Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tokio Hotel for the win.

That text website is hilarious, what is the funniest/winningest text you've ever sent or recieved?


Rebecca said...

Between me and a far away friend that called my mother for Mother's Day:
Me: You made my mom cry a little =)
Iggy: Why are you smiling?
Me: Because she loved hearing from you!
Iggy: Oh, I thought you wanted to see her cry.

Between me and another friend:
Me: I'm watching a DVD.
Iz: What DVD?
Me: Across the Universe.
Iz: What? You're watching the DVD across the universe?
Me: Yeah.
Iz: How the hell did it get all the way over there??

chaoskitten said...

i had a number of texts sent to my phone a couple of months ago from some guy who had been dumped by his girlfriend.
he sent about 7 or 8 texts begging me to forgive him for being stupid all in the space of 5 minutes.
i FINALLY got a chance to send him the following : i forgive you my dear, but you should know that you're sending this to the wrong phone! lol!

i never got a reply! XD

oh, and i was flicking around on the net yesterday and came across this:

its rather amusing! XD
enjoy! XD

ScratchThatItch said...

Some chick must have given some guy the wrong # (purposely) b/c I got some interesting multimedia texts around 3 am. *** Here's a tip, don't photograph and post your hand on your junk no matter who you think you're sending them to.

mistilyork said...

Funniest text message here goes:
I heard on the news someone checked into the psych ward wearing just a pink thong and riding a goat. I'll come get you but this shit has to stop!
LOL :)

Cherol said...

Hah, nice.
That and are awesome.

Anonymous said...

hahaha that's hilarious!!!! <333 u!

Emme said...

my mom is the best random/oopz/how'd you do that again txtR. jss a few dayz ago she sent the same txt 12 times. i had to talk her through sendN a group txt.

Kayleigh said...

lmao. that's quite amusing.

OneCoolNerd said...

Got an awesome forward the other day that said: Son comes home from school and father asks him, "How was school?" The son said, "Some kid called me gay." "Punch him!" the dad said. The boy looked shocked and responded, "OMG! No! He's cute!"

This Girl said...

Ahaha, so embarrassing. What a fail text.

Nello said...

What site is this?

Anonymous said...

Ha, that's funny! Believe it or not, at 17, I've never sent a text message in my life. I'm a shame to my generation. Oh, the shame.

You got a Peta's Sexiest Vegetarian '09 nomination! Now I dont want to play favorites, but I'll vote for ya.

Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to vote on your current poll. However, I was tempted to pick Miley Cyrus, I mean she picked a fight with Radiohead... she's hardcore, man! *hopes sarcasm is detected through internet communication*
Edit: Problem solved.

-<3 Sarah

hannah! said...

I personally like the ones where every line is typed backwards and you spend two hours of your life wondering what it says just so the end line can let you know you're an idiot.

Karlye said...

The funniest text I've ever received was from my mother. My friends and I were at Disneyland and we were in line for something and we were close to the front when she called me. I answered and told her, "Hold on Mom, I'll call you right back." After I hung up with her I didn't call her back for another 6 HOURS. Then when my friends and I were waiting in line for Indiana Jones I got a text from her saying, "I'M STILL HOLDING ON!!!!" It was pretty funny. I then proceeded to call her back and assure her that I was alive.

impure0purest said...

My fave one to get is that simple little "<3" and nothing else... especially when someone I really really like sends it to me *squee*


Silly Girls Win said...

omg. once, i called my ex while we were dating so we could see each other (we hadn't in months) and he said "hi" and when i said "hey, its summer! wanna go downtown?" he hung up on me. and it was on purpose.
but that's not a text.
so oh well.
lol idk.
that would suckkkkk.

Stariel said...

This one I got from a guy that he "may be single" was pretty good. ;)

kirstie said...

Oh for Lizzy xD

I can't think of any funny texts at the moment. Sorry D:


Crimson Butterfly said...


ThisSideUp said...

"I formally invite you to pull the fire alarm."

This in and of itself is not that amusing, but when I say that I received it at a church business meeting, it gets exponentially funnier. (I was tempted to do it, too – the meeting was that painful.)

LadyJinx_DF said...

Well...There is a story behind my funniest text..Me and my ex boyfriend traded pictures.(Yes those kinds of picture.Yes I do regret it.) Well he sent me his picture and I couldn't resist showing one of my friends. And with her big mouth she had to say someting about that tinnie tiny thing xD. He texts me and starts saying all of this shit.Then he was like that pic wasn't even mine it was my friends! So laughed for 5 minutes straight,Because he just basically admited he was gay. I mean honestly what straight guy has their friends dick on their phone? Hmm I probably have gotten more funny ones I just can't think at the moment.

Simply Caley said...


I'm surprised he didn't immediately go berserk on her.

At least she didn't end it with, "...but I forgot to take my pill this morning."

My-le and Jasmin. said...

Sure that's the dad who said that? hah

Kaylee said...

I had a good texting incident a month or so ago that I'm sure ended with some poor guy being bitch slapped by his girlfriend. It's a long story though, but hilarious and involving some very unbelievable circumstances if you're interested in the long version.

Emma said...

ok so this one is one my friend got but it cracked me up. so one of the kids at her work is a huge jesus freak and on easter he sent everyone that worked with him " happy easter! dont forget jesus died for you" i absolutly love that!

havokisthecure said...

well hehe my friend (who is gay) sent me a text that said:

"The president is going to send all the prostitutes out of the country.......AREN`T U HAPPY?? WE ARE GOING TO HAVE VACATIONS!!!...."


the passenger said...

Oh, lord. I hope that's real.

Hmm, I can only think of amusing chats right now:

Amanda: like if there were something good I'd eat, but I'm not ravished

Ashleigh: ravished like..."fucked?"

Amanda: I meant famished there
I don't know why I put that

Gotta love my friends' Freudian slips. :)

ELAINE said...

Strange coincidence, my friend got a typo from her mom today: "Bye horney!" It was supposed to be, "Bye honey!"

Jeff said...

My roommate has a propensity for awesome profanities:

"Where you at, chunkytwat?"

"Tittybangingdicktrapper, where you at?"

Also, this (out of context) always makes me laugh: "Pounds of popcorn? Do you find that as intimidating as I do?"

michelle. said...

I have too many weird ones in my inbox.

'gubi the rotating potatoe that can only be charged by carrot'

i dunno.

Kayleigh Control said...

Oh Jade I wish I could tell you, but you wouldn't find any of them funny :( They're all based on in-jokes and things made up at college etc.

What's the funniest text YOU'VE sent mister? *prods Jade*


lezah said...

I don't understand texts from iPhones. It's just confusing. I don't know who's talking to who about who although it says "Dad" on top. Probably the speech bubbles. I don't know which one is "Dad". Eh?

I've had too many funny texts for the text message capacity in my inbox. Here's one though:
I sent a message to the wrong person and I got the reply: "idiot toilet you messaged me instead!"

Toilet is one of my nicknames. No particular reason why. Lezah is a nickname too.

MJ said...

My brother sends me a Christmas text message each year. Last year he sent me one with a cartoon Santa mooning me with, "Happy Christmas" written on his boxers.

I've never accidentally sent a text to the wrong person that was embarrassing. Though I once received a text message from a complete stranger and somehow managed to become great friends with them by texting back and forth for about two months. We stopped talking quite abruptly, and I never knew he/she's name or gender, for that matter. Ah, well. The little things in life, eh?

Sockses said...

i think my fave ever was from new year's. i got a random text from somewhere on the east coast saying "Happy New Year!!!" to which i answered "Thanks, you, too, but i have no idea who you are." got the answer "Who is this?!" to which i answered "Who is *this*?" they never answered, but it was nice that someone random was hoping that the new year would be a good one for me. xD

Renee Decay said...

Oh my goodness that is fantastic!
At first I didn't understand what it was saying until I saw that it said DAD at the top. =p

PS: My boyfriend and I adopted a chihuahua yesterday and named her Jade, after you. I got a couple pictures of her on my blog if you wanna see her.

Take care! Can't wait for the new AFI album either!!

-Renee Decay

ET Scene said...

My dad and I have the dumbest phone conversations.

[Over text]
Dad:Idiocracy's on now.
Me:Hannah won't let me watch it!
Dad:Poop on her.
(No joke, he actually said that.)

[In the car]
Dad:How dare they...
Dad:They have the same car as me...the same color too.
Dad:I should ram 'em..

If you haven't guessed, I get my stupidity from him :D

Me and Shelby are pretty awesome either. I fell asleep while people were texting me.

Shelby:Did you die?
Me:No, I got into a fight with an alligator named Jerome and we death spiraled off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean over a piece of Colby Jack Cheese...then he ate me.
Shelby:O.o So you're in his stomach?
Me:Yes, it's actually quite comfy.


Lya said...

Lets see...funniest text...

Probably when I was at the library waiting to meet my friend, and she sent me a text while I was reading, that said,

"Sry i'm late, just broke out of the mental hospital.
don't ask."

made me laugh.

And another text with the most win would be just a "<3" or an "i love you" text from any loved one. they mean the most to me :)

ChelseaPigeon said...

It wasn't a text, but some old guy called me saying he remembered me and asked me to give him a bj in his car for $5. I started to tell him that he had the wrong number, but him thinking I was trying to raise the price, started saying "5 dollar, I will not go any higher!"

I still don't know if I should consider this funny or just plain creepy.

americanGOTHIC said...

do you like your coffee black just like your metal??

Charlene said...

i get tons of funny texts ...

a jade imposter texted me a long time ago ... and then one day i checked your blog and it said if anyone is getting text from me its not me ... it made me laugh and a little sad


MAV-tastic said...

I need to know more about this website! Where can I find it?

Larissa said...

These are texts with my cousin.

Me: The green day cd came out 2day.
Regina: buttsex


Regina:yesterday in the city some black guy sed hello to me loll


Regina: Maybe thts y im always horny cuz i hav irregular periods

VS said...

You should try

alyssa said...

any of these on any given night.

Vicious said...

Completely out of nowhere from a friend: "In 2010 the US Gov will start shipping retards away. My eyes watered when I thought of losing you...B strong and take ur"
I replied that I'm sure we'll wind up getting shipped out on the same boat.

dollfayce dropdead said...

Is it bad that it took me about five minutes to fully understand the joke?

I have funny ones all the time.
Something about my best friend using Oli Sykes' pancake-sized loogie to enpregnate herself.

It's one of those "you had to be there" things.

sadclowndisease said...

I saw a post for While that site is funny, it seems well overdone.

This is far better.

Katiekay said...

My friend had me cracking up one day before she was talking about how she didn't know how to make the sad version of ^_^ (which would be v_v). She said she didn't know how to make the "inverted carrots". I told her it was a v, like vee.

She didn't know what that was either. Once she finally figured it out, she would get excited everything she sent it to me.

I guess you had to be there, but it still cracks us up to this day.

Anonymous said...

One time, I was sitting outside, texting my friend:
Me: wat r u doing
Shyanne: not much
Shyanne: ....?
Me: omg it just ate a walnut. i thought they liked nuts!
Shyanne: ?
Me: wait, a walnut is a nut..i meant acorns! i thought they liked acorns! xDDDD
Shyanne: you're an idiot.

It was hilarious.

emilierose said...

so much hate in this link!

<3 you jade, cant wait for the album.
and the tour :).

Danika said...

lol woo tokio hotel (:

me and my friend would have weird text convos sometimes...but it tends to be funny for us xD

loser on a mission said...