Thursday, December 23, 2010

Now that I've finished Angry Birds, I can resume my life. If you haven't played it, don't.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The more time that goes by between posts, the harder it becomes to post. I feel like if I haven't written in 2 months, then I better write something earth-shattering, something that will make up for my lack of upkeep.
But lacking any bombshells to drop, let me see if I can recap the last few months.
AFI finished the Green Day tour, the last tour of the Crash Love record cycle, culminating with this:

No one seemed to be surprised that we were dressed as Santas, I think they thought we were just part of the show.
The tour was lovely, Green Day are fantastic wonderful gents.
A little bit of home time, a little bit of this:

and then switching gears to Blaqk Audio. Right off the bat we had two shows lined up, Spookfest in SF and Underworld in San Diego, so we had to get our electronic chops popping again.
We acquired a new soundguy by the name of Moses, who does sound for Ratatatat, and who sort of looks like the old timey Moses:

but younger...and no...beard...and with tattoos...and no 5 Commandments.
The first shows were great, especially Spookfest, people just want to dance! 10,000 Kevin Bacons.

I got to see some of MSTRKRFT's set, they devastated the place, and some of DJ Shadow.
As I write this, I'm working on our set for the next BA show, January 6th, at Popscene in San Francisco.
So there you have it, it may have seemed deceptively quiet in my world for the last 3 months but I was stupid busy.
I promise to update more now, and come out and dance with us, we'll be popping up all over.