Wednesday, February 25, 2009

After a lengthy absence I answered a bucket of questions on the DF board, if you're into that kind of thing.
We should do the Q&A on here again as well, that was fun times.
Anyone excited for the Watchmen movie?
Friday the 13th?
Hotel For Dogs?

If you're finding that you're not awesome, here's some tips:

p.s. I didn't write that list haha

Btw, the poll to the right is more about which festival matches your personality or taste, not which one you plan on attending.


~Sweet Caroline~ said...

that picture is sooo cute <3
and a Q&A would be fun

bloodstainxx said...

Nice list, Jade. I don't do half of the things though. Sounds bizzare...
I believe you have already did Q&A here, exceeded over 1000 comments.. Then you suddenly stopped answer questions. I believe it was because it was a pain the ass =/
I'm not really excited for any movies. I'm out of that world.. I don't even know what's playing anymore!

VS said...

What do you write everything on a moving bus doing a earthquake? What the hell.

And just about everything on that list is on my list of "Qualifications for a Loser", sorry bro.

VS said...

...Oh now that I actually read the list I think you were being sarcastic. Damn it.

Anonymous said...

Cute pup. But about that list... it isn't very animal friendly. Aren't you veg?

Anonymous said...

I was happy about the friday the 13h movie! not he other ones....and tht list is amazing,but you forgot
"listen to AFI" =D

kirstie said...

Yes! Another Q&A thing! I didn't get to ask any last time because there were so many questions by the time I got there that I knew you would never get to mine. Haha. Oh and because everyone asked what I wanted to know.

And that picture of you and Munch is the cutest one ever <3 I "aw'd".

To whomever wrote that list...poor kid. Although I do agree with the last one. Steve is like...the coolest name of all.

DarkFlame337 said...

Lovely handwriting Jade! What's the crossed out stuff say?

Check it out :)

stelle said...

haha that list
where did you find it

Emme Rawrs said...

Haha, good advice on how to be cool. You should open an "Ambercroombie & Flitch." It should be a strip club for dogs where only the sexiest of canines are let in.

Wow. I'm really tired right now, so my thoughts are aaaaall fucked up. Rainbows and unicorns, lalala...

Oh well. It's only 7-o-something, but 'night, Puget!

-Emme Rawrs

P.S. Only truly badass people can speak European. Will you teach me?

Roar! said...

I saw Friday the 13th on Monday... scared the hell out of my friend, and I got a few laughs out of it.

I shall now have to go check out the DF to read some of your answers.

Lisa X said...

Hey Jade,

So Crash Love is the new album!

So after weeks of driving us crazy, we got it! :D

love you always and can't wait for the new album

Cecilia said...

Oh my god, you haven't been cute (in an awkward, librarian sort of way) since like...2003! I'm so pumped! Maybe now I won't be so scared of you.

...did Davey write that list?

eatourownyoung said...

In a fight to the death between Billy May's and Sham-Wow's Vince, who would you put your money on? Do you think it would be fair for them to use the products they push as weapons in said death match?

Anonymous said...

:D your having my idea!!

Anonymous said...

aww munch is so CUTE!!!!

EricaM said...

That is the cutest picture ever

Jas said...

coachella is more tasteful

havokisthecure said...

AWWW JADE!! munch looks so CUTE !! :) and well that list is a bit depressing for me...cause I will never gonna do a movie or anything hahaha and I don`t play guitar...I only draw and write AND I am REALLY OBESESSED with the internet..haha...

Jaime said...

Munch looks very cozy.

xgrrrrrrl said...

hey there!!

yes, actually someone here very excited about the watchmen movie!!

and glad to find out that you're into that one too

my question, one that i've asked you more than one time without any luck, is if you've ever designed a guitar and... where can i buy it? or would you kindly give it to me?


xgrrrrrrl said...

by the way, it's xxxxxxxxxgrrrl 4 u :)

'Un'Broken said...

oi! jade! here's a question for yew. or twoo... or 7... ;D
1) How's life?
2) How old is Munch? ♥
3) What size shoe do you wear?
4) Do you think you're Mr. Awesome?
5) Do you wish to be Mr. Awesome?
6) Or Mr. Wonderful?
7) If you've answered yes to any of these questions please feel free to tell me.

Anonymous said...



fuckxlove said...

yay Jade
so i have some questions
1 will you marry me
2 when is the damn album coming out
3 why are you so hot
4 can i have your number
5 and can you say hi to Davey for me

Persephone said...

Damn right I'm excited for the Watchmen. Even if the beloved giant squid is nowhere to be seen.

Theresa said...

Jade...on your Ways to be Cool list..what are the ones you crossed off?

It was so nice to see you on the Ask AFI forum..a pleasant surprise!

Munch in your hood!! cutest thing ever.

Crimson Butterfly said...

that list is weird oh that one part about learning guitar...make sure not to take it in high school trust teacher doesn't know anything and yet this is the second teacher that doesn't know how to play guitars.....(thats for people who are in high school)....i have one question...why was munch in your hood?

nox said...


no eaty more meaty.

And I wanna see "9"
Tim Burton is <3

OneCoolNerd said...

Call me a nerd.
I want to see Quest to Witch Mountain or whatever. The one with the Rock.

And I want to see Slumdog Millionaire too because it KILLED at the Grammy's.

Tenderly said...

Watchmen, yes please!
Munch is the cutest thing ever by the way.

sadclowndisease said...

We should do questions on here again.

I am very much looking forward to Watchmen. Day before my birthday.

I'm already doing about 90% of whats on that list and I feel no cooler! HELP!

GermaricanMix said...

That picture...oh CUTE!

And I cannot WAIT for Watchmen, but I'm still most excited for Terminator: Salvation. Oh, Bale, why so epic?

It's gonna be a good year for entertainment. I can tell

angelic_cries said...

Oh man, I missed you?! Bummerrr. Guess I'll just read them.

You answering all those questions on here was definitely quite fun and exciting, I thought. =]

Munch is so cute! & your hand writing owns.

Jay said...

The Friday the 13th remake was surprisingly good. I went into it thinking it was gonna suck, but it did not. The Last House on the Left remake looks fantastic.

Erin said...

doing an evolution of the Truffle Shuffle and Electric Slide..known as the Truffle a means of being awesome.
Also, having an accent seems to help.

hotel for dogs looks baaaaaallllin.


Haras said...

helmets and ambercoomie & flitch!

I voted Coachella. And I also vote yes on another Q&A blog in the near future.

Sarahface8 said...

You are so awesome Jade; I don't know how it's possible.

darkness069 said...

Hi Jade! My friend told me you answered her question last night, and asked me to tell you here that Mexico is not east coast, no matter how blimey (I hope I wrote that right) it is (what's blimey, anyway?). She was quite thrilled you had such a vast knowledge of words depending on areas of the US.

Anyway, nice to see you have the time to relax a bit, assuming that's what a new blog entry means. Nice picture of Munch and your hair, I bet she was comfortable in there ^_^

Since I should be working on a projet instead of being here, quick question completely unrelated to Crash Love so you don't get tired of that: who or what do you curse when a sock or a scarf misteriously dissapear? (I'm searching for my rainbow scarf since a month ago, and found nothing)

Anyway, have a nice night!!

lezah said...

The Q&A was funtimes indeed! Do it again!

And. um. Jade, European's not a language.. I guess you mean learn a European language? I want to learn French or German.

Yes. Irony.

My-le and Jasmin. said...

I think Friday the Thirteenth seems kinda exciting in a way.
And seeing the list of ways to be more awesome, I thought you were vegan? you confuse me sometimes.

Gee!! said...

Oh Munch's fucking beautiful!!she has good eyes!)))
Thank you sooo much for DF board :)

any_mouse said...

I think you just killed all your fans with the cuteness of that Munch photo. I can't even look at it. It's like staring into the sun, if the sun were made of cute.

Thanks for answering questions on Ask AFI. You're always so entertaining. If you're going to create a post for us to comment with our questions here, I better get some good questions ready.

g'S gOnNa... said...

wut a cute pic!!! LOL "dog in da HOOD!!!...gangsta!

jade i vote yes on doin da whole q&a thingy here again!

when u did da last q&a i didnt knw bout ur blog n im dieing 2 ask a ?

lotz of <3<3

Anna said...

Hmm... Hotel for Dogs... I found it quite... main-stream?? A lot of that seems to be happening more and more nowdays... sad...
Um, Friday the 13th? I have heaps of bad luck on Friday the 13ths (as per tradition), and so I generally try and stay in my bunk bed all day, and avoid sleeping under the ladder on that bunk bed... o_0.

Karlye said...

I must admit when I first saw that picture of Munch in da hood, I "Awww"ed for about three minutes. It was awesome.

I agree on another Q&A session on here. I've actually prepared some proper questions since last time. The question that I asked last time was very dorky and awkward, but like I said, they have improved. I am extremely excited for Watchmen, I'm about a fourth of a way into the book. I'm definitely going to see it in IMAX.

I noticed that a lot of that stuff on the list applies to you. Are you Mr. Cool then? ;D

camilla said...

You know, another Q&A session would be great, but you do know that you'll get swamped in questions once again, right? haha Feel free though, it was a lot of fun last time!

PS. Adorable picture <3

liebling said...

Well, if you ever want to learn European, hit me up. I'm an expert. Heh.

Jessus said...

I love hanging out with Steve!
But Stan is better.

Jessus said...

ps. Thank you for the responce to my DF question. Although you have no idea who this is.

Kayleigh Puget said...

OMG Munch in your hoood!!
I love her.
I will steal her.

Nice to hear from you, sir. x

Zaina R Ahmed said...

You should try and finish the 1500 you have left from the last Q&A.

Mine was: "what was your favorite part of Youth and Revolt"

It wasn't my absolute favorite of all time (the book) but it's up there.

leongyiting said...

LOL. Nice pictures. You must be really busy right now huh.

cilliii said...

That picture is cute. :)

Hmm.. I'm not really excited for any of those. Friday 13th always happened to be great days for me... :-P

According to that list I must be pretty uncool. Ô__o
[It's relieving to know you didn't right this one...]

Love you

Theodora Tang said...

Ooh, dying to watch Watchmen, and Friday the 13th.

Hotel for Dogs...not so.

Have a good day, Jade.

<3, Theo

Nixx said...

You mentioned on the DF boards that Munch looks like a seal sometimes. PICS? She's precious :).

And a Q&A would be cool, I missed the last one.

<33333 Can't wait for fucking Edgefest.

Anonymous said...

its weird how that list looks just like my handwriting, but i did not write it.

i find it sad that Ozzfest is losing.

Boo Baby Doll said...

That picture is sooooooo cute!!

And nice list too lol. I wanna see watchmen, but I need to read it first...Correction I need to re-read it. I also still wanna see Coraline, I've been told it's awesome..And creepy.

Warped FTW I always meet so many bands there, and everyone's so great. I've even been in some mosh pits with members of bands before, it's awesome!

11am_street said...

That is one awesome picture! Nice 'fur' collar... ;)

I'm really psyched about the upcoming Star Trek movie... but then again, I'm a geek. ;) Watchmen sounds interesting, might check it out. What movies do you want to see?


Eunice said...

The List = LAWLZ

here's a link:

keep making awesome music, men, salud!

MJ said...

Your dog is the cutest thing on the face of the planet. True fact.

I am very excited for Watchmen. To the point that I scream every time I see anything related. Some kid wore a Rorschach costume for Halloween last year at my high school, and I just stared at him. Now that he has the mask off, I have no idea which kid was the one that liked Watchmen. Bummer.

I actually wanna see Friday the 13th. I heard it was good.

As for Hotel For Dogs? It's a Hotel For Dogs. That has to happen in real life. If it hasn't already. I dunno, I'm behind the times. I never pay attention to these things unless one of my friends who does mentions something like that.

I'm gonna go hang out w/ Steve now.

Nikk. said...

pffff...XD learn to speak European?! and what about europeans?! Lern to speak american?!?! >.<


PhillFxC said...

Plah! I'm already awsome! I'm really excited for Friday The 13th even though those movies came out way before me, thats all I used to watch growing up! I have to see it! lol

helen099 said...

oh yes, please do a q&a here. you have fewer rules than the DF.

does that tour poll mean that afi will be playing any of those festivals?


helen099 said...

oh, forgot to say, that pic of munch nearly killed me from cuteness.

but why were you wearing your parka in the house?


Glass Spider Webs said...

All the questions I would ask you, you probably can not answer due to AFI secretness.

What is the meaning of life?

And YESS I am excited for watch men! I LOVE Graphic novils, and Movies. Especially when they are Combined for one KICK ASS movie Adventure!

Glass Spider Webs said...

Ps. Munch is so cute.

J said...

Nice picture :) I'm incredibly excited for Watchmen, kinda sorta excited for Friday the 13th, probably just going to watch it for old time's sake.

Jo Emmaljunga said...

Munch in da hood picture is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She seems to cozy around all that fake furry fluffyness..

I'm looking forward to Hayao Miyasaki's "Gake no ue no Ponyo".

Adam said...

I'm definitly up for the Q&A.

As for movies...I'm really looking forward to Friday the 13th. And yes Watchmen...the last one you mentioned was kinda unknown to me so I guess I'll check it out.

Festival that fits me? a crazy mixture between Warped and Ozzfest. If you would have included European Festivals I would have mentioned Wacken and Rock am Ring.

MT said...

Eat more meat? HAAAA! XD

That's an adorable pic, by the way.

And no, I'm not excited for any of those movies, especially Hotel For Dogs...that looks awful...

Peace out

Café Blasphème said...

I'm surprised more people haven't voted on Coachella. Fantastic line-up.

Courtney the Mighty said...

Anyone excited for the Watchmen movie? Not anymore.

Friday the 13th? Never was.

Hotel For Dogs? Dogs don't understand the civilized way in which hotels exchange money for goods and services! This is silly!

MissAnette said...

I love you <3
Munch is so cute <3

Patron Saint of Rebirth said...

ahhh. i'm going to steal your dog.
movies bore me. the last time i went was two months ago.
movies suck lately.
i miss '99.

xNoiseAndKissesx said...

What an adorable picture of you and Munch!
Anyway, assuming this is the new Q&A thing.

Crash Love is the album title, isn't is? ISN'T IT?!?! Mhhmmmm.

Or wait, maybe you got a new chihuahua...and named it Crash...and Crash Love is the name of the book you are writing about his' and Munch's relationship??

Soooo...back to the album. Wanna drop up a song? A song name? A line from a song? A word from a song?????

<3 Love ya guys, even if you do confuse the crap outta me.

chaoskitten said...

aww... that picture is SO adorable!
if i tried to do that with my dog, he WOULD climb on my head and try to eat or fight my hair! no joke! (he's a wee bit odd)

hmm... i voted Warped Tour, even though i don't live in the States coz i have a broad music taste! :) but do industrial/EBM acts ever play on it?

you should definitely do another Q&A, coz i didn't get to ask you a question on the last one :(

Iamblackbunny said...

Jade that picture of Munch is so adorable! She looks very content..all snuggled up next to her papa! =) The list looks like something Smith might come up with.Hmmm..? =)

Christa said...

Exxxxtreme everything! I laughed a little too hard at that one. xD
Coachella! if it wasn't so far away!

Amanda said...

“I remember Adam gave me this crappy piece of binder paper with a list of all these songs for me to learn and some had checks by them, some had stars, some were underlined but I already new how to play them so I threw that damn crappy crap-ass piece of dumb binder paper in the damn garbage.”

Miss Murder said...

that was the cutest picture ever and i cant wait for the album

hiimniko said...

I am way too amused with that monkey.

Mina said...

..hahah! I bet Dave wrote that list! esp. 'learn to play guitar' line.. XD

..and Q&A is a great idea.. I thought bout it the other day and even came up with some question.. unfortunately I can't recall it now.. it was a good one though.. ah well.. still got some time to think, huh?)

..have a great soymilkday..

je t'aime

afichaker said...

My Mom wants to see Hotel For Dogs....Maybe I will take her..

Why is it snowing on your page?

propelwave said...

love the pic =)

Laura said...

That picture is absolutely positively gorgeous :) Munch looks so happy!

I saw Friday 13th and it was great! :D
Not seen Hotel for Dogs though.

lorral said...

Awww she's such a cutie all curled up in your hood. it THAT cold there?

Anonymous said...

THE MOVIE!!!!!!!


esperanzagomez said...

hmm question to ask
why dont you guys ever play shows in vancouver, well other than in festivals? is there not a large demand for you here, because thats hard to believe?

Drea said...

Haha neat~o
the q&a was fun mhmm
I was so happy when you replied to mine :D

Phantom Lady said...

Why is it snowing on your blog? Weather inside the computer is a little scary...

Sweet list. I bet Smith wrote that and taped it to your bathroom mirror.

Q&A would be AWESOME, especially for those of us who's pockets are empty and can't join the DF...being poor sucks!

Melodia Sadpain said...

Awww, I almost melted to this picture! Munch is killer-cute here.

I vote yes for the Q&A, though I have yet to read the other one you did here before...

I'm not exited with movies, so...yeah.

Lawl to that list....
What language is European??

And yay for the poll, I voted correctly. Ozzfest for me. \m/,

Charlyn said...

There aren't enough As or Ws in the WORLD to construct the AWWWW that picture would require

Oh, and really looking forward to seeing 'Watchmen'

Shroomz said...

I printed out that list and framed it on my bedroom wall. I plan to eventually check off everything on it, and therefore become completely awesome. I think I'll start with wearing a helmet everywhere I go and finding and befriending a 'Steve.' I'll also be starting European classes next week.
Munch <3

Katie [ShyGiirlsToo] said...

I'm really excited about Watchmen but I haven't read the novel yet so I don't think I'll let myself watch it until i do. I've never read a graphic novel before but supposedly Watchmen is beyond amazing.

I'm not one for fan fiction or anything like that...but for my Spanish class we had to write an essay about a day with a famous I picked you..haha. and Munch was in it.

I'm failing at most of the things on that list. I wear a lot of black though....

Disaster said...

The pic of you and munch is so cute! I wish I could do that with my dog but since she weighs 50lbs it probably wouldn't fare well for either of us!

I totally have to make time to see Hotel For Dogs!

A Q&A would be awsome fun! (For us at least!)

Anonymous said...

Hotel for dogs is going to be a must see for me. It has a buff mastiff in it :D


Pinkii said...

I don't think I would look good with facial hair... oh darn... I guess I can't be cool

x ]

Jordan said...


1. Super excited for Watchmen.

2. I was born on Friday the 13th.

3. Is that a movie or some sort of album? I'm afraid I need to move out from under the rock once in a blue moon.


1. Can you actually carry Munch around like that?

2. Have you ever used a metal water bottle? I'm currently using one and despite their pro-environment stance, I'm not diggin' the metallic tasting beverage.

3. How are you feeling the different recording style AFI is using for this record? (I heard something about working on one song, recording all of its various parts, and then moving on to another this correct?)

4. Are you a fan of the female rapper "Kid Sister"?

Miss Puget AFI said...

that picture is so cute!!!

go to my blog please!

Anonymous said...

Really sweet picture; you can't look at that and not be happy! Not too wild about seeing any new movies really. I'm finding that I'm awesome so I think I'll pass on the tips that you didn't write! Thanks for writing about my Q&A suggestion, I just saw a lot of comments with burning questions like "why are you so awesome?" and figured I'd throw that out there.
-<3 Sarah

EmeraldMuerte said...

Munch looks quite at home in your hoodie!
Friday 13th isn't even out here! D:
Ozzfest is probably the coolest tour, but Warped plays the bands I'd prefer seeing all in one hit.

Annd.. Q&A would be fun times! Thanks for the update (:

Gracie said...

haha jade what would i do without you? :) great picture of munch btw. :) made me laugh. what is this im hearing about the new album being crash love?! holy fucking crap let me know!! :D
we all love you jade :)

Lashy said...

I think that is the cutest picture I have ever seen.

<3 Lashy

DaveyXxXJadeXxXAFI said...

haha love munch! cutest dog ever!!! heehee movies! hmm... into friday the 13th even tho its like the 8th one... and umm... anything thats slasherish and... idk :P i love the fact that your always keeping your blog updated for all your dedcated fans! i love going on here for a laugh and seeing wats goin on with my fave peeps in the world!!! haha you guys rock! cant wait for the new album!

Adreli said...

Munch is so adorable I love her. I know how you feel about her, I have a little Chihuahua too :)

sharna. said...

i wanna see watchmen and friday 13th :D

Rina said...

I am SO excited for the Watchmen movie! I am a big fan of the graphic novel and I can't wait to see how Zack Snyder managed to translate it onto film. So far what I've seen looks ridiculously good and like it's the book only moving in front of my eyes with real people...It looks like you've stepped onto the New York streets in the alternative 1985 era. I'm blown away and I haven't seen it yet!
Cute picture, Jade. Nice coat, too.
<3 Rina

Anonymous said...

Lovely little dog you got there, looks like you've formed a real bond with her ^_^ Prehaps allow Munch a space on the new record...backing vocals maybe??
Q&A would be fucking fantastic but probley a pain in the ass for you.
But we all know you're a dedicated pressure XD
Completely off topic I remember when you guys came to SouthAustralia and I was waiting at the backstage door for some one to come out...then you came out my friends almost bowled you over with hugs and i stood there like an idiot because I didn't wanna invade your space,then you got in the car waiting for you and drove of and i pathetically burst into tears...yes I have an emmence amount of respect for you ^^
Em Racheal xx

Sally said...

Aaw, cute pic. <3
Leather Jacket, Eat more meat, its not for vegans... haha.

Learn to play guitar is just what I have to do. haha.
You´re so great to play solo on guitar! I wish I could.

Q&A would be great, I like it.

I have to send you a pic, my drawing of the All Hallow's EP and The Black Sails. I have draw that pic to you :)

Take Care Jade <3
Sally, Sweden.

Anja said...

YAY I want Q&A again!
Please, Jade! :D


Kaylee said...

So I was going to just leave a comment letting you know I played with your monkey...then I realized I should clarify by saying that by "monkey" I mean the little animated thing on the right side of your screen that you can make jump from branch to branch. Some people would take this so out of context...gah! :o)

Sarah said...

heres a question. are you planning on touring this summer for the album???

i really want to see you guys again, but dont know if i want get a passport and all that jazz for Edgefest. Besides, i really have no clue who any of the other bands are (!).

BTW- New Depeche Album 4/21/09 ??? Is that for real?

Anna! said...

You forgot the greatest-ever-movie-that-has-yet-to-come-out: THAT ONE ABOUT WOLVERINE! YES!!

Also, Bamboozle>all festivals. AFI or BA should play regular Bamboozle this year. It's only fair.

Jacks1234 said...

Okay that monkey, once you figure out what you does, is way to distracting!
Oh and Munch is adorable as always! I like the list too, although I think I'm okay with being sorta lame... lol

Susan said...

trying to decide which festival to tour with or which to go to? i'm not much into festival concerts, i prefer the intimacy of club shows. ozzfest isn't exactly my cup of tea though. checked out the warped tour lineup and can't believe that the bands haven't changed much from when i first went in 97. oh college memories. although coachella will kick ass with the cure and morrissey.

enjoyed the list, rather amusing. and your pup is super cute.

allmylove said...

munch is such a cutie :D:D my puppy used to do that..he's too big now haha although you should add get a chihuahua to the list of ways to be cool...or just be yourself :D :D that works everytime =]
hope the album is coming along nicely and quick for i love ether and reviers music:D
can hardly wait my dear XD

GabyBoop said...

I would love to speak european... it is said that it's a hard language...

Q&A, bring it on!!

morgan said...

i put my kitten in my hood just like that too :]

Emme said...

AWWWWWWWW! Pic is so cute fer real.

N Yes, for the luv of all things good please do another Q&A! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It!

What a listindeed!

ThisSideUp said...

Awwww! Munch is the best dog I've ever seen!

You should definitely do the question and answer thing again. I didn't get in on it the first time around. I'll have to come up with a good question...

The only movie I want to see right now is Coraline. All the others look exceptionally dull.

Wow. According to that list, I'm pretty much the lamest person in existence. I don't do ANY of those things...

Larissa said...

How did Munch stay in the hood like that? And for a picture no less!
The list is... odd... I either dont have the balls (literally and figuratively!)or couldn't stand doing it.... Hmmmm... guess I'm just not so awsome, eh? :)

brenna! said...

Did Smith write that?

Orgy is Born said...

I'm just annoyed they changed the Rorschach quote... The one they have in the film seems to be useless -- The full thing from the novel is
"... And all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "save us!", And I'll look down and whisper "No" "

They really cut it down for the film, or maybe it's just a cut down version for the trailers..

I fear the woman playing Laurie might ruin it for me a bit, but it'll be hard to depreciate the novel value of seeing it all on screen.

.... I just finished reading the novel in warming up for the release.. It was beezer.

I'm totally in it for the Jonny Ostermann...

First graphic novel I've ever read, actually.

'Un'Broken said...

:3 ps.
that picture is adorable.

Alice said...

Picture = OHEMMGEE cute.
Firday the 13th = Eh. -wobbles hand-
Hotel for Dogs = ... The dogs are cute but not my cuppa joe.


Yeees, Facial Hair will be my down fall... haha.

Alexys said...

Wow, amazing picture!
You are truely awesome.
Please do q&a I have a few questions to ask...

Janelle said...

I am so excited for Watchmen it's ridiculous.

impure0purest said...


So um, Jade.. you have to to go it for me, because It's simply too far away for me to get to.. You need to go see Throbbing Gristle at Coachella, because I can't.. please...

Oh, and..
You have the cutest dog in the history of the world... If she was a person, I'd want to be her best friend.. Actually, I'd be her best friend anyway.. that would be rad...

Noah said...

I am Definitely excited for Watchmen, and I need to see Friday the 13th. It looks like a good remake.

Q&A would be cool, and I hope the Album is going well.

Matt said...

SO excited for the Watchmen movie.
They're doing an advanced showing of it tonight at a local military base. I find that ironic.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to go to that since they sold out, but I am so stoked!

As for the other movies. No... Just no.

Anonymous said...

friday the 13th actually really sucked!

samantha wheelis said...

Aww Jade your tsaking my advise and answering other peoples questions! Or did you just decide it your slef? Anyways yes please do another Q&A that would be quite loverly! ANyway let us know when! Peace out!

k17 said...

The hood looks like very effective means to transport Munch ^_~ I have a hard time choosing which point of the awesome list is my favorite.

A couple of my friends are stoked on Watchmen... they're all reading the graphic novel and from what I hear it's pretty amazing. Although they're not piping hot off the screen movies, I very much want to see Milk and Revolutionary Road.

Q&A? That's always fun.
- Have you read any good books lately?
- Do you like Alfred Hitchcock movies?
- What do you think of Andy Warhol's art?
- Are you a subscriber of TIME magazine?
- ¿Hablas español? ¿Un poco?
- Are you anti-peanut butter?
- Have you ever hugged a tree? (it's an awfully enlightening experience; I recommend you try it)

Miss Puget AFI said...

go to my blog please!!!

Bad Fox said...

wow if only I'd known about all the things in that 'ways to be cool' list...I'd have been so amazing by now! Actually it sounds like the sort of list I might have made when I was about 7. Ah, good times

Galiya said...

i don't care about movies much, but i just thought you know...

AFI has been an incredible force in my life that helps me get through. having ur music in my ear is like having a friend who truly understands. i don't know if you'll even read this because its all the way at the bottom, but know that i truly appreciate everything you, Davey, Hunter, and Adam have done for fans like me through the years. It seems only right that you all know my devotion, because you have all done so much for me.

- from a fan

Miss Puget AFI said...

Jade Puget please go to my blog and punish the comment please thank for your time!<3 I love you jaja!

Miss Puget AFI said...

please go to my blog!!!

thank you very much for your time!

KamHeiwa said...



lfish. said...

munch is a-dorable. & that is one fabulous list. i am going to work on learning to speak european haha.

Steph said...

omg. Jade. Munchie is sooo cute!

Cherol said...

Cochella ella ella eh eh.
Watchmen looks good.
My friend saw Hotel for Dogs and said that it was "super kawaii."
I'm really liked Coraline. It's a good time. Even though she's a bitch.
I'm excited for Last House on the Left, though I don't expect to be able to sit through it for very long. Just like The Hills Have Eyes. I don't know why people remake those mindfuck movies...or why I watch them.

Anonymous said...

Munch looks pretty content, nestled there; I want a dog.

My brother's friend is giving his dog away, but I can't have it due to health issues and a mother who hates all animals.

Following with this theme,
I DO plan on seeing Hotel For Dogs.
Marley & Me...not so much.

I've heard about Watchmen-
my best friend's read it,
but I'm the least bit intrigued.

No real draw for any other movies. Taken was really exciting, though!

Thank you kindly for answering questions on the DF Board :)

What is psychrock?

It's 5am on the east coast.
You haz gudnite.

Nyny said...

I love Munch!!!
He should be friends with my aunts chihuahua Lulu!

Hmm, movies?
I saw The Undorn recntly really freaky
creepy old people
scary dogs
Crazy fetus
i give it 5 stars
good mystery
i think you should see it
(if you havent already)

Nyny said...

I forgot the questions
ok ok
1. How many questions am i allowed to ask?
2. Any plans for a tour?
3.Is a tour asking too much since the albums not out yet?
4. If you have a tour will the Transmission winners be on it too??
(singing...watever they sang on the album)
5.Is Afi going to stay in touch with the transmission winners?
6. Do you think its odd i keep asking about the transmission winners?....considering i was not one of them (;___;)?

i wanna photograph bands.......
like you guys!!!

Darlene said...

Awww! Good Munch! ^^ Sweet picture!

Anonymous said...

I think i'm gonna try the "hang out with Steve, to be cool" sounds like a good plan.

Though I don't know a steve.

Tess M said...

Munch is absolutely precious.

Patty said...

oooohhh, i'm excited to see the watchmen movie. I hear the my chem cover song is central to the ending so that should be cool too.

btw, you know that's the cutest pic ever of Munch, right?

Ha, I loved that list...

Nightmare Nikki said...

Man, no SXSW love :(! That is a big fest, dude. You guys should totally come next year!

Jade....oh, yeah.... said...

F*ck! That looks like DAVEY'S handwriting!!! 0_o Hmmmm....

Nancyboy said...

Since the note is from "Wild tigers I have known", and I just watched it for the first time, what did you think about it?

discordlives said...

...huh, I have my laptop on that same tray. It's so convenient.