Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fist off (typo, keeping it), I was reminded by a very nice person today that I asked you guys to guess the lyrics of Fainting Spells, and then failed to post them.
How cruel. How unusual.
So here they are:

I'm the devout
Praying just to
Get the blood out
bound by this flesh I own
I'm the devout
cutting just to oh
get the blood out
desecrate til we die alone

I don't believe anyone actually guessed them correctly, but some came very close.
Especially this one:

Just give me something!
[Cut the cheese out!]
Bring it to Earl!
[Catch the blood hound!]
Bound by this pension! (Ohohohhhh!)
[Cut the cheese out!]
I need it too! (Ohh!!)
[Catch the blood hound!]
Desecrate til we dye our hair!!!!

Also, I enjoyed "Arm the Tivo!"

So, appropriately, Fainting Spells won the poll as well. On an unrelated note, I want to do a guitar tab for Crash Love, if you'd like to vote for a particular song, do so in the replies.
Now I must sign off to eat my obligatory aftershow vegan hotdog.
Good night.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Here's my Monday mix, songs from a few punk bands that were important to me as a wide-eyed child.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kansas City!
Don't let it fool you, it's not actually in Kansas.
Just did a signing, met some lovely people. During an intermission we went up the street to a coffeeshop where Davey, Hunter, and Smith bought like 10 paintings off the wall, which they then had to lug around.