Friday, April 23, 2010

Greetings from Antwerp, Belgium, home of diamonds.
I've been a little remiss in my blogging as we traipsed across Europe but things are a bit more mellow now and we're scheduled to fly home in 3 days, that is if this:

allows us.

The UK leg of the tour was killer, it's always pleasant to tour with your friends, and having Sick of it All and the Dear and Departed along was the best. My very first trip to Europe, in 1999, was when Sick of it All took us, so it was nice to return the favor.
On the ferry to France I was able to sit in the very front of the lounge, surrounded by floor to ceiling glass windows and watch Calais materialize out of the dawn fog, one of my favorite Channel trips yet.
The shows on the Continent were fun, back to Milan and Zurich, back to Vienna, and then to a place I hadn't been yet, Warsaw, Poland.
We had a 10-hour drive from Austria to Poland and a 20 hour drive from Poland to Belgium the night of the show, which we were all dreading. But damn, was it ever worth it. What a crazy show, so good, the crowd was so amazing. We played our entire set, including encore, and I was on the bus changing out of my sweaty playing clothes when I heard that the crowd hadn't left the venue, even though the house lights and music were on. They stayed in there chanting for 20 minutes through it all. So I immediately stumbled shirtless and shoeless out into the frigid Eastern European night and made my way back to the stage where we played another encore.
Encores are pretty corny in general, they're something you sort of have to do but they're always slightly embarassing because they're so expected, but this was a legit encore, where the crowd literally won't leave until you play more songs.

All in all, I ate pounds (kilograms) of vegan deli slices and drank gallons (liters) of this:

Via has really revolutionized the art of touring.

Friday, April 02, 2010

I saw Hot Tub Time Machine last night, I must say I adore the 80's.
Everyone cherishes the decade in which they spent their most impressionable years. Some of you are probably having those years as we speak, and the '10s(?) are your decade. You'll look back on Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore, and health care debate with a tear in your eye.
I'm proud to be a product of the 80's and proud that I recognized the guy that played Johnny in the first Karate Kid the second he came on the screen.