Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So so much going on, haven't had a chance to post.
Putting the final touches on the AFI album.
Writing new Blaqk Audio songs.
Trying to eat good thai and mexican food.
Trying to make it to Coachella (I see Moz is the clear winner).
Trying to decide who to take on tour with us.

Any thoughts on any of the above?


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Larissa said...

I am very excited for the new AFI album!! I can't wait! =) I really hope I can convince my mom to let me go to a concert of youu guys.
I having been trying to convince her to let me join Despair Faction for 2 years.
Got any ideas on how I can convince her?
I really think you and smith should make another video! Haha

~ Larissa

Bailey! said...

Almost done with the album!? How glorious!
Had some lovely thai dishes lately.
Obviously tour with Lil Wayne, or maybe if it's early enough you can reserve Mr. Bowie?

Sabre said...

Awesome! I'm totally stoked for the new music, both AFI and Blaqk Audio.

As to who to take on tour... Rise Against? They're pretty rad.

Blaqk Elektrik said...

As for who to tour with: There are so many great bands out there it's hard to say. Maybe someone with some solid dance beats?

Too Many, Too Few said...

I have never, ever had thai food. How is it?

Hanami said...

Thoughts on the album - I'm totally happy for you. AFI is one of the bands that means the most to me. I'm a college student just trying to get a band off the ground, and recording one song at a local studio and hearing it come together is the most exciting thing in the world for me. So I can barely imagine what you must feel like to see your album coming together at such a bigger level.
I'm really excited for the new record.

(By the way, a while ago you answered a message I sent to the Blaqk Audio myspace reagrding a software question - I just wanted to say that I really appreciated it)

Karlye said...

In that order.....

-FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!!!!!! I seriously can't wait.
-ALSO FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait for that either, well actually I can wait, I really can't wait for the AFI album though.
-Stir fry is always good. Mexican wise, I always like a good vegetable enchilada, or a good mushroom quesadilla, or nachos (the real kind with real cheese) with no meat, or maybe a really good veggie burrito from Chipotle
-Take me with you? The Killers and the Cure are playing this Friday at two different venues here, then heading to Coachella, I couldn't get tickets to either of the shows. :(
-Some suggestions, Tiger Army, Band of Horses, Nightmare of You, The Dear and Departed, The Format, Billy Talent, Darker My Love, The Presets, Vampire Weekend,The Aquabats, other bands that kick ass, etc.

I guess that's it for now. Loving the Smith .gifs by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

you should tour with kill hannah and the dear & departed. that'd be one amazing tour!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Don't bother with Coachella. Hot, crowded, gross porta-potties, not my idea of fun! But that's just me :D
I told you before, to take me on tour with you and I'd wash all your guys' stinky, moldy clothes. Now that's my idea of fun!!
Ohhh, you mean which band to take on tour with you. (Yeah, I knew that)

Anonymous said...

Sick Of It All
Death By Stereo

....nice lineup mate

singingXsorrows said...

Putting the final touches on the AFI album.
-Throw us a bone, man!

Writing new Blaqk Audio songs.
-My mouth is watering.

Trying to eat good thai and mexican food.
-If/when you come to the metro-Detroit area on tour, I can recommend some AMAZING Thai restaurants in Royal Oak.

Trying to make it to Coachella (I see Moz is the clear winner).
-Take me with you?

Trying to decide who to take on tour with us.
-I think I would die where I stand if you toured with Kill Hannah (though I'm not sure if they're a musical match for a live show).

Anonymous said...

yay smith has a happy dance!
*happy dances* but mine is way cooler. lol
hrm, you're trying to do too many things at once. You should go on vacation somewhere...like the east coast...cause our pizza is the bestest. X]
Or you could take me on tour with you. I wouldn't drink any soy milk, I'd just hog all the chicken.
and make you listen to hilary duff.

veiled_static said...

that's fantastic! i can't wait to hear all of your new songs!

bands to tour with? i really loved seeing 'nightmare of you' when you came to chicago a few years ago. maybe not the most expected choice, but they were awesome!

how about: brendan benson, brand new, or love equals death.

havokisthecure said...

"Trying to decide who to take on tour with us"...can I give u an idea...? Karem maybe...she is pretty cool...OH and she is Venezuelan and she is funny hahahhaha...sorry I had to do that...

Thanks for the info Jade, we apreciate it :) KISSES!


MATT G. said...

Some ideas for tour openers.

The Killers
My Chemical Romance
The Presets
Shiny Toy Guns
Story of The Year
Tiger Army(Of course)
Tokio Hotel
The Used
30 Seconds To Mars

Anonymous said...

you should take The Dead Fashion Party(myspace.com/thedeadfashionparty)

Anna said...

Hooray for new AFI and Blaqk Audio! If my ears had mouths, they would be smiling.

As for who to take on tour, I don't know. You should narrow it down and then give us a blog poll. Make it all scientific and shiz.

Anonymous said...

please take tiger army on tour with you. please. i am begging.

Katie said...

Good Thai food? Try Sophia's Thai Kitchen in Davis, CA. Kill two birds with one stone; stop by Davis on the tour and get some Thai food while you're at it! Or just come to chill with me! Hah.

Good to hear the album is at a "final touches" point.

ThisSideUp said...

Yay AFI! Yay Blaqk Audio! Yay good Thai and Mexican food! I've never been to Coachella, so I don't know whether it's yay-worthy or not...

You should take Mother Mother with you. They're fantastic! They're this cool indie-rock/folk band from the Vancouver area and they're really high-quality and clever. I love them. You should at least check them out... <3

Anonymous said...

Final touches on the album...this means a release soon?


Anonymous said...

fuck yesssssssssssss.

Anonymous said...

You're trying to eat good thai and mexican food? You make it sound like you don't even have time to eat. Well slow down, eat up, and stay healthy Jade! We don't want you to get sick. (: Hooray for AFI final touches! Also thinking about new Blaqk Audio makes me giddy! I very happily bought my DF membership a few days ago. Yep, I'm a fan for life! Really exciting! So glad I discovered your music. Hopefully I'll see you on this next tour,
-<3 Sarah

Anonymous said...

get A Skylit Drive to come on tour. They are shredding right now, I think they'd be an awesome addition

Anonymous said...

You guys should totally clone yourselves and take each other on tour.

NickBlaqk said...

To take on tour.... I say...I have no idea.

Single,acoustic set?
No idea.

rettemich1221 said...

i wanna go on tour with you! ;) lol cant wait for you guys to start touring!!

Sarahface8 said...

Jade, you're my favorite. Thank goodness we have you to keep us updated with the recording process. Looking forward to the new album and tour.

Flash said...

1. I can't wait!
2. I can't wait again! Also, ever considered doing a BA remix of an AFI song? I'd be interested. (Very.)
3. Nay and Yay.
4. Got any spare tickets?
5. Tiger Army again. I loved seeing them with you in San Francisco in 2006.

helen099 said...

that is all sooo exciting my heart is about to burst.

ps, i'm renaming your page "blog like winter."

Jaime said...

I would LOVE to see Kill Hannah tour with you guys.

Kayleigh said...

few thoughts (even though thou not know me nor have I replied to you here before -I did write to you twice which you did respond to :D-) Anyways, I cannot wait to hear the new stuff and keep on keepin on with that good shit yo.

Gabbie said...

I'm lovin the sound of every single one of those sentences!!!

ChristyVegasDF said...

"Trying to decide who to take on tour with us."

Tiger Army of course.
or another rockabilly band.
or Electric Valentine.
hmm maybe EV would be better on a BA tour.
I'm sure who ever goes will be a great choice.
Who are the options?

Anonymous said...

Take the Silversun Pickups with you!

Ashley said...

Morrissey, Silversun Pickups, and Girl Talk set times all overlap. What do you do? Pick one or go from stage to stage? Ahh the dilemma.

Edvin said...

Poor Jade you have so much to do.. I hope you have enought energy for all this job...Good Luck

Steve said...

announce afi album details.
take out thursday and a reunited explosion.
go to coachella and say hi to my friend kandice. watch MBV.

k17 said...

Being too busy is preferable to not having any news when it comes to excuses for lack of blog. ^_~

How exciting! I'll have to scrounge up some money so I'll be prepared!

I was listening to CexCells the other day. It's such a good album. Glad to hear new material is blooming.

Luckily, I live near a killer Thai place, and multiple good Mexican places. I wish you the best of luck in your cuisine quest.

Oh, who to tour with! Lately I've been listening to more old music than new music, so I'm not too up to date in that area...

Have a day of your choice!

tk-afi said...

woo, crash love!
cannot wait till you guys hit australia! will be amazing :)
bring out billy talent!
tk :)

Cecilia said...

Recent experience has taught me that good Mexican food does not exist outside of Texas.

Seriously? Three years with no AFI and you're working on Blaqk Audio? What's wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

Take The Living End on tour!

Michelle said...

Mexican > Thai.
I saw him a few weeks ago and he's in top form. Incredible.
Minus the Bear.

Michelle said...

Mexican > Thai.
I saw him a few weeks ago and he's in top form. Incredible.
Minus the Bear.

VS said...

All your gifs and html is fucking your page up, and thus fucking my browser. I swear the first glitter gif. I see here I'm out.

Glad to see you're not dead though.

Derek said...

Dunno who you should take on tour with you. Maybe A Wilhelm Scream, what with the Nitro Records connection and their basically taking your place as the label's main band? Er... perhaps you could do something where you take some bands who are older and/or less known, but had a major influence on you either collectively or individually? I always like when people who "make it" give others the rub. I remember Craig Ferguson's Halloween week where he was putting old punk bands on. Never thought I'd see the Damned on American TV. You could maybe do something like that.

My-le and Jasmin. said...

Umm...I'm excited about the new AFI/Blaqk Audio stuff you're working on!

And you should take Kill Hannah on tour with you guys, they're pretty swell, and my 3rd fave band <3
Just a thought though.

Matt said...

Other than pure glee that the artistic juices are flowing for Blaqk Audio and that I am dying a slow death to hear the new AFI album?
Nothing really.

I suggest bringing along the Lonely Island guys for tour. Just say'n.

sadclowndisease said...

Tour with Nightmare of You again.

That is all.

erin said...

so excited for the new album ♥
mmmmm thai food sounds good right now.
its nice to know that youre doing well :]

g'S gOnNa... said...

u should take me on tour w/ u. ill be ur good mexican food cook!!!

Anonymous said...

You should take Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Catherine, or Jet Black Horror. I would loooove to see you guys play with any of those bands..they're all amazing.


Ryan said...

Mexican food sounds pretty tasty right now...but besides that Coachella is going to be great this year. Hope to see you there, would make it a whole lot better. Just wondering...are you going all three days or just the first. Take care and hope all is well for you.

angelic_cries said...

Take a band that's really good live. Haha. I wasn't too fond of the bands before you guys in 06. =/

cheddy fri said...

I am crazy excited about the new album!!!

I've never really been a big fan of thai food....it's way too spicy for me.

Christa said...

Yay final touches! That's awesome!
mmm... Thai and Mexican food. Delicious. You should get some Thai iced tea. It's pretty much the most delicious amazing thing ever.
Take some completely random band with you on tour. Kidnap one of the bands at Coachella, they have a pretty good selection there.

Margie said...

Mmmm. Thai good. Now I have midnight hunger.

Finishing touches, huh!?
That makes me excited. :D

ZoƩ Aimee said...

I think you should take The Dear and Departed with you on tour.
Love them.

camilla said...

All of the above is highly exciting! <3 And you must definitely go see Moz, I can't wait until he comes over here in June... Amazing.

Oh and for bands to bring on tour, can't you take The Dear & Departed with you? Would be a fantastic show to hear both of you!


Kyle said...

I love you so much for this update. I think half The Despair Faction just fell out of their seats.

Erin said...

Yay for the new album.
On a Friday is my new jam (I think that's what the kids say..jam..did i use that right?)
Thai food wins over Mexican
Tough call on McCartney or Morrissey.
Take me and my hetero-life mate on tour...that way we can drop out of college and follow bands around as English/Anthropology major drop outs and reluctant muses.

Zaina R Ahmed said...

Putting the final touches on the AFI album.
Make sure it doesn't sound like the other teeny bopper pained hear lyrics (or will that happen since it's "Crash Love"?

Writing new Blaqk Audio songs.
Trying to eat good thai and mexican food.
Come to Thailand, stop here in the Philipinnes while you're on this side of the world :D

Trying to decide who to take on tour with us.
The Switches(?)
I would say Say Hi to Your Mom but I'm not sure if they'd fit in with that crowd.
Or The Switches for that matter.

Payaso said...

yes, tour with The Dresden Dolls. =) or NIN.
and tacos rule.

liebling said...

Metro Station would be sweet though you probably don't like them and wouldn't like to tour with a bunch of teenagers. =P

Or you could actually treat us Europeans to some Saosin too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, don’t feel bad about not always posting, life can get busy sometimes. I can’t wait for the new AFI album to come out. Blaqk Audio is amazing too. I like every song from AFI and Blaqk Audio that I've heard so keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

cannot wait for the new album, and blaqk audio! morrissey is great, as is the clip of smith.


Anonymous said...

Well, first off, sooo excited to hear the new album is nearly ready and very exciting too to hear about new Blaqk Audio stuff.

I think you should take me on tour with you, I'm tidy and I don't take up much room.

Much love and respect
Rachel Rose

Surrealtraversity said...

Hmmm... My thoughts?

Final touches on the AFI album!!!!!! FINALLY!!! *does happy dance* I'm so ridiculously excited for the new album. I was on cloud 9 for a week when I first heard you guys were STARTING it, and my euphoria has only increased. Unfortunately, waiting will probably drive me to insanity.

I love Blaqk Audio. Even though I'm sure it's a ways off, a new album for Blaqk Audio is also exciting. Every time I hear one of those songs, I feel like dancing.

Random fact: We have NO Thai places around here. Several Mexican places, but no Thai. That's what I get for living in the middle of nowhere.

My comment was longer than your post. Two points to me for my endless babble.

Anja said...

I'm excited for new BA songs, even more excited for new AFI album. I can't wait to hear both, and I hope to see you somewhere near (or in) Croatia soon. :)
<3 much love.

chaoskitten said...

lol! we'll forgive you because mexican food IS brilliant!

new blaqk audio = cool! :)

any sign of a possible release date for Crash Love? its my 17th b-day today and it would make it all the better! <3

Anonymous said...

why dont you take cancer bats on tour? then it will be two of my favorite bands playing in one night

also leeds festival is what i am looking forward to this year, the only thing keeping me going.

get the new AFI record out SOOOOON its been too long guys!

much love
Pippa xxxx

Kayleigh Control said...

Take me on tour with you :(
I hate my town more every day.

Blah blah blah.
At least you have an interesting life, Jade.
Consider yourself lucky.
Can't wait for the new AFI album.
It's the only thing keeping me sane.

When are you coming back to England?
I need to see you guys.

Christine said...

When AFI's new album?
Is ear(hearing) that in May or June, is true?

Rather Red said...

Bands I would like to see AFI tour with:

Bigger Bands:
Brand New
The Used
Coheed and Cambria

Smaller Bands:
Escape the Fate
National Product
Billy Talent

sunshine said...

Thai food usually follows a bell curve when you match cost with deliciousness.

As in,

The cheaper you pay, the more likely you're about to get food poisoning. However tastiness peaks at about mid-price range, where you've found a delicious delicious shop owned by a guy who's actually (sort of) Thai. And then if you get too expensive, quality crashes because who wants to be paying $20 for a plate a pad thai. Nobody, that's who.


Nikk. said...

you should go on tour with the Ignite ^^i mean your last tour was really cool with them ^^ and come to Vienna or Hungary... Sziget Fesztival?? o.o it would be really awesome <33<33

Anonymous said...

Play Dublin. Get Moth Complex to support. =P


Anonymous said...

How about taking The Dreaming on tour with you, they're a really good band out of LA that has a lot of local and national attention, a large tour wold be great!

Kaylee said...

Just that I was doing a fairly good job of ignoring my craving for mexican food until I read this...thanks lol

Lillie Almand said...

I'm so excited for new AFI and Blaqk Audio!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

its really depends on how the new album sounds for goes with you but I cant wait to see!

Matt said...

Tiger Army! take them with you. Biffy Clyro too in the UK?

B said...

I do have an idea on your tour mates, actually! :) A local (Wichita, KS) band called In the Wake - they are fantastic. I know they're on myspace, and I believe it's inthewakemusic (oh, it is, I just checked). I highly recommend those boys!!! ~Brandi

E*n FoX said...

Punk Band "Axis of Action" on tour with you!! that's my vote - but I may be bias.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Just do it.

That is all.

Thank you. =]

Mia said...

Man, I can't wait to hear all the new songs! Yaay!
Thai food rocks. Red curry chicken all the way! XP

kris said...

I'd like to hear one of the Blaqk Audio pieces to be some form of grungy house music.

GermaricanMix said...

busy busy man! Can't wait for the new album and yay for new Blaqk Audio songs! Wow...really don't have a preference for an opening band.

Azelinn said...

Yay! I'm so stoked!!!

I think you should take I Am Ghost with you on tour!

Anonymous said...

Huzza! New Blaqk Audio songs! I really loved the stlye of the first album. Can't wait for the new creative juices to seep through the speakers. *heh*

As for the tour,it's about time! I say bring someone like Pearl Jam. Slightly odd combo but I would kill to see it.


stazi said...

your wicked!keep the good work and keep being as awesome as you are!

dollfayce dropdead™ said...

Take me on tour pls.
Btw, I'm excited for the album.
It's been a year or so that I've been waitinggggg.

esperanzagomez said...

I'm SOSOSOSOSOS stoaked about the new album. zomg!
its been too long, but its deff. gonna be worth the wait, i know it! bahh!

Anonymous said...

at last the new album-yippee-was beginning to wonder if a cd could be worn out
tour uk with Bobbie Peru

Eric_Brodwell said...

vnv nation!!!! please take vnv nation on tour, i would kill to see them tour with you guys, 2nd choice would be rise against

Sally. said...

Hope you don't stress to much. It isn't good for the health.
Take care Jade, everyone loves you!

Sally, Sweden.

Orgy is Born said...

If you tour with Dillinger again I think that'd be the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Or Brand New.
Both have new stuff coming, just like you guys.
Both are for summer release I think.

Anonymous said...

AFI should tour with Blaqk Audio...
or Rise Against.

Mish the Dish said...

If the Horrorpops weren't already touring then you should have brought 'em along with you guys. That would be EPIC.

Anonymous said...

AFI and Tiger Army would be kickass. :)

Matt said...

You should take No Advisory on tour with you! They rock! Fun bunch of guys, I tell ya.

Ligeia said...

I want another Blaqk Audio tour, even if I don't really like almonds that much.


Sweetness said...

I don't know if you are looking for a specific sound but I'm so going to say The Leo Project. They just finished touring with 10 Years and are now touring with Tesla. Those boys have something there...hard rock mixed with the smooth, soulful voice of the singer (Tyler). I'm also going to add SOIA too! I would like to see them again.

Ella Anarchy said...

My friend had a dream that he and I were at an AFI concert (STS era), and that the amps blew out and so instead of playing music, you started doing stand up comedy, with Adam doing drumrolls. Mhmm.

Thai food is amaaaaaaaaazing. Yum.

I wanna say take Kill Hannah on tour with you but I'm pretty sure they'll be doing a promo tour of their own. How about you just don't take anyone and play for four hours straight?

Kidding. I wouldn't be able to stand that long -_-

justin said...

TAKE ALKALINE TRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be amazing, im not going to lie! or take the salt city sound haha

Chris said...

SO EXCITED FOR AFI/BLAQK AUDIO! I think you should take a page out of NIN book and take Crystal Castles on tour. They're amazing.

Anonymous said...

O.O MOOD: HAPPY! :) Congrats, that's a real accomplishment these days! :D

omg.... who to take on tour!? Who isnt already touring?? hmm... EVERYONE! Just take EVERYONE! lol

Caiki said...

Ahhhhh! I'm so excited for the new album!
oh and as for who you should take on tour with you? me :) Hahaha kidding.(not really)

You rule!

Anonymous said...

Escape the Fate, Mindless Self Indulgence, Cancer Bats, haha Green Day! Brokencyde, jesus I have no idea! No one comes here, so I dont know WHO is donig WHAT right now... O.o ugh...JUST EVERYONE! THE ROLLING STONES!!! O.O

namedannette said...

Evermore exciting! And you should for sure take me on tour with you. I can pretend to play every instrument at once while singing moderately well. Oh yes, that idea does sound lovely.

paper-android said...

You need to tour with Against Me! They're real nice dudes, I promise.

Brittney said...

Obviously very excited about AFI and Blaqk Audio.
Don't agree with who won the poll on Coachella. Paul McCartney is the obvious one for you to see.
I think you should bring one or more of the following on tour:
~Sick Puppies
~10 Years
~Mute Math
~Green Day
~The Classic Crime (Definatley! I know a lot of people who'd want to see you guys tour with them)
~Armor For Sleep

MAV-tastic said...

This is wonderful news...I am so excited. I love Tiger Army and Shiny Toy Guns. You should throw everyone off and bring Lady Gaga. Or even better...have Blaqk Audio open for AFI. That would be my dream come true! Can't wait to see you guys on tour! xo

Anonymous said...

Tokio Hotel would be good
Green Day or Blink 182 if ever
David Bowie
Shiny Toy Guns!

The Offsprings
Kill Hannah
Taking Back Sunday

The Jonas Brothers with AFI would be interesting lol

Heloisa said...


i saw another person suggest kill hannah,also a good idea.

strangeasangels said...


I'm a little excited for the new album.

michelle. said...

hmm, muse + afi = tour of win.
though that's unlikely.

do it do it.

I can't actually think of any likely bands.

& new blaqk audio somgs, do want.

EarthsLastNight said...

Take anyone on tour with you, just TOUR! Can't wait to see you guys again!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE take The Living End with you guys, they NEED to come back to the states, pronto! I'm eager to see both of you guys!

Wendy said...

Your brother is crazy fun, maybe you should just have him dance around as your openers......

How about........
Imperative Reaction
Aesthetic Perfection
Kill Hannah
She Wants Revenge
Scattered Soul

Glass Spider Webs said...

I love tai food so much. If I could marry anything it would be yellow curry with tofu.
And you should bring me on tour with you. No that is a lie, I sleep way to much to be any bit amusing.
I am excited to see who you pick though.
I did enjoy how you had nightmare of you and dillinger (I spelt that horribly wrong) escape plan. It was interesting how different they were.

Kati: said...

Take me on tour.

Jasmine said...

oh man! You should go on tour with Depeche Mode. C'mon...HOW EPIC WOULD THAT BE?

stoked for the new album. I know it will be absolutley fantastic.


OneCoolNerd said...

When will the album be out???


Beatrix Kiddo said...

You should tour with Brody Dalle's new creation (other than her child) Spinnerette, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Shiny Toy Guns, or it may be hard to book with them,but... Blaqk Audio.

Gillian said...

news about the album and Blaqk Audio, quite good.
never actually had thai, but i love mexican.
and tour, you shouldn't really take my opinion seriously cause i have no idea what i'm talking about, but i think an AFI/MCR concert would pretty much make my life. =]

Anonymous said...

Take DEATH BY STEREO with you!

Anonymous said...

yay!!!! 4 the new album!!!!!! and i know wut u should take on tour!!! ME!!! jk lol =) <333 u jade

Charlyn said...

While I agree that AFI w/Tiger Army would be an Awesome-fest of epic proportions, you might also consider a band out of L.A. called 'Art Of Chaos' who are pretty darned good. You can check 'em out on Myspace: myspace.com/artofchaos if ya want.

Anonymous said...

Yay, you're alive!
Suspense much?
I'm wondering if you are going to continue the sex thing with Blaqk Audio, but that's Davey's job right?
I'll probably mark myself as one of the 'stupid poser fans' by suggesting Tokio Hotel, but that would be my dream concert. They are amazing, even if they do run on image (unnecessarily), and it'd make them more respectable.
And I'll shut up now.

Anonymous said...

dillinger four!

KamHeiwa said...

Yay ^_^
I look forward to new AFI

you should take Gackt or Placebo, or maybe My Chemical Romance.. :]

stelle said...

tx mexican food is yummy
but i suggest going to mexico for really tasty mexican food
one time i went to umm progresso and the guacamole i ate was soooo good i kind of wish i could have taken it home with me

Melodia Sadpain said...

I think I never found the word "final" more beautiful than in that 2nd sentence here ;)

And YAY for Blaqk Audio!

Anonymous said...

MOZ! yup he is who I am going to see on Friday. if he isn't "sick" aha.


kirstie said...

Oooh...excitement! I can't wait for the album! And the phrase "final touches" is nice. Although you totally had us all fooled with "The EP is coming out soon." Still waiting on that. xD


LetsTalkTreason said...

I just saw Moz last Friday in Dallas and he was incredible. Really knows how to work a crowd. I hope you enjoy watching him!

Also VERY excited about the new AFI album and the writing of more Blaqk Audio songs.
I can't decide as far as bands to tour with, but whoever you pick I'm sure will be amazing.

Any idea when you all are planning on hitting the states?

Logan Mariee said...

You should definetly take me on tour with you !

Logan Mariee said...

But for real , I think it would be so cool if you guys toured (is that how to spell that ...?) with the Silversun Pickups .

&& came to Cleveland :)

Crimson Butterfly said...

i'm glad that the album is almost done.

afichaker said...

OHHHH I have a band!
They are so amazing.=]

ashscarbee said...

So, Jade, firstly I would like to give you an option for you up coming tour! =] Tickle Me Pink! I believe together you guys can take over the world! Yes. =]
Secondly and lastly, look! It's you! Well your name! My cool 20 questions thing guessed you!! haha I am so lame! =]


Anonymous said...

cant wait for the new album...who to take on tour? definitely death by stereo and avenged sevenfold like u guys did a few years back...now THAT would be a sick suprise!

Thebeginningandtheend said...

I think Circa Survive may be wrapping up a record, I could be mistaken though... Depeche Mode for sure, MC Stay N Skool, Morrissey, NIN/JA, The Cure, just go supertour.

Thebeginningandtheend said...

And yes, I will stand for eight hours to watch all that.

Anonymous said...

You would make my life if AFI and Kill Hannah toured together!!!

Dusty said...

you guys should take Voxtrot or
Against Me! out on the road with
you. if you really want to kill it
AFI & Green Day should co-headline
a tour together that would be a mind fuck and a half.

Carrie said...

I think you should go out with theSTART on tour! I've been dying to see them but they never come around here.

Haras said...

What's with everyone wanting Kill Hannah to tour with you guys? I forgot they existed.

Bring Nickelback!

Haras said...

Oh I remembered who else you should take besides Nickelback.

Violens- www.myspace.com/violens

JenJenlovesDaveyxXxJade said...

AHH! ohmygosh!!! cant wait for the new album! im dragging my best friend to ur concert with me heheh its gonna be so awesome!!! 3 YEARS!!! LONG YEARS! WE HAVE MISSED YOU!!! oh cant wait for new blaqk audio!!! i think its so cool u and davey do that on the side!!! its so different... yet not... awesome tho!!! AHHH SO EXCITED!!! heheheh :)

-sry but no ideas for tour... unless you can get the Eths... they're pretty kick ass... *french screamo* but i highly doubt it! lol it would be awesome tho!!!


HunkyDory said...


xgrrrrrrl said...

um, yeah... clear as pure rain water... take me on tour with you!

lezah said...

Ooooh all this excitement makes me want to overpunctuate!!!!! ... This new album will be the first AFI album that I actually buy when it's released, heh. It's hard to find good vegetarian food sometimes. It's even hard to find vegetarian food in some places, sigh.
Not sure who to suggest touring with, but I agree with Larissa, we need to see more Smith videos.

Adam said...

For the last one yeah...for a possible Europe tour...hopefully without coming off arrogant...my band?


I doubt you will have the time to check us out but we're having a hard time getting shows booked, especially within Germany. I don't even know if you do that...taking unsigned bands on tour with you. I'm an AFI fan since 8 years and I've always dreamed of playing a show with you. Even if it's just for like...20 minutes. It doesn't matter. We would play in the tiniest and ugliest places just to be heard, just to play live...

Well whatever. With the flood of comments I doubt this will get recognition but trying is never worthless right?

I'd like to say take Bleeding Through with you once more.

Anonymous said...

About who I'll like to see you guys tour with, Anberlin.

chaoskitten said...

you should take tiger army with you.

or a folk band for us to have a dance to. BARN DANCE! :P:P

Twitter, hmm.... i like it! it IS kinda silly, but silly is always good! :)

chaoskitten said...

take me with you! i can entertain the masses with a game of "chaoskitten says" (i'm much cooler than Simon EVER will be)

cilliii said...

You should take Tiger Army and Kill Hannah with you.. That would be like sooooo cool. :p

Oh, and new Blaqk Audio songs that's like whoaw -fantastic. :D

Can't wait to hear your new album!! ♥

Love you

Jude said...

I actually can't think of any bands that I like that have a similar sound... however, I also suggest NIN. But it's much more likely that they would headline and you guys would support.

unzipping ghosts said...

Stoked for the new album! =]

I wish I could go to Coachello. It's too far away. I guess I'll have to settle for Bonnaroo, its slightly less awesome Tennessee equivalent.

Emme said...

You cannot imagine the stokness I am feelN bout the new AFI album!!!

NEW BLAQK AUDIO SONGS!!! Dude I think i jss cum (he he he) **pump fist in air** rite on!

Thai N Mex food R u fer real -- how many times have you been to the bathroom since gettN on that thaimex bandwagon?

Will Ur tryN to make it to Coachella, i'm tryN to make it to Warped Tour o9...

Take me on Tour wit u guys - Promise to be on Best behavior :]

Tomi said...

=0 i cat wait till the AFI album
and its good to hear something about BA finally.
also im eating mexican food at the moment! rofl.


an take someoe cool on tour
someone from germany!
just a thought.
i love germans.....

tokio hotel?
...thatd by my dream come true.

ooo or cinema bizarre?
strify kinda reminds me of davey...idk why xD

seriously though take someone uexpected =D

Anonymous said...



impure0purest said...

You should take Green Day on tour with you... That would PWN to the maximum...

Mull over it please. It would make my life >_<

Kar-lee said...

Oh my, bring Cinema Bizarre.

DP stands for Donkey Punch said...

1) cant wait for the album
2) new ba is always good
3)eat more mexican !
4)wish i was goin
5) TA, Rise Against, Against Me!,coheed

Rachii said...

AFI and Blaqk Audio could tour together. You and Davey would end the show by collapsing on stage from exhaustion, but it would still make for an incredible tour, if you lived all the way through!

Rachii said...

Actually scratch that, tour with The Cure, you know you want to!

Jacks1234 said...

Just lovely to hear the words "Final Touches"!!!
Lovely to hear new Blaqk Audio! Which I happen to be listening to right now!
I happen to really love Thai food, there is a alot of dishes that the meat has to be served sepratly from the rest of the food, or there is no meat at all. (My mom likes making one meal for the whole family...)
As far as, the tour I'm really excited to see you guys and Billy Talent at Edgefest, but that's just me....
And Twitter... it is silly and annoying, but it's so full of win and I do dig it!

Amera said...

Awaiting the new music desperately!
Have you had peanut sauce and noodles yet- it Thai and really good.
ummm.... you could tour with: blink, green day i dont really know, there are tons of bands i could list but i best not go there

xcaught_in_the_fallx said...


and as for who to take on tour...um...tiger army. the used. not mcr, although many place you two in the same category... um... lets see... i've got nothing. rise against is rad, i agree with sabre. hmmmmmmmm....... mgmt? green day? i don't know... too many awesome bands to choose from.

on a side note since i graduate hs in june maybe my parents will let me go to my first ever concert this year... in time for an AFI tour!!!!!
lots of love from kera in marina!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333

Anonymous said...

Aiden is on the warped tour this summer but I think it'd be amazing if you toured together. There's also anberlin, rise against, or vision through sound. plenty of great options. Just avoid metro station and i'll be happy.

askprudence said...

Please ask Kill Hannah, I'm sure they would say yes. They need someone to be nice to them.

Even The Birthday Massacre would be nice.
Or The Dear and Departed. Hell, take all three so I can die happy.
Thanks for even asking.

Hope you enjoy your Thai and Mexican food. Have an orchata if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Take Silversun Pickups on tour with you.

imjedijake said...

Mevansa or Ra Ra Riot.

MamaDebs said...

Absolutely fab the album is almost finished, that makes my day
My daughter makes some killer enchiladas, I take out the chicken, but they are still excellent
I would love to see Tiger Army play with you. What better than have very good friends along for the ride.

Jon said...

Tiger Army would be fun. I wouldn't mind getting my ass kicked by DEP again either. Between the Buried and Me would be awesome and confuse the hell out of people. The Mars Volta, Foxy Shazam, and Protest the Hero are good choices too.

Straight To Hell said...

If you toured with Rise Against, I think I would die from happiness.

Julian Conspiracy said...


Take War Tapes on tour with AFI.


nichole said...

I can't wait for the new album! I think you guys should tour with The Gaslight Anthem! They're pretty awesome!!!!!!

Doe said...

Do please take Underoath, Circa Survive, and Kill Hannah with you, and please please please PLEASEEEEE come back to Albany, NY!!!

Anonymous said...


Juliana[theory] said...

Take me on tour with you :D

Patty said...

Oh, thank God. I'm so happy AFI are going on tour soon and I am equally elated to hear that more BA is being worked on. I seriously need a BA fix. I was able to make 3 BA shows last time (the ones in CA) and I'm seriously going through withdrawal. I mean, maybe just a random show here or there would be nice. This is just cruel. I know you guys are busy, but c'mon!!

as for who to take on tour, you guys should take me, as a roadie or something.

Nicky said...

welcome back.
don't really understand what that means...
and touring peeples....yea i got a fat load o' nothin in the idea department. sorry bro.

Anonymous said...

1. EXCITEDDDDDDDDD about the new record
2. Don't poison yourself with any exotic food dish and vomit rainbows
3.Thank god we have an update
5. much love and respect i'll shut up now <3
Emily Racheal xo

Rina said...

This is so exciting!
Billy Talent is going to be on tour with Rise Against this summer, but if they are free when you guys are planning to tour, try and hit them up!
There are so many other bands I can think of that would be great, too...
Against Me!
Tiger Army
Rise Against (if they aren't busy, I know they're touring this summer)
Spill Canvas
But anything with AFI would be amazing!!!

la ghost said...


Take SSPU on tour.

Bevan said...

You should definitely take my band Phoenix Down on tour;

It'd be awesome. And we just got a new drummer, so it works out great.

NickJoyceRuinedMyLife said...

Take bands with good hearts..
The Gaslight Anthem
Houston Calls

Sarah said...

shiny toy guns
tiger army

can't think of much else that really goes with your sound...

or take White Lies..that'd be cool.

Please do not choose a band like Metro Station...egh.

i need to stop using "..." so much.

Noelia said...

The Urgency! Check them out, I'm sure you'll like them.

Anonymous said...

tegan and sara
holy fuck!

Katiekay said...

No idea who you should take on tour with you, other than myself. I don't sing or anything, but I'm small, not too shabby to look at and I'm sure I could sell a shirt or two.


Hey, just a suggestion.

patchoulistink said...

ooo please list your thai and mexican food places.
mine are marnee thai, osha , el farolito & white elephant all in sf

tour opener should be blaqk audio! =] or patrick wolf (i think he'd fit in nicely).. (or adam lambert)

davey's girl said...

I'm so excited about Crash Love. You have no idea. Jade you can take me on tour with you guys. :) I'm great company. Anyways I love AFI & Blaqk Audio!!

*** Jade, Davey, Adam & Hunter mean the world to me ! ***

AFI por siempre !

Miss Puget AFI said...

I look very much like Mexican food you want to find it easier here in Mexico, Jade wish them the greatest luck with the new album is that it will be a great success, and you're writing songs of achieving Blaqk audio, you're a great musician and I trust you.

PS: they command many greetings from Mexico to you, Davey, Adam and Hunter!

Thank you!

kylewagoner said...

Lots of these people have bad ideas for bands to tour with. I liked the Death by Stereo/Sick of It All suggestion. I don't know who you really play with, though. There are a ton of bands I'd love to see but wouldn't really fit in with AFI. How about The AKA's?

Anonymous said...

You should take Blaqk Audio on tour with you! Hahaha. Oh wait you are already! xD


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