Sunday, April 26, 2009

Groggy. Just woke up. Grog blog. My dog is hiding behind a lemon tree.
Just read on some website that David Slade, the guy who directed the Girls Not Grey video, is directing the 3rd Twilight movie. Expect rabbits emerging from crotches instead of vampires in that one.
Interesting that the majority came out against Twitter. It's obviously a silly development in our slowly devolving culture but I guess it can be entertaining, I just read in the news that Oprah tweeted "My hair is not a weave".
That's crucial information.
A few people have been saying this site is running slowly/strangely. It loads fine for me but the html probably looks like calculus homework because my page is so bedazzled with flair. I'll investigate.
Saw Mick Jagger in the hallway of the studio yesterday. He suspiciously showed up at the same time as this beat bike that was leaned up against the lightpost outside. I'm convinced he rides to the studio on a ten-speed.
Someone asked if that last song I posted was sung by Stephen Hawking. Win.

Someone pointed out that the poll ended up being 50% to 49%. Very mysterious. The other 1% voted for the Makeout Club.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So so much going on, haven't had a chance to post.
Putting the final touches on the AFI album.
Writing new Blaqk Audio songs.
Trying to eat good thai and mexican food.
Trying to make it to Coachella (I see Moz is the clear winner).
Trying to decide who to take on tour with us.

Any thoughts on any of the above?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I was thinking about musical tastes, and how they change over time, about all the styles of music I've enjoyed since I first discovered music on my own. It surprises me that I still love them all. I can put on the songs that excited me as a kid and still feel that dopamine surge that put me on this path.

What are the things you'll always love, no matter how far your musical tastes navigate away from your first discoveries? guys aren't scared to be truthful about music you loved/love even if it's not "cool". I like it.

iPods won. Congratulations to iPods. Like they need it.

Friday, April 03, 2009

I like this new profile, it's inky, it makes me think of this song: