Friday, August 06, 2010

Gahh, blowing it on the blogger front.
I've had an excuse for the last 5 days at least. We started the Green Day tour, which has been quite the experience so far.
We haven't done a legit big support tour since we went out with the Offspring in Europe in the year 2000. That's 10 years of the headlining Affies.
Currently we're in Chicago. Chicago is like the Miami of Canada. Which is a good thing.
Lollapalooza tomorrow. There's actually a ton of bands I'd like to see in the lineup this year, such as:
The Black Keys
The Strokes
Cut Copy
Grizzly Bear
Dirty Projectors
Frightened Rabbit
Minus the Bear
The Big Pink


I hope they don't put Frightened Rabbit and Grizzly Bear on next to each other. Could get ugly.

In case you were wondering, yes, Lance Herbstrong is playing.

On to other things.

is in full gear-up mode. We haven't made any major announcements because we have to take care of a few important things first.
We do, however, have our first show booked, which is exciting. Should be announced soon.



Shannon said...

You were great in Camden/Philly! Represented the DF on the lawn, though I was incredibly jealous of the cluster of DFers in your corner of the pit. Alas, those tickets were expensive and sold out quickly ;__; My friend came with me for his first AFI show ever, and is now longing inconsolably for a real AFI headlining GA show. I know it's not going to happen, but I can't help but hope against hope that you'll come back to Scranton or something so that I can fully indoctrinate him and a few others. ^_^

Looking forward to seeing Blaqk Audio! Please come near me, and be inexpensive! I'm moving and will be broke, but am likely to choose tickets over sustenance, so have mercy!

Fooget said...

Maybe they'll put Grizzy Bear, Frightened Rabbit and Minus The Bear next to each other? 'Cause Minus the Bear, Frightened Rabbit may not be so frightened...

Oh, horrible puns. Glad to hear the tour's treating you well, and VERY glad to hear Blaqk Audio is still kickin'. Bon Voyeurs and Ill Lit Ships has left me hungry for so much more.

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome Jade!!! Come to australia! We need our Blaqk Audio Fix! Pretty please. Oh, by the way. Just out of curiosity. Check out my blues band?!

The Shlang said...

I hate when you say "soon." But I feel like you already know this and that accounts for your word choice. You're crafty.

goodbyes4good(DF) said...

I'm finding it hard to contain Gonna see u guys in jersey 8/14, and since the last time I saw u guys was@ Starland, NJ.10/10/09-I've been going through some serious afi withdrawals.haha. Excited for the new BA record too,& shortly after that we'll want more anyways can't wait.

Endless love and respect for all that u guys stand for
melissa xoxoxoxo

The Shlang said...

PS - Do you have comment approval set so that people think they're leaving the first comment and then you laugh to yourself about how silly it seems that they're "FIRST COMMENT" exclamation is 48 posts down? Again, crafty.

MissDani said...

Jade -
1. Thank you for taking my suggestion of Tim Gunn for Sketchy Faces. 'Twas a real treat to happen upon.
2. You guys killed it in Camden. Heavily anticipating the next NJ show :)

Anonymous said...

Jade, you have just made my day!!! I have been wondering when the new Blaqk Audio is REALLY coming. And, an a related sidenote, my five year old daughter says that "Wake Up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea" is her favorite song. You should feel soooo proud--that song has dethroned her previous favorite song of about 3 months: "So In Love" by OMD.

BooBabyDoll said...

Soon seems to be the thing with you huh? HAHAHAHA.

Cannot wait for Bright Black Heaven to come out Jade. =3

Also see you Monday in Georgia....Be prepared man..It's more than likely going to be stupid hot.


Ceilia said...

I saw Minus The Bear last month, TOTALLY ROCKED! :D I realllllyy wish I could go to Lollapalooza, BEST LINE UP EVER IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM. Hope you have fun over there!! :)

New BA song... SO AMAZING. I can't wait for the new album, I can already tell that it's going to be really kick ass.

P.S. Scary bear ;-;

Ainz said...

Great to hear from you Jade!
I hope everything is going well with the Green Day tour.

Good to get some news on Blaqk Audio also, so excited for Bright Black Heaven!!

Drew said...

Soooooo excited for BA!

Also Jade, if you read comments, you should check out one of your only Blaqk Audio fansites :P

Katie said...

1. Glad to hear you like Cut Copy. They're probably my current obsession, I'd say.

2. Can't wait to hit up the clubs and dance to some Blaqk Audio beats soon! :D

Sophie said...

You always make me laugh :D I can't wait for new Blaqk Audio. Come to Australia this time?

Mandy said...

Won't make it to the Green Day/AFI tour, but have fun!
P.S. I'm stoked about BA (:

Anonymous said...

don't miss metric or the black keys. the xx are also excellent, however their set time ends dangerously close to when yours is scheduled to begin.

music festivals are the best, I wish I was going.

MissBleedBack said...

Can't wait for Blaqk Audio tour. I will (somehow) get to a concert.

SafetyPinKiten said...

Please say a Chicago show is in the works for BA...

Hope you guys have fun while in town; hit up Chicago Diner while in the area or get adventurous and visit Borrowed Earth Cafe in the west burbs. It's raw vegan food that's well worth the drive!

Mandi said...

The Miami of Canada? And what, may I ask, do you mean by that?

I saw AFI in Calgary for the Jingle Bell Rock tour, and was mindblown, (no surprise there) so I have 4 words for Blaqk Audio: COME TO WESTERN CANADA. =)

Bryan said...

I cant wait to see where you first show will be booked!!! and cant wait for you new album!!!

Bryan said...


Crimson Butterfly said...

lmao on the pic of the honey bottle its kind creepy. i hope to hear more announcements for blaqk audio

Kayleigh Puget said...

Jade Jade Jade Jade, you have to answer me this ONE question -- WILL BLAQK AUDIO BE RETURNING TO THE UK!?!?!?! You'd better be, or things will have to get nasty between us.

Glad to hear you're having fun on the Green Day tour; my friend Mallory will be at one of the Canada dates; look out for a girl in a proper punked-up outfit, probably in the front row. If you see her, give her a wave, then I can feel famous for a bit.

You are fantastic sir, nice to hear from you after all this time ¬¬


helen099 said...

you will always be a headliner to me, don't you worry.

and i dont' need to tell you AGAIN how excited i am for BA.

have fun at lollapalooza. i hope you get to see your favorite bands. i'm picturing you crowd surfing. :)


Charlie. said...

HA! That photo kinda made me snort. No shame in saying. Man, I am so jealous of the US for a) Green Day/AFI tour and b) Lollapalooza this year. Enjoy, enjoy my friend!

Ooooh exciting on the BA front. Can't wait. I'm so gonna go crazy with some sultry interpretive art when it's released. Coz yeah, I'm not a nerd at all.

( it still jams when electronic? Things to ponder...)
peace and respect ma man!

Cassii said...


I'm kidding.

But still.

I wanna see Minus the Bear. I'm jealous.

I wish I could come and see you guys with Green Day, but that\s not gonna happen. Wearing my AFI shirts around Boston is very interesting. There seem to be alot of fans there.

I'm confused. Chicago is the Miami of Canada. Or maybe I'm just thinking about it in the wrong way. I love Chicago and I live in Canada, which means... Miami?

Nawwhh, I'm still confused.

Oh well.

Please come to Canada when Blaqk Audio tours **cough cough** JLC **cough cough** Whew bad cough.

Cassii :P

jadepugetrox said...

You finally posted again and it happened to be the news of... BLAQK AUDIO COMING OUT SOON!!! BEST DAY EVER ANOUNCEMENT!!! And when you come to AZ for the Blaqk Audio tour please make it an all ages show, I can only successfully make people think I'm 16... or you can have Smith sneek me in the back either way is fine with me. And also on the 30th do something out of the odd CRAZY just because you can I don't care what it is whether its shooting Davey with Silly String or waltzing with Winnie the Pooh just do something crazy!


P.S. Love Bon Voyeurs!!!

Elizabeth said...

i can't wait to hear a new ''Blaqk Audio ''song ...and also to read the lyrics ...
i have to say that i keep an inconditional love for AFI , (too many years since i've listened the band for first time ) ... but Blaqk Audio has something diferent that i really like , i even think that Davey's voice sounds 10 times better , i don't know why ... maybe it's because the electronic music always makes everything sound more intime ....
Talking about electronic bands , Have you listened a band called ''Hurts'' ? i heard a song called ''Better than love '' , i think they are pretty good ...
i'm a big fan of the ''new wave sound '' and they kind of reminds me that 80's style ..

Anonymous said...

Okay... that damn picture of that fucking honey bear is just frightening.


Thanks for the nightmares, asshole.

Dea Night said...

Jade, I cannot WAIT for the new Blaqk Audio to come out :D you once again made my day by posting. When you guys tour for it you should come to VT!
Have a safe and fun tour with Greenday, My friends will see you in MA on the 16th, I unfortunately could not get a ticket before they sold out but I will see you the next time you come to the east cost!!!! :)

Dea Night said...

Soooo happy to hear Blaqk Audio will be out soon! :) When you tour you should come to VT, you would be warmly welcomed here. My friends will be seeing you on the 16th in MA, I would be as well if I got tickets in time lol but they were sold out even before I saw you back in May! Great concert in Providence btw! anyway, Have a great, fun, and safe tour with Greenday and I look forward to more news about Blaqk Audio!

Emma said...

hahahah that really made me chuckle!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that you will be playing over here (england) will BA this time round!!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jade, you guys are always the headliner in my eyes. The good news is that I can leave early cuz parking is terrible at the venue I am attending. Either that or my hubby will make me wait til the last car has left and then we will leave. He refuses to get caught up in that mess :D

☼J=Ss☼ said...

Take a Peek at my blog!

KyleZ said...

you guys are AWSEOME!!wishes i could go to the michigan concert but really no way possible.u guys should really come to sycamore ohio!!WE ARE SUFFERING FROM EXTREME LACK OF ENTERTAINMENT!PLZ THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!(lolz!!but seriously we are a boring town)

loves u all!!xoxo-kylie

books_and_coffee101 said...

I want to drive to chicago with my bestfriend after we graduate. i'm going to make her stop driving soon as we're a straight 70 miles outside chicago, and we will put on black fedoras and wafayers and ill hand her a candy cigarett pack and ill say, "we have 70 miles to chicago, a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, its dark outside, and we're wearing sunglasses. LETS HIT IT!"

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for new Blaqk Audio. You were super awsome at the Camden show I am seeing you again in Homdel but you guys should play an AFI song from before sing the sorrow because if you do my friend will loose a bet and that will make me happy

Anonymous said...

You guys put on such an amazing show at Lollapalooza! I had such an amazing time and I have bruises and a sore neck to show for it! =) In other news, I cannot wait for new BA! I'm definitely excited to hear new music, and much more excited to see it performed live! <3

minimonitv said...

BA in the UK this time? We'll give you baked goods.

*~Christina~* said...

I saw you the day before the concert! In the streets of chicago. you were wearing a black shirt with a yellow collor thing. you probably didn't see me though. I was wearing bright blue pants. haha. anyway you were great at the lollapaloza!! that was my first AFI show. and I loved it! I only wished it was longer than an hour. D:

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Blaqk Audio will be starting up again. I've been waiting patiently, but I can only wait for so long.I know it'll be well worth the wait. You and Davey never, and I repeat never cease to amaze me. I will be catching any future shows in SoCal.

My random thought: I was listening to Pseudo Echo and for some odd reason it struck me that Davey's voice would sound absolutely perfect for "A Beat For You". Not sure why; probably because I'm a nut.

Enough of my rant. Take care, Jade.

Melissa said...

Hey Jade! Super excited to see that Blaqk Audio is coming out soon! My sister and I saw you guys in Chicago at Lolla, and you were super amazing! I hope we can get tickets for your next tour! We also saw you walking around downtown Chicago the day before you played. We decided to leave you alone since no on else around you recognized you. :)

Haras said...

Your set at Lolla was soooo so good. I really wanted to catch the end of Metric after you guys but I collapsed from exhaustion and had an overpriced smoothie under a tree instead.

Beyond excited to see you and Green Day again in Montreal and Detroit! very SOON.

Emme said...

I was so Excited to see that you like the Black Keys too. You know Hung main song is a Black Keys song too. I was so Xcited makes me wanna get hooks for hands or somethiNg...SomethiNg hahaha. Actually your gf tweets are cute- when she tweet. Your tweets are a bit null whats up w/ that? The Significant other tweets are weird N i luv them. My tweets right now is all about Eminem this N Eminem that. Seriously he came out hard on this Recovery cd - so impress (I too am a fan of his work the minute he came out. OH! HEY! i Got a picture of 'the fam' wearing AFI gear on my FB; he's in Sing the Sorrow, me in decemberunderground and the lil kid diva in crash love. We were a walking Street team hahaha.

SAD NEWS: I had to make several sacrifices this month. I had to cancel both my Napa N St. CroiX trip (ahhh home *sob sob* i even had to sell some concerts tickets on Ebay; god I cried - i cried so hard cuZ i waited in line for some of those tickets. Yes, My sacrifices are LEGITIMATE (its odd being a mother especially a super cool one)

GREAT NEWS: I played CexCells cd to the Significant other the other night hahaha had Cities of Night on repeat for some reason when we got "busy" had to explain to him after what it mean to me, I think he is ready to see you two live

Z said...

So i totally went to the show in Alpharetta Ga, becaues you guys were playing.P.s. it was my friends first ever afi concert, and he loved ya'll.
ya'll were amazing. I was in the pit and some how managed to get next to a group of AFI fans, and was one away from the barrier. small cluster of people screaming the songs on your side of the stage, i was in there!

ok well i have blathered enough. Nice to see BA is comming along, another one of my friends cannot wait for the new album.

Elizabeth said...


Please Jade , tell me that you'll come with Green day , when they'll play in their South American tour , is the only chance that we the Argentinian and the Brazilian fans( that are on the other top of the world ) have to see you guys ..
I'm really not a Green day fan but
if you'll come to Argentina THERE'S NO WAY THAT I WONT GO , i 'll go even if i have to sleep on the stadium to get a good place to watch my favourite all time band playing live !!

Derek said...

Black Key's totally own. Give us guitar "affectionados" an update on your live rig. The itch to know is growing...


Dea Night said...

@ Elizabeth,
They are 100% worth it. My friends and I waited out side a venue in Providence RI USA from 4 am on for a good spot to see them on 5/28. It was one of the best shows I have ever been to and very worth seeing AFI. They are one of the only shows I will wait all night to see. So worth it. that's part of why I'm so bummed i have to miss them this time around :(.

AJ said...

thanks jade, I will now wake up in the middle of the night with that bear standing at my door. :'(

Anonymous said...

Who's playing with you guys on the BA tour/shows? Will it just be the band of random DJ's? Take VNV Nation!
Ultimate show of the era would be ultimately awesome beyond limits, including space/time.
Just throwing it out there.

Rawnie said...

Ah Jade, you silly.

Nice to know that you're having fun on that tour so far :D Sadly I can't go and see any of the shows, but it's nice to know you're having fun nonetheless.

AND GAH. SOON. Blaqk Audio is gonna kick some major butt, yes it will. CAN'T WAIT. I absolutely adore Ill Lit Ships and Bon Voyeurs, so I am definitely looking forward to more new stuff :D Excited, definitely.

And also, y'know, when the Blaqk Audio tour starts up, you guys need to come over to here in Spokane. I /adored/ seeing AFI back in January, it was a blast. And I must say, BA live would be just as amazing. Just sayin'.

MamaDebs said...

My daughter's boyfriend's son saw you in Camden; he's a Green Day fan, but admitted to me he liked your set...I am bouncing in my chair in anticipation from the BA news. We saw you in NYC at the Grand Ballroom in 2007 and can't wait for the upcoming tour!

JADESJOY said...

Two things making my world rock: Seeing you guys in a few days:)- knowing BA won't be far behind♥; Just got STS on red vinyl in my mailbox. (Huge Grin)
BTW here are a few MINT bands to add to your list Jade;

Black Rebel Motorcyle Club
Eastern Conference Champions
Crystal Fighters
See ya soon babe.

lindsay said...

FUCK! i love cut copy!

Olyvia said...

I can't wait until you guys are done touring with green day ebacuse, you guys are awesome! And your WAY better than greenday! GO AFI AND BLAQK AUDIO

art biter said...

I will get to see you guys at the Comfort Dental Amphitheatre!!! My favorite band in a venue run by dentists...sometimes life is perfect!

Can't wait for BA as well...when...when...when?