Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ok, let's do a little Q & A.
Give me some Q's and I'll do my best to handle the A's.
Last time we did this there was well over 1,000 questions so I'll just try to maybe do the first 5 or so, and then more in a couple days, etc.

Ok, so I'm gonna answer a handful more and then we'll pick up the Q&A in a different post. If I didn't answer your question just remember it for next time because trying to figure out how to juggle the posting of answers is making my blog go all wonky like Paris Hilton's eye. <3


Shy Boys Win said...

Iamblackbunny said...
Jade, Would you or have you ever become good friends with a fan?

Of course, you guys are great.

Shy Boys Win said...

Misty said...
Hi Jade,

My question is, when you first became a part of AFI from the previous band you were with, was the change difficult? I'm curious if Davey or the others were hard to work with. Haha.

Love you much. Please tell Adam I say hello. :) If you don't mind.

Actually, we had been friends since high school, so it felt totally natural. Plus, when they asked me to join I was living in Davey's room, so it was quite an easy transition.

Shy Boys Win said...

Jackie said...
Will the Red Sox have a good season!?

I predict the Red Sox will win all the points with a minimum of bloodshed.

Shy Boys Win said...

Dane67 said...
Read on the DF boards that you said the Crash Love demos were amazing for being demos. Just wondering if the DU demos could someday see the light of day?

There are a handful of unreleased DU songs that I really love (even an unreleased song from Sing the Sorrow), and I'm hoping that they'll see the light of day soon.

Shy Boys Win said...

tragictrust said...
First of all, you are one of my biggest influences as a guitar player. Who is your biggest influence?
As a side note, new music that my interest you A Place to Bury Strangers

Well thank you, that is very flattering. There were certainly guitar players I admired when I started playing, but oddly they never affected my style. First and foremost Robert Johnson was huge. At the time I listened to punk, hardcore, and industrial but I was in awe of this relatively obscure blues slide player from the 1930's.
And I do listen to APTBS, nice scratchy jangly chaos.

Shy Boys Win said...

Troy said...
Will you ever bring back the guitar tabs?

Yes, that's a great idea. The last time I can remember doing guitar tabs was like Art of Drowning. I was trying to do them in Microsoft Word and none of the damn lines would ever match up and I had to sock my computer in the jaw.
I'll definitely put up tabs this time though.

Shy Boys Win said...

AbsentOfGrace said...
Do you understand/like Twitter?

It took me awhile to use it regularly but I was really confused for awhile about it's "point." I guess there is none.

I think the point is that we've reached a stage in our cultural development where "content" is so ubiquitous that even mundane activities are posted as news items. It's just a by-product of the mass commodification of human life.
But it's fun, too.

Shy Boys Win said...

Heloisa said...
Will afi do:
New tour?
as long as AFI gets to florida, I'm good.

(three sets of winking eyes for you)

We're gonna tour like crazy on our new record. Crazy dumb gumby amount of touring. Not sure which tours those will be but we've got some things in the works already. Florida will be on our list, of course. We'll probably play at Shaq's house.

Shy Boys Win said...

Lashy said...
Hey, Jade! So cool that you're doing this. <3

So, I've always wondered where you got the name "Munch" for a dog. Is there something I'm missing out on, or are you just awesome at coming up with names?

Also, I hear a bunch of rumours about you guys; If there was one you could set straight, what would it be?

<3 Lashy

The illustrious Munch is named after Detective John Munch from Law & Order SVU.
Just because.
AFI and rumours are like peanut butter and chocolate. It's just part of us and they're usually too hilarious to try and set straight anyway. Notice how I spell "rumour" with a "u", that's because I wear a monocle and top hat and go rollerblading with the Queen.

Shy Boys Win said...

i would like to know about afi's creative process ... i would like to know about afi's creative process in songwriting, and if you'd like to give any advice for an obsessive perfectionist beginner guitarist, for either technical or composing skills

btw i feel like im having a divine intervention with the god of music and wisdom, to have a chance to talk to a long-admired idol and genius as yourself is indeed a bonafide rarity and your fans thank you..

Our creative process usually starts one of two ways, either I write a part of a song or an entire song (sometimes I'll even demo the whole thing out ahead of time with guitar, bass, and drums), and then Davey and I sit down and hash out the melodies together. Then he writes the lyrics. Or, alot of times Davey and I will sit down together and I'll write the music on the spot and then we'll work out the melodies. We have a great songwriting partnership, the back and forth between us works really well. Then, when we've got the song in a rough working order we take it in and work it out with Hunter and Adam. Even though they're not there at the beginning of the song, they definitely put their mark on it with their distinctive styles.
As for advice, it's difficult to give advice when it comes to songwriting because it's not something that can really be taught. One thing that helps me is if you're stuck or you're not feeling inspired, switch instruments. The things I write on bass or piano, or programming, are things I wouldn't normally write on the guitar so it gives you a different perspective.
So many words.

Shy Boys Win said...

Squirrels: Friend? or Foe?

The squirrels and I have an uneasy truce. They stay away from my nuts and I stay away from theirs.

Shy Boys Win said...

Wheee! This is fun!1. What's one fact about you an... Wheee! This is fun!

1. What's one fact about you and each of your band mates that no one would probably know or guess?

2. Do you guys have any rules or tips for living on a bus? I remember a musician saying one rule for his band was "No going Number 2 on the bus." Another artist said, "Always sleep with your feet toward the front of the bus. We learned that lesson the first time the driver hit the brakes suddenly." What about you guys?

3. Do you snore? Who snores the loudest on the bus?

1. I'd best not.

2. There are tons of rules, tips, and etiquette concerning the tour bus.
I do sleep with my feet towards the front, but more because I don't want to get carsick. People also get all up in arms about leaving things (backpacks, shoes, clothes, etc) in the back lounge so usually you have to store them in a "junk bunk", which is any unused bunk on the bus.
If the bus stops at a gas station in the middle of the night and you get off, make sure to leave your tour laminate hanging by the door or you might get "oil spotted", which is when the bus takes off and leaves someone behind. We oil spotted someone on the ferry to Norway, we drove the bus off the ferry and left him on it by accident, so he was basically double oil spotted.
Another nice bus phenomenon that happens to most people is waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing where you are, because you're basically hurtling down the road in a pitch black coffin. When you're lying in a bunk you have a wall on one side and a curtain that leads into the hallway on the other. If you wake up in that state and put your hand out and touch the wall instead of the curtain, you freak out because you think you're buried. I could probably write a whole book, or at least a tiny pamphlet on the joys and horrors of bus life. And don't even get me started on van life.

3. Fritch. Hands down.

Shy Boys Win said...

What was your first car? did you like it? if not, what was/is your favorite car to drive?
(me personaly I have a Dodge minivan, and it is hands down the coolest car around... just thought I'd share)

My first car was a '74 Mustang, which may sound cool but was seriously beat. I did tons of wheelies in it and jumped the railroad tracks. My friends and I drove it to San Francisco when I was a sophomore in high school to see the Exploited and I blew up the engine.

Shy Boys Win said...

Probably too late, but I am avoiding an etymology paper--hate this unit of my degree by the way.

What would you do if you discovered that one of your peers said that they held onto some of your work because they didn't want you to submit it to the general public because they wanted to win the prize of being noticed?

Thank you for your time in reading this, I really appriciate it :)

Back to paper now :(

That's a strange question, not sure exactly what it means. Usually when my peers try to hold on to my work in order to win being noticed prizes I punch their balls.

Shy Boys Win said...

I'm not gonna ask you anything, except: are you gonna answer to this?


Shy Boys Win said...

What is the deal with AFI & Dallas, Texas? It seems that for some reason or another y'all usually just skip over Dallas when touring. Do we smell or something? hahah

We love us some Dallas, we've played there many a time. Didn't we play there on DU? We used to play at the Galaxy, does that place still exist. I remember back in the day they passed some law in Dallas which said all shows had to be 17 and older so alot of bands didn't want to play there because they felt it wasn't fair.

R said...

Hey Jade,

Will you guys ever come to Singapore?


XblackXheart said...

hey Jade,

It's so nice of you doing this.
My question is : will you guys (AFI)ever come to the United Kingdom somewhere in Northampton?
That would be great! ;] ;] ;]

Kt said...

Ello Jade =D
1. How are you and marissa? and btw, you two are really cute together!!
2. On your new tour, are you coming to North Carolina? Anywhere else besides Charlotte? Please!
3. Hmmmmm Just for laughs, Do you have a man crush on Davey? hahaaha jk, kinda =]
much love: Katie and Sarah <3

Anonymous said...

bonjour jade

so i dont know if youll answer this or not but here goes. will AFI ever come to Arkansas and i dont mean little rock i mean jonesboro arkansas but if you guys have something against it i understand im not to fond of it here too. and also where is the weridest place youve ever lost a guitar pick? i lost my favorite one in a restaurant and now i have like one left cuz they all randomly disappear. sorry i never use punctuation

Jess said...

Hey....any chance of a NZ show anytime in the near future???

Anonymous said...

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Kailyn said...

can I show you my tattoo that I got for Afi?

Anonymous said...

pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!