Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last day of European tour....!
Well, last show anyway. Had a fab show last night in Leeds, thanks to all who came out and made it amazing.
Currently sitting on the bus in Reading, across from Fritch, who's telling me a story but I stopped listening so I could type. Sorry Fritch.
Played some big rock festivals in Germany, got to play and hang with our friends in Rise Against, which is always good times. Got to see some other old friends as well, Thursday, Anti-Flag, and the Deftones.
Our first single came out on Tueday, which is exciting, we finally get to play a song off the new record live.
Spent 2 weeks on these Euro tour buses where you hit your head an average of 17 times a day on the low doorways.
Spending time on show days working on new Blaqk Audio material.
Going back to the States later this week to make a video.
These are my random and disjointed thoughts for today.


Anonymous said...

Glad yall had a good Euro tour =D can't wait for the new CD or the new vid! <3

Karlye said...

Aw, poor Fritch! I'd love to listen to some of his stories, he's a wise man ya know.

Yes, I've been hearing various reports from people who've been following you on the whole European tour. I can't wait for you guys to come on tour in the West Coast! I'm really enjoying Medicate, and I can somewhat relate to it already.

Maybe the buses are designed for short people, that or Europe isn't accustomed to somewhat taller folk. And new Blaqk Audio material! Hooray! Davey mentioned in that radio interview that you both did in Germany that it is done. Can't wait for that too.

HOLY CHEESE BALLS, a new video you say? I'll definitely be looking forward to that.

Those were my disjointed and random responses. :)

Nana said...

Did you get the candies my mum gave to Smith from me?

Kayleigh Control said...

Eh. I didn't get to see you guys at Reading or Leeds. This makes me awfully depressed. Come back to England soon cause that's three times my plans to see you guys fucked up. x

Nana said...

...And the gig in Berlin was so great :)

Mia said...

Haha, I stop listening to type all too's not a good habit to get into. :P

kirstie said...

Sounds way exciting, Jade! Thanks for the update! (The blog was getting dusty again).

despredblack said...

Thanks again for an awesome show in Berlin! It was worth traveling 8 hours. I hope You enjoyed it as much as I did ;>.
Can't wait to see the video and the new BA...and the rest or Crash Love, of course!

Anonymous said...

Jade, It's always good to hear from you. Sounds like good times! Except for hitting your head :D I keep checking to see when you're playing in the LA area. One of these days it won't say "no matching events" Keeping busy til the release date. Soooo excited :D

LynellMarie said...

Can't wait Jade. This is going to be so exciting. :)

ocmer28 said...

Thanks for the nice shows!! I was at the show in Amsterdam Jade u rock!!!

chaoskitten said...

Disjointed thoughts are wonderful things :)

I love Medicate, great single. Savage solo, very impressed! Can't wait for the record now.

As for hitting your heads, I'd suggest either:
A) Sticking a small cushion to the top of the doorways.
B) Walking solely on your hands and knees.
C) Wear matching helmets- handy for airborne missiles at shows and to make a snazzy new look for the tour :) Or to start a biker gang with the helmets...

(Being a midget comes in handy for not bashing your head, even if it means I have to stand on a chair to reach the back of the food cupboard. :) Lol! )

Video! Yay! I'm actually very curious to see what kind of concept it will be this time. :)

New Blaqk Audio= deadly! More music for me to look forward to... I'm going be so broke! Lol!

Good luck to you and the guys.

Amy said...

You guys were so awesome at leeds! (:
I was right at the front, getting crushed..But it was worth it! XD

Anonymous said...

Yay your coming back to the states!!! I cant wait for the new album I'm getting it the first day it comes out! Peace Love AFI.
-Kylie ^_^

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO!!!!!!! VIDEO! YAY! I can't wait. :)

Obsolete said...

so no new haircut like you were speaking of previously?

your so OG AFi along with adam.


davey and hunter have changed here and there

but you sir are still an ORIGINAL afi GANGSTER.

theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee issssssssszzz

Jo Emmaljunga said...

Wow. Thanks so much for the tour post! I'd love to hear more of these random and disjointed thoughts in the future, especially when you're touring because it's always interesting to read about local peculiarities. I went to the Berlin (Lido) show on Tuesday, which was absolutely amazing, still speechless. I want to thank you for taking the time to hang out with the fans after the show, so very nice of you. Travel safely back home!

Mandy said...

I thought the single was great :D I can't wait for the video, album & new BA material <3
Oh, well.. Maybe it's not the low doorway's fault... You're just too tall ;D If you're like me, short.. Then you wouldn't have a problem :P

Lydia-T said...

Leeds was amazing, thank you guys so much for playing it, I had such a good time. It really had been too long since you were in the UK!

One of the security guards gave my brother the half of Adam's drumstick that flew off the stage at one point too :D

Broadway Calls, Gallows and The Gaslight Anthem were awesome too, it was well worth getting there so early so we could be at the barrier!

Heloisa said...

AFI video right Jade?
it's been way too long.

Straight To Hell said...

I love "Medicate" ! I've been playing it over and over again. It's my myspace song.

I wish I could have seen you guys play. Rise Against and AFI are my two favorite bands.

I'll see you on the 7th of November though, in Chicago. Can't wait!

Hope your head doesn't hurt too bad. I'm sure the last thing you need is another trip to the hospital ;)

You know what they 17th time's the charm!

err..maybe that's 3x


Anonymous said...

I know Crash Love is right around the corner, but I'm already excited for a Blaqk Audio cd sometime in the distant future!! GET WORKING ON IT :)

Dominic said...

almost at 1,000 members for my Crash Love Facebook group i created about 3 weeks ago! =) Dont I atleast deserve some backstage tickets to a cali show for my dedication jade??


Glass Spider Webs said...

I feel your euro pain.
When I went over there I kept falling asleep randomly.. I believe everyone thought I was narcoleptic. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

i do that all the time to my aunt but shes learned to just deal with it but i also did it all the time last year to coach in algebra 1 and im so surprised that i actually passed that class with a B but it was also easy to tho

Drea said...

Yay ^_^

ThisSideUp said...

Your random and disjointed thoughts are very informative and exciting. Thanks! Was Fritch's story boring?

helen099 said...

i like "medicate" and am so so looking forward to hearing the rest of the record. especially excited to hear more guitar solos, which i hope there are more of. on the record. (if that makes any sense).

watch that beautiful head of yours, jade!


angelsineveryone said...

As tall as you are, did you bump your head even once on the bus's overhang? Anyways, I'm glad AFI is back in action! Did you have fun at the Euro tour? Jade, you're the coolest! I want to meet you someday. :) Bye!


Haras said...

The couple videos I've seen here and there of you guys playing Medicate for the first time are so good! I'm dying for October to get here. Less than 5 weeks left.

Can't wait for the video either! Wooooo

Crimson Butterfly said...

haha i love your randomness

Anonymous said...

Houston Texas houston Texas!!!!!!!!!!! Corpus christi Texas corpus christi Texas!!!!!!!!!! If you love us at all down here!!

Melissa said...

Ouch Jade, I hope your precious head is okay. I have been getting lot's of updates on your European tour from Zoe`Amiee, Camilla and Kathy. They have been awesome in taking pictures and telling us about each show. It feels like I was right there with them at each and every show. THANK YOU so much for you giving us an update as well. I am just so overly excited about hearing "Medicate", Crash Love coming out, the new tour. It is just all to exciting. Now a new music video and new Blaqk Audio. WOW...."I am soooo excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it, a woo-hoo". Was that lyrical reference correct? I love you Jade and the rest of the guys as well. Again thank you for always keeping us informed. You are the best. I can't wait for an L.A, Long Beach, Hollywood, or Orange County show soon. Heck, I'd travel to SanFran, Oakland, San Bernadino or where ever in California you guys are going to be playing at. I have done it before and I will do it again.

Much love and Respect,
Melissa =)

PS. I live with chronic pain and that makes me a bit miserable at times, but you Jade and the rest of AFI is my cure to being pain-free. Whenever I hear your music or see you guys live my soul becomes impassioned by all or your angelic stage presence and your music, it just flows through me like a drug. I feel nothing but ecstacy. *sighs* =) I love AFI forever. With all of my heart and soul. "Through our bleeding we are ONE"!!!!

Kitty said...

Great to hear that you guys are playing again, and shooting video! Exciting!

I hope you all are doing really well. So happy that AFI is back in full swing. :)

lezah said...

Well, Jade, it's not the doorways' fault that you're so extremely tall. :)

I'm excited for everything AFI! This will just increase 2009's music awesomeness. Next year. Soundwave 2010. I can't wait for that either. Also, please remember to include Singapore! We're dying(living?) to hear AFI live.

This is all so exciting. Eeep. And it makes studying for exams harder because I'm shaking with excitement everyday. Getting pumped!

Anonymous said...

am exciteddd

CAIT said...

for Medicate? :O

BellaDawna said...

"Spent 2 weeks on these Euro tour buses where you hit your head an average of 17 times a day," ah, now that explains a lot ;) Sure you are making a video Jade, Just like Cexcells hmmm? Sorry, tis not nice to tease us then never follow through with actually releasing such material. You boys have a safe trip back, I don't want you to have to miss the MN and OK shows I finally get to see you live at!!!

Underworldlovettfan said...

Thanks a lot for coming to Germany! I've been at Highfield Festival. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. Please come back!

Emme said...

Seems to me that Euro was luvlii (Hi5!) and something's brewN for us Blaqk Audio fans (Sahweet)

I await patiently for Crash Love album debut on sept 29

BUT I want to comment on the fact that i have yet to see WEST COAST tour on the AFI homepage but im not TRIPPIn... YET!

goodbyes4good said...

Ewwwwww can't wait to see u guys live in Sayerville..... And of course for the new tunes

camilla said...

It's been an amazing two weeks following you guys on the European tour, guys. Thank you so much! We're almost back home now and it's crazy how fast it went by, but we'll definitely see you again in January :) Oh and thank you for letting us come backstage yesterday at Reading, it was amazing. Have a safe trip home


Kissmyeyes666 said...

You were awesome at leeds!!! i got tickets for it just to see you guys!!! definitley worth getting squished to deathat the barrier to see you gouys live!!! cant wait for new afi vid & BA.

Jen** said...

AHHH!!! i cant wait for the new vid! and i cant wait til u come tour in the states!!! ive been looking forward to this for three years!!! i cant even explain how excited i am :)

also cant wait for more blaqk audio!!!

and LOVE the new single!!! ive already listened to it over 60 times :) its just so amazing, which proves how freakin amazing the new albums gonna be!!!!

luv ya!

Dani said...

WOOT I BOUGHT MY TICKETS TO SEE YOU GUYS!! SOOOO HAPPY! cant wait for new blaqk audio songs!! i have most of them memorized i need some new ones!! ALSO CANT WAIT FOR NEW AFI SONGS. im so excited for crash love!! OOOH IM JUST A BUNDLE OF JOY (even though today has been a bad day)

k17 said...

It must be so lovely to visit Europe... I hope I can go there someday. I can't wait for West Coast tour dates to come out! Please come to San Francisco ^_^

I'm more excited than ever for Crash Love!

Jemmeh said...

Blaqk Audio stuff?!


Jade I think I'm gonna cry. ;o; That stuff is so good. *joy joy joy* I get creepy fangirl when it comes to Blaqk Audio goods. I should maybe not say that, but I'll swing with the consequences.

Now see if you were wearing a construction hat to avoid the celebrity deaths like I told you before, your head wouldn't hurt on the tour bus! Geeze man! Do I have to buy you one?!

Still really hoping you come to the south side of the USA. I cannot afford to go so far north! Come to Atlanta! Argh! I even have a friend who said he would go with me. And he's tall. So he could tell me what I can't see!

I'd buy tickets with my grocery money. XD Mmmm, AFI flavored Ramen.

I'm so excited for everything that's going on! O__O

;__; I really want to see you guys before I die. .___. I hate bein broke.

I was going to send you a cardboard cut out of Michael Scott to put on the front row of the concert....but I realized there was no way you'd get that in time. I also realized it would be hard to get a cardboard cutout of Michael Scott on such short notice.

Maybe I'll convince someone random from Scranton to do it for me.

Your blog watchers miss ya while you're touring! So hurry up and come to ATLANTA so they can see you again. /shameful plug
<3 Yay.
I love you. :3

CaughtBetween said...

I hope this time around there are less injures for you guys! Though it is always fun listening about how it happened.... But still! :)

Jasmine said...

Cool tour! ;) I can't wait for the new cd =D <3

Kaylee said...

Thank you for your random and disjointed thoughts. I think people in Europe are all short. Everything over there is low and tiny. Safe trip back to the states!

leongyiting said...

It's because you're tall, Jade! I hope the video's for Medicate! :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

September 15th, 20?

kamuix212 said...

Random and disjointed can be fun...seems to be the majority of my thoughts these days. I can't wait to get the rest of the album in my hands, officially 28 days and counting down, thank you god, I hate waiting for anything these days.

New video should be cool too...

Are the doorways really that low?

morrowkitty said...

Bout time for a new video, slackers...I keed I keed!!

No Denver tour date? :(

Nastya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MJ said...

Not gonna lie, I just got pretty damn excited. I mean, I've always been excited for the new record, but I think it's hit a sort of peak now. Soon y'all are gonna say something about new music and I'm just going to explode. Sparkly MJ confetti everywhere. I'm so HXC I bleed motherfucking glitter. And when that day comes, you sir, are going to feel bad when all that glitter comes pouring down on your house.

These are my random and disjointed thoughts for today.

GabyBoop said...

I'm really excited for the new album! My sister and I spent like 3
hours guessing which concept you guys will choose for the new video and which director will be working with you.

Also, Mexico loves you all with rabid passion... Won't you come back again?


xblaqkxrabbitx said...

Medicate = AWESOME!!!
Your guitar solo = NINJA!

Hehe REALLY looking forward to Crash Love! Counting down the days!

I'm ecstatic right now! Crash Love, new video coming, AND new Blaqk Audio?!?!
What more could a girl want?!
(You should do some Blaqk Audio Aussie shows)

Anyways! I'll be seeing you and the rest of the guys at Soundwave in Melbourne!
Bought earlybird tickets.
I'm now broke but meh!

-Holly xo

NoiseElectric said...

Good of you to check in while you're so busy over there.

Lookin' forward to the new vid.

Have fun with the rest of the tour. :)

emilierose said...

what about us in the usa? :(
i really want my first afi concert.

Ale said...

Hola!!! Jade!!!!!!! Como veras hablo en español, escribiria el comentario en inglés pero soy mala para ese idioma, así que probablemente entenderias más si escribo en español que si lo hago en ingles, Estoy muy muy emocionada por el disco Crash Love y por el video, me encanta su música y las letras de sus canciones son tan geniales, yo soy de México y me gustaria mucho que vinieran por acá, ojala y si le entiendas y leas a mi comentario, me gustaria que me respondieras si no estas muy ocupado, por favor mi correo es, se que es mucho pedir que me escribas pero estaria muy feliz si lo hicieras, creo que eres un chico muy divertido, amable y lindo, te quiero que tienes muchas fans y que todas te han de decir lo mismo, pero yo te tengo un aprecio muy especial, no se como decirtelo, hasta me da pena escribirte este comentario. Jade te deseo mucha suerte en todo lo que hagas y si puedes espero tu respuesta aunque sean solo unas pocas palabras. Adios Saludos a Davey, Adam y a Hunter.

Anonymous said...


ET Scene said...

My friend got Medicate because her computer is smart enough for itunes. So I get to attack her computer for it. Uhmm...good call on the Blaqk Audio progress, I need some more of it. Heh, the low doorways would seriously make me feel taller then 5-zippo xD

Cant wait for Crash Love!! <3

daveysgirl said...

Medicate is awesome. Only 26 more days for some Crash Lovin'. :) You guys are sooooo talented.

Hannah Quigley said...

=D thats cool you got to see a bunch of your friends. rise against is great. 2nd fav band! lol can't wait to see you at the uptown in Kansas City

Anonymous said...


You spelt "Dissapoint" wrong. TWO S's.

And for that,


I am dissapoint.

Anonymous said...

Finally heard Medicate. Love love love it. 3:50 = go Jadey!!!

Just Crystal said...

I can't. Believe. You guys aren't coming to New Mexico. Well, whatever, I didn't REALLY want to see you guys anyway.


JoJo said...

Saw you in Amsterdam at the Melkweg...Well, saw part of you. Dutch people are so tall...
It was a great introduction to the country. My friends even got to meet Adam and Hunter.
Do you enjoy playing the small clubs? I thought it was great:)
Hope to see you again?

Nastya said...

Hello, Jade.
I have listened Medicate,and saw video from Berlin, those are great.
You play guitar very cool, but why do you sing too little?
I want to see your concert very much.When will you going to Russia with performance?
(I'm sorry,if I did grammar errors,becouse my english is not very good=) )

books_and_coffee101 said...

YOU MUST COME TO NASHVILLE, TN PLZ!!!!!! or chattanooga, tn...

books_and_coffee101 said...

YOU MUST COME TO NASHVILLE, TN ON YOU GUYS' TOUR PLZ!!!! or you can come to chattanooga, tn... either one is fine with me!

Muestra el nombre said...

ooooooo! good luck on the video<3

Tiffany Mcs. said...

i bougtht the new album
i was worried it would solund alot like sing the sorrow
dont get me wrong i love that record
but i dnt like hearing the sam thing over &over ya know
but u guys blew my expectations outta the water
i loooooooooooooooooove it!!!
amazing job
cant wait for u guys to hit touring in the south

Anonymous said...

cool . . . rise against!