Sunday, February 08, 2009

Did anyone watch the Grammy's?

I sort of watched pieces of it, due to the fact that I have a DVR. I watched most of it on fast-forward so the whole thing only took about 15 minutes.
Blink 182 announced they were getting back together and Green Day revealed the title of their new album.
Rihanna and Chris Brown were supposed to perform but apparently he did a Mike Tyson on her last night.
No excuse for that, fella....ella ella.
I'm going to be doing some major guitars tomorrow, I'm excited.


True Ninjas never die said...

I am enjoying on AFI,as far as they will on Gramy :D

camilla said...

Didn't watch it, but heard the news about Blink 182. Cool, cool :)

Glad to hear the album's going well, can't wait to hear it!


Kayleigh Puget said...

"No excuse for that, fella....ella ella."
No offence, Jadey, but that was CRAP XD

Can you take me to do major guitars with you? Only I couldn't get into college today and I feel like my life is going to the dogs cause my mum doesn't know I skive half my lessons so I'm probably gonna end up a sad nobody.

So yeah, I can be your best friend :D

Theodora Tang said...

Changed your blog skin again, Jade? Haha.

Ooh, B-182 are getting back together? Hooray!

<3, Theo

lezah said...

I didn't even know about the Grammys. Oh well, school has started, which means I don't watch TV...

As for the excitement, you're not the only one.

MJ said...

I was gonna watch the Grammy's, but I had no idea when they were and didn't realize they were coming up this fast. But you just gave me the brief rundown, so it's all good. I found out what happened in less than a minute!

Domino Efecto said...

Don't you just love the power of the fast-forward button? If only they made remotes for life.

Krys said...

awww I forgot to watch them, but yay! Blink 182 <3

Theresa said...

I watched some of it..I'm sure you could in fact watch it all in 15 minutes!

I'm a huge Adele you like her Jade? I'm so glad she won!

Have a great day in the studio!!

havokisthecure said...

I didn`t watch it. I dunno I preffer the MTVS and long time I don`t watch it either.

Besides I promised myself next time I watch one of those awards it will be the day you guys are nominated.

hahaha fella ella ella ella...that was hilarious.


Karlye said...

I didn't watch the Grammys, I would have, but I was doing a report on the Medieval era, specifically the Black Death, seriously. I know I know, excuses excuses.

But I did hear about all that happened, I'm so excited about the Blink-182 reunion! Can't wait for Green Day either. Chris Brown, well, I hope he doesn't get in too much trouble like Michael Phelps just did.

I'm even more excited about those major guitars now. :)

Again, sorry for the super lenth of this.

Boo Baby Doll said...

I actually didn't watch it at all. Though when I heard about Blink 182 I was very happy.

Hahahaha, that sounds like what I would've done if I actually had recorded it.

Have fun with all the guitarness stuffs today!!

mallratuk said...

I V+ 'd it so I shall be watching it tonight :o) (usually a fast foward job too) and by the sounds of it only 2 bits of info to watch out for.

Sounds like the grammy's was a bit naff really ;op

Jade - how's the new album coming along? Any news on release dates??? :o)

cilliii said...

Nope, didn't see them. ^^
I'm probably more likely to see an abstract.

Hmm.. I don't like hearing Chris Brown hit Rihanna, so I hope that's just a rumor and not true. :)

Karlye said...

I just thought of this.

If the woman Chris Brown pulled a Mike Tyson on is Rihanna, then he deserves to rot in Hell, no one deserves that kind of treatment.

Melodia Sadpain said...

Lmao "fella...ella ella" XD

Nah, didn't watch it, I can't. And even if I could I probably would've forgotten.

Wooh for major guitars! Anything related to the new album gets me excited!

Have fun!<3

helen099 said...

green day...ok, that could be cool...

but mostly i'm excited about your "major guitars." god, or whoever, created your fingers for major guitars.

btw, why did you break up with that producer, david botrill?

and whatever did you think of to say to Mr. T?


lucaustico said...

hola jade¡¡ I also saw the award for parties, boring ...
What good news that your recording,OUR emotion continues to grow with each publication Clicking recording disk ,I am very eager to hear the new cd and word tour¡¡ SALUDOS DESDE ARGENTINA¡¡and please coming¡

rubidium said...

i have so busy lately, no time to watch anything on tv , sorry.....
n e ways, im kind of sad, i bet is going to rain this thursday on my b-day like every year..........except last year
luv ya

Sarah said...

can't wait for the new green day album.

heard the remix of miss murder by vnv...its pretty good. as is the Cure song off the Underworld album.

although the movie itself...eck.

Sarah said...

oh yeah. nice that they featured an afi song AND a blaqk audio song....but i would have liked to see the Assemblage 23 remix of Stiff Kittens on there instead.

anyway, much love.

VS said...

Dude I heard about that Chris Brown thing on Fox News last night. Figures they don't know shit about real news but this they were right about.
I'm excited for the new Bobby and Whitney!

kirstie said...

Haha...thanks for the update. I forgot about those xD You should be the MTV news guy. That was the best report eva

Have fun with those guitars! I can't wait for the result! <3

kombucha said...

i cannot sit through shows like that, i just read all the gossip about it on the internet the next day.

Meg said...

Grammys were alright, and yeah I was definitely excited to hear about Blink again.

M.I.A. was pretty badass. I mean who has the energy to perform on your child's due date?!

And DVR is amazing.

Sally, Sweden said...

Green Day is my next favourite band after AFI and BA :D

Love them, and love you! <3<3
Take care Jade.

Hugs from me.

Fauxhawk said...

w00t, Blink-182's reunion is excellent news.

Jacks1234 said...

Blink 182! Really! This is the first I am learning about this! Well that just made my week!
Can't wait for new AFI though!

MissAnette said...

"... ella, ella.." this was so funny from ya. =)'re so cute. =)
love ya <3

Cecilia said...

I hope the guitar-ing is going amazingly well. The second three year gap you guys have made us endure is causing abnormally high expectations.

Pookha said...

Guitars are always in order.

I, too, zapped thru the awards. Was happy about Blink, hated MIA's outfit--talk about worst dressed!

ET Scene said...

AFI is going to be on the Grammys?? (excuse my lack of interest in the world eheh...) Speaking of Rihanna, I hope she gets hit by a bus. Her music lowers my IQ X_X

Orangutan's daughter said...

I tried but it was suuuuch a fun (-_-), that I'd fell asleep almost immediately.
Thanks for the resume tho ;P

Silly Girls Win said...


But, yeah! I watched, like, half of them. I had no idea until I saw my friend's facebook statuses say "watching the Grammys". I'm excited for Green Day! And, but of course, you guys. Very excited. :3 And I hope you guys will win something!

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I'm going to be all alone this Valentines Day. Stupid boys. He just HAD to break up with me. Pshhh. THEY'RE ALL MEAN. Except for you. You seem like you'd be really nice. AND HEY! I MIGHT LEARN HOW TO PLAY GUITAR! YOU SHOULD TEACH MEEE. :)

bloodstainxx said...

I didn't watch the grammies, but I did hear about those things from a friend.
"No excuse for that, fella....ella ella." That was random :P

Emme said...

I didn't watch it yet - I have a dvr!!!
but OMG I heard the news bout Blink 182 N i think that is just supertirific N bout time..
YEA for Green Day!
Boo for Brown N Rhianna, hahahaha not surprised! while she steady chasN deh paypah he is dancN forever on some where dancefloor. N i must say that is a Boo-horrendus pic of Lil Wayne. that guy doesn't do anythN for me Ugh N shudder.

Chexo Ramírez said...

Very good. Not a Grammy fanatic, though. still, the ceremony seems to ahve been slightly better than last year's. And most importantly: Robert Plant- Grammy winner.

And do your magic on those guitars, Jade.

Clare--x said...

Blink-182 are getting back together? Ooh, goodie.

Have fun with your guitars xx

Glass Spider Webs said...

Yay blink 182! I have dvr too. I knew they got back together this morning.. but watched it this afternoon. But I still screamed out of pure joy when they said they were getting back together. It was almost as good as when you guys won the vma. My poor neighbors...

I fast forwarded through the greenday part I guess. Eh. whatever.

I feel awkward that we have the same blogg skin now.. Idk I feel like a creep. So I am going to change mine, even though I really do enjoy it. haha

Good luck with the album.

~Sweet Caroline~ said...

So I got on the computer this morning before school - and I read your blog - and giggled at the 'fella... ella ella' part and then my mom was like "Oh! Did you hear about what's-her-name-rihana and her boyfriend what's-his-name-chris and the grammys?" and I was like 'Haha! Yeah! I just read it in Jade's blog!" And she just gave me this look and was like "You find that FUNNY!? And who is Jade??" which made me laugh even more xD

Crimson Butterfly said...

I didn't get to that and i didn't know about it either,other than that i was too busy,so i wouldn't know.....well my week is all screwed up....gots to go,byes

brenna! said...

Chris Brown decided to assault someone instead.

My-le and Jasmin. said...

I'm excited about Blink 182 getting back together also, good band.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch it. "fella...ella ella" - pretty clever. Its too bad about that though. I like that we feel like we can count on you to be a good person. That sounds weird, its not like we know you. Of couse you're human but.... well, more ninja than human but you know what I mean. *Note to self*: Never make stupid jokes and embarass myself in front of my computer monitor again!! You should hear it taunting me, it's merciless. Have fun with your major guitars tommorow. I'm excited for you!
-<3 Sarah

Anonymous said...

whats the name of green days new album??

blink 182 reunite? meh.

dude seriously jade, whats up with the new album? its Feb already for goodness sakes.

Emme Rawrs said...

You guys should hurry up on your new album, so all of us dying fans won't complain and bombard you with whiny messages!

Gracie said...

i didnt watch it but i heard the new about Blink 182 it was damn awesome. :)
niceeee.... :)
major guitars. fun, funn :)
oh and have
i dont know what that was all about lol :)
im feeling...odd today....probably due to this kid at my high school who is a complete pervert. :) but anyway have fun jade :)

lisa said...

Jade - did you see Keith Urban jamming? He is such an incredible guitar player. I've seen him live twice. It is so far away from a CW concert.

I'm really disappointed with Chris Brown. I thought he was above that stuff.

thefrittledcallipygian said...

Haha, go M.I.A.

Racquel Valencia said...

I didn't watch them and am now kicking myself. It's not everyday that you get to see the Jonas Brothers on TV!

Oh wait, yes it is.

Also, your little C. Brown dig was poetry. Careful or Wheezy will steal it.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love DVR! Well, I hope you had a great day with your guitar stuff and all. I am very excited now too!

Shroomz said...

I finally managed to sit through all 3 1/2 hours of the Grammys. I obviously haven't been missing much. Blink-182 and Green Day made the night. The only good part you didn't mention was Miley Cyrus singing. I lol'd.

Good luck with them guitars.

impure0purest said...


Yeah, I'm stoked about the Green Day news, and for the major guitars of earlier today...


ThisSideUp said...

Your guitars are infinitely more exciting than the stupid old Grammy's. YAY!

Blink 182 should have remained broken up, but Green Day is exciting! I plainly didn't watch, what's the album's name?

Drea said...

I didnt watch it
but i heard about blink 182 and was like
Neat :p
cant wait for the album

stelle said...

sigh kind of awful
i didnt even watch the grammys but i heard robert plant won something, haha
green day... hhhh stop making music

Anonymous said...

P.S. Jade, you're absolutely right with your fella comment. No excuse for that. Also, no one should ever put up with that!

distant-drummer said...

Next years artist of the year AFI... closely followed by Blink (or vice-versa)! can't wait!

Jude said...

The Grammys sucked. But that was no surprise because of how much new artists suck, in general. It was a disgrace to watch the young 'stars' perform. They need to allow legends to perform ALONE to teach them how music SHOULD actually sound.

Eek. I hope that the allegations against Chris Brown aren't true. Not because I like his music.. but it's wrong to hit a girl, no? :$

Panduh Loves Music said...

I always miss everything,
I didn't even know when the Grammy's were...
Hm, well, that just shows how much I pay attention...

ErinParis LaJeunesse said...

The chances of you reading this....? Well...

Jade.... I just spent the past few hours reading your old posts.
Don't tell Hunter, but you just about pass him up on the making-Erin-laugh scale.
That's a big accomplishment, congratulations.

Gibson and I have been exchanging youtube videos lately. He's a pretty cool kid...
Oh, and Tyler? Yeah, your nephew. Tell him I said hi..... wouldn't that be trippy? You should totally do it. :)

And also tell Hunter that seventy dollars is a lot of effing money, so Erin is sadface.
oh, and the other day someone outbid me on your guitar pick, and I cried. (yeah, I'm that lame. I buy your picks on the INTERNET.)
But then I won Hunter's and ... well. I love Hunter. But I love him like one would love Jesus, not like an average teenage girl would love a Jonas Brother. You know? Like I don't fantasize about conceiving children with him. That would actually be... ew. ah! no! :(

I had something else to say..... uhhh. I guess I've said enough. :)

But really. Tyler. Hi.

goodnight Jade. I didn't do my homework. D:
YOUR FAULT. write me a note.
you can spell better than hat! hats?!
uhhh. homo? :|
"reedz my blawg."
i dont even know how that happened.

goodnight puter!

Do you think people fantasize about conceiving children with Jesus?

mrdogey said...

Pretty stoked for blink 182 & green day, not gonna lie.

Also, your ella..ella..ella comment = priceless.

Made me lol.


PS You should do more stuff like begin transmition for other albums too, but this time open to canadians! =D


Nixx said...

Didn't bother to watch the Grammy's but I heard about all the Chris Brown hype on ONTD and am sooo confused by it. What a guy.

Hearing all this new music stuff/bands getting back together/tours being announced etc is awesome but it bums me out that there's no AFI hype yet. Can't wait to hear what you guys have been working on!

Also, I just noticed the "for those of you who were scared of the spider" thing and haha aww thank youuuu :). Now I can actually look at your most recent blog entry without wanting to die.


Stix said...

I R excited too.

Cecilia said...

I just realized that this is actually the THIRD three year gap. 00-03, 03-06, 06-09...yes. I can count.

The bar just got raised even higher, sir.

chaoskitten said...

i didn't bother watching... i'm lazy! *laughs* meh.. i'll watch it sometime when i can be bothered :)

i only found out about Blink just now thanks to your good self! thanks Jade!

i knew they'd reform eventually, it was only a matter of time! ;)

have fun with your guitars! bye!

Steph said...

I forgot the Grammys were on. Oh well. I did hear about Blink coming back, though.

I hope Chris Brown goes away for a while. I heard there was a weapon involved.

C'est Moi. said...

I like you, Jade.

Amanda-Jayne said...

I didn't see it, but it doesn't sound like I missed much.

And I'm sorry for having to say this, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't:

You shouldn't use an apostrophe in "Grammys", because it's a plural and not possessive.

I feel a bit bad for grammar correcting, but I'm nerdy like that :P


emilierose said...

aww poor rhianna.
just heard about that.

Anonymous said...

I loved Neal diamond....He's a legend. Question for you Jade, I have alot of song's written, but have a hard time singing while playing the guitar, are there any tip's you can give me? Plus, I'm not very good with changing chords so I tend to play alot of power chords....bad idea???


Fidelis Secuutus

Marisa said...

didnt watch it but lol Jade, Mike Tyson, he bit off the dudes ear not the arm? :-) anyway thats good to here you are excited....teehee

Matt said...

Nice pun there.

Now, enough about Greenday... let's get an update on AFI stuffs! I'm die'n here!

Anja said...

I haven't watched the Grammys but I was (still am) stoked when I heard for Blink!!! :DDD
That's amazing news!

Btw, what you said about Rihanna made me laugh, but that was just rude. I enjoy your humor, but... that was too much, even for me and I know I can be incredibly rude sometimes.
Anyway, I can't wait to hear new AFI stuff. :)


MT said...

I watched parts of it, also, then went to bed and missed most of it. I wanna go back and watch Paul McCartney, at least.

JoeMama said...

Yo Jade. You must check out this fucking hilarious Eddie Izzard video. I wish I could post it on here. It kills me.

Jade, gitarista kakvog nigde nema! said...

Ah, thanks God, a minor album progress update!...Guitars, huh? Very interesting.

Blink182 is the shittiest excuse for a band, and I was so glad when they fell apart...and now, them AGAIN together?! Motherf***ing s**t c*** c**t!Bad news, really bad...almost as bad as your Rihanna joke...

Oh, well, I don't watch TV...But I'm gonna start watching it after AFI 8 appears in stores.I'm really curious about how many awards are you gonna win this year.I'm hoping several MTV ones...In 2006, there was just "Best Rock Video" one and, as I recall, you had, at least 3 nominations or such....I don't want s****y bands, like B182, to snatch away YOUR awards, that's the main reason I'm not overly happy with them reuniting.

Emme said...

watch the grammy how so Zzzzzz like.

Brown N rhianna R all over the news - did I tell U I am not surprised Nor at the allegations N the crazii rumors too...

K!!! What i wanna know is what made Davey cut his hair (he looks gr8t!)what news on recording N why Rn't U on my speed Txt list.

Midnight X Angel said...

Nope,didn't get to see it.Wish I did.O'well life will go on,maybe.

Kendrall said...

Basement horse gets around huh?
I do not understand why people are getting behind Chris Brown supporting him! I hate when people choose the gender card over what is right and wrong!
I didnt watch the grammys but blink 182 .. back together AWESOME!

'Un'Broken said...

you're adorable.

Help Me I Am In Hell said...

I'm really ecstatic about Blink 182 getting back together. I've missed them. I'm also excited to hear Green Day's new stuff.

As for Chris Brown, he should spend forever-ever-ever in anger management.

AFI needs to win a Grammy. Nuff said.