Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Summer. Finally.

Not that I'm necessarily a fan, I've always held an uneasy regard for the sun. I think I prefer the overcast of a Berkeley morning to the unrelentingly cheerful sunny skies of LA.

There's something about summertime that makes you want to just get in the car and ride to something. Maybe it's that residual feeling of freedom from the school year, or those sunny skies I was talking about.

Which brings me to my point: what are your summer jams for 2010?


jamie said...

I'm lovin' the band fun. They have a very summery feel.

Anonymous said...

a summer with my lover :D

Jake said...

Probably either "F*ck Dancin" or "Dance F*ckin".

Anonymous said...

The Clash - Combat Rock, Metric - Fantasies, Ramones - Rocket To Russia, Garbage 2.0 Etc...

Kyle said...

Lately I've been listening to a lot of The Gaslight Anthem. Something about them gives you this nostalgic feeling like I'm in the summer during the 50's. So It's pretty much like I'm

Kyle said...

Lately I've been listening to a lot of The Gaslight Anthem. Something about them gives you this nostalgic feeling like I'm in the summer during the 50's. So It's pretty much like I'm Marty Mcfly. Awesome. Other than that, I've been falling in love with the album "Farwell to The Shade" from And Also The Trees. Any late 90's-early 2000's Pop-Punk is perfect for the summer, haha.

J_yellow said...

I'm holding out for global cooling as well. But since we are forced to suffer though summer my driving songs would have to be:
Tambourine Love and I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here.

As well as just about anything Rise Against and Phil Collins have ever written (although these is consistent summer after summer after summer.)

Omar F. said...

Pendulum and BTBAM.

Anonymous said...

I think it's all about the beiber fever this summer.....

Jordan said...


The XX
The Black Keys
Phil Collins
Kid Cudi
Lil' Wayne
Husker Du
AFI/Blaqk Audio (that's a given)

I'm not sure if you meant things that came out relatively near this summer or just what we're jamming to in general. So, I comprised a mix of both. Happy Summer to ya!

Adam said...

There has to be some Guns N Roses in there somewhere, maybe it's so easy or My Michelle, something with some propper rock n roll energy and swagger. And your right there is an urge to get in the car and drive somewhere, wether it be to the beach or a longer road trip. There is that summer feeling of freedom, it can be a great feeling. anyway back to summer jams. The summer tends to be when I can bring out some of the more "classics" like Eric Clapton, or Motorhead

Jordana said...

OFC Crash Love or any AFI but I have to say that Paramore, P!nk, Ke$ha and Jason DeRulo is thrown in there too!

Steve said...

the new Ceremony
the new LCD Soundsystem
How to Destroy Angels
Archers of Loaf
The Rolling Stones
Disintegration deluxe reissue
Kid Cudi
Beach House

Kaylee said...

In the summer, if the windows are down and the music is loud it almost doesn't matter what's playing. That doesn't answer your question at all. You're welcome.

Black said...

Not much yet... so far it's gotta be S.O.I.A - Based on a True Story. "Let's celebrate that we don't give a fuck" should be the anthem of summer 2010. Also I recommend adjusting the bass and letting the Alpine blast when doing so.

apaerie said...

Blah, my summer is going to be sooo boring this year. I'm cramming in more classes so I can graduate asap so I'm taking more classes during the summer.

LA is just waaaay too hot in the summertime. I live in the Bay Area so yes, I also prefer overcast skies here than the weather of Southern CA.

I hope you'll have a better summer than me though. All the touring must be kinda tiring :/

Anonymous said...

Jade your's....nvm.

What I'm doing this summer?
Shopping!!! And hanging out with friends. What about you?(besides the tour:))

Faithless I'll adore you said...

summer jamns?
not a big fan of it
but it does give u some feeling of freedom
I will do therapy to my little bro and be at the pool
but my plans of going to dallas to c u perform with GD
but u gotta come back to houston
gotta luv u

Чума said...

All of "Earthly Delights" by Lighting Bolt

Ayda said...

The music i usually listen to during the summer is like really happy and catchy :)
I'm a big No Doubt fan so I'll for sure listen to them over the summer!
Can you suggest some other great artists?

Tracie Tsuneya said...

They're not new songs, but I just feel like listening to them at this time:
-Judy and Mary/Radio
-The Runaways/California Paradise
-The Smiths/Ask
-Rancid/Junkie Man

EyezOnThePrize said...

Deftones new album Diamond Eyes is definitely my summer go to. And perfect for Grizzly Peak sunsets.

She's In It For The Nicotine Boys! said...

It will be Bright Black Heaven once it comes out! Until then it's LMFAO!

Cassii said...

My summer jams? Ah... Bamboozle.

I'd give anything to be in the sun a bit more, it snows in London anywhere from September to May. That only leaves 4 months of no snow, but then there's rain. Which we've had too much of, by the way. There was a CYCLONE yesterday. Okay, it wasn't actually a cyclone, but it could have been!

I actually just heard Mute yesterday- wow that was an oxymoron! Hear Mute! HA! I'm done freaking now. But that song is GOOD brose. Can it be on Bright Black Heaven? Pretty please? I'll stop calling you brose?! Not that I have zero respect for you, I just call everyone brose. I call my mom brose. I met the gorvernor general of Canada and I accidentally called her brose. So yeah. I'm done now.

Cassii ;)

//..Flip..\\ said...

going to nova scotia
wholesome canadian vacation spot.

Anonymous said...

Get a job at a pizza place and pretend it's the 80's all summer.

chelsey said...

Nothing new really. Florence & the Machine, getting back into Interpol, the new Circa Survive (which is EXCELLENT if you haven't given it a whirl yet). And Queen, obviously. Nothing says pool party like Queen.

Tabor Strange said...

Sit at home and see how many times I can watch The Dark Knight in a day

Kit said...

The New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols are on hold for me at the library. Should be jamz enough for this week. Next week, who knows?

MamaDebs said...

My daughter is graduating from high school on the 25th; we're having a bbq for her and her friends. My hubby and I are hoping to get away for a few days to Atlantic City to catch a few shows and do the beach thing. Other than that, I'm especially looking forward to new BA release.

michelle. said...

these will probably be my summer songs:
god is a dj - faithless.
flashback - calvin harris.
say hello to the angels - interpol.
we came to dance - the gaslight anthem.

Anonymous said...

Whatever is great music. No Cash, AFI, Choking Victim,
L.O.C., et cetera.

helen099 said...

dude! i just saw The Damned Things (newly hatched rock supergroup) play their first concert evar at the knitting factory in brooklyn last night. they sounded awesome for their first time! i'll be looking forward to their first album.

don't you listen to the people who say 'rock is dead.' as long as kids keep picking up guitars and making like jimi hendrix (or jade puget), rock will never die.

that Who lyric always bothered me. "Long live rock, Be it dead or alive." i never got that. if you get inspired to answer questions, can you explain that pls?

i see you're off-duty in july. enjoy your break! *waits patiently for BA*


d'anna said...

anything MGMT, Talking Heads, Moby, The Temper Trap; mostly trippy music that inspires my artwork.

And, of course, AFI. Straight up.

Anonymous said...

I hope Blaqk Audio!

Maya said...

Summer jams? I must say I never thought about that. I just listen to whatever. Of course, AFI is high up, as is Green Day, and a few others, but of course I listen to you guys almost every day. I find that I listen to a lot of the Beatles in the summer, much more than usual, and a lot more techno and electronica... obviously Blaqk Audio, and because of my friends, also Basshunter and Daft Punk.

And Jade, just curious, what are some good songs for beginners to play on guitar (preferably AFI)? I'm learning to play, and I learned to play the beginning of "God Called in Sick Today".

I wrote a story featuring you and drew you. You can find that here:

Last thing: Will you do one of your Q & A's again? Your last one was amazing and there's some stuff I want to ask you!

Can't wait to see you in August!


Ginny said...

I've recently fallen in love with the band Neon Trees. They are fun and fantastic.

Christy Crawley said...

Well, I WISH it was Bright Black Fucking Heaven. XD

I'm going to Japan for six weeks, so I'll have a little japanese music mixed in with AFI!

Thanks so much for the kickass shows in Tennessee! You threw a pick at me! :-D I made you guys some chocolate chip vegan muffins, in case you ate one!

Were you okay after the Knoxville show? I was talking to a bunch of people in the early hours of the morning in Memphis, and we were all saying that you had bags under your eyes. :(

Tell Davey I said thank you for stepping into the crowd in Memphis! He was right infront of me, and I was very happy, cause I've always wanted him to step out or crowd walk!

Your brother is a badass motherfucker by the way.

Lynn Aquaheart said...

I definately have to include Fancy Blood by Scarlet Grey. I saw them open for you guys and I was immediately hooked! I am so glad that I got to see them! I relate to their songs so much, and the pirate song is priceless. Other than that I'm still riffing on Crash Love. I am also listening to Band of Horses and Broken Bells. There is also a band I like named Killola that is always good for a girl's day out. Ooh, this is already really long but I always like to listen to Placebo when I am out chillin at night when it's all balmy outside.

Paul said...

I was a Teenage Anarchist by Against Me!

caro.lina. said...

Everything, anything from The Dead Weather = my summer jams

Mia:) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mia said...

-feels stupid- Oops. You said jams, not plans...

MysticWanderer said...

I'm loving the new direction of rap right now: Cudi, B.O.B., etc.

Jakil said...

"Unrelentingly cheerful sunny skies of LA"? What? LA is overcast with a constant layer of icky smog. Bleh. It's also not as hot as the wussies who live there would lead the rest of the country to believe.

My personal summer jam is Africa, by Toto (music lovers everywhere flinch and recoil in horror). It is my permanent summer jam; in fact, I could listen to it every day without getting tired of it. That said, I'm mostly joking, but not entirely.

aleisha said...

Jane's Addiction is always good summer music. And Minus the Bear.

Rebecca Baxter said...

I work at a Girl Scout resident camp in the summers, so my summer jams are camp songs. We have a song for EVERY SINGLE THING IMAGINABLE. Three buffalo songs, four moose songs, an aardvark song, songs for daily life activities, songs for every single mood imaginable.

But besides that I listen to a lot of Cartel in the summers and TBS's first album. Then some Emery usually and various other things. I've seen all these bands on Warped when I was younger, so that's probably why they remind me of summer. I listened to those albums over and over during the four hours to/from the Gorge (in George, WA) every summer.

ainsleyjessica said...

Winter is coming on where I'm from, (New Zealand) so I dont think I'll be going to any summer jams or taking long road trips to the beach anytime soon ):
But if AFI came to New Zealand this season I'd definitely get off my ass and come see you play.
*hint* ;)

Charlie. said...

I'm with ya for the cruising Jade, summer is the time for that. Though in my case I'll be speeding along on my bike singing as loud as I can. Have you ever passed someone singing on a motorbike? I imagine I'm quite hilarious.
Unfortunately for us in Oz winter has been settling in and memories of the summer and it's adventures continue to fade. Maybe the summer tunes will bring them back. I assume that is what's meant by jams? Well there's Brand New's "Your Favourite Weapon" which has always been a summer thing, some Placebo like "English Summer Rain" and "Pure Morning". Errrm...good chunk of Green Day, maybe some Jane's, Against Me! and oh! Dead Kennedys. Definitely summer tunes. Particularly the lounge version of California Uber Alles. Uppin' the speed on the bike when it explodes if fuckin' awesome.

K, I'll stop the ramblin'. Hope you get a few overcast mornings dude.

Brandon! (stupidartpunk) said...

Check out Puget Power... It's gotta be good if Dave Grohl bought it right? See in you Grand Rapids, MI..

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY "In Departure" by this awesome unsigned band from Portland, OR called ...And The Sirens Sang. They're really good and their music is incredibly melodic with keys, piano, 3 guitars, a ton of vocal harmonies and stuff and their lyrics own. GREAT band. That, and "The Past Should Stay Dead" by Emarosa.

Anonymous said...

Cartel - Burn This City

FallSouthWinter said...

Ugh, summer. I'm not the biggest fan of summer OR winter; I vastly prefer noncommittal seasons.

I've been listening to a lot of Signum A.D. (good local band, not to be confused with the trance duo Signum), a little bit of Cain's Offering and I also recently picked up Opeth. The best thing about Opeth is that their music feels like autumn.

Anthony said...

Hmmmm, doing a few local gigs with my band this summer so that will be awesome! We're actually covering Medicate too, but unfortunately its never going to be as good as when i saw you live at Rock City in the UK! :-( Keep up the good work!

millie. said...

It's winter over here in Australia.
Must say, most definitely a fan.

Decided to welcome in the season with a round of Love Like Winter at midnight~ <3

Also, yeah, school year isn't even half way through here. Not enthused at all.

n__n <3

lezah said...

It's winter down under, good sir. I hate summer (and hot weather in general), so you guys coming down under did make my summer a lot better. :) Lately I've been listening to lots of Canterbury, Futures, The Cure, Muse... A lot of UK bands, it seems. You should check out Canterbury and Futures. They're relatively young bands and their albums are available for download for free on their sites. and

I've heard from a radio station in Aus that you guys are coming back at the end of the year? Can you confirm this? If you do, it will be GREAT but please confirm dates soon so that it doesn't clash with the family vacation to Tasmania, haha.

Enjoy your summer! You're going to be playing with Green Day, how exciting. Wish I could be there!

The Sky Will Fall said...

I've been listening to the new Deftones and Broken Bells. Those are good. Also, this local band Brier Rose. I saw them live and realllly liked them so I got there CD and a shirt... <3 You might like them, not sure though.

Boo Baby said...

Well the beginning of the summer was traveling from Knoxville to Memphis with AFI. =] I have some pretty awesome friends who gave that to me as a birthday present.

As far as in between that and August's show I'm going to be searching for a job. I need one really really bad. I'm not as lucky as Christy and able to go to Japan. XDDD Lucky little girl!!!

But I do agree with her on wanting to know if you are alright. We were indeed talking about how tired you looked at the Knoxville show. Anyways, missed seeing you at Knoxville and Memphis...You probably would've been laughing at my group. Christy, Caleb (the guy who got thrown out at Memphis. XD), Erin, Jordan, Tracy....Oh good lord..anyways, we were insane.

Tell Smith I wanna see some pictures with that shirt we gave him!!!


Halsie said...

The Gorillaz, pretty much the whole Plastic Beach album. Some Kind Of Nature is my fav:) The Neon Trees, New Crystal Castles...

xDeadxNinjax said...

This is my last summer before I go to Basic Training for the Army, I'm enjoying my freedom, playing some shows, exploring Chicago and Texas, turning 20 and just going to shows before I have to leave.

Alyssa said...

Although I listen to it throughout the year, my favorite summer song happens to be my favorite AFI song as well: Third Season.
Summer is here, and all I can do is wait for Fall to come :)

Rebecca said...

Anything by the Gaslight Anthem, or Right Ahead, Great Captain!

Grocery Girl said...

i think the soundtrack to this summer is going to be a local band called Sonic Epitaph, maybe some Sonata Arctica, definitely Scarlet Grey and a Finnish band called Negative. but probably mostly Scarlet Grey's Fancy Blood. totally hooked!

Anonymous said...

oh and..Star Fucking Hipsters, The Cure( a good summer album of theirs is The Head On The Door), Assorted Jelly Beans, and I'm looking to buy the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Two disc British one.

Only Skin said...

Foals- Total Life Forever
Sunset Rubdown- Dragonslayer
Pavement- Slanted & Enchanted

celinox said...

End Transmission and anything from Glee that isn't the rap.

Gilded said...

First off, had an awesome time at AFI's show last night in Indianapolis, great job y'all.

Anyways, I've found that "pulling the top down [and] us[ing] your knees to drive" is quite nice in the summer to End Transmission, and Crash Love in general.

Bumpin Gaga is always fun too. Whatever my iPod tells me to play I guess :P

Cat said...

Lady Gaga for sure. Also Jack Johnson and Tegan & Sara.

And basically any song that features a ukulele.

folkedforlife said...

I haven't found my summer jams yet. I'll know by fall, when I can look back and see what I've listened to. But I do know that I'm taking a ride up to Milwaukee, from Chicago, to see you at Verge! Woohoo!

escapewinterlake said...

Nothin' but Gaga...

ashley said...

a lot of Artist Vs poet, The Maine, Silverstein, A Day To Remeber, and The Academy is...

Tara said...

The Birthday Massacre, Erasure, Wolfsheim, and Morrissey. Mind you, all of these bands are good any time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Red Hot Chili Peppers have some good summertime tunes. Speaking of, a lot more people than you think probably got your sock reference in Grand Rapids tonight. Anthony Kiedis is from here, afterall.

Rated_M.I.chelle said...

In the Air Tonight by Phil Colins

Alexis said...

It certainly does not feel like summer here in Western Canada. It was snowing earlier this week! But when the sun does come out I'm sure I'll put on some Kenny Chesney. I think country songs are so rad to play in the summertime. Like the song "Summertime"! And maybe some Muse.

Steph said...

Anything upbeat, light, and fun. Anything new and not too mainstream, I guess. But mostly just anything that brings the sunshine out and works with the speakers blasting and the windows rolled down.

Steph said...

Ahhhh, but mostly Mae. They're always in my summer playlists.

Flash said...

Maybe seeing Paul McCartney again at AT&T park in San Francisco. Saw him down at the Hollywood Bowl in March, which was incredible--right after your Slim's show. Talk about an epic live music week.

Seeing you guys and Green Day in Colorado then getting as close of seats as possible for the Shoreline Amphitheatre show in the bay at the end of the tour. Can't wait!

Other than that hoping to hear some Blaqk Audio tunes...and gotta pick up the new Scarlet Grey album as well. They were loads of fun at Slim's.

Kylie said...

Hey! I come to this page everyday for a month and lose internet for one week and thats when you finally decide to post. REALLY JADE?!?!?!

Ok off that random ramble but... what I've been listening to so far over the summer isn't what most people would be listening to and that is mostly The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, AFI (obviously), and anything off the Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack (I know weird comebo but hey).


Diana said...

Well my summer officially started by driving for hours over night and then sitting in front of the venue all day (starting at 5am) to see AFI in providence. Let me say It was AMAZING and well worth the re-injury to my foot in the process.

As for the rest of my summer I am hoping to keep it simple. I plan on working and earning enough money to fly out to AZ to see AFI/ Green day and might get to see you in Boston. I will also be going to 2 other shows this summer, and of course keeping up in my College classes this summer.

aside from work that's all I'm up to. Jade aside from the tour, what are you doing this summer?

Dillon said...

Tatem - One

It's only $6 on iTunes. Really great EP, cheap too.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's winter here...

Escape the Fate
Crash love, The Art Of Drowning
The Used
Sixx: AM xD


fluffo said...

cocorosie, oy

Jenn said...

I reckon this summer's top 5 =
Tiger Army - Afterworld
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
Rise Against - From Heads Unworthy
AFI - Perfect Fit
The Dear & Departed - Matter Of Time

bit of SOIA too, umm Gaslight Anthem and Eyes Set To Kill

oh and BFMV

this could go on forever...
love ya!

books_and_coffee101 said...

hmmmm for me its
I can't decide- Scissor Sister
The Crow and The butterfly- Shinedown
A Pirate's Song- Scarlet Grey
Alejandro- Lady GaGa
The Good Life- Three Days Grace
Your going down- Sick puppies
It was Mine and Medicate- AFI

..... and getting a good tan, learn to sow and spending time with my boyfriend :D

Shy Girls Win said...

AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI!!!! Of course!!! That's really all I listen to.

<3 Your obsessed fan,
Jade Panda Jade

Shy Girls Win said...

Oh, and Maya! You and me are really alike, considering we're both early begginners (not good at spelling that word)and we both played 'God Called in Sick Today'. Well, I would recommend Silver and Cold AFI. It's not that hard. Do you take music lessons?

porsches as bribes said...

La Roux and Metric are my two favorites at the moment

TJmusic24 said...

im working with my gma in her insurance office...btw why are no FL dates for AFI and Green Day? could you do this to us!

emiiiieeee said...

Mine was Soundwave :P (concidering the fact im in brisbane :P )

Lady Jesus said...

Hmm I'm gonna go with Anti-Flag. Fun and go well with skateboarding around the Bay Area. I'm sure there's more bands out there I'll be listening to though.

Crimson Butterfly said...

i don't have any anymore all of mine died thanks to family so i'm spending my time drawing something that is somewhat cool then again yuma is a bitch to be in during summer epescially beens its like a freakin oven :/

Vermillion Valentine said...

Miyavi makes for fantastic driving with the windows down music. <3

GermaricanMix said...

I just discovered IAMX and I cannot stop listening to Kiss & Swallow. Will be buying their other albums shortly.

Anonymous said...


that is all...

... i still stand by my previous comment beiber fever baaabbbeeess.

BrEbRe said...

Hey I'm new at Blogging and all but I have something to ask you Jade,Does Marissa your girlfriend have a Facebook Because I messaged them and they said they were her so I just to know if I'm being tricked!!!!

Obsolete said...

first thing that comes to mind would be..

girls not grey- afi
love like winter- afi
(cold feeling from those songs)

affliction- afi
summer shudder- afi
(intensity like the sun)

cereal wars- afi
doin' time- sublime
saw red- sublime
(hanging out)

rocksteady- no doubt
hey baby- no doubt
(on a warm night)

how soon is now- the smiths
i remember- deadmau5
(on a drive to the bay)

i live in sac where the heat is unforgiving.

i prefer daly city, berkeley, or sf.

i bet your hair is a mess and skinny jeans aren't the best outerwear for LA.

i wear black most of the time.
i hate colors but i have to give in sometime.

Ali Jacqueline said...

I believe it has been agreed upon amongst friends that B.O.B's "Nothin' on you" is the summer jam '10.

However, my personal pick is E-40 and Too $hort's "Show me what your working with".

A perennial summer jam is Aztec Camera's "Oblivious". Booyah.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually listening to some of The Young Veins.......Love Change

Anonymous said...

I'm actually listening to some of The Young Veins.......Love Change

Drea said...

Shiny Toy Guns mhmm, They scream summer to me.

Skylar said...

How To Destroy Angel's debut EP, Unheilig's Grosse Freiheit and Deftones' Diamond Eyes. I'll be listening to these for awhile. I highly recommend it too.

lorral said...

Heading up to MA to see some opening band for Green Day. LOL Taking some new peeps into the fold. My nephew and my sis.
Maybe I'll catch you when you come down to TX too! :-)

Chris said...

Anything by Rudimentari Peni gets me in the mood for summer, winter, fall or spring.

estel said...


Nicole Williams said...


Skarlett Witch said...


Obviously AFI, no question

Billy Talent
john O'Banion's Satomi Hakken Den.(don't ask)
I'm not a fan of the summer time/heat...

Hopefully you don't get heatstroke or anything,Jade...the sun isn't as friendly as you think:)

Elizabeth said...

i really share your opinion about summer ,ho el verano , el verano , .... i just love it , too bad that here winter just started ...

JADESJOY said...

I am into the bands off the soundtrack from the Brit show 'Skins' - it is so different to what I usually listen to - but I am loving it. Check out 'Archie Bronson Outfit' and 'Broken Family Band' - these and 'Fever Ray' are my summer sounds. Enjoy your July - you earned a rest!

Alyssa said...

Blaqk Audio
The Young Veins (I happen to be seeing the concert)
Avenged Sevenfold
Green Day (HOPING to see the AFI/Green Day concert in SF)(HOPING for backstage passes.tehe ;) )
Panic! at the Disco
The Black Veil Brides
Papa Roach
The Used
The Misfits
The Clash
Well. that's quite the list. I'm also crossing my fingers for a cooler summer here in the lovely Oakland hills, with a chance of rain and overcast skies.

Anonymous said...

Dream Theater- Metropolis Pt.2 Scenes From a Memory (album)

Dream Theater- Images and Words (album)
Reccomend you check them out Jade, if you don't already listen to them haha.

The new Iron Maiden album of course!
and lots of AFI particularly The Art of Drowning and Sing the Sorrow, I always get a feeling of nostalgia listening to those albums in summertime.

Jamekae said...

I'm really loving fun.'s Aim and Ignite, it's a brilliant record and really gets me ready for a Summer's day, it just makes me smile no matter what. Highly recommend you look into that if you haven't already.

And it's no secret to my friends what the essential ingredient to a perfect summer morning is, (when I introduced them to the concept they instantly adopted it as their own) they all know well that a little bit of Johnny Marr's jangle is the best way to tackle a summer's day.

disenchanted37 said...

the smiths-ask, afi-summer shudder, joy division- transmission, blink 182- always.

goodbyes4good said...

I'm really liking Neon Trees right bout now, always have a spot for afi and incubus.. Any who can't wait to see u guys with Green Day on 8/14 in jerzzzzzy!

Hope everyone is well.
Endless love and respect,
xoxoxox melissa

Leftover Slurpee. said...

Breathe Carolina and probably Say Anything mixed with a crazy clash of old AFI and Bayside. None of those bands match at all.

Alyssa said...

You're a winner.I think you should to go to slim's sf once again. It'd be awesome. And it would make my life a gazillion times better... :)

Ebon said...

i know i'm spinning alot of Yeasayer and Edwward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros this summer, and Bon iver is good for my bike rides around the area and to work. "Skinny Love" going down a hill at 25 mph with just flip back breaks is kinda exhilarating.

Nephilista said...

"In G.O.D. We Trust (Gold, Oil & Drugs) - Ebony Bones
"Take the Night Off" - S.O.I.A.
"Tightrope" - Janelle Monae
"Answer to Yourself"-The Soft Pack
"Odessa" - Caribou

Plastic Beach- Gorillaz
Crash Love (big surprise there,right? ;>)


Anonymous said...

I'm the same way. I hate the summer because of the hot wheather. But I just adore winter because it gets nice and cold.

Remember how decemberunderground had lots of wintry symbols? Cold wheather rocks. I'm sure Davey'll agree.

Anonymous said...

No One Does It Like You- Department of Eagles

Ain't Got Nothing to Lose- The Federals

The Reeling (Bubblegum Sci-fi Remix)- Passion Pit

Fader (Jakwob Remix)-Temper Trap

Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)-Ellie Goulding

alex said...

i dont know maybe "boys of summer"(the cover) and "summer rain" by alphaville but 2010 is going to be about nightmare, i really want to hear what the rev called his masterpiece