Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Hughes died today, dammit.
Let's have a moment of silence and enjoy the ending of Sixteen Candles.

Remember our Hughes movies discussion on here a while ago? Good stuff.
Those movies were an integral part of my childhood, along with breakdancing, mousse, Adidas cologne, pegged pants, and nuclear war. Sort of got me thinking about all the fads/trends we had in junior high, like wearing multiple Swatch watches on both arms, girls wearing neon clothes (judging from Warped Tour, I guess that one came back), paint pens, leg warmers, talking like a Valley girl, clip-on earrings with feathers, etc. What kinds of wacky trends are happening now, or happened when you were in school?


Matt said...

Lets see, in school I saw the rise of the scene deal, which was another word for girls and guys with poor fashion sense. Dinosaurs, robots, and utter lack of maturity it seemed.

Also, cellphones, where not everyone had one, to where everyone and their 4 year old daugher owns one.

computer advancements and reality TV shows.

As I think about going on and on, I feel like everything I name will just upset me more, so I guess we got the raw end of the deal in this generation. :/

Julia said...

In addition to neon; leggings as pants, oversized shirts that still manage to be slutty, and plaid D:

Speech trends are the worst. These girls think they're so cool, abbreviating words, and abbreviating the abbreviations (legit, legitly, obvi, obvz, adorbs...) But what I really don't understand is the thing with writing two or more of the last letter in words when it doesn't add any effect, like fishh or something.

pegged pants are back, too! well, I've yet to see them on someone in real life besides me and one of my friends but they're all over magazines and the internets.

Yours Truly said...

Yes, the neon clothing has most definetly made a come-back. Another thing is leggings. Blue ones, green ones, orange ones. People at my school have a lot of noserings. only the small studded ones though. Highlights in the hair are big also. any random bright streaks are cool as are brightly colored Converses. I guess it's just bright colors that are really topping trends.

Natalie said...

hi..i'm really sad..that guy made great movies..i saw like almost every movie he made. Such a great dude. At my school there's only one emo i don't see her that much but she's got like alot of friends the weird thing is that they aren't Emo..i always feel weird when i'm around her for 2 seconds lol..and there's this trend in summer..girls wear tall legwermers in the middle of the summer..i'm a girl but i don't wear legwermers.

Natalie..i'm a small fan

The caustics won't caustic for me said...

I remember ponchos and him shirts, but I settled for the golf look back in the day with green and purple hair

askprudence said...

I saw the headline that he died on Yahoo News and for a minute I thought they will have to retract this because it's a mistake. But it's not.:(

I still watch Some Kind of Wonderful on repeat man and I dug and dug until I found the soundtrack. John Hughes is responsible for my love of the March Violets and Television. So ahead of his time.

Sorry I'm rambling,you wanted to know about trends.
I remember the neon phase everyone went through and in junior high wearing mismatched earrings was big. Also Doc Martens with different colored laces.

Nicole K said...

I took a pair of red-framed knock-off Wayfarer sunglasses, protected the lenses and spattered it with about 5 different colours of paint. They looked AMAZING for 1986!! I think I still have them somewhere. They're probably back in style.

havokisthecure said...


Brittney said...

Ugg boots and scene hair and guyliner

Evalia England said...

Jade, how did I know that the passing of the talented John Hughes would bring you to post an update on your blog?

I don't think I've ever "seen" so much death in one summer.

Trends: Pig latin, MySpace (HUGE about 4 years ago), UGGs (GAG), leggings, skinny jeans...anyone else remember those stick on crystal jewellery? That was more like elementary school though for me haha....which in turn makes me think of MILKY PENS.

Anonymous said...

every one (but me ) started wearing that creepbump thingy in there hair ypu know where they like tease there hair and make it look big also i started one and didnt mean to i got fushia high lights put in my hair and then people got purple and blue and told me that they did it cuz i did it i hate it when people copy me but i didnt have to bleach my hair first and they did

helen099 said...

aww, jade, i actually thought of you when i heard the sad news.

are more people dying lately? make it stop, jade!

as for fashion, i'm pretty sure the 80's have come back to haunt us.


Dani said...

WELL NOW people puff their hair out like 80 miles beyond their head, but it MUST be straight at the bottom and stuff and like have stripes and shit on it hmmm i cant put a pic so here is a link to a pic!

okay, and we wear glasses like these that people apparently used to wear a long time ago idk im only 13 *shrugs*

umm we do lots of other weird things i suppose it seems normal to me though cuz im usually wearing those glasses and i have neon skinny jeans, and checkered scarves, and KNEE HIGH CONVERSE. okay so those arent exactly popular but i have them, lol. i dont wear my hair all big like a scene kid though...although i do wear bows.

ANTYWAYS yeah so thats whats in style now. the whole scene/'emo' thing is slowly taking over and going to wipe out the abercrombie preps.

WELL CANT WAIT FOR CRASH LOVE. and i recently got my friend to become a SUPER FAN of blaqk audio! YAY. now i will get her to listen to AFI. she likes some of ur songs but not many :(


ThisSideUp said...

Yeah, the neon thing is back, but boys are doing it too this time. I am actually a fan of this one. This and spandex pants. Some fads are fun!

elizaveta said...

LOL at the pegged pants!
Love you Jade

Anonymous said...

People at my high school wear tiny Barney and Hannah Montanna backpacks.

Preeti said...

well in my preppy school the trend for girls seem to be Solows (like yoga pants) and juicy tracksuits. .
and all the guys pretty much wear t-shirts and sweatpants or whatever and so many guys wear the same exact football sweatshirt of our school so i can't tell half of them apart.

Katie said...

I remember the goth style was pretty prevalent my freshman and sophomore year of high school..but my last two years they all kind of disappeared. Where did all the little goth kids go? You don't see much of them anymore... except here:

ZirangalLightningChain said...

I am a fan of neon. mostly orange. almost exclusively orange. i have a pair of awesome orange converse, and ive met a total of two people so far who have the same shoes. in seventh grade i used to wear two different colored sneakers (one yellow one orange) and people started to do the same thing, only with flip flops. i dont like following trends though. i prefer to be the one girl in school who doesnt have an ipod or uggs or something.

CaughtBetween said...

Trends? I've noticed an increase with HUGE earrings. Silver eyeliner. Blinding neon nail polish. Duct tape shoes, hats or whatever. Lots of Uggs where I am. Lots of Holister or "TNA" and shutter glasses. Scarves are getting big... The list goes on. Whatever everyone seems to like at the time :3

As long as the trend doesn't go into extremes like super slutty clothes then I'm fine with it. I don't follow trends anyways. I look for them.

Karlye said...

I was also very saddened by his death, and for some reason immediately thought of you when I found out, probably because of that discussion from a couple months ago.

During the past 6 (going on 7 soon) years that I've been in middle/high school,almost everything and anything has been some sort of wacky trend, a few examples include,

-skinny jeans
-"retro stuff", this has especially had a come back in the last year or two
-scene hair, awful stuff
-"That's what she said."
-those Saint bracelets that have the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and other religious figures on them
-a mixture of various types of clothing from the past 4-5 decades
-big tee shirts that can be worn as a dress with leggings
-gauges, I see them on a daily basis now
-nose piercings, cause girls think they look cute
-clothing from Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch
-UGG boots
-watching crappy reality shows and dumb movies

I think it might be just be mad confusion all around. I was in the first grade when we hit 2000, so all the cool '90s trends didn't exactly apply to my generation (with exception of the awesome kid stuff). We are growing up in a world where virtually anything is within our finger tips thanks to the internet. We've had the power to see what has gone on generations before us, and we obviously like to copy it. Right now it seems as though there is no real trend that could represent the early 2000's, it's just a mesh of everything. I think that maybe we don't know which direction to go. This was represented when each decade would pass years ago. But it's like we don't know where to go now. I find that very interesting.

Okay I'll stop this here, I felt like I was about to start an essay there or something on ya. :)

Larissa said...

doing drugs..
i hate where i live...
there is nothing good I dont do drugs or drink i hate it
I just wish things were cooler likee i wish there was *NSYNC again id rather nsync than wat ever the hell is going on now

Jessica A<3 said...

I'm scared to see what else 2009 holds for us...

Lets see styles and school now... in a short brief summery- the 80's have mixed with the 70's and 60's to make cloths both extra ugly and extra slutty. Everybody's pretty much hit the head of the nail on it all...Except animal prints are big and so is wearing band shirts when you don't know what the band is... But most of all stupidity is in and its big.

Jaime said...

It's unfortunate that the side pony tail has come back, especally since my daughter is sporting one currently. sigh.

Fluffo said...

I was part of the 90's mall-goth scene in middle school so I didn't really pay attention to mainstream trends (still don't). I do remember someone wearing a white T-Bozesque (TLC?) outfit during my sophomore year, and I dressed like Michael Jackson once.

RIP John Hughes

Anonymous said...

Yeah Emo was the last big craze, I think scene is the new one. Personally I don't mind it, the boys have gotten so damn delicious looking : )
I think disco is in its' rebirth, raves have been all the thing (or were all the thing not to long ago).
Oh yes and baggy pants that fall off when you run!

NoiseElectric said...

Sux about John Hughes. He certainly made a notable contribution to film and pop culture at the same time.

Fads...all the things we loved and loathed in the '80's seem to be coming back with a vengeance. Even the snake skin and the paint splatters. Egad. It's rather fabulous though...can't deny that. ;)

Jemmeh said...


If I buy you a construction hat, will you wear it until the celebrity deaths slow down a bit? T___T I'm scared for you.

While on tour, please stay out of the walls. D:

Okay, so if you're alive when you get this message:

Middle school was pokemon cards.

When I got to high school, there was punk. Then I saw emo happen. And then I saw scene happen. And then I saw "scene" get really retarded looking. Neon spandex animal print capris with a retarded badly sewn mesh mini. MEGA FAIL.

As for the smaller trends....

There was the sex bracelet fad. You still see people wear them, though not as much. Certain colors stand for certain "sexual acts" or whatever. If you break someone's sex bracelet, which is really just thin crappy rubber/plastic, then they owe you said sexual favor. Personally I just think the bracelets look cool when you criss-cross them. I decked a guy for breaking my brand new bracelet. =___= Never got replacements....

I should go steal that kid's lunch money and get a new bracelet. x)

HaZeL JaDe said...

Hello, I can remember the Tamagocchi boom! (Mexico City) I know it was long ago, but I remember girls having like 3 of those things hanging on their necks. Kisses and cuddles for Jade!

Crimson Butterfly said...

twilight crap nothing else....sad T.T

Jasmine said...

Sorry to hear that John Hughes is dead. He made lots of good movies. You wanted to know what kind of styles there are in schools. Well anime is one of them. Many girls dye their hair pink and green and blue. And they wear dresses that have a lot of lace on them. And almost every anime fan wears these weird bunny ears. Well, that's pretty much all about it. Of course there is punks and rockers and hip-hoppers, but the anime style rules in my school.

Syvenseks said...

Tearaways. Those pants that have snaps on the sides. So lame.

MJ said...

Skinny jeans are in style. But were they ever out of style? I mean, even five year-old me rocked the purple skinny jeans.

I remember in junior high, Heelies were very in, too. People would roll down the halls, smacking into lockers and falling down staircases, breaking their arms. They were eventually banned like the poor gel pens, when teachers couldn't read their students' homework anymore.

Anyway, it's very sad about John Hughes. His movies are the best.

Anonymous said...

I grew up watching John Hughes films. They are linked to my childhood memories. R.I.P. Mr Hughes.

liebling said...

Remember those snap on bracelets that you had to slap onto your arm and then they would curl around it? I loved them!

...I feel old!

lezah said...

RIP. That's so sad. The Breakfast Club is one of the best movies ever.

Huh. I never really notice any trends. Odd. There probably are a lot but I never paid attention to them.

Kayleigh Control said...

I remember fucking snap bracelets from when I was a kid; that was bloody boss. Clip-on earrings!? I never really got into that cause mine were pierced when I was... Y'know, four.

In school it was just Chavs, grebs, goths, 'skaters', emo kids and geeks.

Then there was me. O___O

Jade, it frightens me when you talk about your childhood. I can't imagine you as a.. CHILD. And sort of wrong to think about you as a child, etc etc.

:) <3

Anonymous said...

for girls: you are right about the leggings and neon colors. a lot people at my school like to where neon skinny jeans and hoodies with studded belts. its like this preppy punk style where they dress goth but they're not really.and also you could say that today's style is like the 60s, 70s, and 80s coming back and mixing together. like a flower child or bell bottoms. but i like keeping my style to a variety. Most of the time i like just going with a graphic tee and blue jeans, but sometimes i like going with my skinny jeans and neon top.
Another big trend besides texting is facebook.
for guys: men are kind of different. where some girls keep to a variety, men pick a style and stick to it. emo guys i know stick to skinny jeans or baggy jeans with chains and preppy guys i know stick to aeropostale or american eagle. thats usually plaid golfer pants and some kind of t shirt. i swear, one day last year like 20 guys wore the same shirt from aeropostale, it was kind of funny.

man, even though he was before my time, i liked john hughes movies like A Little Less Sixteen Candles. I keep thinking something like that will happen to me on my birthday...LOL

Jordana said...

-Ugg Boots
-Tracksuits - especially velour ones...
-Orange colored fake tan
-"Jeggings" - when we thought leggings couldnt get any worse, they looked like denim
-Bleached blonde hair
-That purply black hair dye
-School skirts being the width of a belt
-The ever classical fake ID's to get wasted every weekend

These are some of the fashions that I saw in school, and I only left in June, that I did Not understand and don't really think I will!

Joseph Crutcher said...

Yeah, neon clothing is back, except guys are wearing them too 0_o and my nephew has one of those muti-colour those might be back too...damn...

Anonymous said...

stupidity is the trend in my school. Self-destructive behavior. It's amazing.
which explains why I refuse to stay there.

KnighTimeSoccr said...

booty shorts are happening now... GAG ME... oh and leggings... there back too lol and lots of neon...oh and 70's sunglasses.. lol =]

<333 u jade =] thnx for the update!

Anonymous said...

I might also mention that it was common in my school for the boys to wear their pants at their ankles so that everyone was able to see their underwear, whether we want to or not. Girls = pajamas in school, like they were too lazy to wear real clothes. Or they dressed like "gangsta" girls, aka really tight clothing.
thank god they made the switch to uniforms. Although I do miss my ability to stand out in that crowd.
But that's ok, I can rock my look wherever else I please! X]

Emme said...

I am having a really hard time with the direction movies are going really -- I went to the premiere of GI Joe last night... I grew up watchN the best cartoons of the 8os early 90s could offer and this, this. (ugh) Lameish -

I want to comment about your blog but i really cant get past the fact that they R butcheriN all the great stuff then today..

john hughes was brilliant seriously kids today can watch his movies and "relate"

Can you just imagine what would happen if they "remake" his movies.

My hair today is spiked in the back and bone straight in the front and sides. I am wearN red/black jelly bracelets, lacey lace are checker boarded into my chucks. Got on baggy darn denims and a bodysuit – iwas contemplating on a denim jacket but I pass on that… clearly in my own way I brought back the 80s/90s in one look today

Gillian said...

Neon clothing is definitely back.
But other than that, at my school, tons of the kids started dressing like they were depressed and hated life. And then ran around the hallways shouting "YAAAAY WE'RE SO EMO!! -highfive-"
So. Annoying.

Drea said...

Brightly colored shirts jeans and glasses lol
I even have some neon nail polish.
Plaid came back lol
And guyliner, which is a move forward in the guy world haha
Better haircuts as well. I think the ones i like are classified as scene/emo. Which pisses me off. They look awesome!
and now if i cut my hair like that my parents think im emo.

But yea, thats it in a nutshell

Anonymous said...

-Scratch and sniff stickers
-slap-on bracelets
-the side pony tail
-those braided plastic bracelets (you had to make yourself)
-stone-wash jeans
-massively over sized t-shirts
-shoulder pads
and the list goes on...
yes, 80s fashion sucked, but there was some killer music and of course John Hughes. I had Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club memorized! His movies defined my youth.

mistilyork said...

Man, this question takes me back.

I remember girls with the BIG bangs. You know the girls who's bangs looked like they were going to attck you. They were big and feathered or ratted.

Remember GIRBAUD? Everyone had to have them and made sure the tag showed in front.

Man I'm glad those days are over!

any_mouse said...

It was the late 90s for me, so that meant:

-Boys wearing baggy jeans that could double as circus tents or sleeping bags

-Epic discussions of Backstreet Boys vs. N'Sync. All agreed that 98 degress sucked.

-The rise of the messenger bag/manpurse

-Hair highlights

-Short spikey hair that can pop a balloon (Not kidding on this one. My friend Thomas popped some kid's balloon as he was coming out of Kmart; the kid cried)

-TPing people's houses (Do kids do this anymore?)

-56k dialup and AOL Online

-"Like," "As if," and "Alrighty then."

Grocery Girl said...

the biggest trend i remember from late elementary school was slap bracelets. you know, the kind that could draw blood? those things were awesome! i had them on both arms up to the elbow. we traded them and whapped people in the head with them... they were awesome. then they were banned because they were "too dangerous". *snort*

anya said...

Aww... Some Kind of Wonderful didn't make the poll, that one was always my favorite John Hughes movie. He will definitely be missed.

xo_prelude_xo said...

thats so sad i really liked that guy :(
umm trends...ugggs,teased hair like seriously teased,leggings under pants,crazyily shaped and colored glasses,HUGE sunglasses(which are pretty cool i think),and bright colors and i almost forgot those little or huge bows you get at hot topic they seem to be gettin pretty big

JoeMama said...

Okay I followed everything you said until "pegged pants". What was that, parachute pants? I've never heard of pegged pants and I was born in 1972.

Sam said...

"I love my boyfriend/girlfriend" shirts.

d said...

I'm 21 at the moment, so my wacky trends go from the 90s to about 2006 when I finished high school.

For the younger years, I remember Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers being worshiped, leading IMO to the rise of the McDojos. I remember gel pens and beanie babies--girls especially loved these--and professional wrestling. Oh, and pop punk. Blink 182, Offspring, Sum 41, etc. Also everything Tony Hawk/skateboarding.

For my older years, there was the emo thing in like 2004. You guys got grouped into that; glad to see that you seem to be removed from fads now. Being tied to a fad dates you and is, in the long term, detrimental because fads die. I see a lot of people wearing Affliction and TapOut gear now, wanting to seem like MMA fighters or something.

Rebecca said...

R.I.P. John Hughes.

In middle school, for me at least, it was all about brightly colored Converse sneakers and writing your notes in glitter Gel Pens!! And Lisa Frank!!

kamuix212 said...

I never really was big on those movies. But then again, I wasn't a teenager in the 80s either...I loved Hackers. But...of all the ones I have seen...I liked Pretty in Pink for James Spader and Duckie. And that's all I really remember. I dunno about sixteen candles, is that the one with John Cusack?

I never went to highschool so I couldn't really tell you about that...I see the valley girl thing now everywhere, though now it's me and mine calling them the 'omg squad' and well...there's still the yuppie hatred going on....

Haras said...

I remember the trends from middle school and high school but I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to current trends. I remember the first time I went to Hot topic in 7th grade and thought I was so badass with my giant ugly Tripp pants. I lived in Tripp pants for all of 7th and 8th grade. Ughhh.

It was really hard trying to pick between Ferris Bueller and Home Alone, but I went with Ferris.

Mandy said...

This is kinda off topic...And I don't mean to be rude, but why does it seem like celebrities are dying quick this year?


Sally, Sweden. said...

Oh, i remember in sweden, the pink stuff every girl had. And i remember the hair, everyone had fringe! it must been 1999 i think. i was 6 years old.
(sorry my english, learing english in school in Sweden, i'm not the best...)

Take care Jade, love from Sweden!

Stacy said...

I didn't relize John Hughes passed away till I was skimming my blog rolls and saw this posting; my gosh what shock. I have most of his films in my collection. Whenever I'm in the mood to watch a movie and I can't make up my mind which one, I just grab anyone of his. He was a great influence and a wonderful storyteller.

Hmm, my middle school trends were the plastic bracelts,several ear piercings, the "hair-bears", leggings, and neon colors. High school trends were the cross colors, oversized clothes, K-swiss and those tan boots. Pagers! Oh my gosh, how could I almost forget about those stinking useless time consuming pagers, and the pager codes? Remember "143" meant "I love you"?...Okay now I feel old.

Jenn said...

for whatever weird reason, knee-high socks are in style at my school. And they are almost always over-priced...

JoeMama said...

Okay I got ambitious and googled "pegged pants". You were just talking about rolled up pants. I'd never heard it called that before but yeah we did that too. Maybe I'll do that all day tomorrow just to commemorate while watching "Weird Science" and Chet turning into a blob next to the frozen blue grandparents.

JoeMama said...

Now seriously let's think about this for a minute....what family would let their daughter skip out on a milestone family event like a wedding reception of their older sister just to go off with some boy she liked?

Oh wait, it was Jake Ryan. Nevermind.

Susie said...

Trends now:

-Being a non-conformist.
It might just be my school, but everyone is dying to be "indie" and listening to the most obscure bands as possible. God forbid if you listen to a band that everyone knows.

-those lumberjack hats... haha I don't know what they're really called.

-v neck shirts

-Pegged pants are coming back Jade! I've seen many roll their pants up and wear flip flops.

-Animal print. Awful. Awful. Awful. I really can't stress it enough. I saw this one girl in the hall decked out in black and white animal print (this included her backpack).

Anyhow, this is just the three years that I've been in highschool. Most of the posts here have already covered the years before.

I'll just have to see how much the style has "changed" this coming year as a senior. I'm thinking... it's not going to be great.

Girl Friday said...

Most of us looked like Claires Danes during MSCL or Courtney Love ala Hole; heavy on the flannel, Doc Martens, jeans that had more rips than denim. heels, slips, and fishnets. What else... ah yes, the sad appropriation of Indian/ Hindu culture thanks to Gwen Stefani and her bindis.

GermaricanMix said...

Poggs. Anyone remember Poggs? And beepers and Ravens Revenge before it got banned for looking like cocaine. I can't remember clothing though other than that all of a sudden we had greasers running around out high school. That was kinda awesome.

Caitlin said...

I'm seeing the fishnets-under jeans trend come back up. I love fishnets, so it's no biggie for me.

Then there's those ugly-ass shutter shades...eugh.

goodbyes4good(DF)er said...

Thats a damn shame.....

sadclowndisease said...

Current trends around here would be...

Dressing like an American Apparel model.

Texting while walking and consequently walking in front of cars, busses, and the likes.

Glasses that are too big you, whether or not you have a prescription.

Looking stunned/pod-like.

Throwing stuff at other stuff.

Most of these grow quite tiresome after a while, but that last one is usually fun.

<3London Ontario show please!<3

Anonymous said...

Since people keep repeating what you already have about neon, heres some straight to the point:

-the uprising of Hollister/Abercrombie clones
-ipods have become a necessity instead of a luxury
- riding bikes two sizes smaller than oneself
-hip-hoppy people wearing baby blankeys instead of jackets
-prostitute makeup got big. you cant see most girl's eyes anymore.
-from what i can tell, wii finally lost its wow.
-waist high pants/skirts (fitted enough not to be 'mom jeans')
-large, metallic purses.
-guys: shaggy hair, pants that dont fit properly, crossdressing.

aaand thats all i can think of.

Limbo McLaurin said...

I remember in elementary school a trend was to wear these pieces of elastic from pot holder making kits around your wrist. Now aviators are coming back, T sandals are a big trend as well as the entire 'hippie' style.

May I say peace has become WAY overused. It's more a fashion statement than an idea now and that's sad.

Anonymous said...

Add my CRASH LOVE group on facebook!

Anonymous said...

Neon pants are back, for sure. Same with leggings. At my school the trend for girls is shorts/skirts that dont cover their legs at all. For guys, its sagging and wearing clothes that dont really match. Choose something randomly out of the closet and you're good. At least the girls take an hour or two to get ready. You decide if that's good or bad.

Speech trends are hilarious. Walk around my school's hallways and you'll hear "omg," "lol," and other IM slang frases. But the biggest ones are "beast" (compliment) and "(epic) fail."

nottoocomplacent said...

It's mostly pajama pants and stained sweatshirts, for those of my classmates who aspire to look like cokeheads...I go for the Pretty in Pink look myself, but there's also ugg-ly footwear, and tank tops flimsy enough for a girl to flaunt not only her rack but also her flab to the other 1497 appalled students around her.

Jade, would you be so kind as to post pictures of yourself back in the heyday of American teenagers? It'd be really interesting to see them. Thanks!

Ryan said...

I totally owned Adidas cologne.

Evampire said...

Everyone in my (all girl) school wears their hair in backcombed side ponytails, wet look leggings, neon tutus, heart shaped sunglasses and tshirts that say things like 'I <3 yer ma' and 'I <3 (insert capital city here)'.

Also, lots of people wear foundation that's five shades too dark for their skin tone because they think it's fake tan or something.

I miss the trends of old, like snap on bracelets, those plastic braid things and gel pens. I found one of my old snap on bracelets recently, it was purple and fluffy. lol

Susan said...

i had a pink and teal Swatch watch. guess i didn't have enough money for multiple watches. slap bracelets were big for awhile. Z Cavarecci's. Guess, Edwin jeans, etc all tight rolled at the ankle. slouch socks, big bangs. oh lord, i could keep going.

Susan said...

oh and let's not forget pagers. "Beep me" was the phrase of the day...

chaoskitten said...

Scene is MASSIVE where I live! It's getting rather annoying! Lol!

Um, although I generally prefer a darker more neo-victorian/rivethead look (yes, it CAN work), I DO admit to having a neon green hoodie in my wardrobe! :/
I like it! <3

Um, in my school it's black hair dye and tan. I can't get hair-dye now! It's like gold dust! Leave some for the goth lady in the corner thank you very much people!


d'anna said...

i like vintage stuff that you can only find in the eighties section of the salvation army or at those bohemian stores where the old woman owners knit everything from their cats' hairballs. in the world of Scranton High School, there's lots of (on the guys) showing boxers from baggy jeans that come down over their ass which I'm sure is against the dress code but the assistant principles would rather come after me for my cardigan with subtle stripes. if it's a good day, they might wear a really really long white tee shirt over the boxers. the girls stick with their cleavage-revealing camisoles and mini skirts. ms. newell, our only female assistant principle, divulged to the school over the loudspeaker about how "all of the girls in the school are whores." it was pretty apt. she forgot stupid, though, as a fitting adjective. one girl in my science class didn't know she was a mammal. there goes my generation.

Snuff Digital said...

trends I remember when I was growing up include:
-trading cards (pokemon, digimon etc.)
-those stick on jewels
-goth/punk styles
-Gel bracelets (I still love these)

trends I see now:
-scene hair/style (shoot me)
-emo style
-nose piercings
-stretched ears (SOOO many people are doing this now, before it was rather rare to see someone with stretched ears)
-Saggy clothing (people generally with their asses essentially hanging out because they wear their pants too low.)
-Crocs (eww)
-skinny jeans
-ballet flats

Ariz said...

When people die, there are no words that encourage us or make us feel better, maybe that is why the people have a moment of silence

too bad :(


cilliii said...

Why do they all die??

In-things.. Piercings and German/English whatever language. ^^

Brenda said...

I just want to tell you that I left you a comment and you didn't accept it. That's not fair, but anyway I still love you so much XD.

ET Scene said...

Someone is killing celebrities!! I swear to dog! T.T Get yourself a tazer or something!!!!! annoying as usual. Heehee...yeah. Trends...being mean to the freaks. T.T

Hannah said...

definetly the neon colors are back. and call me a folower but i like it ^^ sorta atlease. until all thease girls get all slutty adn crap. oh an hair color. no one has their natural color anymore. (oops...)

jenny said...

thr was a trend for yoyos once, and thr was that wholle chola trend with the bandanas and sharpie eye brows and the just lip liner on the lips, fucken clowns!
those lil one inch tall mohawks
,girls wearing shorts that were constantly up thr ass, and then for my friends are whole thing was and still is rockin out...

Anonymous said...

I think that rave clothes kinds that make your eyes hurt is mostly the style. Mostly guys at my school wear them, to big though. Makes them look like there 10. XP. I don't know swishy skater hair also.


Kitteah said...

- Low top black and white converse. One day I came to school and they were everywhere, even the dance team had them in their uniform for one dance.
- Neon colors. One or two at a time is fine. Any more than that and you look like a circus clown and a rainbow had a kid and it puked on you.
- Bootay shorts. Seriously.
- Going vegetarian. There was a large boom of vegetarianism and then people quit because they wanted a cheeseburger.
- Rubber bracletes (not sex braclets) with words on them. Those were huge when I was in like, sixth grade. People would have them stacked up to their elbows.
- Eco friendly bags/purses. As well as "green" t-shirts and other clothing.
- Bows. Large, patterned, bows.
- Tight t-shirts with a little sliver of fake tanned stomach showing.
- Fake tanning. To a lovely orangey brown.
- Two toned hair. Bleach blonde on top and dark brown on bottom. It goes wonderfully with the orange skin.
- Dinosaurs and robots.

I think I'll end this here.

Jessus said...

Those goddamn roman sandal things.
God, they're ugly.

Jayme said...

So I'm in color guard this year && last week was spirit week..
Thursday we did eighties day. && then we found out John Hughes died on the same day. How creepy is that?

Trends: Off the shoulder shirts, bright colors, big hair.
I see these things everyday at school, or especially out shopping or running errands.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a stalker .............. Text me??????

charlene said...

I graduated in 07 so I dunno the newest of trends ... All us nerds at the den (hang out place ... Gamers Den) just wear whatevers clean ... I sport mostly afi shirts and either a mini skirt (not too short ... I'm no slut) or my fave pair of 60s pants I got at a thrift store ... That's my trend ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jade!

I went to my friend's house today and saw some guy that just looked like you, haha. It was pretty funny. =P

I have tickets to the AFI concert October 7th, I can't wait!

Just thought I'd say that.

Love you!

Val said...

well grammar school kids were all about drawing on themselves with "gel-pens", but we all got in trouble for "self-mutilation". Ten year olds obviously kne what that meant...?

In high school the trend was to see how hungover you could be the next morning in class without getting caught. At a small catholic high school, it was pathetic how blind the administration was the day after Jack Johnson was in town. The day of the show, I was one of 40 people in school. Sad.

At my college, it's all about how often you get mistaken for a "real" a musical college you can only imagine how sparkly it is.

Frances said...

Too many:

Sideswept bangs
Those hats that are always on the edge of falling off, you know, the ones on the BACK of the heads?
People dyeing their hair BLACK, not that I'm against it but it looks HELLA UGLY on them.

Caitlin said...

Hmmmm, let me think. Well converse are definatly back as well as neon clothing (including pants), leggings are big,too. Huge sunglasses, short hair, tight shirts. I've also seen girls wearing headbands across their foreheads (like a hippie) with rainbow feathers that stick out. Presonaly, I think that looks rideiculous... Haha. ripped or disterssed jeans. That's pretty much the style for us jr.high kids exceot i only wear leggings for dance. Oh yeah. i broke my toe

JoeMama said...

Since I seem to be your celebrity death notifier, Les Paul died today. :(((

Do you ever play Les Paul guitars? I think I've seen you play them sometimes.

SheikYerbouti said...

Elementary school memories: David The Gnome, Bubble Tape, slap bracelets, Fern Gully- The Last Rain Forest & Zubaz pants.

Get on my level, previous comments.

SheikYerbouti said...

Let me also mention the epicness that was Hyper Color t-shirts... and Airwalk shoes. Sweet.

Glass Spider Webs said...

Mixing neons. And plaids.
I don't understand.

Did you hear about Les Paul?

Pyrophoenix said...

Hey big guy! I know I wasn't around lately to kick Hunter ass or planning my AFI European tour (Unfortunatly schudale conflit) but I got more sad news about dead people.

Les Paul left too.

Beside that have fun at your tour ^^

(Weird longtime message ^^)

Anonymous said...

in junoir high people did like this stupid game called ZAP and if you get "ZAPPED" then the person that "ZAPS" you writes something on you hand and when someone says your name you have to say whats written on your hand to them no matter who it is and how inappropriate it is. Once in my science class coach was taking roll and said this kids name and he was "ZAPPED" and he said what he was supposed to say and it was sooo funny though i forgot what he said which is maybe a good thing.

Anonymous said...

does anyone remember the slap bracelets? i think that was middle school for me, so that was like 92-94...what else? i definetly took part in the pegged pants, but it was called french rolling for some reason. high school was all about plastic beads and combat boots for me. also, no one had cell phones!

Rachel said...

I was reading through your comments and stumbled across one that said "don't post this" but you posted it anyways so I thought you should know cuz there's a phone number in the comment, I don't want that girl to be stalked.

Rachel said...

I was reading through your comments and stumbled across one that said "don't post this" but you posted it anyways so I thought you should know cuz there's a phone number in the comment, I don't want that girl to be stalked. -edit- its in your last post not this one

Janelle said...

Since he died, I've made a point to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off & The Breakfast Club. The only reason I've only watched those two is I haven't had time for anything else.

I haven't paid attention to trends in years. But all the girls now are into those damn Vera Bradley purses or whatever, & I just don't get it.

stazi said...

skinny jeans hoodies plaid cionverse and vans

Cherol said...

The wearing multiple Swatch watches thing was going on when I was a young kid. At least, it was with me. I set my watches to different times zones. It was fun. I had a Mickey Mouse watch that played the Beatles.

The "hip to be square" look was all over my middle school, but we didn't know it until afterwards.

POGS! Oh man, pogs. SO good.
I think Pokemon was pretty popular when I was in high school. It's still popular, but I mean the original pokemon.

Faking prescription glasses. Ugh, I dislike that one very much. When I got glasses in fourth grade, it was horrible. Everyone made fun of me constantly. Then in high school, the same people were wearing fake trendy glasses. Grr.

Oh, wearing Tripp bondage-y pants. As the Hot Topics have changed, that one seems to be fading.
I have terrible pictures from that time period of my life.

The worst trend today, in my opinion, is lolspeak.
My brain wants to explode anytime I hear or see it. I think if I wasn't fond of correct word usage, grammar, and appreciation of the English language, it wouldn't bother me so much.

There are so many more...but I've blahblahed enough.

Witching Hour said...

Slap bracelets...everybody had them in elementary school.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently in junior high. dead on about the neon clothing. converse for sure, which really has pleased me to be quite honest.skinny jeans...and apparently 11 year olds dying their hair is common. not even spicey unnatural colors, like green, but natural colors, like blonde. you may think this seems more normal, but attending the first day of seventh grade and seeing a sea of boys gone blonde is just a little freaky. one more: peace signs. the hippie trend made me alittle happy at first (I'm a bit of an anachronism with my striped bell bottoms, flowing skirts, paisley ties and beatles shirts), but it's actually quite annoying. its not even hippie really, just peace signs for some reason. neon green and purple lepord print peace signs on zebra print bags, that's when it gets annoying. the trends are a little hard to follow...last year it was shutter shades this year its hater blockers. last year it was skater shoes this year it's chucks. that kind of thing. sorry this comment is long, but trends are rather intesting. stay cool Jade.

Cassin8er said...

At my school? Uniforms, String Retreat. Twilight (thank God THAT'S over), Crash Love (haha), Immature dudes playing football on concrete. Internet slang (OMG, OIC, BRB, TTYL, BTW, LOL, ILY, blah blah blah). My Converse that go up to my knees. I love those things. Uggs, Vans(Unfortunately the soles aren't thick enough to stop pens from going through your foot-don't ask). Uhhh, red skinny jeans, checkered shoelaces, blah blah blah...

Oh yeah. Pretty Little Liars. Not that I've read it.

Cassin8er said...

OH MY GOD I FORGOT THE SHUTTER SHADES. Those are cool. Mine are totally bedazzled in rhinestones. I've got a total emocut. Ipods are cool. And this isn't really a trend, but me and my friends say "Fredward" instead of "Awesome" just because we're cool.

Anonymous said...

And everyone totally wants to be Native. Losers. I'm just saying that because I am. TOUR IN CANADA!!!!

Anonymous said...

The ever-famous teenager stare.

Anonymous said...

Yu-Gi-Oh. God, WHY?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My dad makes a point of telling me once every three days 'the 80's called, they want their hairstyle back'. He's just jealous.

Megnn said...

Haha, those seemed like nice times. Right now in school they wear snow boots with leggings and short shorts. The "skaters" wear neon skinny jeans but it is so weird 'cause they wear them down low like they are trying to be gangster, but it doesn't really work with skinny jeans. Ummm..I don't really follow the fashion trends, but one thing I know is always in style is CONVERSE! I am a lover of them myself but I know converse will always be in style.

By the way, that movie was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Trends:Pants sagging below the rear end,socks and flip-flops,Aeropostale(Blegh!No offense to anyone who wears's just what the stuck up people all wear.)Clarks,Guy Harvey brand,for country people.Within my group we just dress how we like.Jeans(NOT sagging them,that's disgusting)and some shirt with converse or vans.Just how we like,we try to look very different.And the seven-year-olds with tacky shirts saying "cute" and things of that sort are appearing on the want to be popular people.Egad.

Shy Girls Win said...

Hey btw Dani I have the 'KNEE HIGH CONVERSE' shoes you mentioned too. Except they're the Airwalk brand. I'll tell you the trends in my school because I'm still in school.

Skinny jeans are popular. Personally, I think I look better in them then anyone else in my school... besides the point. Girls are tying the back of their shirts with hair elastics and showing the bottom of the back and a bit of their stomach (unless you're not a slut and you actually put a tank top underneath you shirt and tie it up)and acting sluttty.... Lets see... converses are definetly in.... pulling out your phone and randomly texting to someone while walking to your bus.... putting some kind of accessory in you hair like a headband with a bow.... wearing those neon plastic bracelets that are moveable but you can't break and wearing alot of them.... uh.... listening to people like Miley Cyrus and people on 92.3... I don't do any of that except the skinny jeans and the converses because I love them both. I don't really bother with 92.3 because I can't drive and my mom can't right now and I never really go that coffee never helps....sorry for the long comments.

I LOVE JADE PUGET AND AFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Moccossins (insert extreme frown)
and hemp necklaces (even more extreme frown)
and i think some people are trying to start these super high pony tails that sit wear a hat should. so far, no one is catchin on to that one (thank god)
& random strands of hair being dyed a random colour.

Rhea R said...

Ai yaaa...

That'll tell you that I'm from a Chinese brimmed community so...yeah Fobb-yness is pretty much everywhere. No, seriously if you try to hide from just...creepy up on you >">

Uh, well nowadays since certain big hip-hop artists have gone "grunge" in their style (no more extremely baggy pants or sweats) many kids in our school have gone all faded jeans, graphic tees and ripped jeans. It vexes me because all these kids don't know the music that inspired those styles T_T.

...Or wait was it the emo stereotype that inspired it?

I'm confused D: Nonetheless, I am glad no one wears neon anything anymore =D Wait..yeah there are neon pink jeans and so forth... Darn T_T.

I guess junior high and high school trends will always remain wacky yet "cool" in our minds. Well, not all of our minds.

There's also that whole trend of everyone claiming to be able to play guitar because they play Expert on Rockband. I think-and Jade I'm sure you'll agree with me on this-that is just plain sickening. My guitar teacher and I are extremely dejected by it. In fact we don't even get mad, it's just like...oh yeah there are those fools who think they can shred a guitar 'cause they play expert on Rockband.

For the love of all that is holy, what is wrong with this seemingly technologically advanced world ?!