Cecilia said...

Fall Children, end of second verse - "AND I'M A BIG GAY"

Emme said...

got several but the one that always had me going what? what he say was "No Poetic Device"

hahahahahahaha I swore Davey was singing: i been dreamin i been dreamin of looseleaf blood was seeping from it clothes

Emme said...

OMG!!! I forgot this one

The Missing Frame

One at a time, I watch em off again. One at a time I'm lost in a little task. It's the place that i forget my ride lets tonight...

Lydia-T said...

I've always thought the beginning of A Story At Three sounded like "again and again they threaded the walnut" and for the longest time I really believed it was 'make me invincible' instead of 'make me invisible' in Of Greetings And Goodbye.

Elz said...

The classical Synesthesia misinterpretation is the best.

One blinging carnie. I'm nutting inside your memories. One plate? Please let me be. Enjoying Yoplait. Some days, I'm a bee. A bee stuck on the wall, fucking in a sleeve, because I'm a lame, "live wherever" bee, with no beret. You say "pee on the sand and your pillow". Let in the pasta, biscuite, and wrinkles (x2).

(Chorus) Just say you will follow meat. Invite me too? You'll never eat! Just say you can follow meat. That muffin's drowned in salt!

(Repeats first verse up until the end of "enjoying Yoplait". Davey likes yogurt.)

Some day I will beat (I'll beat) Shaq with a mop from a fencing king because a whale named Lakehead would love to shoot me.

(Repeats part about peeing on sand and chorus.)

Let me beat all the worms licking with cupboards. Let me beat all the worms that you don't see.

Glass Spider Webs said...

There is a website that is devoted to this..


My favorite is "no need to worry I am just another lobster"

Some times my sister enjoys quoting that site when we are listing to A.F.I.

The laughs have almost caused numerous car accidents

Glass Spider Webs said...


I lied ^ that is the one with most of the misheard lyrics

EricaM said...

The Missing Frame, second verse "One at a time, I watched that moth again"

Caitlin said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sang "no need to worry I am just another lobster".
I also thought Davey was warning me to "always stay away from weed" in Cereal Wars.

So, 'back in the day', I had a tape of All Guns Poolside and SPidey Sessions that a friend had made for me and we used to bike around my neighborhood with a craptacular boombox and piss off the retired community by alternating between R87 and The Toy Dolls. So thank you Jade for contributing to my upbringing in a small town =)

Gi said...

A recent AFI mishap was in Kill Caustic, the lyrics:
"As the infinite stops cold...
Guess I was the one to ride
That dirty ride"
I heard:
"Will they ever sidescroll?...
guess I was the one to
lift that rock at the tittybar."

But my all time favorite is from This Celluloid Dream. The line is
"Of a joyous song they sing".
EVERY SINGLE TIME, it sounds like,
"a Vagina song they sing."


Girl Friday said...

and a PS: I mishear U2 lyrics way more than AFI lyrics. Like in HOld Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, I hear "you wake in a ganache" and really, I don't see a downside to that.

Fluffo said...

Whole-heartedly agree with the "I'm an asshole" comment from yay-up-over-yonder ^.

"golden nostrils"
"I need sexing tonight"
"now pee in the sand"
"this is my lion, this is a turtle"

And "fucking" if you go by what the STS insert says. ;)
I agree. The explicit warning label certainly would have killed the appeal of the cover... but "scucking"? Really?

Roxy said...

LOL these are fxn hilarious. i've never noticed most of these.

the only one i ever thought was in Love Like Winter when I first started listening to AFI, i thought it was "into the flood" instead of "it's in the blood". but that's not funny =[

NACI HAVET said...

It sounds like you say" Is it a bug?" Instead of its in the blood in love like winter

Anonymous said...

This Celluloid Dream.

"Who left these puppies out in the snow?"

Kasey said...

'It's not the infants that I'm feeding' instead of 'I can't stop the insects that are feeding' in The Last Kiss.

~Sweet Caroline~ said...

When I first heard Silver and Cold I heard "You're simply to late" Instead of "Your sins into me"
But it's very amusing listening to AFI with my dad xD In prelude 12/21 he heard "Kiss my ass and lay me to sleep" and in Home is Nowhere he heard "This is my life this is a turtle" - it's funny - I can't think of some of the funnier more orginal ones right now - but I'll have to post again when I do xD

xsweetcalamityx said...

Well the only thing that I can think of is "a world of violence" from A Winter's Tale.

AFI/BA is too awesome to have their lyrics misheard..I always following the lyrics in the booklet when I listen to a CD for the very first time.

Lardar said...

I used to get nearly all of the AFI lyrics wrong but once I found out what the real lyrics were I forgot what I used to think they were. Here are the few I do remember:

Days of the Phoenix- (I want to, I want, to I want to stay.)"A** F***ing you, A** F***ing you, Ask for you to stay..."

Kiss and Control- (Fall upon debutants... reeling from nights that *not sure if these are the real lyrics*) "Fall apart then you start... what if I'm not dead?"

Perfect Fit- (I won't be sedated, I won't sedated. Give me a little taste, and I know I won't want more. I can't be a part, be a part, I can't be a part, I can't be a part, be a part of your modern world. Gotta be apart, gotta be apart, be apart, gotta be apart. Gotta be apart, I don't grasp the values that you hold.)"I won't dissipate it, I won't dissipate it, Give me a little taste and you'll know I want my mom. I won't dissipate this melody, its overrated. Give me your dis-order I implore! I can be a prod, be a prod, I can be applaud, I can be applaud, be applaud in your mod-earned world. Gotta be a broad, be a broad, gotta be a broad, Gotta be a broad. I don't think thats the guy that set you up."

And thank you sooo much for getting rid of the spider that terrified us arachaphobics. :) (The penguins are cute!)

Anonymous said...

nobody seems 2 know wat daveys saying in carcinogen crush it sounds like ass i think its really airs lol. and is love like winter he drank my war or warmth?

Ellie said...

When I first heard Kill Caustic, instead of hearing "I hope your battery dies" I heard "I hope your brother dies". It took me forever to actually hear the right lyrics.

Btw, love the penguin. Much better than the spider.

Hope you have an awesome week!

anya said...

when my grandma heard me listening to sing the sorrow she misheard the backround chorus of silver and cold and thought you were singing "golden nostrils" instead of "cold in life's throws." I couldn't help but laugh at that one. Then in dancing through sunday she thought the chorus was "we dance in disarray" not quite as far off.

Anonymous said...

Awwww you're too sweet. Changing it to penguins. (Although spiders don't scare me.)

ET Scene said...

Davey sings so fast in so many songs, I can't comprehend anything he's saying. He could be saying "I remember when someone told me the story of crushed velvet, melted candlewax and dried-up flowers" and I'll think he was going all Improv.-random giberish and NOT get it. I'm an expert on the giberish language and he still hurts my brain with the fast lyrics!

Hannah said...

there are quite a few misheard ones, but i remember the first time i heard Summer Shudder, where davey sings, "listen, i can't make" i thought he was singing "listen again, mate" lol. the most unforgettable one is "i'm an asshole" in Dancing Through Sunday. i had never even noticed it until someone pointed it out to me. now i giggle every time i hear it.

speaking of lyrics, here's something i thought i'd share with you as well...a couple of years ago, my brother and i were listening to The Art of Drowning while on our way to see Night at the Museum. that's the only time i've seen it and i don't remember much from it, but i do remember Robin Williams saying something about turning to dust. i immediately thought of "Catch a Hot One" and laughed out loud. people turned around and gave me weird looks, but i didn't care. i thought that was pretty awesome :)

Trisk said...

I heard "IDK" (stands for I Don't Know) instead of "I decay" in Death of Seasons, but that's because "DK" and "Decay" sound identical

my cousin thought it was "make beauty st-A.F.I." instead of "stay if i" in Miss Murder, now that was just hilarious!

Anonymous said...

i was listening to prelude today and my dad thought it was "kiss my ass" and he got all pissy

Shroomz said...

I'm terrible at hearing lyrics correctly. So terrible I need to google nearly every song I hear. The one that's still bothering me the most, however, is the Summer Shudder chorus. I always heard 'I never saw the rain' instead of 'under the summer rain,' and I always had this bizarre mental image of some guy standing in the middle of a street while it's raining, fervently wishing he had an umbrella. Am I the only one who misheard this? I probably am.
These other ones crack me up.
I almost cried when I heard youtube removed some of the afi misheard lyric videos. Some of those really made my day. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

this is so cliche, i can't believe no one hs said it yet...

feeling kinda crunk, i gotta go
(brownie botton sundae)

my fav has been: i will ask you this. canned asparagus?

M said...

There's a particularly famous thread on the DF boards about Synesthesia..
Something about a muffin, salt, and a whale.
I remember it being rather humorous.

M said...

Yeah, I found it, this is what it says:

"One blinging carnie. I'm nutting inside your memories. One plate? Please let me be. Enjoying Yoplait. Some days, I'm a bee. A bee stuck on the wall, fucking in a sleeve, because I'm a lame, "live wherever" bee, with no beret. You say "pee on the sand and your pillow". Let in the pasta, biscuite, and wrinkles (x2).

(Chorus) Just say you will follow meat. Invite me too? You'll never eat! Just say you can follow meat. That muffin's drowned in salt!

(Repeats first verse up until the end of "enjoying Yoplait". Davey likes yogurt.)

Some day I will beat (I'll beat) Shaq with a mop from a fencing king because a whale named Lakehead would love to shoot me.

(Repeats part about peeing on sand and chorus.)

Let me beat all the worms licking with cupboards. Let me beat all the worms that you don't see."

Credit NOT to me..

GermaricanMix said...

When I first heard miss murder I thought Davey sang "will beauty stay if I take my wife" so for a while I thought he was married.

EmeraldMuerte said...

This one has probably already been said but my Mum still teases me with "Kiss my ass and lay me to sleep" from Prelude. It was her that misheard it!

The Synesthesia interpretations are the funniest (=

P.S Munch looks very cute, full moon yes?

True Ninjas never die said...

Ooo This song is best *in love*

Karlye said...

I have to comment on this blog again, but not for misheard AFI lyrics. Those penguins that follow your curser ARE ADORABLE. They just be waddle waddle waddling around. And the gif. of Munch howling! I LOVE IT.

That's all.

Desirae said...

Well... I had two...

The Lost Souls-

Lyric: 'Look what you've done to me now...you made me perfect.'

Misheard: 'Look what you've done to me now, you redneck pussy.'

Carcinogen Crush-

Lyric: 'Your airs of grace'

Misheard lyrics 'Your as of grapes'

Racquel Valencia said...

Hold up, hold up, hoooooold up... you mean that song's not about Sean Paul?

Wow. I don't think I can listen to your band anymore.

Anonymous said...

In 37mm for the longest time i thought "Do you fall through?" was do "do you fondue?"

Anonymous said...

in dream of waking i always thought i end up somewhere sounded like "i eat at subway"

Paige said...

You are now my favorite person.

Sally said...

Ohh thats cute, Munch is on the side of this blog " Aaa-ooo-gaa", haha Munch is soo cute :)
Take care :) <3
// Sally

My-le and Jasmin. said...

In Love Like Winter, I thought I heard "She inhales the mirror lace..."

p.s. I like the penguins better than the spiders

ryann said...

in death of seasons in the background it sounds like thyre singing, "are you gay"

stella said...

"Golden nostrils" instead of "Cold in life's throes [sic]" is probably my favourite.

As far as Blaqk Audio lyrics go, I always hear "canned asparagus" instead of "can you spare a kiss" while listening to Semiotic Love.

blackviolet said...

One of our friend's favorites is: "It's apparent that you know Karen"
Instead of, "It's apparent that you don't care and..."

g'S gOnNa... said...


Here is one from the beggining of The Days Of the Phoenix!!!


I remember when I was told of story of crushed velvet candle wax, and dried up flowers.


I been no were, i told a story of crushed velvet cans and a wax job to find words.

LUV U!!!

Anonymous said...

...But Home is nowhere: To this Nature so unnatural: Denise Leger's so unnatural :S.

k17 said...

I can't really recall any AFI/Blaqk Audio lyrics I botched right now, but I'm 100% sure there are some, especially when Davey's screaming. I've listened to my AFI collection so many times, I think I've got a good grasp on most of the lyrics.

On the topic of botched lyrics, I always thought a line from Led Zeppelin's 'Misty Mountain Hop' was: "Gods are people seated on the grass with flowers in their headsets."

MJ said...


... My literary skills. They have died.

This Girl said...

awww Munch is so cute!

Steph said...

Jade! Munch is so cute!

nox said...


Melodia Sadpain said...

Ah, Jade. First of all, this video is hilarious. I love them, especially when they're well done. The worse the vocalist's pronunciation, the better the misheard. Also, I laughed really hard when I listened again to the chorus of "6 to 8".

Thank you very much for this idea of thread. Could we call that self-mockery? Or is it just Dave-mockery?lol Anyway, I'm having a great time reading everyone's comments. There are some of your songs to which I'll never listen the same way again XD

Aaand I thought I'd add my contribution:

Three Reasons: You're weak as a six-pack! -six-pack!-six-pack!
A Single Second: In case my mom would feel (Encased by my worst fear)
Third Season: Can you feel the heat rotten from the low?
Why wait? Why wait till the fall guns?!
Totalimmortal: Have I seduced the nameless rose?(I walk right through the nameless ones.)
Sacrifice Theory: Someone is receiving a funny invitation.
Do you wanna fill the world?Do you wanna taste the love?
Of Greetings And Goodbyes: I'll say "goodnight" and "bye" to everyone
Miseria Cantare: It's in the rain! (Incinerate)
The Leaving Song pt.2: Preach all!! (Reach out)
Silver and Cold: I will lift up your forces, I SAY...
I found a seed for you (I'll fall asleep for you)
Death of Season: -turning-CRUD!! YEAH!!
Paper Airplanes: mother, lift pit (monolithic)
Your elegy seduced you well (Your arrogance will suit you well)
All motion is paint in mine. (All motion is pantomime)
Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt.37: Now it's in his ass (now is meaningless)
You lift the bed and I remember (You left abandoned, I remember)
Affliction: All my face and I trust health and suicide
Where you hold in hands when... my poor friend!
Oh, what would be alright? Just choose me.....
(And every time the back vocals sing "loveless" and "lonely", it sounds like "flawless")

In "The Days of the Phoenix", I used to think that Davey sang "Love was so tangible" instead of "Time was so tangible"
and at first, in "But Home Is Nowhere", my sister thought Davey was saying "give me some pain"

For Blaqk Audio...

The Love Letter: If we meet, please offer to rise
Walk...(what?) right...(what?) through...(what?)me...

And for the longest time, I thought the chorus of Black Electric went "We are rising upon the sun and ground and we are flying with Black Electric as we set the satellite."

Well, it appears that Davey articulates better on Decemberunderground and CexCells! ;)

Gosh, I apologize for the ridiculously long comment!


p.s. Munch is hella cute! ^^

Anonymous said...

death of seasons: instead of "i decay!", i hear "idk!"

Reinisa said...

LoL That. Was. Fucking. Amazing. XD

ocmer28 said...

i saw that video before you posted it lol

Jackie said...

I think that Munch deserves a chance to write a blog on here. ^.^.
She probably has much to say.

Anonymous said...

one that comes to mind is in the prayer position, i always hear the first line as "now, pee on the stairs!" i refuse to know what he actually says.

Ronnie said...

cute gif, munch looks like my old chichis. I miss them terribly. love on that little girl til her bug eyes bug out even more. :(

Alexandria said...

That was great I laughed at the baboon wiping it's butt on a bottle of tide.
I'd like to hear and see more.
Have a great weekend Jade.

Alexandria said...

As far as misheard lyrics, I have many, I think I posted mine on the OMB a while ago. I might need to head over to check and then let you know.
Or I will just listen to all the songs and then retype them out.
I think my fingers need some exercise after just sitting here and watching TV online.

Pinkii said...

This is fun...

"You gave the dark to me"
"You gave the duck to me"
--Now the World

"Were you holding hands when my palms bleed?"
"Were you holding hands when my poor Fred"

And of course...
"I decay"
"Are you gay?"
--Death of Seasons

My favorite...
I know this is not AFI, but it's still really funny! :)

"Don't tell me cause it hurts!"
"Don't tell me cousin bert!"
--Don't Speak [No Doubt]

That's what I thought it said when I was younger!

erica's grilled cheese sammich said...

in Fall Children, I swear I hear "THIS STEAKS SO HOLLOW! THIS STEAKS SO HOLLOW!"

Abby said...

In 'Paper Airplanes', I always joked with my buddies about how when Davey would say "Look up to the sky to see, paper wings, and watch them burn", I'D always yell, "Look up to the sky and see, Pete Wentz, and watch him burn!".

It made more sense listening to the song.

'Un'Broken said...

'Don't waste your touche.' Leaving Song Pt. II...
'When you Stick it to me.' 37mm..

Anonymous said...

i always hear 'sexy woman' in death of seasons xD

i think it's 'feeling surrounded', so i have an issue there

my favourite though, has to be 'were you holding hands with MY PENGUIN?!'

Anna! said...

Instead of " I decay," I really thought it was "Are you gay?"

There's one part in But Home is Nowhere where I still can't understand what Davey is saying, but lyrics007.com says it's
"The pieces are lost, these pieces don't fit"
And I could SWEAR he's saying "Bitches don't lie! The bitches can't think!"

Theresa said...

Hi Jade...regarding mis-heard lyrics from AFI..there is one part in "Dream of Waking" where I swear you guys are saying "I eat at Subway"..but of course it's "I end up somewhere"....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Halloween

"Palm-pilots burnin' bright, pokin' faces in the night (i remember halloween) Tictac! hang up the phone..."

not mine, but it's all i can hear now

Jacks1234 said...

The misheard lyric conversation went like this:
Me: "Leah? What does I.D.K. stand for?"
Leah: "I decay..."
Me: "Ya but what does it mean?"
This went on for about ten solid minutes till we both clued in!
It was a really lame mistake!

Also i always hear "This is my mind this is eternal" and then "this dementia is so unnatural" instead of "to this nature, so unnatural" which I thought was really cool until Leah again corrected me...

Kaylee said...

My favorite missheard lyric pointed out to me besides the very popular turtle line, is from Celluloid Dream...instead of "You land as lightly as the new snow," "Who left this puppy out in the snow" and the video showed pics of puppies in snow LOL maybe you had to be there...

I also thought Carginogen Crush had the line "your ass of grace"

Sorry to Dave.

BellaDawna said...

"Kiss my ASS and lay me to sleep."

Also, on the IHAV dvd on the Leaving Song, I must admit, I don't know what Davey is actually whispering, but it sounds like "I like to watch." So, to me now, I just like to think Davey is always hiding somewhere watching!!! Voyarism gets such a bad rap!

Anonymous said...

Everytime anyone I know who isn't an AFI fan listens to Prelude 12/21 they think he says kiss my ass.

Also, in A Single Second it sounds like Davey's saying 'In case my mom ???'

When I watched I Heard A Voice for the first time I hadn't heard the recorded version of This Time Imperfect. So when I watched it I couldn't hear him whispering 'Cuts through my day and seeps into my dreams', all I saw was Davey looking up to the sky and mouthing something.

I thought he was possessed.

Much love to Munch!

Roy Klein aka InfectedTofu said...

The interview:

"swimming David drowning in Sorrow"

Who's David anyways?

Avengard said...

"So I'm feeling my crotch now"
"Just dine in your sexy thong"
- Kill Caustic

"Invite me too, you'll never eat!"
"That muffin's drowned in salt!"
- Synesthesia

Yeah, hearing aid much.
That video was ingenious, haha.

BellaDawna said...

Silver and Cold, still not sure what some of the words are, but I know they are not what I sing.

"Your skins itching me, Oh my beautiful one, Your skins itching me. As I rap to avoid escape, I will trample a bear, then I beg for forgiveness, your skins itching me."

Goodness, I realize I need to get my ears, uh or my brain checked!

Oksana Nechitailo said...

in Endlessly She Said

from 0:16 to 0:19
when there are whispers and whatnot
i swear it says:

"vote for Sanjaya"

subliminal messaging is illegal nowadays, you know?

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha, Jade, you gotta watch this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGd3j649wCY Perfect Fit misheard, someone made it not too long ago, it's hilarious! Also, both versions of Totalimmortal on YT, insane!

lovemysistery said...

i think my favorite (that hasn't already been mentioned) is the interpretation of love like winter... backwards.


i know that song start to finish... and finish to start.
2:27-2:33 is the best. =D
enjoy xx

Abby. Again said...

Also, at the beginning of 37 MM, it sound like Davey is saying "Wish you could do me," instead of "Bring your secrets to me". :O

BellaDawna said...

OK, I know it is a dying thread, so last one I promise. Last night I was in the car with a friend listening to "But home is nowhere." I sware it sounds like Davey sings

"Damn, this mattress is so unnatural."

I had to look up the lyrics to see what he was saying. That is the bad thing about itunes, you don't get the lyric sheets :(

Anonymous said...

in Miss hurder it sounds like it soundslike "Hey, I muss hunter! can I.."
instead of "hey miss murder can I?"

Natacia said...

Ooh! I made this one for Blaqk Audio. It's sorta stupid but I think it has its moments.


seimei said...

Oh ok I have two that I remeber besides the normal "I'm an asshole" and stuff.

Now the first one wasn't a misheard lyric at all, It's just that when I was a kid I looooooved The Art of Drowning and I had a weee crush on Davey at the time. And my aunt Alli (whom was just begining to like AFI)would try to ruin my crush for me by saying that Davey would never marry me forever beacause you and Davey were already married...

I was ten at the time and she would change the lyrics to "days of the pheonix" from "she was on the bed all dressed up in roses calling.."


"Jade was on the bed all dressed up in roses calling.."

which made me whine and pout every time.

and then when "sing the sorrow" came out she kept saying that in "The Great Disappointment" Davey says "Is that a problem if I'm gay??!! ..but you promised":

We both agreed that Davey used a made-up word in "Paper airplanes (makeshift wings)" at the end "OH Ah- Watchah!!!!!"

also in the great disappointment I swear DAvey says "Shrimp pepsi vividly"

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the "Buffalaxed" videos ...


Le Rouret said...

Hm, reminds me of those weird Indian music videos ...


Samy said...

I didn't think anyone else would hear the Sean Paul thing in 6 to 8.

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