Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last day of European tour....!
Well, last show anyway. Had a fab show last night in Leeds, thanks to all who came out and made it amazing.
Currently sitting on the bus in Reading, across from Fritch, who's telling me a story but I stopped listening so I could type. Sorry Fritch.
Played some big rock festivals in Germany, got to play and hang with our friends in Rise Against, which is always good times. Got to see some other old friends as well, Thursday, Anti-Flag, and the Deftones.
Our first single came out on Tueday, which is exciting, we finally get to play a song off the new record live.
Spent 2 weeks on these Euro tour buses where you hit your head an average of 17 times a day on the low doorways.
Spending time on show days working on new Blaqk Audio material.
Going back to the States later this week to make a video.
These are my random and disjointed thoughts for today.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ahh, it's a beautiful thing to be done.
Now comes the road. It's strange to be going out on tour again, it's been 2 damn years!
Any of you coming to see us in Europe?
Europe: pockets bulging with coins, trying desperately to find somewhere to eat, blowing up all my American appliances, diabetes-inducing chocolate, great coffee, amazing shows.

And our first U.S. tour. We're starting with small cities (Scranton anyone? I better see Michael Scott in the crowd).

We're taking these guys:

Good thangs.

Our dear but not departed friend Dan Smith:

from the Dear and Departed, and many AFI and Blaqk Audio backing vocal sessions, is on that tv show L.A. Ink now. He's been working at the shop for a while but he's part of the show now, too. Watch and support, or better yet, go get a tattoo from him.

On a strangely recurring sad note, the legendary Les Paul passed away.
He made these things:

Without them I might have had a decidedly less interesting life.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Hughes died today, dammit.
Let's have a moment of silence and enjoy the ending of Sixteen Candles.

Remember our Hughes movies discussion on here a while ago? Good stuff.
Those movies were an integral part of my childhood, along with breakdancing, mousse, Adidas cologne, pegged pants, and nuclear war. Sort of got me thinking about all the fads/trends we had in junior high, like wearing multiple Swatch watches on both arms, girls wearing neon clothes (judging from Warped Tour, I guess that one came back), paint pens, leg warmers, talking like a Valley girl, clip-on earrings with feathers, etc. What kinds of wacky trends are happening now, or happened when you were in school?